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Roleplay - Ultimatum by Dominik R. Cassing (Ral) / silverpen

The fight had broken out nearly a year back, and it was yet to stop. The two major species of the world called Danar were known informally as the ‘Bones’ and the ‘Flutter’-- each with their own specialties and advantages, they were tired of having to share the land. With three major continents, they both made a decision to battle it out on the largest terra, a bare chunk of grassland separating the two groups. The winner is determined by whoever is left alive.
h1 What has happened so far:
As of now, Jules has left the fighting and has entered the tent with general Gwendolyn. Their conversation is pending.
Ral and Basil are having an odd conversation, and it's unsure whether or not they will attack or leave each other alone. There even seems to be a sort of camaraderie between them.
Killer has attacked Justin and they are currently tussling in the tree tops.
Nova took a interest in Shot, and proceeded to challenge him. After dodging a sneak attack from Nova, the both of them engaged in combat, which lead to Shot submitting in defeat. Shot, and Nova soon agreed to become secret allies.
THE FIRST BATTLE IS OVER. Those Flutter who remain in the Bones encampment should make their way back to their main base camp, and Bones should regroup and heal injuries.

Roleplay Details

~This is a mindless violence RP for the most part. That means feel free to blow yourself away with fighting, blood, torture, whatever else goes on in a war.
~Romance is not the main plot of this RP. It’s not outlawed, but don’t let it rule your posts. Cybering is a big no-no.
~No one liners. Other than that, quality rules over quantity so just determine that on your own. Don’t join if you can’t handle being literate.
~Oh, and ask to join unless you already have permission.
h2 Bones
~Commonly the more brutish species.
~Close range weapons are their specialty. There are guns and projectiles, but those are often given to the weaker of the species.
~Males are the predominant fighters. Females have a tendency to have rankings such as generals, since they care less about the combat (I normally) and more about a good strategy. This is just the norm however, feel no need to stick to it.
~There may be spies.
-p Name: General Gwendolyn Tormayn
Age: 27
Group: Bones
Weapon: sword made from leg bone and steel
Short Bio: General Gwendolyn was born to high ranking noble family with a Major for a father and a mother as a Lieutenant. Her mother died when she was young in battle, and she aspired to be more like her level-headed father who perished in the beginning of the war against the flutters. She had started out in the war as a Corporal, but her rational mind and distachment from emotional states quickly bumped her up the military hierarchy. After the General Yumae's death two months ago, Gwendolyn was immediately handed the rank.
-p Name: Dominick Raleigh Cassings. Goes by Ral.
Age: 25
Group: Bones
Weapon: Usually prefers hand to hand. Carries a small dagger when necessary.
Short Bio: He was raised on fighting - from whenever he was old enough to walk until his twenty-first birthday, he was taken from his parents' company and taught the ways of speed and death. His body isn't as versatile as most others in the Bones army. At 5'10 and 130 pounds, he's not too tall and not too bulky, but he's just like a bullet when it comes to being underestimated for his size. One hit, and you're dead. He's a common soldier (since his size doesn't allow for him to advance up in any ranks) but he's the best and always thrown up onto the front lines.
-p Name: Jane Doe
Age: 21
Group (Bones, Flutter, Rebels): Bones (DNA of the flutter (Anti-Magic))
Destroyer of the Clouds – It’s essentially a long, double sided sword carved from the essence of the Bones most sacred mineral, the White Blood Rock. Its properties deem it extremely hard to crack. One of the properties of the rock is that after harvesting the mineral and being exposed to fire its colour changes or stays the same. The Destroyer of the Clouds was an anomaly because it had several different colours.
The Sacrificial Blade - The Sacrificial blade is made from the bone of an honoured soldier. The hilt is made from his bone while the blade itself was carved from a metal found in the spoils of war.
Short Bio: Jane’s father (flutter) was killed before she was even born which left only her mother (flutter) to care for her. At the age of three, the land that Jane and her mother lived on was conquered by Bones troops and her mother was sold into slavery, and then later killed. The bones took Jane under their wing and trained her, hoping that the flutter gene would not appear and they got what they wished for as ten years passed and Jane still did not show any sign. She was classified anti-Magic and was deemed a Bones.
Jane fought for the Bones because she did not want to end up like her mother, sold into slavery and beaten to death for her incompetence. Upon her admission in the military, she was given the Destroyed of Clouds, which she has held onto for the three years since she left.
-p Name: Unknown but goes by Killer
Age: 24
Group (Bones,Flutter,Rebels): Bones
Weapon: Killer is using a pair of scythe-bladed weapons that are capable of spinning around by rotating the bar in his gauntlent he may also remove the scythe's for his gauntlent to be used as hand scythes. These weapons can also be used to block other weapons leaving the foe open for Killer to kick in the sides.
Short Bio: Killer was born into a very secret part of the village in the Bone country, as he and his parents and some other's were apart of the country's assassin, and also due to this Killer's original name had been forgotten forever and was never even told what his name was but instead givin a mask that hid his face and a new name as Killer. He began his assassin mission's at the early age of 12 and had quickly began comming up the rank's and soon passed both his own father and mother. When Killer had reached the age of 18 it was supposed to be a day that they celebrated of him finally growing into a man but as the ranking's of his fater and moter began to slowly lower and how Killer's rose they grew a jealous of him and tried to assissant Killer, but sadily Killer had protected himself and then killer his own parents although Killer had thought nothing of it as nothing more then another job. Killer was then called upon by the top of the assassin's in his clan and was picked to help the army on there thirst for victory as Killer just nodded and left the room awaiting his next orders.
-p Name: Nova Yaggoran
Age: 26
Group: Bones.
Weapon: His unnatural strength plus his arm with the power to mutate into powerful weapons at will.
Short Bio: His past has faded from memory ever since the incident that happened when he was 17. During an expedition with fellow Bones soldiers he encountered a strange demonic gate, his body came in contact with the strange, dark energies, and his body morphed drastically. He gained the gift of mutation, his body became tougher, he gained unnatural strength also. When he returned to the Bones camp afterwords he soon became a champion among his kind.
-p Name: Liana Alice
Age: 23
Group (Bones, Flutter, Rebels):Bones
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Short Bio: Liana since she was 5 had been on her own. She was the product of a whore and a bastard. She was taken in by someone when she was 14 and taught how to fight. Soon she found the bones and joined the military. She is now a General in the Bones military.
h2 Flutter
~Commonly the more stealthy species.
~Weapons have little or no use to the general population. There are two sub species within the Flutter: Pro-Magic and Anti-Magic. The Pro-Magic have the ability to control things such as the Elements (Easiest) the body (Medium) and the mind (Hardest.) Anti-magic are ones born without the gift. Anti-magic are usually seen wielding large guns, violent weapons, or bulky bodies.
~The Pro-magic are more commonly female. Again, this is just a norm.
~There may be spies.
-p Name: Ilina Morte
Age: 19
Group: Flutter
Weapon: Magic(Elemental and some body)
Short Bio: Growing up in her family caused Ilina to have to uphold certain promises and duties. When the war broke out and Flutter and Bones clashed, Ilina was forced to join the war along with many of her kinfolk and fight, destroy and mutilate the Bones. For such a young age she had a strong touch to her magic and learned quickly, within six months of being surrounded by the war her magic had grown giving her the ability to control both the elements and the body, to a degree. She rose through the ranks slowly, never reaching anything that overly matter which in Ilina's eyes was more than fine because she didn't want to meet the head of the Flutter snake, she didn't want to see who or how the war was being orchestrated. She fights to win for her family and her people.
-p Name: Jade
Age: 18
Group: Flutter/Pro-Magic
Weapon: Variable Caliber Battlefield Technology Dispersal System (VC-BTDS Handgun, also known as a Techgun. Used to deploy various devices around the battlefield from a remote location.), Halcyon class mid-caliber collapsible assault rifle equipped with reflex sight with optional optical scope and two ammunition types; regular slug and armor-piercing incendiary rounds. (Weapon collapses from a standard assault rifle to a handgun. Its flexibility is further enhanced with selectable firing modes of single shot, three-round burst, and full-auto. Its biggest design flaw is a relatively short clip of 18 rounds.) She also carries a large multi-tool (Swiss Army Knife style thing) containing several tools and a 5-inch blade.
