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    dotsJournal: dots
    Mood: The Usual

    off the grid.

    ...Created 2010-05-07 14:21:01

    dotsJournal: blame boy bandsdots
    Mood: The Usual

    Parents, please discipline your children. There is no reason for them to have even a sliver of thought, cross their ill-mannered little brains, about acting up in public. Maybe, it's to see how far they can push until mommy sternly looks at them and says something to the extent of, "Mikey, please don't curse and spit at mommy, it's not nice. Do you want to go to timeout when we get home?" Or, maybe, it's because the kids these days have too many luxuries in their room at home, so they laugh at the thought of getting sent to their room as a punishment. Sure, little Billy bad-ass slaps the teacher in the face at school and calls her a ‘worthless cunt’, and you think ‘let's send him to his room’, where he has more electronics than Best Buy. "Oh, so what do want us to do, put our hands on him in anger? That is against all of the books we've read about how to raise a child. Now days, kids need options and a stern talking to." If you really think that you can't yell at your kids when they are being a little bastard fuck-up, because "it may have a negative effect when they grow up, they need to be shown that they are in a loving environment", then get ready for them to walk all over you and piss off everyone in public. I saw a kid literally spit, on his mother, while he was getting told be her to stop knocking food off the shelves. This little sonovabitch, screamed "I don't have to listen to what you say!", then he fucking spit on her. I watched as she started to cry, obviously embarrassed and hurt, but what got me was the fact that she actually looked surprised at his actions. What the fuck lady?!?! If you allow your child to grow up thinking they own you and there is no such thing as a real punishment, what the fuck do you expect from him? It took all I had to not walk over and slap the shit out of him first, for being a little prick, then slap her for allowing him to even think of doing something like that. If I hear one more parent say that the reason their kid, or any kid for that matter, is fucked up because of TV, video games or movies...I'm going to lose my mind. It's your fucking fault people!!!!!!!! You allow them to get these thoughts into their heads, let alone act on them. If you have missed the golden years of birth-3 in order to instill the fear of god into them, program them to understand the look of "if you even think about it, you'll forget what it was like to be able to sit down pain free", then you need to act quick. Your kid is never too old to understand their place in life, but if missed out on being able to only use "the look", then the punishments will have to get worse. Have you ever seen a kid sit in a room without anything with a power button? They are not happy. How about a kid having to cut not only your yard, but all the yards on the block, with an old school manual push mower. They hate life!!! Get creative people, you have to stop this shit behavior in your own home at an early age; it is only going to get worse, leaving little assholes to run amuck in the streets. It is not fair to everyone else, the modern day court systems do not allow us to beat your kids, so we have to suffer through their little spoiled goddamn tantrums in a restaurant. I guaran-fucking-tee, if you take away that little bastard’s food because he is throwing a tantrum and put him in the car (leaving a small crack in the window of course), eventually they will get hungry and learn to shut the fuck up and act like a normal person if they want to eat. If it's at home, send them to a room with nothing fun in it, only books like 'war and peace' or 'The 1920's in America: Politics and History', all the while their little tummy starts to growl and all they have to satisfy it are the plain rice cakes you left with them. Your kids won't fear you, but they'll damn sure respect you and the rules of the house. Until they reach that age of getting a swift kick in ass out of the house, they should do nothing but respect and worship the ground you walk on, just for the simple fact you let them live and eat for free. If a kid is not doing some form of work, whether chores around the house or getting paid by an employer to support their extracurricular activities, (and god forbid maybe even pay for something they consume) then you are fucking up as parents and you deserve all the grief you will get from them, until you die. If that's how you want to raise your kids and you don't mind them being little spoiled shits, then do the rest of humanity a favor, move to someplace shitty like Utah or the Sahara, so the rest of us can live in peace.

    ...Created 2010-04-30 13:53:45

    dotsJournal: dots
    Mood: The Usual

    ...Created 2010-04-30 07:45:36

    dotsJournal: robotmonkey cabdots
    Mood: I hate how I need taxies in NYC!

    NYC taxies have to be the worst human beings behind a wheel. I really believe their licenses, earned from digging to the bottom of cereal boxes of course, have a special code that allows them to become more reckless every time the prices go up. I understand the need to meet a quota (I know a man has gotta eat), but seriously the public safety of other drivers or passengers of said death cabs, has to be red flagged by now. It's one thing to stop in the middle of a lane to pickup/drop off a fare or blow a yellow light to beat the opposing team to the random business man standing on the opposite curb, but crossing four lanes without looking only to ignore the blown horns and middle fingers of the 15 or so cars you narrowly missed? I swear they get extra incentives for every bike rider, pedestrian or car they hit without causing a 911 call to the already seemingly busy NYPD.

    Hurry up with the flying cars or auto-driven vehicles equipped with SONAR, thermal imagery and robot monkeys! Why are we still driving 2 ton machines fueled by explosives, ignorance and liquor in 2010? It's been well over 100 years since the advent of drunk driving, fix it!! Robot monkeys cannot get drunk or fling feces while driving.

