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dotsJournal: Shinigidiesdots
Mood: The Usual

I really love that word: shinigidies. :) I think it was most commonly used in the 80s... though I'm not really sure because I was born in the late 80s. Well, I'm a senior this year. Tests. Scholarships. Colleges. Deadlines. Ya know the works. I'm not really worried though. In a way, I'm kinda looking forward to going to college... to being on my own for once. So no real major dramatic scenes have been going on lately. Sometimes it makes it a little hard to write poetry when I'm not sticken with grief, but then again the true poets are those that can write poetry no matter what their emotional status.


...Created 2007-09-24 20:29:43

dotsJournal: Updatedots
Mood: Moo! 0.o

Well, so much as happened this I last wrote an entry. Like now I'm living with my sister. and that is a book in itself. But overall all is well. It's crazy that I turn 18 this year. like holy crap! lol Like I've moved and done homeschooling a lot and its really messed up my credits. So I was in the guidance office today.. and I'll probably have to end up taking night school but as long as I get what I need.. its fine with me, but she has to approve it with the principal first. Then like on my transcripts because it doesn't say i took health, she wants me to take it all over again.. butt face. because it was like a side class.. one on one with the teacher. So maybe i'll have mom fax a letter in or something because I definately don't want to take that again. then from my previous school i came late so i was there over for about a month and she called the registrar today and she said that they won't count the semester.. butt face! and i even took semester exams so it would count. and now they tell me that it doesn't? argh! that makes me sooo mad. and the thing is that i didn't talk to the registrar lady ... i talked to the attendance lady. agh its soo confusing and messed up. and my sister is going to kick some booty. :P yay! because i really want to get an honors diploma... so i'm really hoping everything will go alright!! praying...

haven't really written much poetry lately... hmm as far as that goes..

shalom aleichem...

...Created 2007-02-12 17:08:18

dotsJournal: Yom Tovdots
Mood: Crazy

well... here's the scoop. we're moving stuff to some storage units. ... and the means pretty soon we'll be moving. yay. lol. the sooner this is over the better. um... write an email to my ex-bf. something that didn't sound retarded hopefully compared to what i wrote before. so.. yay? i dunno. so yup. things in my life r really changing... so... yay?


oh.. moved a computer into my bedroom. woot. i've been writing on my this story called 'Dark Shadows'. i've got like 5000 words or so. i guess the hard part is "What next?" ya know? maybe this will help my imagination skills.. well the very few that i have. lol.. :)

Yom Tov!

Good Day!

...Created 2006-08-16 11:03:59

dotsJournal: Oy veydots
Mood: Stressed

oY vEY. oh my. well its almost the end of sabbath... and let's just say it pretty much sucked. well it was going pretty good til bout noon. daniel stopped out as told dad that virginia has cancer. :( you think.. how oculd someone so nice.. so... understanding.. so quiet .. her voice barely above a whisper have cancer? guess it happens to the best of us.

then the owners came over.. and i guess they think that since in the documents i guess we said that we don't want a trailer.. but it also says that the documents were mended saying we were going to KEEP the trailer.. and the guy wants to keep it.. but is going to get rid of it in january? what the heck?! we need our home. we don't have anything else... though ma and dad are looking for something as i type. why can't we just keep it though? all this hard work... i even repainted my room! ... and just to have it thrown away... :(! :sigh: so yup.. pretty depressing. i was kidding around with ma earlier how we should all run away to the UP. its sad thought that just when things we starting to look up.. this happens.

"Blessed are they that endure to the end"

I never knew enduring would be so difficult.

...Created 2006-07-22 19:31:54

dotsJournal: Brain Damagedots
Mood: The Usual

Sometimes I wonder about myself. Like how I can forget something so easy ... just by a simple distraction. tsk tsk tsk.

...Created 2006-07-17 13:52:51