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    dotsJournal: So it's 2007...dots
    Mood: Relaxing

    Wow, it's been a long time. I mean a ...really... long time. How's everybody doing? I promise to at least walk through here at least every month from here on out. Leaving all of my fine works just sitting here doesn't do them justice ;)

    To keep it short, I've been engaged for a year, and I've made a steady appearance on the Dean's List for a year now. Should be done with college in two years. I have been working at a public library for a year and it's been fabulous. I took a bonafide contemporary poetry class six months ago and I did not like it as much as I thought I would. I discovered that I am not a floofy writer.

    There is the short of it. Look eeneriscool up on LJ if you want further contact with me outside of my wonderings.


    ...Created 2007-06-05 22:15:19

    dotsJournal: Revived...dots
    Mood: Relaxing

    *walks in, takes a look around, dusts, vaccuums, shrugs her shoulders*

    Hi People,

    I'm just checking in. I've been a very busy girl, as of the past few months. I had that last semester of college, I worked all summer, and now I'm about to start another semester of college. I haven't written much in the past few months. I might post the pieces I have written, but not right now. Right now, I'm sitting in a computer lab alongside my bf of two months. He is good to me and I am a happy girl. I've decided that writing love poetry about him would jinx the whole affair, as doing so in the past had such an effect.

    *hugs* to all that read this, and I hope your life is going as well or better than my own. I miss you guys. I don't know when I'll check this next, but I think of here from time to time.

    ~Eener the Enchanting

    ...Created 2005-09-02 11:31:10

    dotsJournal: The end....dots
    Mood: Dead

    The dagger has struck.

    ...Created 2005-03-28 12:29:00

    dotsJournal: Why death?dots
    Mood: Too much at once...

    Current Mood: Befuddled, Confused

    So college is going swimmingly (yay for A on English Paper!!). For the most part. Although I'm a little struck by the fact that a very sweet guy (along with his girlfriend and another friend of theirs) in my residence hall floor died in a really bad car crash one and half weeks ago, and I found out about it on Sunday night because it happened right after spring break started. Why? I don't understand....

    I also found out about the 10 peopled death in Minnesota at the hands of a Native American boy yesterday...17 years old. Why?

    At times like these, I feel so helpess and confused....

    ...Created 2005-03-22 10:22:18

    dotsJournal: Really????dots
    Mood: Dead Sexy

    Chocolate Soda......

    Concept = great.
    Smell = great.
    Look = great.
    Tastes = No.

    Carbonation + Chocolate = No.

    What a disappointment.

    ...Created 2005-03-09 12:17:51

    dotsJournal: Yay for collegedots
    Mood: Straightening things out...


    I may not be on for a while. I just got back to college, and things are a bit hectic. So instead of concentrating on websites and things, I'm taking a trip back to the real world for a while to straighten out my actual life. I don't know when I will write poetry next, I've kind of lost the urge to, for a while. I will be back though, I promise, I just don't know when.

    With love,

    ...Created 2005-02-02 16:18:03

    dotsJournal: feels so good..dots
    Mood: In Love

    Good afternoon people,

    So I had a crummy morning. The details aren't important though. My family really knows how to wake a person up though. I'm not a great morning person, so if you wake me up and make me angry, then you'd better watch out because my temper sky rockets when I'm woking up so rudely.

    Anyway, to keep it to the point, I had to get up and reconnect my monitor to my computer, because my mother "borrowed" it, didn't have time to return it to it's proper location, and then proceeded to bandage my early morning wounds with promises of chocolate. One thing that really angers me is when you don't keep the promises you make and then you butter up the person so they accept you lie better. Argh...

    So after I had reconnected everything, I was browsing the forums of here and the games of neopets while waiting to vent to my bf about it. He came on after a while and I told him all about it and he made me feel so much better.

    The kicker here was that at one point during the conversation he said that I really needed a hug from my man while he would tell me that everything would be ok. I was all like "how did you know that that is what I need?". And he said: "cuz I know you, and I know what you need".

