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    dotsJournal: Blehdots
    Mood: Yeay!!

    Holidays are over , yhes im glad lol but i also got to spend alot of time with my daughter and thats made me seriously happy , but i sooooo cant wait to get back home and in my boyfriends loving arms , ugh i miss him soooo much , im also hoping that i get to take my daughter to toledo for her winter break , so ill cross my fingers n just hope ,

    ...Created 2013-12-26 22:33:43

    dotsJournal: Happy Yule-Tidedots
    Mood: The Usual

    Im in a cheerful mood despite my disposition and lack of my child and loving bf , i miss them both ...

    ...Created 2013-12-25 12:37:44

    dotsJournal: Merry Yule-Tidedots
    Mood: The Usual

    Im in a cheerful moos despite my disposition and lack of my child and loving bf

    ...Created 2013-12-25 10:49:59

    dotsJournal: day3dots
    Mood: Sigh...

    so im at my moms without the love of my life without comfort or hope a guiding hand, but i text him and he write back even comforts me , don your the best thing thats ever happened to me and even in the worst of times where i feel soooo weak so broken but inside i have dormant stength.

    ...Created 2013-12-24 13:09:36

    dotsJournal: All about lovedots
    Mood: Too much at once...

    more surveys!!!!( all about love)
    All about Love and Relationships

    ~...The Past...~
    When was your first boyfriend?: greg hatfield
    Who was he?: a guy i meet in like 7th grade
    Who gave you your first kiss?: would have been him
    When was your first date?: hanging out with greg hatfield
    Who was your first love?: greg hatfield
    Have you ever been in love?: yhea like 3 times
    Has anyone said they love you?: yes
    How many boyfriends have you had?: to many ,but ive only slept with 5 of them
    Has anyone broke your heart?: yes more then my fair share
    Have you broke anyones heart?: yes ive broken a few
    Who was your last boyfriend?: Micheal dickson
    Do you get along with your ex-boyfriends?: some , yes
    Do you hate any of your ex-boyfriends?: oh hell yhea !
    Do you still have feelings for any of your ex-boyfriends?: no i dont , there is not reason to hang on to feelings that woulnt ever be returned
    Have you ever stole someone elses boyfriend?: haaahahahaha thats funny, but no
    Have you ever had a friends-with-benefits thing?: ah that gross
    How long was your longest relationship?: 6 years
    How short was your shortest relationship?: 2 weeks
    Have you ever had an online relationship?: nope
    Has anyone ever proposed to you?: yhea one person ,brian reeves
    Has anyone ever said they wanted to marry you?: yhea 3 people , Greg ,brian , micheal dickson
    Have you ever been called a slut for hooking up with a guy?: yhea by my ex's moms
    Are you still a virgin?: nope
    Have you stole anyones virginity?: no ?
    How many people have you kissed?: i dont kiss and tell but it hasnt been alot of kissing
    Which one did you enjoy the most?: don
    How far have you gone?: with don there is no limits the sky is only but the beginning
    Have you ever got an unsigned love note?: uh yhea in the 5th grade
    Have you ever got a gift from a guy?: yes , mikey dickson use to buy me things all the time , But now i have a new love and he cherishes me and spoils me to much but i love him no matter what love he showers me with as long as he loves me

    Have you ever changed because of a guy?:,y goal is to make them happy but this time its about us both
    this love isnt one sided and im finally happy for once !

    Have you ever cried over a guy?: i have , but only the ones that have broken my heart
    Have you ever cheated and/or played someone?: yes i dont even want to recall the number

    Have you ever been cheated on and/or been played?: yhea to fuckin many times!!!

    Whats the sweetest thing a guy has ever said to you?: will u marry me and be my wife

    Have you ever been called sexy/hot/cute/beautiful/ or gorgeous?: don likes to call me sexy and thats a turn on

    Have you ever hooked up with someone and then regreted it?: yhea actualy

    Who was the last person you went on a date with?: don
    Have you ever wanted to become a lesbian because of a guy?: yes
    Have you ever liked someone, but not tell them your feelings?: yes
    Has a guy ruined your life?: yup!

    ~...The Present...~
    Are you single or taken?: taken
    If you're taken, by who?: Don Mcolliam
    If you're single, are you looking for a boyfriend?: im taken! and happy ,
    Are you in love?: we are madly deeply in love
    Does he love you?: Well i do hope so ,
    Do you have a crush on someone?: ?? riiiiight myself hahahaa
    Do you think they like you to?: hell yhea i like myself
    Are guys self absorbed pricks?: some of them are
    Do you wanna go out on a date with someone?: my boyfriend that is currently stuck at home with the holiday blues :(
    Do you want to be in love?: i am and im glad i am !

