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dotsJournal: Like the old...dots
Mood: The Usual

And how they feel coming back to their first home - sad and reminiscent, but as long as you've moved on, then you can look back and smile

...Created 2011-03-14 16:25:19

dotsJournal: Like how old...dots
Mood: The Usual

...Created 2011-03-14 16:24:19

dotsJournal: I trieddots
Mood: reflexive

but they still come out the same
Like going back to a ghost house you used to live in
The furniture is gone
but the memories sit with dust and cobwebs
Do we really change or just go around in cycles
I'm sure I could still smash a back-talking computer even though I've read a hundred books
What better way to remind yourself of who you are
than coming back and putting on an old CD?

...Created 2008-08-09 22:57:44

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: The Usual

every time i go back to this place
it’s only ever you i want
you are in me
like the words that never came out

...Created 2006-12-18 17:22:56

dotsJournal: The 13dots
Mood: The Usual

Universal rules to becoming wealthy, rich and abundant:

1. become financially literate
2. focus on your money
3. Think like a rich man!
4. pay yourself first
5. invest in yourself for the rest of your life
6. give more than you receive [add value]
7. spend less than you earn
8. delay gratification
9. invest in assets and not liabilities
10. leverage other people’s time and money
11. develop an investment strategy
12. always plan a contingency
13. save a percentage and never spend it
14. give back

...Created 2006-08-04 15:26:07

dotsJournal: how to be happydots
Mood: The Usual

Why is it that when it comes to personal happiness most of us don’t really know how to ‘do it?’ In the 80/20 principle by Richard Koch, he talks about how people spend only 20% of their time doing things that make them happy and 80% of their time doing things that make them unhappy.

This is utterly insane! [Remember Einstein’s definition of insanity?] We only have one life, it might not be all that long, so why spend 80% of it doing things that do not even make us happy. What is that 80% worth? That is nearly 60 years of our lives spent being depressed!

I can not stress enough the importance of doing things in your life that make you happy. It will make everything seem worthwhile. It will help with your meaning, your values and your purpose, your mission and you vision. It will radiate out onto other people and their lives will be better too. You will live a longer and more fulfilling life.

Anything that any of us do can always be traced back to the reason that we want to feel good for doing it. That is always the one deeply rooted reason. Why do you workout? Why do you give to others? Why do you spend money? Why do you go on holiday? The answer always chunks up to ‘because I want to feel good!’

There are 4 things that you can look to do to keep you in a frame of mind of happiness:

Whatever you believe to be true is true to you.
Have you ever had an argument where you were totally convinced that you were right and so was the person you were arguing with? [or should I say, who has not?...]
This is a classic example of how what you believe is a reality to you.

It does not matter if it is true or not, it is if you believe it is.

So why not believe like Mohammed Ali. Believe you can be the best, that you are the best; believe that you can be happy every single day for the rest of your life. I do and so far that has been true for me, without a single exception.
You will manifest your beliefs into your reality.
List 30 empowering beliefs you need to or already have right now; beliefs that will move you towards success and happiness in your life:

For example: ‘I am a money making machine and there is enough for everyone to be millionaires!’

Your body language.
If you want to change the way you feel to feel happy on a consistent basis then you need to change the way you move your body. Remember that every cell in the human body contains all your neurological information; the mind-body connection. Therefore your body language is essential to your emotions, it is the external action related to the internal state. Emotion is manifested through motion.

If you slouch like a hunchback, hang your shoulders and arms like a gorilla, hang your head with a lack of confidence then your internal emotion will reflect the empty sack of potatoes that you resemble!

You can change your physiology just like that an your internal state will follow: stand tall with your back straight, breathe deeply, push your chest forward [even you girls!] and smile a big smile! Walk with brisk intent. Smile at everyone.

[success tip:
Try pulling stupid smiley faces in front of the mirror. Do it when you are feeling ‘down.’ See how long you last being depressed before you just start laughing! Change your physiology. Do this every time you feel low and you will soon start to change your physiology automatically through conditioning and re conditioning.]

Feel strong and tall and powerful and confident. Feel like you can take on the world and that nothing can stop you. Feel like you can bring everyone with you!

You get what you focus on.
With this simple belief our understanding of depression [as well as any other negative or positive emotion] just got a whole load easier and more in our control!
It is simple: Focus on what you want, who you want to be, how you want to feel, and that will be your reality.
If you experience negative emotions or situations [as we all do, I am not asking for you to deny your nature J] then focus on what you need to do or feel to change it into a positive. If it is a problem focus on the solution, if it is a feeling then focus on it’s natural opposite. Focus on what is great, what makes you feel great in the present; right now.

