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    dotsJournal: Urghdots
    Mood: Brain Fried

    Ugh,I need to write something good.

    The funny thing is I'm in an English class in college.
    It's killing me cause it's a basics. And it makes me feel like such a retard. Oh,well. I only have like a week left. I've wrote like three papers though. Currently working on an argumentive research paper about alchemy. My research is working out beautifully,but my topic keeps broadening and it's pissing me off. Speaking of things that are due very soon,I have to write two two page essays for my sociology class by tomorrow. @.@

    ...Created 2010-06-23 10:04:52

    dotsJournal: New Stuff Comindots
    Mood: Thinking...

    Hey guys,I'm working on some new stuff.
    I'm going to revise a poem thing I wrote called "Bring It,White Rabbit", and work on some stuff.

    Also,I'm going to be submitting some school orientated things.We've been working on the Canterbury Tales and we do is write essays and english sonnets really. Got this one poem that I wrote at the beginning of the unit.It's a little force,but neither the less it's ok.
    Currently rewriting an essay on the Pardoner,which is a bunch of bollocks.

    Whatever tho.

    I need to be writting my scholarship essays,but I just don't really understand those really well.

    Valentine's day is coming around the bend,which sucks even more.
    I hate that day regardless,but to add to that,I'm having some relationship probelms now.

    Been on a whole "Alice in Wonderland" kick,so expect to see that in any new writings posted.
    (lol you should see my new "purse")

    Peace guys. =]

    ...Created 2010-02-13 10:59:49

    dotsJournal: I'M BACKdots
    Mood: Guess what!?

    Hey ya guys,I'm back on ES!
    Sorry about being gone for so long.
    I just really hit a dry spell in my writing,and ES felt so pointless.
    I've also been thru a lot lately.
    Especially since I'm working on graduatiing high school now.

    Since I've been gone,I really haven't written that much. Just a few little things. I'll be posting those things very soon. They're within reach because I blog on my myspace.

    I've noticed that my next post will be my officail 8oth piece! I'm excited about that. That and my fifth ES year anni is coming up!!
    lol I'm such a nerd.

    I'm trying to decide what I want to post as the special 8oth piece tho. I have a pretty piece caled "Ocean Waves" that I think will do, but I don't know. I also have two more pieces. One called "Bring It,White Rabbit" and the other is a psalm thing I wrote. A little nervous about posting those two tho. Idk why. I'll figure it out tho.

    Well,I just thought that I'd just drop in and let you guys know that Lindsey (or Lindel,if you preferr) is back. And she plans on posting a TON of new goodies. I refuse to be in a writing rut anymore. It sucks big balls.

    Peace,lovelies. =]
    Drop me a line!

    ...Created 2010-02-02 20:06:23

    dotsJournal: BLURPdots
    Mood: At War

    I need an arsonist.
    Set me on fire.

    ...Created 2009-01-27 00:00:51

    dotsJournal: InterestingTimedots
    Mood: Yeay!!

    Oh boy,oh boy, oh boy.

    This has been an interesting time.
    I don't think you guys could even begin to understand.

    Anyways,I'm at home right now...considering since it is almost like 7 o'clock. And also feel like crap.

    That's not the important thing though.

    I'll start from the beginning...which was when I posted my last three works.

    Or the weekend anyways.
    It's easier.