Short Bio: Born to a proud Anti-Magic family, Jade was taught to ignore her magical blood and was trained from a young age to fire a multitude of weapons. Having ignored her magic for so long, its development is stunted and has little use in combat. The extent of her magical ability is curving bullets slightly while in flight, which she rarely does, even at range. Her fluency in combat technology comes from her mother, who is a manager of a BattleTech Corp quality control station. Her mother often brought home finished products for Jade to learn about, giving her hands-on experience with tech before it could even hit the battlefield. She was also allowed access to several prototypes, and occasionally uses them in combat. Though often buggy, the prototype technology gives her a distinct advantage once it's in place.
-p Name: Jules, The Prince of Nightmares
Age: Immortal; Immune to the ravages of time.
Group (Bones, Flutter, Rebels): Flutter -Hired Blade
Weapon(s): A divine silvery blade, known as Narcissus, that grows more powerful with each drop of blood fed to it.
A Heavy Lance named Leviathan's Fang, made from the Bones and Teeth of the beast Leviathan, that its holder can summon out the creature.
The Nightmare Saber; A Dark Dream Blade that was his birthright, being born into the Divine Family of Dreams.
The Nightmare Spells. (Forward, Conceal, Rise, Obliterate, Heal, Shield, and Restrain.)
Short Bio:
Committing the greatest act of Treason a demi-god can commit, The murder of both his mortal parent, and his immortal parent, Jules was Banished from the Dimension of Dreams by his sister, The Princess of Dreams. Unwilling to take up the Nightmare Saber against her, Jules took his leave from his people, and found a land constantly in turmoil.
Offering his blade up for hire, until he returns to his home, Jules fights with the Flutters, adding a bit of physical power to their Magical Prowess.
-p Name: Matthew Chronos
Age: 18
Group (Bones, Flutter, Rebels): Flutter
Weapon: Magic (Elemental and mind)
Has a small knife called the Mindstealer (created by Matthew himself) which allows him to bring back the enemies that he has slain as allies for a short amount of time (which increases at every use) The Mindstealer also allows Matthew to steal the memories of the people who get stabbed by it.
Short Bio: A rather gifted pro-magic Flutter who has mastered all three types of magics, but has decided to forsake the Body magic, thinking it not to his tastes. In his past, he had studied the art of magic for endless amounts of time until he heard of the great battle about to happen between the Bones and the Flutter. Deciding to put aside his magical innovations, he turns to the field of battle to support his own kind.
-p Name: Tessla
Age: Immortal
Group (Bones, Flutter, Rebels): Flutter, fights along-side Jules
Weapon: Has control over a staff with an orb ontop of it. The orb, itself, hold powers of every element known; Light, Dark, Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. She can summon these same elements, but in smaller forms, upon her hands. She can use her staff for a number of things, training to use it for mind control, as well. Addition: Heavenly Sword.
Short Bio: Little is known about Tessla, the only one who truly knows who and what she is about is Jules, but its kept secret. Standing at 5'5", she has long brown hair with fairly tanned skin, the complexion of perfection, for she never ages. Kind-hearted and soft spoken, she's liked by many not only for her personality, but for her skills as well. She's highly respected for such, standing loyally alongside Jules in most anything. She knows her place, and knows when not to get in his and others ways, and has respect for all she encounters. She never underestimates whoever is set before her, and takes defeat with a grain of salt, admitting to it rather than prolonging it with negativity.
Other than just being soft-spoken, shes a very strong willed individual and, when provoked, will not back down from anyone or anything. Its tough to get her to that point, but when initiated, its tough to get her to calm down.
-p Name: Basil Hawkins
Age: 18
Group: Flutters
Weapon: Magic? (Voodoo doll magic) Long Sword, Body (After Transformation)
Short Bio: Basil is from a diffrent group of the tribe lower down in the rank's but apart of the Flutter country and in this small tribe they have made him king and also see him as a god himself, the god of death. Basil was raised like any normal boy until one day his power's finally awoke inside of him having a pure blooded Flutter as a father made him have powers, but these's powers were somthing else for they were not element but apart of somthing bigger, Basil seemed to be able to control the power of death himself for when ever he was hit with a killing blow he appeared fine though a voodoo doll would leave his body and then a near by person standing by him suddenly falls dead having a wound what Basil himself would have had. At the age of 14 still practing his powers he discovered somthing more as he himself turned into a monster that almost destroy his own village though not much is known about this power, Basil was looked upon on this war to stop and destroy the Bones and have his powers grant them to victory and have death follow them behind Basil.
-p Name: Grim Darken
Group: Flutter, pro magic.
Weapon:Mostly his body, and a light hand gun, and a long sword.
Short Bio:Grimm stand tall at 6'2" with a light build. Dark hair, blue eyes and a positive outlook towards life, despite the war. Being the only male pro mage in his home town he was ushered into the army as soon as possibe. He is currently at the rank of private but he hopes to move up quickly through hard work and his skill in combat.
h2 Rebels
~This is where the odd balls are grouped. Many people make up this group: Rogues, Royalty, Demons, whatever the hell you can think of.
~They wield whatever weapons they can find or make.
~Rebellious Bones or Flutter may also have joined to avoid the war.
~Royalty just means you have a lot of money and may be supporting one side of the war.
~No where is safe for this group. They have to rely on Royalty or form Mob Groups to have some place to stay.
~Some can use magic, some can’t.
~They are just trying to survive.
-p Name: Mabuz
Age: Unknown, though young amoung her species
Group (Bones, Flutter, Rebels): Rebels
Weapon: Magic, Dagger
Short Bio: Running away as soon as she knew how to move of her own free will, Mabuz grew up with the need to not have anything holding her back. She always was a rather violent one, getting into fights, and very easily killing those that she even thought looked at her funny. Though it was of her choice in the beginning, Mabuz was forced to learn to make herself tough and care for herself and herself only. When the war started, she certainly wasn’t one to take any side. This just gave her the chance to so whatever she damn well pleased with no legal consequences. Still willing to kill for the smallest of reason, Mabuz has found herself being wanted by both sides, though nothing to cause a mass manhunt over. They wish to have her for both their weapon, and to persecute her for her actions against them. Not really belonging to either in any way, Mabuz only laughed it off whenever it be mentioned that she was wanted, or when the thought crossed her mind.
-p Name:Raidon
Age:2500(or in human years 25 years old)
Weapon:his swords(they change)his blood his fist his dragons claw(or anything that deals with dragon that he yells) no magic pure strength
his half brother rayqueza inside him(barley use him)his courage and his toughness(meaning he doesnt give up)
Short Bio:he had fought his half brother and killed him but has his brothers soul inside him so he changes when badly wounded he had grown up with no parents died but revived with all his powers only dragonoid known and is the royal commander of gods royal armies
-p Name: Kash
Age: Mid-life [her species lives for many generations, so after a while it’s hard to pinpoint their exact age.]
Group (Bones, Flutter, Rebels): Rebel
Weapon: Blades are her specialty, and oh, she has a good few. ^-^ But she also has natural magical abilities, being what she is, i.e. mind magic, extreme body abilities, and her element with nature.
Short Bio: Kash is a rouge Fay [Faerie], as a child she never saw eye to eye with her people, their ways were far too reclusive for her taste. Hiding here and there, too afraid to be conquered by the mastering races of the planet. So she set out to make a name for herself, and has grown quite a few handy fighting skills, along with a nice list of victories on her behalf. But like any rebel, her biggest threat is the ever omniscient warning of death.
-p Name: Shot
Age: Unknown
Group (Bones, Flutter, Rebels): Rebels
Weapon: Teeth, demonic powers like spewing flames, shooting fireballs out of his mouth and other demonic powers.
