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dotsJournal: dots
Mood: Relaxing

Deviant Art is fun, but I did say I would post some more stuff on this site occasionally. So I'm gonna post a couple of my newer works.

...Created 2011-09-08 13:06:07

dotsJournal: Peace.dots
Mood: Straightening things out...

I'm switching to DeviantArt. I'm hoping that site will provide more inspiration, motivation and community, maybe. My name is the same on that site. I'm gonna try to post some new things there but I'm also gonna repost everything I posted here. I doubt anyone actually gives a damn though, not yet at least.

-Will E.

...Created 2010-12-30 23:42:14

dotsJournal: Floridadots
Mood: Straightening things out...

Been working on a lot of little projects, I should have something good up soon. I'm gonna be in Florida tomorrow, in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area maybe I'll find a little inspiration, maybe not.

...Created 2010-11-10 20:19:59

dotsJournal: Fixeddots
Mood: Tired

Got my Netbook fixed, put a couple submissions up,more on the way

...Created 2010-08-31 00:28:02

dotsJournal: Computer Crashdots
Mood: DANG IT!

Okay so umm...My netbook crashed the other day and most of the stuff I was planning to put up was on it so it might be a little while longer before i can put anything up I am going to be getting it fixed in a few days, the question is whether or not they will be able to save my files. If not I should be able to rewrite most of it from memory but I'd rather not have to, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

...Created 2010-07-08 22:29:18

dotsJournal: I'm Backdots
Mood: Sleepy

All Right! I'm finaly losing my Writers block (I think)
I can feel it slipping away
Ok so I put one new post up and I've got a few more on the way so get ready. I've got a few poems and a couple of other things, maybe I'll get around to writing another Vampire post.
We shall see

...Created 2010-06-15 23:35:22

dotsJournal: Almost readydots
Mood: The Usual

I'm fairly happy with the last few things that I've submitted and I'll probably post a few more as soon as they are ready.

...Created 2009-11-19 16:54:04

dotsJournal: Leave a Markdots
Mood: Thinking...

I want to write a book, I want to make something beautiful, something that will last, I just have a few problems, the first being that I don't have nearly enough material yet, the second is that I am not entirely sure how to go about publishing.
So I figure the easiest way around these problems is Collaboration. I'm sure if I get a few Good writers in on it we can make something wonderful, something that will last. I'm thinking something along the lines of "The Hudson Book Of Poetry; 150 Poems worth Reading" only five times bigger.I've already got a title in mind, I'm thinking, "The Poets Grimoire" If anybody is interested Please contact me on either t
his site or one of these e-mail addresses

...Created 2009-11-15 22:42:15

dotsJournal: New stuffdots
Mood: The Usual

I've written a few new things, I'll be typing them up as soon as I get the chance.

...Created 2009-10-30 18:12:29

dotsJournal: I need a Musedots
Mood: The Usual

I seem to be suffering from writers block, it probably won't last very long.

...Created 2009-09-22 21:32:30