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dotsJournal: June 21st 2014dots
Mood: Yeay!!

I rediscovered this site after 2 years of inactivity! In that time I moved half way across the U.S.!! My two daughters are growing up and my marriage has managed to sustain itself for a little over 3 years now! A lot has changed, wow :)

...Created 2014-06-20 23:17:12

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: The Usual

A year has gone by since my last journal entry, though I have still written a few tidbits. Life changes as swiftly as the weather can change sometimes, sometimes for good and sometimes for bad. Change can be hard, but it is always something that we re meant to learn from.

...Created 2012-02-06 02:50:39

dotsJournal: A great wrong..dots
Mood: The Usual

I know I haven't been on this site for quite a while, but in returning I have realized that, while people wrote as much as always, they don't really comment much or very often anymore.. I miss the opinionated reviews I used to get.. Well I will still give my opinion just as strongly as I used to and hopefully the site will revive soon..

...Created 2010-01-10 17:48:56

dotsJournal: oh life..dots
Mood: The Usual

So I didn't end up getting married last month. Turns out he wasn't the one, but cest la vie, this is life. Annastasia is almost a year old and such an amazing joy, I don't know how I ever lived without her.

...Created 2010-01-09 21:52:33

dotsJournal: WOW!!dots
Mood: Guess what!?

Life has changed a lot since my last entry when my daughter was born.. She is now 9 months old and I am getting married in two and a half months.. It truly amazes me the kinds of things god brings into your life when he is pleased with how you are living it.. For those who know me they will have to ask to find out the meaning and history behind that..

Love to all,

...Created 2009-10-16 01:53:01

dotsJournal: Life Begins..dots
Mood: Excited, elated, exhausted and Wow!!

The big day finally began at 6:33 in the morning on January 17th when I woke and then my water broke.. We hurried to the hospital, our hearts excited and nervous and at 4:05pm that same day we brought our daughter and first child into the world, small and perfect..

Annastasia Brianna-Mari Tipton
Born January 17th at 4:05 pm
4 lbs 11 ounces 17 inches long

I will change my profile pic to one of her once I get home to the computer and can remember how to set the profile pic since it has been forever and a day since I last changed it..

...Created 2009-01-18 17:51:21

dotsJournal: New days..dots
Mood: The Usual

So life has changed a lot since I last updated everyone..

The baby is growing well and likes to move around a lot.. She especially likes kicking me in the bladder when it is full.. Kinda hurts a little.. lol We are going to be naming her Annastasia Brianna-Mari..

We moved from the house we were living in a couple of months ago and got a new apartment a month ago.. It's been hectic, but interesting.. Our new apartment is much smaller than our house was, but with the baby coming in three months we had to find a less expensive place to live since James will be staying home with the baby after I finish my maternity leave and go back to work..

That's about everything that I can think of at this point..

...Created 2008-11-28 07:31:17

dotsJournal: Can you guess??dots
Mood: Guess what!?

So our room mates moved out last night.. Didn't last long, but there were conflicts they weren't willing to talk about or try to resolve so they decided to move on.. My cats are happy that the intruders are gone and my house is cleaner so it feels better.. Next we have to pack everything up and store it in our garage so our land lord can come and replace the carpets in the whole house, upstairs and downstairs, and repaint.. During this part of the process we have to move out for a week, then when we come back he will continue with remodeling the basement over a months time.. When it is all finished the house will be a duplex and we will have our own two bedroom apartment downstairs, and we won't have to worry about needing room mates ever again.. So all in all it will be great once the remodeling is finished..

Anyhoo, so on to the big announcement, for those awaiting this journal entry.. IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

...Created 2008-09-28 22:24:53

dotsJournal: ...dots
Mood: The Usual

So, four months pregnant now and feeling pretty good.. Can't feel the baby moving as of yet, though we can hear its movement when my boyfriend listens with his stethascope.. We find out the sex on the twenty fifth this month and it seems so soon, yet so far away at the same time..

Lets see.. My two kitties, Muffin and Boots, are still mad about two of the three new kitties our new room mates brought with them.. One of their kitties just had four darling little kittens this morning as well..

That's about all for life..

...Created 2008-09-14 01:00:29

dotsJournal: Nother day..dots
Mood: The Usual

So our new room mates are still in the process of moving in for the past week and my two cats are thoroughly pissed off at me for allowing new cats into the house, but they aren't as pissed as they were so they are slowly getting over their angry territorial issues with the three intruders.. I am now thirteen weeks along and my boyfriend and I are still just as excited.. Not much else going on at this point..

...Created 2008-08-24 23:55:45