The main key to success in your life will not be the money you earn or the things you do but the happiness you give yourself.

The questions that you ask yourself determine your focus and they do three things that we can use to positively direct ourselves towards total happiness and success:

Self Talk:
‘The quality of your life depends on the quality of your questions.’
Questions are a great way to change your focus and consequently your state.
This is not a time to convince yourself that you are a mentalist because you talk to yourself or you ask yourself questions: WE ALL DO IT! IT’S PERFECTLY OK!

Questions and self talk do 3 things:
They change what we focus on. For example: ‘What positive can I get out of that situation?’ ‘What can I do that will make me feel amazing?’
By doing this you are firing up your subconscious to find all your answers.

They change what you are deleting: Simply put, delete the negativity and your happiness will be virtually guaranteed!

They empower our subconscious to manifest the attention of our focus. Ask yourself the right questions and you will find the right answers as you have all the answers already stored in every cell of your body.

The way you internalise or ‘filter’ an event or situation is what determines your reality, and your choice to be happy or not. An event itself carries no meaning it is the meaning you attach to it that carries significance.

And what is the relevance of this to happiness?

Your internal dialogue, or self talk, or what you tell yourself about an external event will determine your state. Christopher Reeve decided to internalise breaking his neck as something to give him a fresh challenge and something to live for. Many others would have given up and died long before him.

Here are some great empowering questions that you can ask yourself on a regular basis

Who and what do I love?

Who and what loves me?

What am I happy about today?

What am I grateful for today?

What amazing things can I do today?

What difference can I make today?

What great things about me can I acknowledge to myself today?

Make them part of your daily routine which I have give you a template for at the end of the book[The things I do for you!]

Be the master of your own emotions by controlling your internal self talk. Do not let the rain or your boss ruin your day. Do not let yourself ruin your day.

Communicate to yourself in an empowered, positive and optimistic way and this will internalise as happiness and success.

Isn’t it amazing how simple many of these concepts are, and how many of them you have probably heard before or that you know already? There is a reason for that!

Put a positive, happy and enthusiastic meaning to everything that happens to you both consciously and unconsciously. Be responsible for your own happiness and nothing on this earth can deny it”

I know that when you think about it there are many things that make you happy. List 50 right now before we continue:

50 things that make me happy:

Now write 15 more:

Push yourself. Work outside your comfort zone. Be creative. Think of other people. Make them wide and varied: Material or non material. Spiritual. Emotional. Selfish. Random acts of kindness. Work related [if there are none from work then quit your job immediately] socially…

No one is watching so stick a couple of rude ones in there ;-)

Even if it involves ice cream or gimp suits!

Now that you have done that there is one exercise that if you programme it into your subconscious, if you make it part of who you are, if you make it a daily habit, success in your life will be virtually guaranteed.

And it is so simple!

Do at least three things every day that make you happy. Every time you do anchor the great feelings using the techniques for anchoring in section x

Use your list as a reference. Put a copy in your pocket book or in a file with your goals and pick just 3 from your list everyday and make sure that you do them. Do not deny yourself the happiness you deserve.

Make happiness a conscious decision and do it so much that it becomes a happy. Do it so much that you programme your neurology to be happy, programme it so deep that it is automatic for you to be happy:

Make it your goal every morning when you set your decisions for the day to be happy for as long as you can. Make as many other people happy as you can. Make strangers happy, even if it is just a smile. Do not act seriously but seriously act. Be playful and take positives from any situation. Be known by everyone for being totally positive and happy all the time! Surprise them. Exceed everyone’s expectations.

Do at least three things everyday that make your day worthwhile. Be and practice being happy!

...Created 2006-08-01 16:05:34

dotsJournal: energy anddots
Mood: The Usual


the [at least] 85% rule.

...Created 2006-04-14 05:59:59

dotsJournal: a belateddots
Mood: The Usual


and thinking of all.

with love.

...Created 2006-04-01 12:26:46

dotsJournal: what you thinkdots
Mood: The Usual

is what you are.

...Created 2006-03-19 08:38:17

dotsJournal: as if you dontdots
Mood: The Usual

we can do anything we want to do.

if i told you that i had the formula to become wealthy [beyond dreams], abundant and free would you even ask how?

if i could tell you that we all have it in ourselves, and that i can show you, would you even ask how?

i would be willing to bet that more than 90% of the people who read this do not even ask me;


...Created 2006-02-09 16:11:55