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dotsJournal: WOO!!dots
Mood: Guess what!?

Well hello there! I have restarted the story and it's going great, I'm calling it Shawn: us or them? and yeah it's awesome...well to me! lol yet again join our rp's! you don't need any permission just join! *LIGHT AS A FEATHER and ARE WE THE WAITING* also I promise i'll try to get the story done soon okay? ~*cheers, Alexis*~ *GBYZ*

...Created 2007-07-15 15:19:04

dotsJournal: Heyydots
Mood: The Usual

heyy, Alexis here! well story's coming so i'll have to restart all over. *gasp! oh no!* but it's okay! lol i have enough immagination as you can plainly see if you've read any of my poems. lol. well leave me a comment!!

...Created 2007-07-14 18:25:48

dotsJournal: Hidots
Mood: Writingness

Hey there fellow...poets! Or writers! How's it going? Not much here, just waiting to go see the new Harry Potter movie in a bit! and thought i'd catch up in my RP's and try writing a story (again) but it'll be better, I promise, my writing skills are getting there!! lol. Well try joining the Rp's: Are we the waiting (which has been going with only me and ONE other person, so just join, doesnt matter how much we got I'll be happy to fill you in just ask) and Light as a feather. So join! *GBYZ*

...Created 2007-07-11 19:02:03

dotsJournal: Hey theredots
Mood: The Usual

hey there, alexis here! well i've been bored and made another rp!! it's called ARE WE THE WAITING, and SMILEZ LIKE SHE MEANS IT... and yah, want ppl to join! i dont care if it's in the middle of it!! just JOIN!! ttyl ppl!

...Created 2007-06-24 18:41:35

dotsJournal: hello there dots
Mood: The Usual

hi guys! yes a new post!! woo hoo! lol well nothing going on rite now, just excited for the new Harry Potter book coming out soon! woo! and i just got done looking for what the cover will look like and it''s orangish or yellowish i guess o.O so off key from the other books! but that's wut makes it so kool!! anyways i got so bored i made an RP called Smilez like She means it... so look for it xD it's not really good it's just outta boredom but yah so join! and w/e lol well i'm goin to go now loves xD lol cyaz

...Created 2007-06-18 18:15:50

dotsJournal: hiyaz guyz!dots
Mood: Relaxing

Hiyas! like wutzup?! nothing much here, just checking out the lastest writes! and just relaxing from a fun filled day! lol anyways summer's been great and boring so far! cant wait to start journalism camp tommarrow!!! woo! peace ~*alexis*~

...Created 2007-06-10 19:36:11

dotsJournal: omg hey theredots
Mood: Sleepy

well schools out so there's a plus! hm wut else? o yah, i made it on the colour guard team today woo! even tho dropping the flag pole on my head and the girl nearest to me xD it was fun tho so go me! lol well that's it for now, goin to do something now!! lol bye!

...Created 2007-06-08 19:11:09

dotsJournal: STORYTIME!dots
Mood: The Usual

Yes I've completed my story. don't worry,it's nothhing like Bubba's Epidemic! but plz read it! i've submitted it into a contest too! woo SO READ THE TACKY MAN!!! lol.

...Created 2007-05-24 17:17:50

dotsJournal: blahdots
Mood: blah

ook, so my story is coming along but yeah i've decided i should just put something on here so ppl kno i still exist!! well now i must go and do something dreadful...homework...*kills over at mention of thought*

...Created 2007-05-18 17:43:55

dotsJournal: hello hellodots
Mood: I won!

well srry i havent posted or made anything lately, but i have been working on a very long story, and it isnt goin to b like Bubba's Epidemic. It's more serious (but a little comedy-ish xD) and it kinda frighten me at this one part that I would write it xD lol so sit still and b prepared!! lol! oh yah! i got third at the city track might the other day!! in the High Jumps tho xD lol ttyl

...Created 2007-05-04 17:12:48