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    dotsJournal: My Journeydots
    Mood: Thinking...

    Good afternoon everyone,

    I just realized that it has been quite some time since I have updated my page here. A lot has happened in my life since I wrote last:

    The Iceland volcano shut down the United Kingdom, which stopped Eileen Daley from being able to fly over here for the final filming of the movie 'Beauty is Only Skin Deep' I will not release the film without her in it, so it has been placed aside until there is another opportunity. The direction I want to go from now on is to to focus on the writing side and to not put on so many hats at once. I have a couple ideas for this project and will talk more about that later.

    I have been placed as the lead for the Natural Resources section for the Sate of Maine for Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry. It is a really awesome computer programming position. This September I am going to be taking a Database Management and Design class at the University of Maine at Augusta. This finally gets me back on track to achieve my 4 year degree in Computer Science. At 44 years young, this has turned into a milestone achievement that I will accomplish.

    I am still working on my children's stories and have been quite successful with them in the Central Maine area. This Fall I have been asked to read at most of the area schools. It is an awesome feeling to have a live audience like this. I am working on a special project that will take these to the next level. More to come on that at a later date.

    A friend of Mine who is an amazing poet looked at my poem 'This Old Man' from a poets vision and gave me some really good advice. I am editing that poem and will be resubmitting it today. The edits are subtle, but I think they will make the poem stronger.

    I will make more o an effort to come on this page and look at all of the amazing works that I can, as well as share more of mine. I am reaching the end of week one of my two week vacation and look forward to a 6 hour boat ride off the coast of Maine tomorrow. I hope to spot a whale and other amazing sea life while we are out there.

    I hope this post finds all of you well..

    ...Created 2013-08-02 10:59:34

    dotsJournal: Busy dots
    Mood: Busy creating

    Hi everyone. It has really turned into a busy time for me lately. I have had two works of writing accepted into a Horror magazine named GASP that will be available in Rhode Island, Mass, and Portland Maine.

    On this site I have a poem that I originally wrote here named Homeless Shelter. It is going to be in the Summer edition of GASP. I am currently taking photographs for "Homeless Shelter".

    I was asked to call the NTS show that is very popular on the Internet as a Pod cast show that reaches thousands around the world, and read "Homeless Shelter" . That is going to be aired and will be available for download to the adult audience community in a few weeks.

    The piece of writing that I am having published this month in GASP is titled "Forever". It originally started as a horror short and turned into a Poetic haunt. The magazine staff decided to make it the first story in the magazine. That is quite an honor.

    I am actually working on a couple of movie scripts as well. I don't know if any of you have tried to write a script, but it is a lot of fun and a totally different kind of experience.

    Sites like this are perfect to the writing community. Everyone here is kind and very helpful.

    I just wanted to write a positive post to show that as you keep believing in yourself and abilities, things will happen.

    I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Up here in Maine we are getting another 12 inches of snow. It has been snowing all week. I am getting tired of the Winter wonderland theme.

    Take care everyone.....Chris

    ...Created 2008-02-09 20:21:23

    dotsJournal: dots
    Mood: The Usual

    Man I think the community here must think that I am a non-existent person some times. I have had a very busy year, both professionally as Programmer Analyst and as a writer. One f my short Horror stories has been accepted into a Magazine titled G.A.S.P. They are based out of Mass. I am excited to have one of my pieces that I wrote years ago having a larger audience than I am used too. I have just added a new poem to my list of items on this site for others to read. It is kind or a darker poem, but that is kind of who I am.

    I was watching a biography on horror the other night and saw that it is very common for Horror writers to also be in to poetry writing. I guess it is because both art forms deal with harsher sides of humanity.

    Well, I hope all of you are doing well. My kids are getting huge 8 and 6. I am getting older 38. I am enjoying life, and am not worrying about the ups and downs that are the inevitable. Positive thinking is the best way to live these days. There is so much around us that is not positive. As they say in the 'Secret' Thoughts become things.

    Take care everyone. I hope life in 08 is happening to your expectations so far. Between this site and Myspace I have a good balance of life and art. Geing a Gemini, they both represent two halves of my personality.


