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dotsJournal: Friend or Foe?dots
Mood: Rant

I have a friend.
Her name is not important.
She knows I'm in love.
She doesn't care.
She flirts.
She flaunts.
She watches as I shatter to pieces.
And I call her a friend.

...Created 2009-08-21 12:25:34

dotsJournal: I'm a Senior!dots
Mood: Yeay!!

The verdict: I passed 11th grade! I am currently a senior, and I'm so happy. Mom came to my awards day today, and she started crying her eyes out. That made me cry of course, so we both were standing there like idiots crying =[ It was very sad.

...Created 2009-05-26 11:51:19

dotsJournal: My Buddydots
Mood: Thinking...

So... it's the last Friday of my Junior year, and it's been a very sad day. The seniors graduate tonight, and then I will become a much-loved senior. Everyone was giving everyone hugs, and people were exchanging phone numbers. Everything (despite the sadness) was going okay until lunch. My best guy friend told me that today was his last day, and I'm probably never gonna see him again. Good thing I have his phone number. God, things will never be the same without him.

...Created 2009-05-22 12:37:03

dotsJournal: Twilightdots
Mood: Rant

Don't you hate it when people make fun of you for the things that you're into? It's like, they have so much stuff that they're into that's so much better than what you're into. Why can't everyone just get along?

...Created 2009-05-21 12:05:11

dotsJournal: There's A Girl.dots
Mood: In Love

A girl sits alone in the corner. She's thinking about what all her friends have told her through the day.
"You're fat."
"You're not that great."
She wonders why her "friends" are talking to her this way. She knows that she's not fat and she also knows that she's pretty cool with everyone. Does she have enemies? She thought that she had a lot of friends. But no one really seems to like her. She just broke up with her boyfriend for cheating on her. When she got home that day, her mom called her and told her that she got her old job back. She was so excited. The first day of work she met this girl. The girl treated her like no one else had, and she kind of liked it. The girl told her that she was special and pretty. It got her a little confused, so she started asking the pretty girl at work questions. Finally, they decide it would be best if they tried dating, and right now their dating-thing is going great.

...Created 2009-05-19 12:56:21

dotsJournal: Girl At Workdots
Mood: The Usual

...Created 2009-05-19 12:51:30

dotsJournal: ??dots
Mood: Thinking...

Is it wrong to be in love with your best friend?

...Created 2009-05-15 12:47:56

dotsJournal: Blah =Pdots
Mood: Lazy

My junior year of high school is almost over, and I feel like I haven't accomplished anything. Pretty much, the only good thing that happened this year was Prom. I couldn't enjoy that much either because I didn't go with a boyfriend. I went with my friend's cousin. The only reason he went (I think) is because I had a sympathy factor going on. I don't really understand high school (I know it's just a teenager thing, but my God). I am so looking forward to graduating.

...Created 2009-05-14 14:17:47

dotsJournal: What I Did...dots
Mood: Ugh... I hate my life.

I texted my ex all day long yesterday!
Yay for opening up those already festering sores in my soul that he put there.
Why can't I leave him alone? I feel that I should be able to, seeing as how I'm talking to someone else now. I just can't let his cheating, sorry self go.
You would think that I would be very happy, but I'm truely ready to go back to him. I love him with every aching text, every agonizing day I see him, just with everything I have.
He doesn't appreciate me trying to get over him. If he did, he wouldn't be still texting me all the time.

*Maybe I should get a new phone.*

...Created 2009-04-22 14:22:37

dotsJournal: I Wasn't Wrongdots
Mood: The Usual

Turns out that I wasn't wrong about my ex-boyfriend/boyfriend. He wasn't good for me at all. I need to move on, but I don't know how.

...Created 2009-04-02 14:07:01