Short Bio: Shot is a demonic wolf who has been alive for some time on the middle landmass that war is now being waged on, minding his own business mostly until the war between the Bones and Futters broke out. Now he fights to hopefully return peace to the landmass they're fighting on, since it is his home. He doesn't mind killing, since it is for a greater cause. And will do so without hesitation. He knows that no Bone or Flutter is a match for him because of his Demonic heritage, so he's plently willing to fight for as long as it takes.
-p Name: Sancora Dolet, often nicknamed Dolly,
Age:17 (real age unknown due to the fact that she can no longer age)
Group (Bones, Flutter, Rebels):Rebels
Weapon: Controls Shadows and tends to weild several short throwing knives and daggers.
Short Bio: Dolly most formally known as Sancora Dolet has only ever aged to 17 though no one knows her real age. She almost joined the flutter clan but as a young looking shadow demon the life of a rebel was more compelling. To most she looks slightly dark but as a general vaguely innocent and doesnt seem to pose much of a threat but in all honesty she is a well skilled shadow demon no doubt several hundred or even thousand years old. Dolly tends to get into trouble due top her unnearving sarcasm. Stealth is a key factor in her skills but not an obstacle due to shadow skills.
-p Name: Ally Ruessi
Age: 19
Group (Bones, Flutter, Rebels): Rebels-Flutter
Weapon: Semi control over fire
Short Bio:
Allura Karena Ruessi was born in the lower lands, having a high ranking general for a father and a lowlands witch for a mother she was born with a somewhat weak control over the basic element of earth.
Standing at only 5'7" with red hair and a ditsy nature she was considered the weakest and most unappealing out of her nine brothers/sisters. At the age of 16 she left home, and traveled where ever she felt drawn. Once the war broke out she really didn't care, though having almost lost her life she decided it was about time she chose a side. Well having issues with listening to those who rank higher than her she broke off from the flutter army and joined with a band of rebels. She would leave every now and again and help recruit people to their cause.
Normally she was sent to infiltrate the flutter army trying to gather as much of their force onto their cause, more so out of the fact as revenge against her former Superior officers than anything else. She didn't consider herself totally loyal to the cause of either side but figured it was best to fight with a group than against it. Her loyalty is unknown, and friends are few.
-p Name: JB/Justin
Group (Bones, Flutter, Rebels):Rebel
Weapon:A bolt Action rifle. Has a Ok-ish scope on it.
Short Bio: Justin has always been best at doing things far range. While with the bones they always wanted him to use short range weapons, he didn't like that. Justin had always been more on the quiet side, rather be in a safe-ish area picking em off then spraying in a live fire zone. He left the bones army to be more in his comfort area. Now He gets to kill both sides
h2 Character Skeleton
Group (Bones, Flutter, Rebels):
Short Bio:


Renada / Gwendolyn: Name: General Gwendolyn Tormayn
Age: 27
Group: Bones
Weapon: sword made from leg bone and steel
Short Bio: General Gwendolyn was born to high ranking noble family with a Major for a father and a mother as a Lieutenant. Her mother died when she was young in battle, and she aspired to be more like her level-headed father who perished in the beginning of the war against the flutters. She had started out in the war as a Corporal, but her rational mind and distachment from emotional states quickly bumped her up the military hierarchy. After the General Yumae's death two months ago, Gwendolyn was immediately handed the rank.
KillerDemon / Mabuz: Name: Mabuz
Age: Unknown, though young amoung her species
Group (Bones, Flutter, Rebels): Rebels
Weapon: Magic, Dagger
Short Bio: Running away as soon as she knew how to move of her own free will, Mabuz grew up with the need to not have anything holding her back. She always was a rather violent one, getting into fights, and very easily killing those that she even thought looked at her funny. Though it was of her choice in the beginning, Mabuz was forced to learn to make herself tough and care for herself and herself only. When the war started, she certainly wasn’t one to take any side. This just gave her the chance to so whatever she damn well pleased with no legal consequences. Still willing to kill for the smallest of reason, Mabuz has found herself being wanted by both sides, though nothing to cause a mass manhunt over. They wish to have her for both their weapon, and to persecute her for her actions against them. Not really belonging to either in any way, Mabuz only laughed it off whenever it be mentioned that she was wanted, or when the thought crossed her mind.
<I fail at Bios… It’s more of a personality thingy, isn’t it? >< >
CameraViolence / Ilina Morte: Name: Ilina Morte
Age: 19
Group: Flutter
Weapon: Magic(Elemental and some body)
Short Bio: Growing up in her family caused Ilina to have to uphold certain promises and duties. When the war broke out and Flutter and Bones clashed, Ilina was forced to join the war along with many of her kinfolk and fight, destroy and mutilate the Bones. For such a young age she had a strong touch to her magic and learned quickly, within six months of being surrounded by the war her magic had grown giving her the ability to control both the elements and the body, to a degree. She rose through the ranks slowly, never reaching anything that overly matter which in Ilina's eyes was more than fine because she didn't want to meet the head of the Flutter snake, she didn't want to see who or how the war was being orchestrated. She fights to win for her family and her people. - Is this okay >.< -
Eyamma / Elissia: Name: Kash
Age: Mid-life [her species lives for many generations, so after a while it’s hard to pinpoint their exact age.]
Group (Bones, Flutter, Rebels): Rebel
Weapon: Blades are her specialty, and oh, she has a good few. ^-^ But she also has natural magical abilities, being what she is, i.e. mind magic, extreme body abilities, and her element with nature.
Short Bio: Kash is a rouge Fay [Faerie], as a child she never saw eye to eye with her people, their ways were far too reclusive for her taste. Hiding here and there, too afraid to be conquered by the mastering races of the planet. So she set out to make a name for herself, and has grown quite a few handy fighting skills, along with a nice list of victories on her behalf. But like any rebel, her biggest threat is the ever omniscient warning of death.
Dhiamara / Sancora Dolet: Name: Sancora Dolet often nicknamed Dolly
Age:17 (real age unknown due to the fact that she can no longer age)
Group (Bones, Flutter, Rebels):Rebels
Weapon: Controls Shadows and tends to weild several short throwing knives and daggers.
Short Bio: Dolly most formally known as Sancora Dolet has only ever aged to 17 though no one knows her real age. She almost joined the flutter clan but as a young looking shadow demon the life of a rebel was more compelling. To most she looks slightly dark but as a general vaguely innocent and doesnt seem to pose much of a threat but in all honesty she is a well skilled shadow demon no doubt several hundred or even thousand years old. Dolly tends to get into trouble due top her unnearving sarcasm. Stealth is a key factor in her skills but not an obstacle due to shadow skills.
silverpen / Dominik R. Cassing (Ral): ((Okay, I'm starting off the posting. For further information, the character skeletons <<Which have been moved to the RP information>> will be deleted shortly once I'm sure everyone has posted theirs. There is no posting order, but try not to leave everyone behind. :) ))
One of the bones was broken-- but that didn’t matter much. It would heal by tomorrow, with the supreme regeneration rate that Ral had inherited from his oddly magical father.
He flexed his left hand, the one with the broken finger, and then stared out of the tent flap. The air outside was tinted red due to the extreme heat of the sun shining down on this continent, and the reflection of the sandy surface ground below them. There wasn’t much plant life down here, which meant a disadvantage for the Flutter. A malicious smile drifted across the tanned, sharp features of his lower face.
“Private,” he heard a voice call. A female, that was higher ranking than him. “The situation with Bae-Anna looks grim.”
He hadn’t been expecting much less. His right hand brushed sticky hair away from his face as he turned to the back of the tent once again and stared at the motionless body illuminated by a fluorescent light-- a fighter, just like him. She had been a little taller and bulkier, but that didn’t stop the romance from happening. Now she was here, gasping out her dying breath, and there was nothing Ral could do to stop it.
“Would you like to be alone?” The Commander asked. Her armor was made of sun bleached bones and various jewels, so it glistened in the light.
“No.” He shook his head once as Bae-Anna gasped feebly. The inside of her throat had been crushed by a body-controlling Flutter, as she had gotten too close and let her guard down. Dark red marks remained on the skin as if she had been choked. He stared without emotion as the life suddenly disappeared from her aqua tinted irises, and with his broken finger, he slid closed either eyelid.
