Why so much poetry?

Part of the problem is that people don't have time to pass through longer writings. Poetry is usually brief insights to what people find most important or conflicting in their lives. As a large group poetry represents the common emotional and philosophical interpretations elicited among different groups. It is a psychological doorway into a persons logic and connections. You will see what is important to people and what defines them. Patterns take time to notice but the population as a whole has a strong degree of predictability. As for the younger writers, putting their arguments against whoever or whatever they have emotional conflict with via first person freeverse(or simple rhymes) is more of a venting method(lots of 'pity me' poems). Putting the thoughts into words will create a stronger simplification of the problem at hand so that they can at least feel in control. Emotions can be manifested into static words for easier 'management'. Unfortunately many of the younger ones don't care to rewrite or try to add depth to their poem. They just use it as a method of directly voicing(spoon feeding) their thoughts to the reader without giving much to rhetoric. Personalizing the poem with personality, tone, imagery, etc- rhetoric, and indirectly stating the point gives the readers something(make their own conclusions/connections) to ponder about and thus give a stronger connection to the reader.

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