    And you know what? It feels really good to have someone that knows me, actually knows me. And not just all my favorite stuff and all my likes and dislikes. But knowing what makes me happy, what makes me unhappy, and how I would feel about something, and what I need. To know me so well that he can lift me out of practically any mood, and put a smile on my face again, because he knows what I need at that time. He knows what buttons he needs to push to get me working again.

    People spend all their lives trying to search for their soulmate, someone who makes them feel whole and complete. And for the first time in my life, I feel complete. I feel as if anything could happen to me and I'd be allright, because he'd go and make everything all better. It's one thing for a guy to love you because of your looks and how you act and talk and stuff. But it's another entirely different avenue when a guy loves you so much that he actually knows how to make you happy. He doesn't just WANT to, he KNOWS HOW.

    I may be young and impressionable yet, but I'm pretty smart. Smart enough to know that I'm not going to find this type of love that I feel and that I'm being given with any other person on this Earth or beyond.

    Even though he lives in Austraila. Even though it's been nearly 5 months since I've seen him in person, and will be about 11 more months until I do see him in person. I love him. He is my soulmate. We will make this work all the way through. I'm positive.

    With love to all,

    ...Created 2005-01-21 13:12:16

    dotsJournal: Beautiful Songdots
    Mood: Relaxing

    Let Go by Frou Frou

    Drink up baby down
    Are you in or are you out?
    Leave your things behind
    'Cause it's all going off without you
    Excuse me too busy you're writing a tragedy
    These mess-ups
    You bubble-wrap
    When you've no idea what you're like

    So, let go, let go
    Jump in
    Oh well, what you waiting for?
    It's all right
    'Cause there's beauty in the breakdown
    So, let go
    Just get in
    Oh, it's so amazing here
    It's all right
    'Cause there's beauty in the breakdown

    It gains the more it gives
    And then advances with the form
    So, honey, back for more
    Can't you see that all the stuff's essential?
    Such boundless pleasure
    We've no time for later
    Now you can't wait
    You roll your eyes
    We've twenty seconds to comply

    So, let go
    Jump in
    Oh well, what you waiting for?
    It's all right
    'Cause there's beauty in the breakdown
    So, let go
    Just get in
    Oh, it's so amazing here
    It's all right
    'Cause there's beauty in the breakdown

    You know, it's so weird when you're watching commercials on TV and you hear the snippet of a song that strikes you with just the very few seconds you are let to hear it before the commercial ends. And all you can think is how you must listen to this song the whole way through. And all I had to do was hop on the Internet and go to and look up the Garden State soundtrack, and there it was for me to download. How sweet it is....

    What a beautiful song. There is something so mystical about putting poetry to music sometimes, it seems to add so much. I am just in love with this song! It reminds me of people who just go through life without feeling; they just move. They aren't happy, and they don't enjoy life. But you have to. You have to smile, you have to cry, you have to feel. How can you embrace the beauties and survive the tragedies in this life if you don't? How would you be able to love? Isn't everyone's primal goal to be happy? Happiness cannot be attained through wealth or position. Why can't people see that?

    The song is is beautiful when people breakdown and finally see all they've been blind to. They finally start to feel... That's the best thing about being human. Being able to feel.

    I just wish people wouldn't be afraid to show emotion; to be themselves. To find out who they are and embrace their true identities. To crawl out of the little holes they dig themselves in, and all the tragedies they encounter; to squint their eyes in the warm sunlight of life to see all the wondrous things, and learn to move again within this world. Do something crazy; start dancing in the street, smile at everyone you meet today, spread happiness. Find someone to love and never let them go. Believe in dreams.

    You've only got one life to live. Live it happy. In the end, you're wealth or position won't save you. Wealth and position could go away at any instant, in this world we live in. But if you find true happiness, then nothing can ever strip you of it. Nothing can ever strip you of either the precious memories made, or the precious memories to be made. Nothing can strip you of these except you.

    So let go.
    Jump in.
    Well, what you waiting for?

    It's so amazing here.