“May your spirit remain and aid our strength,” He mumbled. It was the common parting sentiment that Bones would give to their comrades. Dark and hot hatred boiled up beneath his skin like a cockroach wriggling to get out, and he flexed the muscles of his arms-- her revenge would be part of the package deal when the Flutter were defeated and the Bones were making new weapons from their bodies.
This war belonged to Ral’s side.
And he wasn’t going to let them lose.
Basye / Killer: Out in the distance from the sand's with the wind blowing creating alittle sandstorm itself just outside of the village out of the shadow's of the storm cam a figure that showed of a man with a weird appearence. Out appeared a masked man wearing a full-head mask with long wild blonde hair that falls down to his thighs. He wears a white polka-dotted black shirt and pants, he also had a red scarf around his waist and was carring around a pair of hand guards which have very long scythes attached to them. The man was known through the village just for the name of "Killer" And nothing else is really known about him beside's his regular job of assissanations but usually it was done at night and was not normal to see him during the day. Once reaching the village he removed his sythe's from his hand guards and placed them under his red scarf that was around his waist and suddenly a man that had a scar on his right eye came up to him face to face whispering in a low voice. "Did you reach your target killer?" Killer looked through his mask towards the man and gave him a nod. "Yes, it is finished." As he began to walk off when the man stopped him and Killer turned around facing him as the man pointed towards a tent. "You are to report there Killer, for your next assigment." Killer knew he just returned from a mission but really his mind set from long ago just had him nod again. "Understood." And then began walking towards the tent with his long blonde hair trailing behind him as the man gave himself a sigh. "May god look after you Killer." He said in a whisper before leaving. Killer then entered the tent as he saw another man and what seemed to be a body on the floor of this woman when Killer just looked up towards him, and knowing his face it was Dominik as he heard of his name through his clan, being told that this man was quite diffrent then any other's that they had ever seen as he was very skilled in hand to hand that he could even match up with Killer himself as he looked again at the dead body and then towards Dominik. "Dominik Cassing.....you are a very interesting person to do this to someone of such high rankings....." He then sat down across from him looking through his mask towards him.
ModestIon / - Jade -: Jade pulled a glass eyepatch, not unlike goggles with only one lens, over her right eye and looked through the scope of her rifle, Tim, a little red dot only visible through the scope dancing on the far terrain. She reached down to her thigh and pressed a button on a small panel sewn into the leg of her pants. Immediately, her eyepatch showed useful information, such as wind speed and direction, and distance to the target. With a little of her own coding knowledge, she had coded a small program that could automatically account for all of the environmental effects on the bullet and then overlay a small green dot in the scope when she looked through it.
Not seeing anything out of the ordinary, Jade pulled the eyepatch back up and lifted her head away from Tim's scope. Being a lone sniper wasn't exactly what she had hoped for when she joined the Flutter army, known by some as the FlutterForces. She wanted to be right there in the fight. Why else would she have invested in such an advanced gun?
Resigned to her task of sitting and waiting, Jade continued to look out at the barren land around her, waiting for something to happen.
WolfShot / Shot [Wolf Form]: - He eased his way along the barren grassland at a catious pace, keeping his eyes, ears and nose alert incase either Bones or Flutter attempt to launch an ambush. He was tired today in all honesty, and would like to sleep however he knew he wouldn't be able to until he found a safe enough place to sleep for a few hours. '' To use my home for their battlefield...Unacceptable. '' He thought with a low growl as a turned his wolf head to the left, noticing a small group of low lying trees he made his way over to them. He found a patch of grass that would conceal him best and did a small circle with his body efore settling down. '' Here we are...I just hope I don't get wasted in my sleep. '' He thought as his eyes closed and fell alseep for a well deserved rest -
GenocideForLove / Jane Doe: Jane padded along a wide, open space of barren grassland. Projectile proof clothing protected her. She would be protected from five generic bullets or 1 armour piercing shot or one artillery projectile’s shrapnel. As for a direct hit from the projectile, that was another story that she did not like to think about. The Destroyer of the Clouds was strapped to her back and the Sacrificial Blade was in its own little sheath. The sun was overhead and her body felt hot and sweaty as her feet slowly walked along the rough, green and brown grass. There were patches of dried ground littering the vast expanse of grassland on this region of the Terra but Jane was interested in the scenery.
Jane had not had a good fight since she left training three years ago. She sighed and stared up at the sky, her hand shading her eyes. It was a nice sight and offered a false sense of cool air. She drew the Destroyer of the Clouds and took a battle stance, her mind conjuring up some imaginary foes to slay. She swung her blade from the right hand side and slashed the first enemy in half before she spun and sliced the next. She followed up the slash with a stab, around the second opponent, and penetrated the fictional skin of her third victim.
Jane wasn't exactly "adept" in the art of magic but what she lacked in magical properties she more than made up for without physical prowess. After years if adjusting the blade she held before her had become so light to her. She smiled, the smile devilish and vindictive. Her body jerked to the right and she spun backwards, the blade slicing straight through the air before bending her legs and pushing off the ground, flipping backwards, hers outstretched. Just before she landed she brought the Destroyer of the Clouds straight down into the ground, causing several dried cracks in the dirt patch.
Amethystadept / Matthew Chronos: Matthew was smiling gently in his small home found in the outskirts of the plains that extended for miles beyond his sight as he started experimenting with the new magics he had discovered. Tracing a few runes, he released the spell he had been working with on a cry of "Levitas!" and smiled in delight as a huge bolt of lightning pierced the ebony skies and striked the ground, leaving nothing but a small crater around the area it struck.
His smiled grew even wider as he progressed into the second part of his work, which consisted of chanting a few incantations that he had invented for this spell. After he had finished, he gave out a great cry of "Ventus!" and with that word, small blade-like filaments of wind reduced the tree he had cast the spell on into small pieces of wood.
The third part of his working had begun as soon as Matthew had started a small dance, one that consisted of snake-like movements and after a sharp kick to the ground, he cried out "Terra!" and with that, the earth spat out a circle of rocks inside the area he had cleared out with the lightning spell.
Matthew paused from his workings to place the small peices of wood inside the circle he had created with the earth spell, then let out a primal roar, one that was akin to that of a lion, and cried out "Ignis!" With that, a fire blazed and fed on the wood that he had gathered and created a small campfire. After finishing all of this, the magical prodigy took a small lamb that he had hunted earlier and placed it over the fire to cook, unaware that a battle would soon start in the area.
Narutogeek / Raidon: Raidon smiles as he found janes energy signature and he followed her till it stopped at her"who are you and what group are you in"he says smirking that she is in another group so he can fight"i am raidon of the rebals and if your in another group and you choose to fight me i will not lose"he says grabbing his sword
GenocideForLove / Jane Doe: {{ Just as a helpful hint you should probably try to make your post more fluid. It seems a bit choppy, I mean you seemed to find my character all too quickly, no movements were explained. I don't mean to be rude I just want to help ^_^ }}
Jane glanced at the boy. “Pitiful scum.” She spat at the ground, ignoring him slightly. She turned her sword on him, the blade lying diagonally across her body and tilted backwards, the blade nearly touching her shoulder. The smile stayed with her as she glanced over him. He was worthless, just another foot soldier to her. Her feet parted, one out in front readying for battle. She took in a deep breath as her ears scanned the surrounding area for her. If anything made a noise then she would pick it up in the little sound receptors on the side of her head. Her long flowing blue hair blew in the breeze.
Both of Jane’s hands locked around the special hilt of the sword. She was going to revert to one hand wielding it after the first strike but she figured nothing special would be required for such a weak enemy as this. She had met several before him, eager and young to have their warm, red blood spilt on the grass below their feet. Her feet shifted slightly, finding the best spot to stand and prepare.
