Teen Angst Common Poetry Themes

I hate you:
Verbally slaughters the person they hate showing dominance and defining their wrongs.

You left me:
After all we've been through. You lied/made me feel happy. I'll get my revenge though.

I am dead inside:
So overwhelmed they cannot cope. They feel dead.

Fuck it all:
For those who have so much stacked they just give up.

By society, parents, social structure, ...


Mirror or Mask:
Smiles outside but dying inside.

What is Life, death, love, etc:
Defining an abstract theme.

Me, I am:
Define yourself.

The pain inside:
How much I'm hurting. I'm more mature then most people.

Them, and what they do to you, and usually how you're superior.

What you did:
Usually a boyfriend cheating, but varies.

Usually loss of innocence because of sex or family emotional conflicts.

Explicit depiction of cutting themselves. Crimson river, cold sharp blade on wrist etc.