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dotsJournal: dots
Mood: content

i smiled this morning...a real smile.

"Miracles occur,
if you care to call those spasmodic
Tricks of radiance miracles. The wait's begun again,
The long wait for the angel,
For that rare, random descent."

Sylvia Plath

...Created 2006-08-24 09:21:09

dotsJournal: seriously???dots
Mood: Over It

i can do better...what was i THINKING???

*plays cd smiling*

"...So Now You're Thinking 'Bout
All You're Missing -- How
Deep You're Sinking, Round And Round And Dragging Down
Why Don't You Cash In Your Chips
Why Don't You Call It A Loss
Not Such A Big Loss, Chalk It Up To Better Luck
Could Have Been True Love
But It Wasn't
It Should All Add Up
But It Doesn't

There's Your Trouble, There's Your Trouble
You Keep Seeing Double With The Wrong One..."

...Created 2006-08-23 12:28:16

dotsJournal: my bestdots
Mood: Sad

ok Li Li, this is the best i got for today...i'm trying i really really am. so far i have learned a couple of things...1) i have THE GREATEST friends ever, who have refused to say "i told you so". and 2)at this point, i'm never gonna listen to my heart doesnt know a damn thing.

here Li, see i AM listening to kelly clarkson right now!

...Created 2006-08-22 08:18:46

dotsJournal: wowdots
Mood: Depressed

here i am yet again-a foolish stupid girl-brokenhearted

i thought that maybe, just maybe, he had finally seen what i had to with no strings, no conditions, just complete acceptance. because of, not in spite of, who he is. to be there for him through all the bad stuff life dishes out. to share in his responsibilities, and to not be just another person he has to deal with...

but he doesnt want that, at least not from me.
He Doesn't Want Me...i get it now.

...Created 2006-08-21 12:08:23

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: Thinking...

"The most exciting happiness is the happiness generated by forces beyond your control."

Ogden Nash

...Created 2006-08-17 10:59:43

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: grumpy

i need some cheering up today.

...Created 2006-08-17 08:06:04

dotsJournal: hangover...dots
Mood: Confused

i've spent most of the day feeling REALLY REALLY bad...ummm it may have something to do with the bottle of wine i drank last night. ya think? oh and i burnt a huge whole in one of my car seats last night...real good Nikki, real good...


oh well, hopefully i learned somthing cause im going out again tonight...after the phone call i got last night...i may make it 2 bottles this time...


what would you do if someone said you made them feel like this:

Do You Remember?

We never talked about it
But I hear the blame was mine
I’d call you up to say I’m sorry
But I wouldn’t want to waste your time

’cos I love you, but I can’t take any more
There’s a look I can’t describe in your eyes
Yes we could try, like we tried before
When you kept on telling me those lies

Do you remember...?

There seemed no way to make up
’cos it seemed your mind was set
And the way you looked it told me
It’s a look I know I’ll never forget

You could’ve come over to my side
You could’ve let me know
You could’ve tried to see the distance between us
But it seemed too far for you to go.

Do you remember...?

Through all of my life
In spite of all the pain
You know people are funny sometimes
’cos they just can’t wait
To get hurt again

Do you remember...?

There are things we won’t recall
Feelings we’ll never find
It’s taken so long to see it
Cos we never seemed to have the time

There was always something more important to do
More important to say
But I love you wasn’t one of those things
And now it’s too late

Do you remember...?
now its over...
Do you remember...?

just tell me now, tell me now
just tell me now, tell me now

Do you remember...?

...Created 2006-08-16 13:31:18

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: *blushing*

*porn music playing*


ok, a lil more awake now, i was just flattered here at work. yummmmmm...loves it!! im such a tease!

*changes cd*

Does yo chain hang low
Do it wobble to the flo
Does it shine in the light
Is it platinum, Is it gold
Could you throw it over ya shoulda
If ya hot, to make ya cold
Do your chain hang low

...Created 2006-08-14 13:46:01

dotsJournal: mondaydots
Mood: Sleepy

*barely lifts head off desk enough to type*

anyone have any coffee????


...Created 2006-08-14 08:00:06

dotsJournal: TGIFdots
Mood: Juggling Tasks

*takes a deep breath and thinks to self*

its Friday, its Friday, its Friday...just a couple more hours of this, and i get a drink!

...Created 2006-08-11 11:50:06