    ~...The Future...~
    Do you wanna get married someday?:if i get married AGAIN it will be to the only one that is for me
    Where would you want your wedding?: on the beach right in the surf i want to get my feet wet and run with my loved one down the coast line
    Would you wear a "pure" white dress?: ha yhea ridiculious right
    Do you want kids?:i have to and my bf has 5 , thats enough for the both of us
    How many?: 2 only!!!
    Any names picked out for them?: athena , alric
    Do you think you and your boyfriend have a future together?: i believe me and don will last a life time .
    More importantly, do you want to have a future with him?: fuck yhea i do i love him
    Big flashy wedding, or a simple one?:big and flashy or straight and simple who cares as long as i have him
    How long do you want your current relationship to last?: untill im buried in the ground

    ~...Other Questions...~
    Do you kiss on first dates?: depends
    Is life easier without a boyfriend?: yhea and no
    What type of guy intrests you (rocker, emo, prep, jock, hippie, ect.)?: rocker,punk, aka i use to like ass wholes!! but then i met my price
    If you could go on a date with anyone who would it be?: don my loving boy toy
    Whats more important looks or personalitly?: both
    Mushy love songs or romantic movies?: both
    Do you flirt with your body or with witty convos?: body and conversation
    Do you believe in love at first sight?: i didnt untill i met don
    Do you celebrate valentines day?: with don , it will be our first
    Flowers, candy, or teddy bears?: totaly gota love it
    Does size matter?: size in fact doesnt matter its about the love behind it
    Do you like going straight to the sex, or taking everything slow?: slow and fun ooo babie!!!
    Arm around shoulders or waist?: my waist his arms ,drools
    Sloppy or neat kisses?: neat kiss's please
    Do you believe in love at first sight?: hate this queastion!!! but yes when i met don , its was indeed love at first sight
    Do you believe in sex before marriage?: yhea and no
    Would you stay with your boyfriend if he cheated on you?: if don were to cheat on me , i would stay with him , i believe that me and him are are ment to be
    Are you a flirt?: i love to tease don
    Have you ever been called a tease?: i think its dons favorite word to call me lol

    ~...The Ending Questions...~
    If you are single, were you thinking of anyone while taking this?:im not single but i was thingking about don.
    If so..who?: don

    ...Created 2013-12-23 16:30:40

    dotsJournal: About me dots
    Mood: Too much at once...

    A lil about Me
    Name:: katherine marie rome
    Nicknames:: kat-kate-death angel aka d.a
    Age:: 27
    Birthday:: 11-22-86
    Zodiac Sign:: scorpio/sag
    Ethnicity:: white
    Height:: 5-6
    Your Hometown:: canton
    Current Location:: toledo
    Righty or Lefty:: right
    Color:: black and purple
    Number:: 21
    Type of music:: rock heavy metal
    Band or singer:: amy lee/w.a.s.p
    Food:: sea food !
    TV show:: law and order:svu is my fav
    Cartoon:: inuyasha
    Movie:: queen of the damned
    Animal:: cat
    Holiday:: my b day , and my lovers
    Sport:: swimming !
    Clothing brand:: tripp or lip service
    Ice cream flavor:: fishy food by ben and jerry
    Candy:: nerds
    Thing to do:: poetry , art ,drawing

    ~Which One~
    Chocolate or vanilla:: Chocolate
    Pepsi or Dr. Pepper:: Pepsi
    Mc Donalds or Burger King:: Mc donalds
    Waffles or Pancakes:: blue bery waffles
    Dog or Cat:: Cat
    Ps3 or Xbox 360:: PS3
    Shoes or Clothes:: clothes
    Text or talk on tha phone:: text
    White or Black:: white
    Work or School:: work
    Jay-Z or Nas:: no way
    Beyonce or Ciara:: Rihanna !
    Hot or Cold:: Hot
    Sweet or Sour:: sour

    ~Inside Info~
    Get along with your parents?:: no
    How many siblings do u have:: 5
    Can u dance:: yhea i guess , if i have advice to give
    Want to have kids::i have a boy & girl
    Do u Like to sing:: in the shower and while cleaning
    Do u go to skool:: nope havent since 2006
    Do u hav a job:: not currently
    Do u hav a religion:: atheist
    What do u want to b wen u grow up:: im grown up but i think i wanna focus on poetry and journalism
    Do u cuss:: fuck ya
    Do u drink:: no way
    Do u do drugs:: plead the 5th
    Do u think ur funny:: at times
    Do you like to laugh:: rather smile lol
    Do you live alone:: nope
    Do u like to go out:: yup
    Drive?:: yup
    what do you like the most about your body?: my hips are fuckin awesome if i do say so myself
    do you think you are good looking?: hell yes
    what..'s your biggest fear?: losing don
    R u shy or loud person:: mostly shy , but open when i come unglued
    Things You Actually Really Want to Know About Me: im in love with don mcollam we've been together 6.1/2 wonderful months and i hope it last a long long time

