Teen Angst Poetry Common Structures

Letter to the person

I gave you everything,
and you just threw it away,
you told me you loved me,
but I was just being played

**Most Common (spaced letter to the person they have emotional conflict with)


Sometimes things weren't so bad,
Sometimes life was so grand,
Sometimes the....

Rhetorical Questions

How do I go about living with you,
How can you look me in the face and tell me you love me,
How could you...

Journal Style

So much shit,
going on in my life,
all this strife,
cutting me like a knife

Imma Kill you

You said you loved me,
but it was a lie,
now you will suffer,
and surly will die,
for I do not lie.


Crimson river,
fallen angel,
the blade draws near,
red tears fall,
No one has ever felt my pain.

The above are made up by me, Jimmy Ruska. If it sounds like yours, it's because I portray a stereotype of the average things people write in these structures.