Improving Your Poetry

1. Rewrite a poem entirely without first person "you, me, I, them, they, etc"
2. Read the classic poetry and rewrite the poem in your own style.
3. Ask 100 questions. Keep moving your pen, and don't take a break.
4. List 100 random terms. Nouns, verbs, ideas. Think back. Not the obvious.
5. Write a poem using #3, and #4's lists.
6. Use writing prompts.
7. Think of your social surroundings at work, school, or home. Parody them.
8. Imitate the style of a classic author or another poem which you find original.
9. Write 15 poems in 30 minutes. Even if you run out of ideas, think harder.
10. Analyze the same classic poem for 10 minutes a day for a week.
11. After writing a poem. Rewrite it several times over again in different ways.

Think! When you begin to think there's nothing more to it think for 30 minutes more.