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dotsJournal: dots
Mood: The Usual

I’m miserable.

It’s a build up of misery, too. A ton of things that just never quite went away, but just sort of collected at the bottom of a pool of water, waiting to get stirred up. Now the way is foggy, and I can’t see the end.

I feel like if I don’t find an answer to these problems soon, then everything I’m dreaming of will officially become unobtainable, and disappear.

...Created 2012-06-11 19:55:29

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: Lazy

"The saddest kind of sad is the sad that tries not to be sad. You know, when Sad tries to bite its lip and not cry and smile and go, “No, I’m happy for you”? That’s when it’s really sad."

...Created 2010-02-15 15:19:02

dotsJournal: :Ddots
Mood: The Usual

"Such self-bashing is never useful. If you indulge in it, your writing doesn’t stand a chance. So when your mind turns on you, turn it back, stamp it down, shut it up, and keep writing.

Good luck!

Gail Carson Levine"

...Created 2009-11-07 23:20:47

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: The Usual

I feel like a whore.

I miss pikachu.

I am fixing Carousel.

Next on that piece, I need to fix the last chunk.
It's too.

...Created 2009-08-20 04:38:27

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: The Usual

Why won't they let us delete journal entries anymore?

...Created 2009-07-07 07:27:17

dotsJournal: scribbledots
Mood: The Usual

The music feels like background noise:
in a room where your vocals hit the ceiling, that's where they're trapped.
a voice so young clashes with such beautiful piano playing,
the way you touch those keys though...makes me wish you were mine.
Just for tonight.
Be with me, just for the night?

These days,
it's always about tomorrow.

We smile at the nonsense, watching the sun rise and set.
Naturally, we're bored, and we're bound to shed tears over it.
Echoes of yesterday burn in our minds...
Memories often have blindspots, and holes...

Play the song right,
Play it all night,
Play through 'till the morning comes
And never let it go
Forgive me for breathing
over your shoulder, I'm leaning
I'm not crying...yet

Give it a rest.

...Created 2009-03-20 00:52:08