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dotsJournal: baad day!dots
Mood: Guess what!?

Well today was a shite day. First off i woke up at 8 am and there was no power in our house, and no water or heat. So I could not brush my teeth, and if you know me (which none of you do) that is a horrable thing. I brush my teeth aalll the time. Any who, I went out to town with my mom and dad...everything was cool. Then I went to st. Louis and on the ride there my dad wrecked the car! He swerved to miss a catolack and hit a huge wooden sign instead. Me, my dad, and my lil sis flew up. My sister hit her head on the window and I hit my chin on the dash bored, so now my jaw hurts and my sister has a bad head aick.
Thank the goddess that it didn't kill anyone, or hurt one of us too badly. The car was the only thing that was damaged. Meh but yeah that is how my day went.

...Created 2005-12-15 20:03:02

dotsJournal: mehdots
Mood: Lonely

Well i am really bored. I have been feeling terrible lately. Nothing good has come out of it yet. No poetry, no art. Well I am doing a still life of these skulls, and i have written a bunch of thoughts down. None of the thoughts are poetry though.
I hate the way the world is. I am conciderd ugly because I am not skinny. The world should do away with TV and everything that gives you the false idea of beauty. maybe I should start thinking like those shallow people who look at the TV screan and whatever image pops up is what defines beauty. Meh i don't think I will ever be like those people. Well I better go before I make this too long.

...Created 2005-12-14 18:50:56