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Many people leave because they get frustrated. They work hard to give honest detailed critiques. Some writers react with anger as poetry can be a very sensitive subject. The critiquer is punished for giving their time to help another improve. There will always be bums and irrational people. You have to weigh in the benefits. Cynicism will drive us mad.

The costs of interaction:

1. Sensitivity is attacked to be broken by those less sensitive. (degrees of innocence depending on the word definition)
2. Distrust in humanity in general sets in(cynicism).
3. Time spent commenting on others will be responded with rudeness sometimes.
4. Frustration and irritation in predictability sets in.

The benefits of interaction:

1. Find what is common to be unique.
2. Awareness and improvement of logic. Awareness is cumulative and effects decisions throughout life.
3. Improves debate skills and finding principles to stick by.
4. Heightens connections(awareness) and builds wisdom by association.
5. Improves communication skills and vocabulary.

Many people just run away(or create a new account) once they get behind on comments, screwing over those who give comments.

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