Narutogeek / Raidon: ((its ok))
"hm im better than you think you piece of garbage to the bones"he says reconizing the way he was respected"i will not hold back because your a female"he said smirking and pulling out his sword"i will use my spiecal sword on you"he says"DRAGONS SWORD"he yells as it changed then striking his arm so some blood will drip on his sword"lets dance"he says getting in his fighing stance"im not a mere grunt or whatever you think i am im the best at what i do"he says jumping back then charging forward
GenocideForLove / Jane Doe: {{ You should also try to speak in third person ^_^ It's something that comes with narrative story-telling/roleplaying. }}
Jane’s eyes glinted as she waited for him. His feet hitting the ground sent a rush through her body. He obviously had not heard of her yet. The weaker, more knowledgeable of the Rebels and the Flutters avoided her, knowing she would kill them without notice. Her sword made a small sound as it moved but she steadied it, waiting patiently. Her ears pounded with the sounds of his footsteps. Her feet moved on her toes rhythmically to his running footsteps. She moved her forward foot back and the blade changed sides, still in the same formation.
Jane’s training flitted before her eyes as it always did before an incoming attack. She closed her eyes. In her mind’s eye, she ran through all the dodges, parries, grapples, stabs, lunges, defensive and offensive moves that she could perform as he came towards her. She was going to make the most of this. “Runt.” She said, her shooting open as he came in range. She swung at his right side, moving her sword from the right.
Narutogeek / Raidon: ((ok and ok i will))
he had saw the movments she made and reconized them that she had her mind shut and he decided to also so he is as fast as her"hmph i will join you with that and you will learn why i am feared"he says smiling and then getting even faster and dodging her blade as it came from the right ans swings his sword to her right
GenocideForLove / Jane Doe: Jane took a simple step back, his blade missing her.(i Worthless talk will do you now good.) She thought as the blade sliced the air in front of her. She ‘tut’ed mockingly and wagged a finger at him. “That’s not how you do it.” Her tone was cold and taunting as she spoke. It echoed around her, her voice was one that was used to receiving respect. She moved forward again and her sword came down in vertical ark at the head of her opponent. Her foe was not going to last long. While she swung the Destroyer of the Clouds with one hand, she quickly drew the Sacrificial Blade from its holding place and slashed at his stomach. Her red and white dress flowed with every movement performed by Jane. Her smile never faded from her lips.
Narutogeek / Raidon: he saw the blade come but didnt dodge the Sacrificial blade but dodged destroyer of clouds and meant to let the sacrifical blade hit"hm what a very good movement"he says smiling as it hit"now your in for it"he said dropping his sword and letting blood drip on his hands"DRAGONS CLAW"he yells as he striked at her stomuch with his dragon claw knowing this was new to her"hahahahahaha come on bleed"he says hoping she didnt expect it and uses his other dragon claw to grab her sword
GenocideForLove / Jane Doe: Jane felt the searing hot pain of the claw. Her senses flared as she turned her sword, dislodging his other claw, and took a few steps back. It was a small gash but he had penetrated her skin. She hissed at him and the Sacrificial Blade resumed its place in the sheath. She turned from him and started to walk away from him. Her blade was still drawn and it stuck out to the side, just waiting for something to happen but she knew he saw it anticipate any attack. She would have him if he attacked.
Jane sighed and turned around. She had no magical properties and she had no enchanted weaponry. She took in a deep breath as her feet started at a slow jog, his feet padding against the hard ground, but the speed picked up and she broke into a full sprint. The wind rushed against her and her clothes rustled and her hair flickered. She ignored both sensations and came into range of this boy. She spun, the Destroyer of the Clouds following her movements, flowing with her. She struck at his right side then side stepped, twirling again, and struck at his left. As he, back was turned to her back she bent her knees, pushing herself off the ground and back flipping over him. As she landed, the sword came down towards his head. After her little attack, she made a small retreat a couple dozen yards to regain her breath.
Narutogeek / Raidon: "hmph that all you got women"he says smiling"and oh about that dragons claw you will bleed till you cant fight for awhile so give up you cant win"he says getting up and walking away"now just to let you know i wont give up in a fight i just walk away when i know ive won"he says before he left and ends up falling before he left because he faints from pain
WolfShot / Shot [Wolf Form]: - He awoke to the faint sounds of swords clashing and the smell of blood. '' Flutter.. '' He thought with a menacing growl as he got to his feet. '' He stretched his muscular, lean wolf body out and yawned before walking out of the group of low lying trees he had hid in to rest at a normal, yet cautious pace. He decided to follow the scent to see whether it was a Flutter soldier, or perhaps a rebel. Either way he would fight them if attempted to kill him. He scoffed lightly and as he did, black and white flames spewed only slightly out of his mouth. '' Heh, still got my fire. '' He thought with a confident, wolf smirk that curled half of his upper lip over his mouth to expose sharp, deadly fangs that weren't bloodstained at all. As he came over a hill he noticed another, unfamiliar scent. '' Is that...Dragon?! '' He thought with surprise. He had not picked up the scent of a dragon in decades, and this caught him off guard and made him break into an easy run. As he came over a hill he stopped completely and crouched down to try to remain unseen for a few moments. Down at the base of the hill was a young woman and young man. He couldn't quite pinpoint the scents so he did not clarify who smelled like what. '' Guess I'll figure it out sooner or later.. '' He thought with another, less menacing growl as he stayed where he was, watching the two fight it out -
ModestIon / - Jade -: Getting tired of waiting, Jade pulled a thin device, shaped like an oversized needle, out of a pouch on her hip and thrust it into the ground beside her. She pulled a wire from the top of the device and plugged it into her eyeglass, a map showing sources of vibration popping up in the center of her vision. She studied the map for a moment and pulled the device back out of the ground, cleaning it off before returning it to its' holder.
Picking herself up, Jade stooped low and ran to the top of the next rise in front of her, switching her eyeglass to identify the silhouettes of living creatures before peering over. She gave the area a quick look-over and identified two figures that had obviously just been fighting, as well as a wolf concealed in the tall grass. She paid the wolf no attention and looked at the humanoid figures instead, bringing up her scope to inspect them better.
Jade quickly identified the male target as a non-threat and trained her crosshairs on the standing female. She looked like she was Bonehead, judging by the large sword she carried. At this range, a headshot would be easy, but Jade didn't know if the fallen male was a Flutter or just a worthless Rebel that had gotten caught up in things he didn't need to, like so many before him. If he was a Rebel, killing the female Bone would only be a wasted bullet.
WolfShot / Shot [Wolf Form]: - His eyesight picked up another figure coming up from the other rise and he adjusted his head up only slightly to view who they were. It was a girl who seemed to be carrying a very large weapon. His nose picked up her scent and he growled. '' Flutter, and from the gun I'm guesing she lacks magical prowess. '' He thought as he slowly crept along through the grass, keeping his eyes on the girl with the gun more then the male and female down at the base of the hill. He could kill them all easily but he decided he might try to avoid combat. He made sure his movements were very slow, and showed either little or no agression to avoid attention. He knew stealth was key more often than not, and stealth was something he used to his advantage more often than not also. And now was definitely the time to make use of it as he set himself on the mindset of being outnumbered 3 to 1 -
ModestIon / - Jade -: Lifting her head from the scope of her rifle, Jade saw that the wolf had moved from his position in the grass. Turning her rifle to the hill where the wolf had been, she tried to track the fleeting animal down again, switching her rifle to a three round burst.
Not being the best tracker around, Jade caught sight of the wolf just as it dropped out of her line of sight. She backed away from the top of the rise, trying to get distance between the possible point of contact and herself, knowing that she would loose in close combat if the wolf turned out to be hostile.
WolfShot / Shot [Wolf Form]: - He noticed out of the corner of his eye that the armed girl had dropped back and he mentally chuckled. '' If you can't keep an eye on me with that oversized waste of materials then you'll die real fast should I choose to kill you. '' He thought as he picked his pace up and slipped around to the side of the hill that he figured the armed girl was still on, as he did he slowed his movement pace once again and lowered his body close to the ground. Maintaining his stealth so that he may possibly sneak up on her while she decided to see if he was still on the hill she lost sight of him on. He kept constant check on her scent so to make sure she was still around, and she indeed was -
ModestIon / - Jade -: Jade lowered her hand to her Techgun, a FLight And REcon (FLARE) round already in the chamber. If she had to, she could use it to get away from the wolf, but for the time being, Tim would serve her well. She returned her hand to her rifle and scanned the entirety of the hill, holding her scope on patches of movement until she identified the source.
