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dotsJournal: Breathdots
Mood: The Usual

The Universe is not cruel nor is it a random thing... It simply strives to teach each and everyone of us the same lessons. Where we wind up in life is not from some odd game of universal russian roulette to determ our fate. It is all born out of action and inaction. The Universe gives us all the ability to deal with that which is set before us, wheather we choose to acknowledge that or not.

I am no Pawn, and you are no Queen. The only person I am better than is the man I was yesterday, and with luck that will always be true.

...Created 2010-11-19 12:53:40

dotsJournal: been i my head.dots
Mood: Thinking...

And I can see your burning
Despite the winds of change

You're the only fire I need
the only fire I need...

...Created 2009-07-19 23:54:47

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: Thinking...

Even after light fails

Hope prevails...

...Created 2009-06-25 23:49:51

dotsJournal: Been walking.dots
Mood: relaxed

So I have been gone for quite a while. Seems I've been walking the earth trying to find my pen. So when my feet started to hurt
I went and bought a new shiny pen, a cup of coffee, and remembered how to write. Hopefully I will be back here for good and not vanish.

...Created 2006-07-17 18:40:14

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: Just Hungry

The piece im bout to post in my journal has absolutley nothing to do with anything, I wrote it and thats all. No I'm not depressed in fact I've been quite happy. SO nothing to worry bout.

"Check Mate"

and like minutes
falling through the gaps
of frail fingertips,
are the final beats

“I must hold to my schedule,
no time for another game today.”

Chess was never
a good choice anyway
not when the true skill
lay in Stratego.

“Are you ready child?
It’s time to say goodbye.”

Alarms screeching
overpowered by
maternal cries
no comfort in final rights

“You knew the outcome
of losing.”

Check mate
and the sickle
lay this king
six feet down

...Created 2005-08-23 20:39:10

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: Tired

If these veins
could talk they’d say
dead prophets
don’t rise

and like your martyr
the pulse has subverted
they didn’t die for your sins
no they went down for mine

So what’s it to you
should these eyes
go down forever
behind a satin veil

one headstone
a bittersweet epitaph
false memories
and the talk is cheap

Dead can’t dance
to broken heartbeats
Dead can’t dance
so I’ll sit this one out

...Created 2005-08-13 09:31:02

dotsJournal: I'm still alivedots
Mood: The Usual

Yeah so Im still alive and I feel like I've let crumble any and all relationships I've built on here, I just dont have the energy to be here anymore.

so I will leave you all with two last things and maybe one day I shall return

"The Settling Day's"
Sun's rise and
the days of men
begin to fall

the eastern wind
carries echoes
of what we called renaissance

Voices on the radio
singing songs
of death tolls rising

Maybe the sun should set
on this civilized
world of men

Day's end and
the dreams of men
begin to soar

The western sky
a faded polaroid
of imperialism

And they're burning Darwin
by letting bush
address the state

Life may only
be a pilgrimage
to enlightenment
And this world
set sail
fifteen minutes late

Sun's rise and
the days of
men begin to fall

Don't call me civilized
I'm just painting
the things on my mind

Day's end and
the dreams of
men begin to soar

but the sands are falling
and there are no hands
to flip the hourglass

Sincerely yours
-The Mortal Son

"The Ides of March"
March is falling
out from under me
Eh tu brute?

I thought that
this would be ever green
like fairy tale kingdoms of old

Knife in the back
through the heart
and countless day dreams

March is falling
out from under me
and you my love..

...Created 2005-07-11 16:36:55

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: Sigh...

ok so for the first time in months I posted two new pieces, however I don't know when I will post again I haven't been able to write for the longest time, but Im gonna try and be here more often and at least read and comment on whats being shared here. Hopefully that will help reignite my spark.

...Created 2005-04-23 12:12:03

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: Frustrated

I havent been writing, some one please tell me where the inspiration has gone... its seems I've fallen and can't get up.

...Created 2005-03-30 22:30:04

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: Just Hungry

So I've been really silent here for a while, Im trying to change that hopefuly soon Ill get more comments going and maybe even break the writers block to the point whereI feel comfortable posting anything I write. I hope all is well for everyone here.

...Created 2005-03-16 11:52:30