    Anyways,Saturday was a WONDERFUL day.I had an awesome time...untill like 10:30 that night.
    My dad and stepmom Jody went to Chatty for random Chirstmas shopping.For some reason Chirstmas time turns people into pure beasts...and,by golly, that's not the way it should be.That's besides the point though. Jake had a Chirstmas parade to march in that morning and that ended at like 10/10:30. Natalie went with her friend Kelsey and goofed off in Huntsville and the whatnot. And I got stuck at my dad's house by myself. (I am so getting distracted by this old gambling movie short on tcm lol) Well,I only was that way for that little bit because Jake was to come over afterwards the march which he did. He got there and we ate salads. Of course,while we were fixing them, we got a hold of some applewood smoked ham to put on the salads. Boy,were we excited!! We thought that stuff would well be the stuff!! Well,guess what? It was slimey.Yea,we totally didn't eat it and we totally didn't get food poisoning. Cause we're cool like that. Anyways,the day goes on,we go to unclaimed baggage and goofed off,went back to the house, made out prfusively in the car. The day was good. lol. Anyways, Nat comes home and cooks some real food for us and we all have a good time. Then came crunch time. I was helping Jake with his homework, and boy, did he have a crapload of it. >,< Jake's mum calls and displays normal obsessive mummyiness. Something weird happens. Jake gets sick. Jake gets horribly UPSET. Jake goes outside. Nat asks me a really dumb question: "Are you cheating him with that dude that keeps calling you?" (note: my friend Seth called like 4 times that day cause he was "bored". He likes me WAAAAY too much,I think).Jake comes back in the house. Time seems oddly timely for once.I hug Jake. Jake calms down.I get Jake away from the doorway. We all sit on the couch. The rents get home anf ask more stupid questions that involve how Jake's gunna get home. Jake's mum gets there. Jake leaves. Jody suggests that Jake leave earlier for future reference so he doesn't die on the road. DAd instead yells at me and blames me for it.I get upset and dad gives up,etc etc etc. I go to bed upset.

    Now,here's the deal with Sunday.Sunday was also a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL EVEN MORE WONDERFUL than SATURDAY KINDA DAY in general. Sunday didn't start like Sundays usually start at my dad's - with yelling and frustration. Instead,my dad wakes me early and asks if it be ok if we stayed home from church. Now,I love church so when he says that I usually get upset cause that means I'm not getting to go,but not that day. So I said as I get to go to night service as promised (I was supposed to speak at church that night and currently I didn't have a way home yet). Well,I ended getting a ride to morning service with Kerri and Brad (friends of the family and relation also) and staying with Jake the rest of the day. Youth night rolls around (night service) and I ended up not just speaking,I ended up preaching. Guess what I preached on? I used my newest poem and preached on not serving two masters. Yupp. AND LIFE WAS ALL GOOD. Till,I left church and got into my dad's truck. Well,life is still awesome and so is God,but it just kinda felt like my life turned to crap (which it didn't btw). My dad started yelling at me then I found out my lil 6 year old sis was in huntsville hospital with double pneumonia (please pray for her). Then,I got sick.

    But I'm still praising God.

    ...Created 2008-12-16 01:34:22

    dotsJournal: Once againdots
    Mood: Head Aching

    Yea,guess where I am?! lol Yea, the same place I am in everyday at this time. (That was stupid.Why did I say that? O.o) Anyways,I've lost the spark...again.I've got this crazy notion to write a song though...AND PERFORM IT!? DX What in God's good name am I trying to get myself into? teenage dumbness is kicking and (I do beleive) trying to get me in trouble.

    Will someone help me with that? O.o
    Am I crazy enough to do it?
    Frankly enough,yes.
    Do I want to?
    Do I need to?
    The final thing is: do I beleive that I actually can do that without making a complete fool of myself?,unfortunately.

    ...Created 2008-12-04 20:08:03

    dotsJournal: I'm in school dots
    Mood: Crazy

    Well,in 4th block. I guess I dubb it my officail blog writing time. I don't have any work today. WEll, not any I have to do right this incidence anyways. So,I'm on here. I try to stay pretty regular on the site,but sometimes I go a lil adhd with things. My writing just doesn't want to work,so there's not really any reason to log on. And the majourity of the time, I just forget. You see I don't get that many comments or anything on my work. If people would sit and talk to me on a regular basis,then I wouldn't forget.Thus there wouldn't be those periods of time where I don't log on for like 2 months.

    Anyways, to more important things.

