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dotsJournal: ...dots
Mood: Bored

Bored out of my mind

...Created 2006-08-01 13:47:58

dotsJournal: Back Homedots
Mood: Relaxing

Just got home from my dad's, it was nice. Got my hand all fixed up in this cast looking thing. Looks like I'm giving everyone a thumbs up. :-) But it really sucks too. Well I'm off to soak up the sun. Tootles!

...Created 2006-07-24 12:43:02

dotsJournal: *sigh*dots
Mood: Thinking...

Well today was pretty good. We beat Taconic, and it was Christina's last game, so I said my goodbyes to her and John, which was kinda sad. Then hung out by the pool with amber, then went shopping, ate dinner. Amber just left a little while ago, I miss her already.I have this knot in my stomach though. I feel really bad I haven't gone to my dad's house this week. He was off for vacation, but so was my mom, and I had games and Amber over and all that so it was like impossible. But still I feel really bad, I can never just feel good, I always have something holding me back. Well I'll be back sometime soon I guess....

...Created 2006-07-15 17:49:52

dotsJournal: New comp.dots
Mood: Moo! 0.o

Well I finally got a new computer. Now maybe I'll be able to write again. Hmm well I'll be back on here sometime soon. And oh yeah Italy won the world cup, woo hoo! :-D

...Created 2006-07-09 18:47:17

dotsJournal: Pretty Boreddots
Mood: Lazy

A little sore from workouts yesterday..but can't complain it was fun. This is the only class I have ac in, it feels nice, I don't want to leave. I never do what I'm supposed to do in this class. Oh well :-D hehe

...Created 2006-05-31 09:57:55

dotsJournal: :-Ddots
Mood: Moo! 0.o

Is the weather beautiful or what? I can't wait to get outside :-)

...Created 2006-05-30 07:32:13

dotsJournal: 3 day weekenddots
Mood: Yeay!!

I know that what I was thinking was wrong, I know that now. It wasn't meant to be.
Yay 3 day weekend, even though it was supposed to be 4. Might not be around for a couple days, but I'll be back soon.

...Created 2006-05-26 09:56:46

dotsJournal: ...dots
Mood: Confused

What was I thinking?

...Created 2006-05-22 07:01:11

dotsJournal: Falling asleepdots
Mood: Tired

Well I'm just sitting here attempting to write an essay. Its not going so well. I'm extremely tired. I'm going to sleep so good tonight. True love cannot be forgotten. Smiles
*sweet dreams*

...Created 2006-05-18 19:53:52

dotsJournal: This sucksdots
Mood: Bored

Well I'm here in school, bored out of my mind in this class. My lip is all screwed up, from being knocked in the mouth by a ball. *Sigh* Well gotta get back to work before I get caught...tootles

...Created 2006-05-09 09:34:04