    ...Created 2010-02-16 14:35:34

    dotsJournal: goddamn weatherdots
    Mood: The Usual

    I love how a quick work trip to Texas turns into a week long hangout in a fucking airport and crappy hotel. I leave for 6 hours of work and I get stuck in Killeen, Tx for 5 fucking days!!! This is why I don't give a shit about recycling anything. The environment doesn't care about you, why care about it?!

    BTW, Killeen fucking Texas and I match as well as a string bikini and Rosie O'donnell's back fat go together. The only goos thing about this hole in the wall city is the fact there are shotguns everywhere. If I get stuck here one more day I'll just pick one off a tree somewhere nearby and have a conversation with the business end. I hate 22 hour layovers in shitty towns with shitty people!!

    ...Created 2010-02-11 11:01:06

    dotsJournal: dots
    Mood: The Usual

    Holy shit, its official. Hell has frozen over!!!! Go Saints!!

    ...Created 2010-02-07 20:43:44

    dotsJournal: Bowl Time!!!dots
    Mood: Who Dat!!

    Alright ya'll, cross dem fingas an roll dem voodoo bones, we goin' dance wit Peyton tonight cha!!!

    ...Created 2010-02-07 17:09:45

    dotsJournal: dots
    Mood: The Usual

    Stupid fish.

    ...Created 2010-02-06 13:34:48

    dotsJournal: ES tripdots
    Mood: Take a trip into your ES page

    I really hate to take Fred Durst off of my journal entry; everyone needs to be aware that this person has the power to turn everything he touches in to complete and utter crap. Like the Midas touch, only with fecal mater and red hats, nothing to this man is sacred.

    I want someone out there to try the ES trip. This exercise will involve someone who as had a good amount of really good acid trips before. You do not have to take acid currently to try this (or be really good at those magiceye pictures you stare at and shapes form), only let the residual flashbacks take over. This may seem really weird, but I was entertained enough to put it out there.

    1. pull up a poem of yours or just your home page, whatever.

    2. while kind of close to the screen (obviously not to close, more like 8-10 in. away

    3. Stare at the white "" lines and relax your eyes while looking at them. This can be done anywhere on the screen, preferably comfortable.

    4. Once the white lines start to drop back away from your words, they seem further behind enough to establish a definite depth separation.

    5. Imagination time. Once you eyes are relaxed and the white lines are behind everything else, which is the point where you can notice and explore the page. The two banners to the left and right of the screen will start to sway with the slight wind caused by the separation of white lines and words. The blue "E" will separate from the banner and kind of float in front of the blackness it is emerging from.

    6. Toward the bottom of the screen background seems to be more bluish tinted based on the angle you are looking at the screen. Since it is blue (at least on my computer screen) you might be able to visualize an underwater scene behind the words you have written. I so far have seen the white lines forming a net behind the words, allowing flowing water to carry particles through but nothing else. The particles look as if you can see them using rays from the sun shining in the water via the white lines.

    7. Do this long enough and more details (for me fish) will swim up to the net and look at you work. Since they are fish and are always in a school, they take it upon themselves to leave comments about the work you had just been staring at. Since the work you are staring at is old and not new (because you were too busy staring at a computer screen) the fish believe you don't care about writing so why bother. They leave unnecessary and meaningless comments about how you need to write more; fish take a long way around to say your post are being postponed because you spend too much time staring at the screen and not writing.

    8. At this point you realize the fish are rude and you swore you saw one give you the finger, even though they have no fingers, a valid attempt was made at that.

    9. You pull away from the screen and wipe your eyes from the dryness and retinal damage you gave them by not writing. Then you snap out of it realizing this was stupid and go back to the community page to see if new people or someone you missed today have checked in. realizing the same people are still here with nothing new posted thus making your new fish friends right all along.

    I told my fish I was good for a while and to come back later when they could be nicer.

    ...Created 2010-02-05 22:42:56

    dotsJournal: pop. controldots
    Mood: SNAFU!!

    Why can't we, as a nation, have a baby screening process? I really do think that there should be a process or application in order for people to have kids. Status or wealth should not be a factor. You could be rich or poor and still have a kid as long as you passed the interview and screening process. Some people are not meant to raise babies; therefore, it results in a bad up-bringing ultimately populating the world with more assholes.

    You have to fill out applications and interview to adopt. Why not add the same clause to the natural birth process. We have too many morons out there running amuck unsupervised doing stuff like manufacturing ugly cars (Nissan Cube – wtf?), making bad movies (Quantum of Solace – or anything Fred Durst directs), producing bad music (Hanson & Limp Bizkit - again, Fred Durst is a douche), the list could go on forever.

    Side note – anything can be blamed on Fred Durst by the way. There is no Easter bunny, Santa, free lunch, or non-ugly Croc products (just to name a few) all because of Fred Durst.

    ...Created 2010-02-04 09:09:30

    Be kind, take a few minutes to review the hard work of others <3
    It means a lot to them, as it does to you.




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