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dotsJournal: I am sad...dots
Mood: Depressed

I miss her...

...Created 2005-07-05 04:10:54

dotsJournal: ... sadness...dots
Mood: Sniffle...

I see less and less of her every day...

...Created 2005-06-11 01:01:09

dotsJournal: Days too shortdots
Mood: In Love

I wish the day would never reach 7 p.m., the time i am required to return to my home from my gf's house. I wish we could be alone for longer. I just want to be with her, happily and forever.

...Created 2005-06-07 02:00:09

dotsJournal: WTF-...H?!?!dots
Mood: Straightening things out...

WHERE DID MY SUPER-DEAD SHEEP AWARD GO?!?! NOOOOOO!!! I worked so hard to get it... now its gone... oh well. i still have things to look forward to. bye, now.

...Created 2005-05-29 12:00:53

dotsJournal: Hello, Good Byedots
Mood: Depressed

Hello. My life is hell. For music people, to sum it up, all i can say is that i enjoy listening to Evanescence now. that is how depressed i am. i need only one thing, though. and that thing is easily in my grasp. i just do not have the will to take it. help me. Good bye...

...Created 2005-05-23 01:39:15

dotsJournal: :(dots
Mood: Lonely

People are leaving me. Im all alone on the internet.

...Created 2005-03-14 18:32:59

dotsJournal: Eh?dots
Mood: Brain Fried

I think I am liking Elite Skills way too much. And wyh wont people nitpick at my poems? I make them so people WILL nitpick. Oh well.

...Created 2005-03-13 15:42:04

dotsJournal: Dude...dots
Mood: Guess what!?

I was workin on my katana today. I forgot how happy it made me! I love workin on my weapons! So today was pretty much decent.

...Created 2005-03-12 22:21:24

dotsJournal: Life In My Eyesdots
Mood: Sigh...

One day, I might get out of this hell-hole. When school ends, my true life begins. Important events will come, along with many sorrows. Love will come and go, leaving me wounded. Even after all of this, I know I will still have Master Moo Moo, my cow.


Today was boring. I coughed so much during classes. I really should have taken the medicine...

...Created 2005-02-23 18:18:03