    ...Created 2008-01-24 11:39:41

    dotsJournal: 2/9/2007dots
    Mood: Thinking...

    It has been a long time since I have been to this site. I have been extremely busy trying to better myself and set a level of excellence for myself. I am doing this instead of looking to others for the excellence that I want to achieve.

    This seems to be paying off for me. I am accomplishing a lot more in life and I am having a great time doing the various activities.

    I have away, but not with out ideas for new writing projects. I am going to make a point of coning to this site at least once or twice a week. That would more realistic for me, with my fast paced software development/college/Father/Husband life style.

    I hope everyone has been good. I realized that I have been a member of this site now for over two years. Time flies, and I promise not to write a poem about that theme.

    I usually look to the news and other media for inspiration for poems. Lately I have found that there is a lot of really horrible stuff that the news is focusing on. I usually thrive on this and can come up with some interesting works, but I now have reached a point in my life where I am trying to sink a little deeper in to the human mind. I still enjoy scaring people, I just want to go below the surface and try to figure out why the human mind triggers certain activities. Wars....murder....Chil abuse....

    We are all neighbors on this planet. It does not matter that we are in different sides of the planet and may never actually meet in person. What matters is that many of us have small kids who are going to inherit this planet after us. We need to leave it in some way that is still livable.

    When we were kids our parent used to tell us to clean our room. I think it is time for all of us to clean our rooms for our kids sake. I know it is not something that will be done over night, but if each of us spent a little time just cleaning up there littel three foot area around each of us then this planet would be a slowly more habital environment to live.

    I guess I am i a different mood today. I look at my two boys at five and seven. I joined the group when they were 2.5 adn 4.5. Time really moves along.

    I guess I really do not have anything else to say. If you are seeing a lot of the same things that I am, then feel free to respond. These are just the words of one man at age 37 trying to make a mark for himself.

    Well, take care everyone.


    ...Created 2007-02-10 08:16:31

    dotsJournal: 11/10/2005dots
    Mood: The Usual

    Here I sit at work and think about 'what an amzing little boy Parker is'. He did so well at the dentist. There is going to be a filling in the next month or so, but he will be seeing a specialist for that. The entire experience was very good.

    I like that fact that I have a place to go and write. It is comforting to have a spot where a person can go and get positive constructive feed back on a piece of writing. At no point have I felt like I was being treated unfailrly or harshly. This is a great writers group.

    There was a poem that I wrote a long time ago and decided to post to the group. It is in the fourth revision and has really transformed in to a nice piece of writing. I do not know what I was thinking when I actually wrote the original, but I am slowly bringing a more modern feel to it. At 36, and yes I have to change the profile, I have reached an interesting point in my life. I woke up this morning and am unable to think about anything that stresses me out. It is like the mind just stops processing the information. I have not taken anything to make this happen it is just a natural thing.

    Well I have to go. I will finish this later

    ...Created 2005-11-10 13:21:28

    dotsJournal: November 3rddots
    Mood: The Usual

    Wow this year is flying by. My little man is going to be turning 4 this next week. I can still remember when he was 4 seconds old. Life has a way of moving along at a faster clip as we get older.

    I am trying to learn how to sit back and enjoy thigs more than I have in the past. There is so much good in the world that seems to get over looked. It seems like the media likes to scare the day lights out of us lately as well. It is inevitable that there is always going to be this thing that harms the world. That is something that we all know. We can not go through life worrying. It takes away from the now and just causes anxiety.

    I will finish this in a couple of hours .....

    ...Created 2005-11-03 17:00:35

    dotsJournal: Life movingdots
    Mood: Thinking...

    Man life can really throw little twists and turns. I just went to a funeral the other day for my wifes Great Grand Mother. I had to take my little men outside so that the Church service could continue peacufully. That is ok, because a funeral is a very uncomfortable thing for me to attend.

    I am always taking things in around me and am very sensitive to life and people around me.

    I have taken the last couple of months off because I think that I have been in a little bit of a depression. My wife has been in the hospital and life has been racing by. I find it a challenge to sort things out. I guess the one thing that I have in my life is the ability to write and get the feelings out on paper. I find it very theropeudic to have the remarks from the peope on this site. It really makes me feel like I am not alone in this world. I have a wife who has grown. I have kids who are growing. I feel like I am standing in a freeze frame while ife is moving on. It is a strange feeling.