    With much love.
    Beautiful Dreamer,

    ...Created 2005-01-07 12:51:43

    dotsJournal: A Reflectiondots
    Mood: Relaxing

    The Year of 2004: A (Long) Reflection

    At the beginning of the year, it really sucked. I had just gotten over influenza and had to cut my vacation short to make up finals I had missed from said sickness. My Mom was barely talking to me by the time she took me back to school, my sister was sad, my Dad was still in Iraq, my grades were suffering, and all I could care about was seeing my boyfriend again. I took my finals I had missed, and I didn't do very well. My final grades for my first semester classes averaged out to a 2.2 GPA. But again, the only thing I truly cared about was helping move my boyfriend into a new room because they were rebuilding the part of the dorm where his old room was. During this time, the real manipulation and verbal/emotional abusing began between my boyfriend and I. Over the next couple of months, I either spent my time in classes (with a new major in computer science, instead of computer engineering), in the computer lab, or with my boyfriend. Any time spent away from any of these things caused my boyfriend to think I was cheating on him, which is something that I would never do. We became extremely overindulgent in acts of which he outright said he regretted (and lied to his mother about), but we both enjoyed it way too much to stop (and he wouldn't let me tell her). Meanwhile, I was trying harder in my classes than I had been last semester, the both of us were getting more sleep, and things seemed dandy.

    Dad came back from Iraq in March. I went to my boyfriend's house for spring break in April. I met his family, I cooked for his family, they loved me, I loved them. I saw how lazy he truly was and how badly he treated his mother. I saw how his family never talked about anything; they kept everything bottled up inside. But I made a snowman, and that was cool (his Mom sent me the remains of the snowman with promises that he would come back to life someday after the snowman had melted; she was a very sweet woman).

    When I returned a week later, I hit the books and that computer lab so hard. He accused me of cheating again. At this time, my parents threatened to not let me return to the school next semester if my grades dropped below a SPA of 2. My Mom threatened to stop sending me stuff, and she became extremely hurt because of things I had said regarding my boyfriend and regarding her. My whole family kept trying to tell me my boyfriend was bad news, but I wouldn't have it. I thought he was it, even though he was starting to make me cry a little bit more often than he did before.

    At this time, I hit a depression unlike anything I'd ever experienced. I wrote depressing poems, and I even drew a picture. This picture depicted a cliff upon which my family was sitting with a sniper rifle. Below the cliff, there was a trench in which my boyfriend and I were. On the other cliff on the other side, there was a bolder about to fall that represented my schoolwork. I felt the only way to escape the world was to stay in that trench with him, but if I was in that trench, I could never get out and do anything because I would be in his control. During this time, I felt like I had no control whatsoever, and I hated feeling this way. I felt bound to my boyfriend by the love I had for him, I felt hatred at my parents, and I felt hatred at myself for not being able to handle everything.

    The school year ended early May. My GPA for that semester was 2.06, despite my best efforts to do better. On the day of move out, my Mom got to meet my boyfriend's parents. They took on to each other allright, and while they were talking, my boyfriend and I exchanged goodbyes, thinking that we would see each other again in 3 months. During the month of May, my boyfriend and I emailed each other once every day, and I hit the household chores like no one's business. I was washing every dish, making the meals, folding every piece of laundry, I was doing it all. I was determined to make up for the shitty way I had been towards my parents. During this time, I also had another riff with my boyfriend in that he found out that I had kept everything from past boyfriends. He had such a fit, that I tossed almost everything out, save some things I fortunately forgot. He also started ragging on me about religion, because he said he could never marry someone who wasn't baptized and he wanted to "save me from hell". I even went so far as to comtemplate converting...

    Then came June, and EVERYTHING changed.

    I started working at a camp that hires international people to come work, as well as locals. I was a kitchen aide. It was here that I met my soulmate, and he has changed my life forever. It took him only two and a half weeks to make me realize what a bad situation I was in, and I dumped my boyfriend just as things were starting to turn very ugly between us. Even without a sexy Australian lifeguard's help, the relationship would have ended.

    The summer was spent working extremely hard at the camp, and spending time with my new boyfriend whenever we could fit it in. During my breaks from the kitchen, I spent time with the kids that came to the camp. We played floor hockey, soccer, archery, tennis, any number of things. It was so awesome.