This type of open terrain wasn't Jade's optimal engagement area; most of her tech was better suited for use in urban or more contained settings. But she was known among the Flutter Forces for improvising with what she had. She could only hope this ability would save her again today.
WolfShot / Shot [Wolf Form]: - He slowly crept along until he was directly behind her, within easy range of incinerating her with one of his many demonic powers. ''You know if you're gonna hunt me you're gonna need better eyes than what you already have girl. '' He said in an irritated tone of voice. These words did not come out of his mouth since wolves they don't speak. However his Demonic heritage allowed him to speak through telepathy, and using that telepathy his words and tone of voice rang loud and clear inside her head. He mentally smirked because telepathy was not only more useful then talking, it also helped him maintain his stealth no matter where he was. He loved his Demonic heritage, no matter what anyone else thought. His nose picked up her scent completely and clarified what she was now that she was infront of him and he growled, she was a Flutter. One of the species that was waging their war on this very land, his home -
ModestIon / - Jade -: Almost instinctively, Jade pulled her Techgun out and aimed straight up, closing her eyes just before pulling the trigger. The FLARE round inside flew only about a food from the barrel of the gun before it loudly burst in a bright flash, acting exactly like a flash bang grenade. The flash would temporarily blind anything looking at it, and the sound would help to stun, confuse, and disorient anyone too close to it. Though it wouldn't affect Flutter or Bones, the charge would also leave a lingering scent of burnt chemicals in the area.
Jade opened her eyes again and took advantage of the momentary cover afforded by the FLARE to quickly move from her position and find the elusive wolf, firing a quick three round bust in its direction. Whatever it was, it wasn't friendly.
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WolfShot / Shot [Wolf Form]: - He shut his eyes just as the flare went off. However the noise of the bang pained his eardrums and he growled again. He heard a shorter, bursting rattle as three bullets whizzed passed the top of his spine, and he instantly broke into a dodging run after the bullets missed. '' Damn Flutter, your aim is horrid. '' He spoke using telepathy once again as he slowed to a creep as he figured she lost track of him. The ringing in his eardrums eased as the effects of the bang wore off -
Amethystadept / Matthew Chronos: Matthew sat contentedly by the campfire, letting out spells contentedly and causing odd events to happen all around the Pro-Magic Flutter. The plants around him seemed to recede and create a small clearing around where he was, the trees seemed to be cutting themselves down whenever he pointed at them, and the bonfire that he had prepared seemed to be unaffected by the slight amount of rain that was coming down around him. Truly, reality seemed to be nothing but a guideline whenever Matthew was concerned. The eccentric mage kept casting spells left and right, not concerned about anything that would happen due to his workings. The small house beside him no longer seemed to be a house either as the sheer power of his workings blew away the illusion, and became a stunning tower, fitting of a magic worker like himself.
Chuckling contentedly on the way that he had reworked the area around him into an area fitting for a mage like himself to live in, Matthew then retreated to his tower and looked out at the quarrels that seemed to be happening at the top balcony. He could see Jade and a curious wolf fighting it out to the east, and to the west, he saw Raidon and Jane in their own combat. Matthew sighed contentedly from his impregnable tower. If anybody came at him and tried to get through his mage-crafted defenses, created by original elemental magics, they'd be very sorry about it. Traps littered the area around him, including pitfalls, thrown spikes of wood and even a few of his "flares" which incinerated the person who stepped on them. He pitited the fools who would try to get to his tower, for they'd find themselves dead before reaching his doorstep.
GenocideForLove / Jane Doe: Jane glared at him as he fainted. She plopped herself on the, pulled up her dress, and unrolled a bandage, wrapping it around her wound, applying pressure to stop the bleeding. She winced at the pain as she stood up again, pulling her dress down to cover the bandages and the wound again. She strapped the Destroyer of the Clouds onto her back and turned, heading across the plains again. Her footsteps were slow and deliberate and her leg limped with every step. One of his attacks had, unknowingly, clipped her thigh.
After several hours of walking, she came across a small, dilapidated and crumbling building that seemed to have been used as an outpost at one point but was now abandoned and uncared for. She slipped inside and scavenged through the cupboards and compartments in the semi-destroyed building. She found a first-aid kit and was relieved to find that they had an anti-sceptic and more bandages. She took a seat in a three-legged chair in front of battered table and pulled off her dress, leaving her in a white vest and a pair of shorts she wore in case the dress had to be removed in battle. She was not too comfortable fighting nude.
Jane sighed and winced as she undid her previous bandaging and applied to anti-sceptic. It stung and the pain was very acute. She gritted her teeth and proceeded to clean out the wound before dressing it again, her eyes never leaving the linen cloth she had used earlier.
Narutogeek / Raidon: "uh what happened"he said getting up already healed because dragon scales took over the skin that got cut"huh where did she go"he said looking around for her"i still have some unfinished buisness with her"he said changing his eyes and looking around
JoelIsHere / Prince of Nightmares: -p"Your traps were quite Impressive, Chronos. I must say though, Fire is such a weak element. It has no durability, all its good for is weak injuries. Why you would integrate it into your defenses, I know not." Jules Called, approaching the one known as Matthew Chronos.
-p "I am not here to critique your home, though, but to instead propose an Idea. A Raid upon the main encampment of the Bones, Just the two of us. Since you can call up those you've killed to fight with us, and I can call up the Nightmare Cavalry, The girls need not get involved."
-pCalling upthe Nightmare Saber, A blade from which one glance can paralyze a man in fear, Jules asks, "So, Chronos, Will your blade run with mine?"
GenocideForLove / Jane Doe: Jane sighed loudly and pushed off, out of the chair. She put on her dress again. She was going to have to head back to the nearest Bones encampment. Her body ached when she moved the stiffness soon wore off and her muscles readjusted to the acute pain caused by her wound. Her feet moved one in front of the other, taking their turns, as she walked across the grassy plains again. She would have to walk roughly three or four miles before she would reach friendly civilisation. She smiled as she felt the Destroyer of the Clouds clinked against her back every four or five steps. Her eyes closed slightly to protect them from the sun’s bright rays.
So far, Jane had not seen many women in the ranks. Cunning little people they were. She sighed once more and trudged on through the warm, humid heat. She glanced around at the open plains. She was not going to fight that boy again. He was just too annoying for her tastes. She wanted fun not a chore.
Narutogeek / Raidon: raidon started to walk back to camp and sees her blood but leaves the blood alone and decides to take some to do experiments with it"hm i must see how she can survive my wound from my dragon claw"he says walking towards camp and looks perfectly fine but isnt"man if i push myself again i think i wont be healing like i usaually do and i will be in the hospital"he says grabbing his side in pain
Amethystadept / Matthew Chronos: Matthew smiled happily, shouting out an eager "Let's do it!" as he jumped off the top balcony of his home, softening the impact with the power of the wind. The eccentric mage then pulled out the MindStealer, which gave a hungry pulse of energy when it left it sheath. Laughing excitedly, he ran up to Jules and gave him a friendly slap on the back.
"So you'd like my magic to help you out with the Bones?" he said, smiling mischeviously. "Fine, then I'll accompany you, and you shall find the enemies that you slay will come and fight for your cause! The rest will find themselves running for their pitiful lives once we're done with 'em!" he finished enthusiastically, summoning a small bolt of lightning to strike the nearby earth to accentuate him point.
"So, prince of nightmares, lead me to where I have to fight, and I'll give them a good serving of magic." he concluded as he motioned to the field. After doing so, he reset the magical traps he had set around the tower, replacing some of the "flares" with "Swallowers" which buried it's victims alive. He also set up a few spells on himself that would amplify the effects of his spells and that would make him harder to catch while he was spellcasting.
