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dotsJournal: yupdots
Mood: The Usual

i know i never get on here. and my poems are really as special as other peoples. most of them are just me venting my head, so don't expect too much. lol

...Created 2006-03-19 00:55:15

dotsJournal: normaldots
Mood: Lazy

ya, i just felt like posting a journal cuz i was bored and my last entry isn't true anymore. i'm about ready to go to youth symph. where I GET TO BE 3RD CHAIR NOW!!!! yay for your stand partner being gone for 6 rehersals!! well, i gotta go change outta my pajamas (i've been soooooooo lazy today. lol!), so bye!

...Created 2005-10-22 13:59:25

dotsJournal: ughdots
Mood: Confused

things have just been waaaaaaaaaaaay too confusing today. i wish things would stop being so confusing. i mean, there's this whole thing with this guy that i like, but he doesn't know that i like him. and i thought that he liked me by the way he was acting, but i dunno... and then he wouldn't respond for like ever and it made me even more confused than i already was! ugh. i need a break from all this confusion.

...Created 2005-10-12 23:21:43