How to Effectively Critique

Sad Truth

Most poets want to be published but they do not want receive critique or spend time reading other people's poetry with a critical eye.

What is critique?

Critique is a critical evaluation of a writing. Most people are afraid to give a critical judgement of a poem. They evaluate each piece as if it were a little boy bringing his drawing up for review. Wonderful, lots of emotion keep up the good work, you are great, I like the flow. Boosting their ego only helps them explode when they get some real critique.

Effective Critique

Real critique does not say "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" and then say the person is wonderful. The objective is specifics. As writers try to give original and unique insight. I connected to it. No. Say how you connected to it. I liked it a lot. No. Say what you liked a lot, where, and why. Because it had a lot of emotion. No. How did you relate it personally. I feel many people give over complimentary unserious reviews for the person to make the person happy and want to check their own work out.

Who are they to tell me how to write?

They'll tell you what is common so you can write something that stands out from the crowd. The choice to improve is ultimately up to you. Honesty should not be reprimanded.