WolfShot / Shot [Wolf Form]: - He shook his head after staying still for awhile. The ringing in his ears from the flashbang had worn off awhile ago but the fact that she shot at him ticked him off a good bit. '' Damn Flutter. '' He thought with a growl as he got to his feet and started off at a normal yet cautious pace. He realized that she wasn't used to this kind of terrain, and therefore he had the advantage. '' Guess I'll have to be careful in a more open space of combat when it comes to her.. '' He thought again as he picked his pace up to an easy kind of jog. He occasionally scanned his flanks to make sure she wasn't trying to flank him. And if she was...Well, she probably would only be able to injure him. Nothing more than that -
JoelIsHere / Prince of Nightmares: -p Leading Chronos in the direction of the Bones' Main encampment, Jules inquires, "Matthew, Have I told you what caused me to put my blade up for hire to the Flutters? I don't believe I have..." Glancing back at the mortal, Jules begins telling his story.
-p "My Mother and Father were beings of incredible power, My mother, Mistress of the Shadows, and my father, The Divine God of Dreams. Three children were born of their union, My sisters, The Princess of Dreams and the Princess of the Night, and myself. I was born first, if only by a moment's difference, as the Princess of Dreams is my twin sister. My mother and father saw y youngest sister as a threat, and killed her soon after her birth. I was just reaching my full power as a god, the God of Nightmares, when this happened. The People of Dreams came to me in fear, that their King and queen, God and Goddess, had corrupted and would soon destroy them. I in turn took up my blades against them, and destroyed everything they were, down to their very Souls. My sister then Banished me, Though she too had reached Divine adulthood, she had not the power to defeat me. My own sister looked at me in Fear, instead of adoration, and my people shunned me for the same reason."
-p The enemy encampment was now in view, it would not be long before a fight ensued. "Descending from the Heavenly Plane, I came to find this land, shrouded entirely in turmoil. The Bones seemed to have the Advantage, so I offered up my Blade to the Flutters. I will not be able to return to the Dimension of Dreams until the War in this Land ends."
-p Glancing over to Matthew, Jules states, "My name is Jules, Chronos, Prince of Nightmares is my title, Would you call me not by my title, but instead by my proper Name? Anyway, Heres our plan. I will go alone in through the gates, and I will leave the Nightmare Cavalry with you. Once I have taken out the Elite Guardsmen, You will hear my battlecry, (i 'Your Souls to be Claimed by Nightmares!'), at which time you will lead a charge into the Camp. Alright?"
GenocideForLove / Jane Doe: Jane glanced around her and continued on her way. She drew the Destroyer of the Clouds and played with the hilt in her hands, spinning it around and enjoying herself. When her arms felt weak and tired, she let it drag on the ground behind her. It wouldn’t even dull this way and she was happy. Her eyes were suddenly drawn to the Bone’s encampment, the main encampment. She sighed as her feed trudged on across the hot, merciless grassland that encompassed most of this terra. She took another look around her and could make out two figures in the distance, approaching the camp. Whether they were friendly or not she cared not at this point and continued on her way.
Jane entered through one of the side gates and immediately headed towards the central barracks at the very heart of this extra large temporary base. She pushed open the large, steel doors as she entered and walked along the cobbled ground, heading towards the mess hall. This structure was more like a small castle than anything else and she felt safe here, for now anyway.
Amethystadept / Matthew Chronos: Matthew nodded and gave his own contribution to the plan "I do like this idea, but why not make things interesting?" he said to Jules, "To face the Elite guardsmen head on will certainly be an annoyance to one like yourself, so why not try taking advantage of this?" he finished, then started to sing a small tune, evoking the power of the wind through it. As soon as he had finished, Jules started to glow. "You have now become unnoticable." he said to Jules, smiling as he said do. "It isn't a simple spell of invisiblility that I have bestowed upon you, mind you. It is a spell that makes all those that see you not even mind your presence. True-sight won't pierce this enchantment. With this, you could use stealth to open the gates for us, then after doing so, you could land the first strike on our enemies." he explained.
Thinking the explanation finished, he then started singing again, dancing at the same time to create a small rythm that was necessary for the Great Spell he was about to put onto his dagger. After a small amount of time, the very power of earth and air seemed to pulse from the dagger. "Oh, and while you're in there, try to kill in numbers, and not those who are strongest. The enchantment that I have placed upon this dagger extends it's range so that anybody that is killed in the area will join our army."
He took out the MindStealer and flipped it in the air, tossing it between both hands. "Now, go Jules. Bring us victory! Show these insignificant Bones our power!" he proclaimed.
JoelIsHere / Prince of Nightmares: -p"That is despicible enough to actually work, Chronos, though I'm afraid that a spell used upon a Divine, they are less effective than normal. It will last only about as long as it takes for me to take out a few of the Guard. Though we will still have the element of surprise. Nightmares, Rise! You Master Charges thee to follow the orders of Matthew Chronos for this battle, under that of my own!"
-p Silvery shadows rose from the earth, taking the form of Cavaliers in lustrous silver armor. Nodding in unison, to show that they understood their orders, the Cavalry glared at the enemy's camp in a cool rage.
-p "Nightmares, Forward..." After muttering this Spell, A Bolt of what appeared to be Black Lightning, on a cloudless, sunny day, Struck the ground before a guard, and Silvery Nightmares sprang forth, floating about what looked like Air. As the foolish Guardsmen approached it in curiousity, Jules, now inside the Gates where the Bolt stuck, commanded the Nightmares to strike. "Obliterate their minds, Consume their Souls, and destroy their bodies, Your God Commands you!!" Lashing out at the Guards, the Shadows curl around their necks, and a resounding snap is heard from each of them as their neck break.
-pThe invisibility spell now fading, a lone guard exclaims, "Who... Who are you, Who do you serve?"
-pA smile encompassed the face of the Nightmarish God, as he said, "I am Prince Jules, the God of Nightmares, and I am here to claim your Soul..."
-p"Please, No! Help!" Called the Guard to those around him, but to no avail, for as soon as his plea had left his mouth, Jules lunged at him with the blade Narcissus, and the Nightmare Saber, parting his head from his sholders. "Your souls to be claimed by Nightmares!" Jules exclaimed, watching as the infantry fled from his presence. "Should any be foolish enough to believe they can defeat the God of Nightmares, Let them step forward, That I can consume their Soul, Obliterate their mind, and Destroy their Body!" Bloodlust taking over his body, Jules shudders in anticipation, hoping that someone would have the nerve to step forward.
WolfShot / Shot [Wolf Form]: - He slowly came to the top of a hill and saw an encampment that seemed to be under attack. '' Flutters...Bones...And... '' He paused and thought as he sniffed the air more closely. '' Something else...That smells...Dangerous. '' He thought as a wolfish smirk appeared on his face. He had never smelled anything that had smelled this dangerous before, and he enjoyed the scent in a strange way. He decided that he'd get a closer look as he moved down the hill and silently, cautiously sneaked towards the encampment. He knew full well he was putting himself in a dangerous situation but he felt compelled to figure out what that scent was that filled him with reckless anticipation. '' So strange...Perhaps this may be a being who's more powerful then I. '' A soft, throaty wolf chuckle eminated in his throat at the thought. '' I guess we'll just have to go and see now won't we? '' He thought to himself as he got closer to the encampment, the strange scent filling him with even more anticipation -
silverpen / Dominik R. Cassing (Ral): Ral glanced over as the one known as Killer walked in-- at first he had thought of this man as somewhat of a poser, having the guts to name himself with such a world, but after a while he had realized that there was no way so much fear could exist around him, if it had not been true. His dark eyes flashed as he leaned against one of the poles supporting the tent and glanced over at the body that had use to be Bae.
“Ah, but what have I done, truly?” he asked, fingering the band that was around one of his wrists. The gauze had been partially taken off of the palm of that hand, and dark, mangled skin was visible beneath it, possibly the result of being burned or subjected t magic. “I didn’t kill her myself. I broke a few rules, sure, and now that she is dead I have learned the lesson for letting my heart get ahead of my duty… I hope that’s what you were talking about?”
