* 8 Lines
* two lines repeated, 1st line, 4th
* a b a a a b a b
* Opening 2 couplet repeated at end

Short event or story put into song. Folk ballads are one stanza, literary ballads are more formal and can be composed of several stanzas.

Also called popular ballads, ballads were passed orally from generation to generation as songs. The song would usually tell a story and include a shock refrain (impacting repetition) without going into detail of setting, characterization, etc.

Around the house the flakes fly faster,
And all the berries now are gone
From holly and cotoneaster
Around the house. The flakes fly! faster
Shutting indoors the crumb-outcaster
We used to see upon the lawn
Around the house. The Flakes fly faster
And all the berries now are gone!

Thomas Hardy