Steps to Improving your Critique

1. Be open minded.
2. Join a writing community.
3. Find people who will accept honest critique.
4. Give long critical critiques.
5. Observe patterns in the poetry.
6. Do not fear saying you didn't like something.
7. Read critique on classic poetry.
8. Compare your poetry for originality.

Top Things to critically evaluate:

1. Cliche, often used phrasing.
2. Redundance in repetition.
3. Weak first person emotional venting.
4. Rhetorical questions (make the reader ask themselves indirectly).
5. Little variation. Syllables in beginning and end words.
6. Predictable simple word vowel rhymes.
7. Variation of meter(rhyming lines).
8. Time spent on creation.
9. Originality and parallelism put into work.
10. Well selected word choice.