Why are the features so restricting?

Content of Comments: If people can't give an original comment how can they give original writing? "great write, I can relate" - If there's nothing more to be said then the writing isn't worth commenting on. Give further detail on the parts you like if you really like it. It keeps the older members from pulling out their hair whenever they have a new guy comment on a writing, which they spend so much time on, with a, "great rhyming lololol =D I related", rather than talking about the content. A compliment from someone is not worth as much if that person just says everyone is brilliant and gives no further detail.

Good Critique: 1st: You can tell the person read the writing and not just skimmed through for keywords or patterns. 2nd: The person gives advice towards improving the writing that is justified with explaination and example. Alternatively... --2nd: If just complimenting, the person specifies what they like about it and why it made them feel that way. 3rd: You can tell the person spent some time thinking and connecting with the writing. Amount of Comments before Posting: The features are set in place to help people from flooding the site with teen angst submissions. Go to the other sites where you can submit all you want. The feedback will not be half as good. If you submit, you're asking others to read your writing. If you have time to ask for help you should have time to give it back, not just post and leave. It's a simple concept. You comment and post. Take the site with patience. This site inherits the same problems as they do with or without limitations. People go on horrible commenting sprees complimenting for hours without giving more than 10 seconds a piece giving comments like, "I really loved it!11 you are really good.". Ratios and Awards:

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