    On the "stalk" level thing,I finally made it to commoner!! I don't know why that's so fereaking exciting for me, but it is!!! AAH!!? >,< Thanks to flickerofhope(I think that's the name?) for making me a commoner...instead of a nobody. <3


    I've been working on some new poems and stuff. I add "Burrito" and a new one called "Press on/ Das Purporrot Feder fur Kummer". Brb,I have to edit the title. I accidently called it "the purple write of heartache".... in German. I'll fix that today.Starting yesterday,I'm working on a new love poem which I plan on titling "Promise Ring". So far,I'm kinda stuck.This is what I got:

    "In the reflection of a golden ring,I see eternity.
    Just the same as in your eyes, the same as the eternal
    You,the one who send chillls down my frail spine and
    holds me no matter how fall I fall,
    keep me closest to God.
    You remind me that people can change."

    I kinda like it the way it is,but it's not what I was trying to achieve.IT's a work in process.In other news,I'm thinking of making "Das Purporrot Feder Fur Kummer" into a song.It's a possibility, but it'll prolly be shortened in it's length. Idk yet though.

    Randomly,I want you guys to know that I like to write extremely long blog entries.

    Idk what to write now.
    I'm thinking that I might look around at some prompts or stuff to get some inspiration.

    I'm dying to write an EPIC.

    ...Created 2008-12-03 19:59:40

    dotsJournal: Eh,boreddots
    Mood: Brain Fried

    Wellp,guys,I'm sitting here in 4th block again. I finished my section in GErman already. I still have to finishe the chapter before the week's up though...but I only have like one more section before I finish it.

    On another note,I didn't enter the contest.Frankly,I haven't done anything...other than write a poem about microwavable burritos. life is boring. Sorry guys. Honestly,I have a random urge to write a rather explicit poem. And frankly,I just might do it too.

    Oh, come on! Good God, guys! You know it won't be that bad. Lord. >,< I don't have the guts...nor the do that.Obivously.What I'm talking about, I don't really know how to describe. But the truth is,it is nigh time for another random epic love poem or a flood of them anyways. We all know it and frankly I want to right some.

    P.S.: Right now,frankly, my favourite word to use is "frankly". YAY ME!!?

    Back to the point,I got a PROMISE RING!!! OMG FTW BBQ!!? Yea, no joke. I'm serious. BEfore you know it,I'll be a married lil' person. Discuss your opinion on this. I want to hear what you guys think. So far, all I've got is "ARGHHH!!!! DON'T DO RRRAAWWRRRRR!!!? YOU'RE STUPIDDDDDD??!!!" Yeaaa....plenty of sense and reason there,huh? >,<

    I'll post the burrito poem in a sec. Lawlzzzzz. ::

    ...Created 2008-12-02 20:35:21

    dotsJournal: Need Closuredots
    Mood: Relaxing

    bleh,I need to finish that "Time of TRial" series. It's like it died. I feel like it was a lost cause though. I may finish it...only cause I feel like I need to finish.Then again,I don't. Not with the way it is right now.I know that plot and the events that happend (THEY ARE TRUE) would make an excellent teen novel (or so I think anyways). The thing is the story (irl) isn't finished either. I thought it was when I began writing it,but apparentaly I was wrong. O.o

    I'm going to be entering a poetry contest (irl).The subject is unspecified,so I'm having a bit of trouble.I don't know why,but I am. There's just so many things to write about.Of course,the subject manner has to be suitable for young readers (which I'm assuming the mean teens and under).I'm also considering submitting some work that I have already written instead of writingsomething new.I don't know though. I'm begining to think that I shouldn't risk it and gp ahead and write new material.Would you guys care to help?Tell me your ideas. =]

    ...Created 2008-10-14 21:43:16

    dotsJournal: No Feardots
    Mood: Thinking...

    I say this with no fear of proscecution.

    If I would have stayed,I wouldv'e been diagnosed as schizophrenic.

    I don't care though.

    My manic stages and delusions make me the writer that I am.It gives me the experience and right to write whatever the hell I want to without your nitpicking judgement.

    I may have no social life, and my family life is also hell,but I AM ALIVE.

    ...Created 2008-10-09 19:50:01

    Be kind, take a few minutes to review the hard work of others <3
    It means a lot to them, as it does to you.




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