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dotsJournal: Part 7dots
Mood: The Usual

· Buzz tells Natalia to take Olivia upstairs
· Buzz waits by the door until there are bullets being shot through it
· Emma wakes up and hears what’s going on, she’s scared
· Rafe comforts her
· Olivia can’t take waiting, so she goes downstairs against Natalia’s will. She says she’s not afraid anymore. Natalia says it figures she’s not afraid when there’s a gun involved.
· Natalia tells Rafe to stay with Emma and he reluctantly agrees. She then chases after Olivia
· Olivia walks into the living room and everything is quiet
· She asks Buzz where Frank went, assuming it was him that left the bullets in the door.
· Buzz doesn’t know, but he’s armed with a bat that he found in the closet.
· He said the bullets stopped quickly just as another shot is heard outside.
· Natalia begs Olivia to come back upstairs, because she doesn’t want anything to happen to her
· Olivia ignores her and worries about Mallet. She asked Buzz if he thinks Mallet’s okay.
· She tries to open the door, but neither Buzz nor Natalia will let her.
· The phone rings, and Buzz answers it. It’s Mallet. He just called for back up, but Frank shot him. He says that Franks is coming back to the house, armed.
· “Go upstairs.” Frank tells the ladies.
· Natalia drags Olivia with her and they leave Buzz alone in the kitchen.
· Upstairs, Emma is sobbing. Her mom and Natalia enter the room, and she runs into Olivia’s arms.
· Olivia tells her it will be okay, trying to soothe her.
· Rafe wants to go help Buzz. Natalia can’t convince him to stay. She screams after him, but he won’t come back
· Shots are heard again in the house.
· Natalia is freaking out, worried about her son.
· There are footsteps coming up the stairs. Then a tumbling sound and Buzz’s voice. They conclude that Buzz grabbed Frank from behind and made them both fall down the stairs. Then Frank’s voice is heard.
· He shoves the gun in his father’s face and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t stop.
· Buzz doesn’t listen and he gets up. Frank shoots him in the leg.
· Rafe gets that bat that Buzz dropped on the floor, and violently throws it up the stairs, hitting Frank in the back, missing his target; Franks head.
· He screams in pain, but continues until he reaches the room the girls are inside.
· Rafe is angered and worried for his mom’s life. He hears the cop sirens outside.
· He goes after Frank, but quietly, so that he doesn’t get shot. He grabs the bat again.
· Get away from the door. Olivia tells them, and they all move to the back of the room. Olivia tells her daughter to get under the bed. Emma can’t stop crying.
· Bullets shoot through the door until the lock is busted. The door opens and Frank walks in, screaming profanities. He points the gun at Olivia, who is crouching down on the floor.
· Footsteps behind him make him turn around to see Rafe with the bat again. Rafe dodges the bullet aimed at him by dropping to the floor. He then aims the gun at Rafe again, pointing to his head. Rafe doesn’t move.
· Natalia cries, scared for her son’s life.
· Frank then speaks, still keeping his eyes on Rafe. “If you want him to live, Olivia, I suggest you come here.”
· Olivia comes, ignoring all her fears.
· Natalia hold’s Emma’s hand, sobbing.
· Franks grab’s Olivia around the neck and aims the gun at her head. Her takes her away from everyone, and walks back down the stairs.
· “You come after me, and I’ll shoot her.” He tells Rafe
· Franks walks outside. Cops are every where. He shows them his hostage and threatens to kill her if they don’t let him go.

...Created 2009-06-03 12:37:35

dotsJournal: Part 6dots
Mood: The Usual

· Franks missing
· They call the police and tell them everything
· The police don’t know where to look
· They put a police car on watch overnight
· Olivia gets stronger, but at the same time, worries for her life.
· Natalia takes care of Olivia
· Buzz decides to stay with them just in case
· Emma, Natalia, and Olivia do a movie night, but neither woman can focus on anything.
· Emma doesn’t know what’s going on
· Rafe is becoming less distant, yet he’s still not Mr. Happy. And that’s understandable
· Rafe and Olivia are civil around each other, but he still doesn’t like her that much.
· Emma goes to bed, Rafe is already sleeping because he’s exhausted. Buzz, Natalia, and Olivia are all out in the living room. They talk about what happened….about the previous night.
· Buzz apologizes to Olivia and says that he never knew his son could do that…
· Olivia falls asleep after eating her ice cream. Natalia smiles, covers her up, and get’s maybe an hour of sleep before Buzz shakes her awake, saying he heard gun shots outside.

...Created 2009-06-02 15:58:00

dotsJournal: Againdots
Mood: Sniffle...

I stubbed my toe.... :(

...Created 2009-06-01 22:19:20

dotsJournal: : (dots
Mood: Dead Sexy

I'm sad. I had the best Lit teacher ever two years in a row and now I'm probably gonna get some old, mean, follow the rules or I'll write you up teacher. Don't you hate those??
I didn't know that PDA included hugging. I've hugged a bunch of people this year. And in front of my teachers too! It all just depends on who is nice or not. I think the people that come up with these rules need to chill out. What the hell is wrong with a hug?! You want us to act like adults?? Then why are you treating us like children?? Sheeesh!!

...Created 2009-05-30 23:49:54

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: Guess what!?

I'm very proud of her older sister who just graduated from GA Tech!! :) She's awesome!!

...Created 2009-05-03 19:00:54

dotsJournal: OtaliaFandots
Mood: Otalia Obsessed

God, I can't stop watching guiding light... Someone pull me away before I get sucked into the TV!! If I get any closer to the screen i think I'll become a part of it! lol

...Created 2009-04-16 20:02:14

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: Sick

I finally went through all my old poems and deleted a bunch of crap....
Now I can start submitting my recent poems. Whenever I start writing again that is....

...Created 2009-01-25 21:59:40

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: Guess what!?

Star wars!! lol... i'm a tad bit bored...

...Created 2008-05-02 19:19:46

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: Stressed

I hate my life!! shouldn't going to chruch be my OWN decision?? I'm tired of people thinking and deciding for me! it's my life and when it comes to how i feel and how i think, i am not a minor!! i am a human being with feelings! and this girl has felt enough! i'm tired of being pushed around...

...Created 2008-02-24 00:01:46

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: The Usual

Post Partum Depression is a common mental disorder that takes place after child birth. The mother goes through a phase of excessive worry, highly increasing sadness and frustration. This disorder may or may not take effect on new mothers but there are thousands of cases of it out there and that number isn’t decreasing any.

Post partum psychosis, which is rare, occurs in 1 or 2 births out of every 1000 births.

As many as 80% of first time mothers experience the ‘baby blues’

There are many ways to prevent and treat Post Partum disorder and the are as simple as eating nutritious meals, getting lots of sleep and rest, and seeing a doctor.

In most cases of Post Partum Depression, women didn’t even know that it could happen to them.

As it has been seen in the news of a mother drowning her children in the bathtub, Post Partum psychosis can get out of hand. 1 in 25 mothers can actually kill their child with this mental disorder.
However, that does not mean a new mother with Post Partum Depression will start trying to kill their child. Psychosis is rare and if help is retrieved, you can be cured.
There is a cure, it’s just a matter of getting the help needed to overcome it.

...Created 2008-01-23 09:37:19