    ~Love n Relationships~
    Single/Taken:: taken
    do you believe in love at first sight: i didnt untill i met don then it was true love
    Have a crush:: no
    Are u a virgin:: um im 27 you tell me
    Have u been n a serious relationship: yes and am in one now
    Do u believe in the ..: i i believe in don
    Ever been in love: so in love right now
    Are u n love now:: yes!! omg yes !!
    Do you kiss on first date?: i didnt kiss don on the first date ,
    Eva had ur heart broken:: to many times
    Whose the first person u fell n love with:: Greg hatfield
    Have u eva been cheated on: to many times
    Have u ever cheated on sumbody: yes, once
    Could u b 100% committed to someone: 100% faitheful to a fault
    Whats your fav body part on the opposite sex:my favorite body part on don is his heart
    because he loves me
    What personality traits do u look for n the opposite sex: loving ,open and all about me
    Do u like to flirt: not when im taken its rude
    Do u consider yourself attractive: yes
    Ever regretted breakin up wit someone: yes and no

    ...Created 2013-12-23 16:29:55

    dotsJournal: post & sharedots
    Mood: Too much at once...

    First Thought! GO WITH IT!

    Just put the first thing you think of! Don't think long, just go with it!
    Tomorrow should...: be the 24th then christmas
    Everyone likes...: turkey ?
    Black...: is my second favorite color
    I wanna go to....: my house , and hug my bf
    Cats are...: awesome pets
    Angelina Jolie should...: still dont like her
    I'm afraid of....: fuckin hate spiders
    I really hate when people...: drive slow, or cant drive at all lol
    I love to go to...: to a nice romantic dinner with don
    I hate to go to...: the doctors for any reason lol
    I can't stand when girls...: run there mouths
    I can't stand when guys...: bitchy and moody wanna punch um in the face lol
    Paris Hilton is just plain...: bad person
    My shirt is...: is actually my bfs that i stole lol
    Music is...: my choice in metal and rock
    MTV...: sux no one likes it anymore
    I can't wait for...: to cuddle with don
    All I want for Christmas is...: would be to have my bf at the house with me , :(
    Alcohol makes me...: wanna hurl , ewwww
    I haven't...: did a j in an hour
    I need...: a j though haha
    Love is...: blind as a bat!!!
    I think the world is...: kinda lame
    Surveys are...: okay on okay lvls lol
    I get happy when I see...: don , he makes me happy and smile
    Murders should be...: praised for killing annoying people
    Country music...: needs to die!!!!
    I love to smell of...: clean laundry!!! still no lie !! haha
    I feel...: hyper as hell lol

    ...Created 2013-12-23 16:29:12

    dotsJournal: Day2dots
    Mood: Sigh...

    starting day 2 n i haven't herd from my bf all morning ,its now 9am and usually he would be up by now? missing him like crazy , im starting to think hes mad at me ...whats a girl to do , i can only hold on ...he says love is beast , but it can be a blessing or a curse it can also strength or weakness ....and well his love gives me strength i wish there was a way to prove that but sometimes words just arnt good enough , i tossed and turned all night i couldnt sleep , all i kept seeing was your face , imagining your arms around me wishing i kidnapped your hoody to snuggle with ugh im missing you soo much .i need to sleep but i so cant sleep :(

    ...Created 2013-12-23 08:23:57

    dotsJournal: Day 1dots
    Mood: Thinking...

    dearest day 1. so im at my mothers sitting in the basement while my sons away currently humming/singing the song demons lol hahaa! :) but mostly of all im thinking about that special man in my life . today i got a Christmas present ! i only hope that he likes it , lol
    so thats not what my real fear is , is he now feeling the worrie i feel when he speaks to his ex....while a fragrant of me might care for my ex , my heart and soul belongs to my dearest he doesnt have to worry he doesnt need to fear alone , or that ill take it back . that im his and his alone.

    ...Created 2013-12-22 22:54:08

    dotsJournal: 1 long weekdots
    Mood: Frustrated

    so christmas being right around the corner means I get to finally see my daughter again . only its for a week unless I get to take her home . ill be missing christmas with the man that I cherish more then the waking world. ill be sad . but happy half the time with my child . but don holds the keys to my soul. ugh missing him is gonna drive me up a wall .

    ...Created 2013-12-22 09:54:05

    Be kind, take a few minutes to review the hard work of others <3
    It means a lot to them, as it does to you.

    Ten Poems written by Wolfwatching
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    Trails written by Daniel Barlow
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    May 31 2018 written by Chelebel
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    Life changes in a moment written by Ramneet
    Wish written by Daniel Barlow




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