    I am sorry for not being online for the past couple of months it has been a really hard time for me. I think I am going to spend some time here each night. It is one of the only sactuaries I have.

    Thank you everyone.....Chris

    ...Created 2005-10-16 11:12:00

    dotsJournal: What a daydots
    Mood: The Usual

    Today I had the best time with my family. We went to the Gray animal farm and then to the ocesn. It was soothing to watch my family from afar as they walked hand in hand.

    I have been really tied up at work and haver missed having moments like these. It was the best day. I am most likely a little fragmented here. 129 hours of work over the past couple weeks and am still coming off from that.

    I am blessed to have a family like I have. They are the best. It is funny, I have just realized that the only thing that you ned to do in life is to take the obstacles in front of you and solve them. There is no need to worry abount anything that is not directly in front of you. It will never bother you. That might be a programmers way of thinking, but it is a good way to look at stuss. I have had a problem focusing on things. This might help me.

    Put a problem in front of me and I will get the job done. If I finish eht job and it is not totally correct, don't worry about it until it is directly in front of me again.

    I am going to try to show my boys this philosophy. It might help them in life. I have taken 36 years to get here.

    ...Created 2005-06-04 22:18:25

    dotsJournal: Here I amdots
    Mood: The Usual

    Wow, time flies. I have been away from this community for a little bit. I do not want to spend time away any more. It is a place where I can go an d be me. It feels good to be me.

    I have been going through a little bit of bitterness and sadness lately with(Who else) My parents. It is getting old and I don't have any time for it anymore. I feel like I have gone through a little loss and am rebounding from it.

    I need to be a little more focused on my studies and less focused on bad stuff that brings me down. I don't have time for it. I don't have time to wast time on it.

    Where would I be with out my family? At leaset I can focus on them. If I had only me to focus on I think I would lose my mind at this point.

    Well I guess I will give myself a little pick me up and take in the beuatiful winter snow. It is snowing, which most people dislike. I love all weather. It is all good.

    Well take care....Until next time.....Chris

    ...Created 2005-02-21 12:21:25

    dotsJournal: 12/13/2004dots
    Mood: Relaxing

    Man it has been 36 days since I have been in this forum. I am sorry for the absense, but it was needed I think. I have needed to get myself together mentally and emotionally.

    I think I am going to keep this site as the site where I get things off my chest. Programming and writing are my two favorite things. It just so happens that there are all of those things from this site.

    Well I am not going to ramble about what I need to do any more. I am busy at work. Busy is good. To be busy means to be a live. I will make my life as I move forward and be happy to be busy.

    I am off to Walmart and Barnes and Noble. Just a little night to myself. Well I will be back

    ...Created 2004-12-13 19:17:31

    Be kind, take a few minutes to review the hard work of others <3
    It means a lot to them, as it does to you.

    Chasing The Lie written by jackz
    Can't let my demons go written by faideddarkness
    4th Season of Vivaldi written by HisNameIsNoMore
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    On Top of a Water Wheel written by Wolfwatching
    On Loop written by Daniel Barlow
    A Fire! A Knife! A Black Crow Calls! written by HisNameIsNoMore
    Blood to Plowshares written by HisNameIsNoMore
    In the Mouth of Elysium written by HisNameIsNoMore
    Unfortunate Reality written by TeslaKoyal
    Tides of Man written by HisNameIsNoMore
    Skulls Beyond the Palisade written by HisNameIsNoMore
    Convergence written by HisNameIsNoMore
    Everyone written by poetotoe
    Dirge of Nostalgia written by HisNameIsNoMore
    "other people don't get that" written by Daniel Barlow
    Our Cinder Crisis written by SavedDragon
    Instances written by hyproglo
    To the Epilogue written by HisNameIsNoMore
    When Crows Tick on Windows written by metallichick786
    Love and Solitaire written by HisNameIsNoMore
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    The Last to Walk the Earth written by HisNameIsNoMore
    Broken Promises written by S.A.M.
    In My Head written by faideddarkness




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