    It was then that my parents convinced me to take a semester off to straighten myself out, switch colleges and switch majors. So I did the paperwork right away, and I will be starting at someplace new to go for English Teaching at the end of January. Meanwhile, we had our nice, relaxing 2 week vacation in July. It was during these two weeks that I realized I had more than slight feelings for my new boyfriend, and he had realized the same. So on the day of my return, after two weeks of absolutely no contact, he called on his day off, and I went to the camp to meet him. I'll never forget the sight of him walking down the road to meet me, and hugging me when he got to me, and me kissing him despite the fact that he was eating a sub sandwich at the moment; it was so cute. That was also the day on which he first told me he loved me. We were laying on his bed staring at each other, and he said it all of a sudden, and for a minute I thought I didn't hear him right. It was one of those moments were you realize that something amazing is happening. That was the day where a summer romance turned into what we wish to be a lifetime romance.

    So he left in August, after the best, most enlightening summer of my life. I had learned much about the person I was, and the person I wanted to be. He now lives in Australia, and I live here, however, we will live in the same house someday, and we will do whatever it takes to make our dream come true. I talk to him everyday via IM, email, or phone, and I will be taking a vacation down there next Christmas and New Years to be with him.

    I have just spend the last 4 months in my house doing all the chores while my family has been at work and school. I have attempted to regain pride and respect from my family that I know I lost, although some of that will be regained through good grades I am going to strive for next semester. I have also become very well aquainted with our new family puppy, and have aquired a new respect for animals. I also found this terrific website nearly 100 days ago, and it has helped me to grow as well. This site turned a boring 4 months into a very insightful and rather enjoyable experience in which I have begun to discover how powerful my voice can be.

    As the year is fastly ending, I am glad that it is over and I'm looking forward to a new year. This year has been filled with so many learning experiences that I know I am not the same person as I was on New Year's Eve last year. I've learned to love myself, I've started driving again (something I thought I'd never get the courage to do), I've become very comfortable in my own skin. And I cannot wait to go back to college, because this house and everyone occupying it, is driving me insane!!!

    I wish all the best to everyone. Have a Happy New Year! May this next year bring to you everything you need.

    With lots of love,

    ...Created 2004-12-31 21:43:30

    dotsJournal: got sucked in..dots
    Mood: Relaxing

    Hey people,

    You can't deny it. You can't help but smile. You can't help but feel the joy in the air as millions of kids around the world go to sleep tonight so excited that they can barely sleep. You can't help but forget all the things that piss you off or bring you down as you stare at the Christmas tree and think how pretty it is. You can't help but be happy, if only for the night, as you watch those cheezy specials on TV.



    And as a side note...


    With Love,

    ...Created 2004-12-25 00:04:18

    Be kind, take a few minutes to review the hard work of others <3
    It means a lot to them, as it does to you.

    It's Night Now written by RisingSon
    Transparent written by Daniel Barlow
    new moon written by CrypticBard
    Bond written by saartha
    One Thing written by Wolfwatching
    To the King written by HisNameIsNoMore
    Skin of Fables written by ShadowParadox
    Break Up written by WriteSomething
    Deaf Dumb and Blind is no excuse written by poetotoe
    Song written by Daniel Barlow
    To Glow written by krs3332003
    Love Can Be... written by HAVENSMITH92
    May 31 2018 written by Chelebel
    Our Cinder Crisis written by SavedDragon
    Be Free written by hybridsongwrite
    102.3 written by rev.jpfadeproof
    A Sonnet for Nina written by SavedDragon
    Pressure written by hybridsongwrite
    It's been a while written by Sharati_hottie
    Bee Keeper written by endlessgame23
    The Promise written by annie0888
    Pain, an elixir. written by Ramneet
    Hopelessly Blind written by ForgottenGraves
    Red Barn written by rev.jpfadeproof
    Once Again written by krs3332003
    The Song on Your Guitar written by SavedDragon
    Trails written by Daniel Barlow
    Fathoms of the Lullaby Sea written by HisNameIsNoMore
    Munyonyo written by expiring_touch
    Summer Nights written by ollie_wicked




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