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dotsJournal: Weight of ...dots
Mood: Overwhelmed

...more and more I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders, seems we live to struggle to have a better existence , a better meaning of what we are to this place we call earth, why were we given these wonderful minds that are so curious and lost at the same time. Seems we are so small to the universe, how many more earths are there? And what difference can who I am and what I am or what I think make to this earth and universe? well I definitely dont know the answers to these things, but I know I am here for a reason , and I know anyone can say that but Its something Ive felt strongly about since I could think, and Ive always wondered, but I know the answers will come when they are ready to. I feel the pain of this world so deeply , all the wars and death that so many are going through, All of the lost people who let petty things bother them , what about the soldier who lost a best friend in front of his own eyes? what about the kids in africa born with hiv? they didnt ask to come into this world with an incurable disease. So much sorrow and loss in this world and so hard it seems to find the light sometimes, but deep down I believe, believe that a better world is possible, its just finding a way to get there...

...Created 2006-12-24 23:50:38