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dotsJournal: Blah!dots
Mood: The Usual

I'm just wondering what will happen. Curious as a cat. Doubtful as you are lucky.

...Created 2008-01-21 20:41:30

dotsJournal: A Liedots
Mood: The Usual

But there was once you.
You said you hate my suffering, and you understood,
And you’d take care of me.
You'd always be there.
Well, where are you now?

Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh
Bright Eyes

Oh, if only you could hear the anguish in his voice when he sings it, you would understand...

...Created 2008-01-11 23:09:23

dotsJournal: Jesus.dots
Mood: The Usual

You are:

Staying away from drugs but listening to music.
Not making love but playing violin.
Not watching porn but watching emotional porn, such as Pride & Prejudice.

We're not so good as we think, peeps. You think yer doing things right and you're not.

I have no idea what I'm doing here. Or anywhere. Seriously. I cannot wait to be in heaven with Jesus.

...Created 2008-01-02 03:25:42

dotsJournal: Christmasdots
Mood: Overwhelmed

I was so incredibly spoiled today I can hardly stand it—but, well, I'm managing. ;-)

...Created 2007-12-25 22:50:07

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: Frustrated

"I am too pure for you or anyone."

...Created 2007-11-08 18:08:24

dotsJournal: Can't Complaindots
Mood: Tired

I am so sick of everything, so I am listening to 'Linus And Lucy' and 'Christmastime Is Here'; I am pretending like it is Christmastime, because the thought of Christmas makes me happy.

I'm ready to start having fun be a normal part of my life. It's been so boring and such, such a drag recently. But I guess I have food and shelter and a nice family so I really shouldn't complain.

...Created 2007-10-03 20:56:10

dotsJournal: A Refreshmentdots
Mood: Brain Fried

I went back and read some of my really old stuff. As in from almost three years ago when I started to avidly write my poetical meanderings down and think in an entirely different way that was previously unknown to me.


But it still helps me remember— I'm glad I have them still.

...Created 2007-09-25 16:23:54

dotsJournal: who knows!dots
Mood: The Usual

I got sick of seeing the last journal and being reminded so I made this new one. I don't know why...

...Created 2007-09-18 21:46:25

dotsJournal: Confusiondots
Mood: Thinking...

"If I were man and you were dog

I throw a stick for youuu.

If I were dog and you were man

I throw a fit for youuu."


...Created 2007-09-05 09:42:13

dotsJournal: MemoryQuiteFulldots
Mood: Overwhelmed

It freaks me out when I read poems

I never remember writing.

...Created 2007-08-18 00:16:34