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dotsJournal: LAND MINESdots
Mood: At War

The world fades away,
My breath, it is gone.
I had wished for this time and time again,
and now it's come.

Darkness settles over me,
But I still feel this pain.
It seems, i cannot live, i cannot die,
I stand drowning in the rain.

Trapped within myself;
In this battle against time,
My body is my holding cell,
as I do another line.

Land mines go off,Shattering in my head,
making my speech,
un comprehensive
I can't rememeber what I said.

I stand looking in the mirror,
but all I see is you.
You're the ghost of love; what I could have had,
If only i had loved you too.

...Created 2010-02-24 23:43:27

dotsJournal: AT WARdots
Mood: Dead

At war with myself,
in my own skin i try to hide.
i blame other for the pain that i've caused...
disaster in my life.

...Created 2010-01-27 17:37:58

dotsJournal: everyonedots
Mood: At War

At was with myself in my own skin,
I blame others for my strife...
whats fucked up and missing in this life.

...Created 2010-01-27 17:35:46

dotsJournal: Magggggggrrrrrrdots
Mood: Sigh...

Hey, idk really know what to say on this but im not very fond of making these things. i think that they are annoying. anyway ... i have a new girlfriend who i am very fond of but i just cant seem to stick with her, i am so afraid of hurting her, because she already means alot to me. I feel as if everyone around me is pulling me in seperate directions and i'm losing the sanity i thought i had found after being locked up for a short while and then going from program to program. i knkow i havent made a blog since MHS so here i am... umm alot has happened since then, but i guess i explained enough. what ever... uhhhh idk...

...Created 2009-04-14 11:08:16

dotsJournal: Another placedots

I am in yet another placement. i have left MHS the boarding school about 3-4 months ago. I have not been on my account since then. I have missed you all!!!
I am now in Blairstown NJ. I am in a foster home, but doing well.

still the same old MAGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

...Created 2008-01-22 10:47:50

dotsJournal: Days upon days.dots
Mood: Grrrrr... that is just it.

today has been a very long day to say the least. memories fill my head as i try to rest. Shadowns fall upon my heart even when i am at my best.



...Created 2007-08-26 17:13:35

dotsJournal: Life in generaldots
Mood: Naughty

Have you ever noticed that on a good day when the sun shines bright and the clouds are nowhere to be seen, there is always something to bring your mood down.
have you ever been so confused in your life that you give in to naughty temptions? I have and i usually regret it. I hate needing somone and what they have to offer when i know the next day things will then change AGAIN. What is the point of falling in love with someone who you don't even know loves you back?

...Created 2007-07-29 15:05:45

dotsJournal: family problemsdots
Mood: Defiant

I miss what used to be; which was nothing much, but drugs, parties, and friends, but i atleast had THAT. Gezz... life is boring now. I wait for my family to show up at my door everyday, and they never do. they don't care... i guess they never really did in the first place. once i learned along time ago that they didn't care, then i started to ignore the world and build my self with hate,and anger. With all that said, and the knowlege that they do not care, Why do I still care?

...Created 2007-07-28 16:40:28