As he said this, he looked carefully out of the tent and towards the field; he could see where fighting between the Flutter and the Bones was already beginning to erupt. He clenched his fist, and the bones beneath it in his arm seemed to ripple and shift, as if even his core being was excited and blood thirsty to kill and dominate. In fact… it was. As a smile appeared on his lips, he suddenly flung back the tent flap and walked past Killer, stalking across the field and towards the place where he was seeing the fight begin.
Amethystadept / Matthew Chronos: "Alright, that's enough... let's go!" the eccentric mage cried out in absolute joy as he saw the gate open. It was time for battle, and he wanted to get a peice of the action if he could. He quickly in front of the Nightmare Cavalry with his enchanted anklets, charging towards the city. He wanted blood, and he sure as hell wouldn't let Jules or the Cavalry get it before he could.
Blasting through the door, Matthew let out a bolt of thunder that he had been preparing with a cry of "Laizon!" which sent immense amounts of energy coursing through the bodies of multiple guards, dispatching them immediately. To the horror of the other soldiers, both the guards that Jules had dispatched and the men that Matthew had struck with lightning rose and started to fight against their living kin. All that they could use to distinguish between friend and foe was a burning red that pulsed in the eyes of those that had been revived.
"Well, Jules. It looks like we've got this one in the bag. We've taken out most of the guardsmen, who have risen to fight for us. Now all we have to do is let this wave of death spread like the plague... of course, that doesn't mean we can't have some blood for ourselves!" he exclaimed, then ran off into the streets to make to the center of the encampment, where the Bones were setting up their defense.
The battle was going well so far. The Bones had put up a great defensive barrier at the centre that was getting hard to get by, but little by little, the barrier was diminishing. Only one thing struck Matthew as odd. Why hadn't they brought out their aces? Why hadn't they struck them with their finest warriors in defense of the camp? Could it be that they had set a trap up somewhere?
Then it hit him. It was indeed a trap. The barricade seemed to be rapidly become more empty, and amongst the effort to take down the barricade, nobody noticed that there were no more bones standing there. "Get back!" He cried out to his obedient minions, "It's a trap! Get out of there!" immediately, his minions turn around and ran, but most of them were caught in the amazing plan that the Bones had set up.
With a flash of fire, three quarters of his minions were enshrouded with flames and fell to the ground. It was quite a loss for his side, although he could kill more men to get more minions. He then turned to Jules to see what his losses with the Cavalry were like due to this trap that had been set for them.
GenocideForLove / Jane Doe: Jane heard the commotion outside and the field marshal sprinted into the room. “To arms. “ He shouted before running off to another sector of the fortress at the centre. There was no way they’d get past the ‘Moat of Fire’ as they called it. She heard the eruption of the spells and relaxed, sitting down again. But she was alarmed to still hear the cries of war raging outside. She drew the Destroyer of the Clouds and exited the eating area quickly making her way to the main doors of the castle like structure that was their main base. Many others had taken up a defensive position a little behind the large wooden and steel gate that blocked all entrance into the compound. She stood in the doorway, starting the back-up defensive line. Others joined her, unfortunately they were mostly new recruits and grunts. She sighed and prepared for an attack. The remnants of the ‘Moat of Fire’ could be seen above the wall.
Basye / Killer: Killer glared towards him through his mask as he gave out alittle chuckle. "My....my my, you have gone quite far from when I last saw you Dominik....even the elder's of my clan think you are quite something, you and myself are alot alike." He said in a dark and cold voice of a killer as himself looking down at the body that was laying on the ground as suddenly Killer heard a sound outside and saw that Dominki was already heading outside when Killer decided to stand up himself and follow him through a field and then to a point to see the battle itself. Killer decided to watch as well and took a seat by a near by rock, then looking towards his gaulents and began to spin the rod in the middle of it as you could hear it. "Its strange that us bone's would use such an defensive act......it would have been better to just send me down to destroy them all." He said watching the "Moat of Fire" Rise from its depth's as if from hell through his mask and suddenly stopped spinning the rod and remaind silents.
WolfShot / Shot [Wolf Form]: - He neared the left side of the camp and stared at the wall for a moment. '' Nice outside, but it's time to knock it down. '' He thought before, in a swift, violent motion. Shot a blazing black and white fireball at the wall from his mouth. The fireball hit the wall and blasted a large hole in it, and the debris from the wall knocked down and killed a few Bones' soldiers who stood by the wall. He smirked wolfishly as he stepped into the encampment, and stopped as a large wall of fire came out of the ground. '' Interesting... '' He thought as he saw multiple soldiers catch fire and die or vanish, which made him slowly more curious as he snuck past the wall of fire. He growled as he smelled many scents. Bones, Flutter and that one scent that filled him with anticipation. '' I'll figure out how this fight is going before I follow that scent.. '' He thought as he continued to slip around the encampment and its' growing amount of violence -
CasamaiSonichi / JB_: Justin was on in some bushes near the Bone's encampment. He had his 2 piece Rifle set up currently and was looking down the scope. The best part about this was that he could fire a round into the crowd. Kill (I Anyone) And t would be a good hit. Since he didn't have any allies in the group currently. He aimed taking aim on one of Flutter's troops. (I Goodbye) He grinned and pulled the trigger. The only problem with that is the explosive sound his rifle gave off. He didn't have much technology to silence it.
silverpen / Dominik R. Cassing (Ral): His darker, chocolate colored eyes flickered around the encampment as he watched the soldiers fighting amongst themselves, almost like children, on both sides of the field. Whatever happened to having experienced fighters, like Killer here was talking about? Whatever happened to the military prowess of the Bones, that they had let such a pathetic attack come upon their main base?
As Ral felt the anger rising up in his veins, he smiled a toothy grin and clenched his hands together, the small frame rippling with power and almost seeming to glow underneath all the coating of dirt and sun-tanned skin. He took a few steps forward slowly, and then he began to run and dash, and eventually he got enough momentum going so that he leapt through the air and, with a graceful arc, landed right amongst the fighting. He had left his friend behind to fend for himself, for he knew that Killer had the ultimate power to do so and would destroy and stray Flutter floating his way.
He landed close to a soldier-- it was a young Bones. The man yelped and jumped away, clutching his battle axe, and he swung the heavy weapon haphazardly and slowly towards Ral’s neck-- frowning lightly, he reached up on bandaged hand and stopped the blade as it was coming, and the fresh steel dug into his flesh, coloring the bandages with crimson fluids that soon seeped down to his wrist and forearm.
“Oh! I’m s… sorry sir!” He cried, bowing his head. His hands trembled and caused the axe to do the same while embedded in Ral’s palm. The seasoned warrior finally yanked his hand away and aimed a sharp kick towards the man’s nose. It landed true to its target, and Ral turned to walk away while shaking the blood from his hand and listening to the melodic howls of the Bones’ soldier. Perhaps he would learn from that experience. It was an honor to his wimpy name to even be looked at by a higher Bones, such as Ral, let alone be… personally instructed by one. Another smirk graced Ral’s lips as he stepped into the stomach of the fighting.
Flutter soldiers saw him, dropped their fights and came running. He smiled; he was even smaller than some of them, if that was believable, and probably looked much easier to handle. As he stood there nonchalantly, he noted a wolf standing at the side of the wall and creeping away from a gaping hole before he had to focus on other things.
One flutter pointed at his body and roared out a spell; fire incased his limbs and began to sear the flesh, and he breathed in deep of the charred smell that one a human being could give off. Then he laughed. The sound was deep and maniacal, and the Flutter troop raised both eyebrows, his hands dropping. (I Is he… enjoying it!?) Ral could read the boy’s thoughts on his face, and as the intensity of the fire died down he then leapt forward with both of his hands shaped into a spear in front of him. He was one of the few troops that ever fought without any kind of weapon, but if you had the privilege of seeing him in open and serious combat, then you would know why. The tips of his fingers hit one open eye socket and penetrated the soft, jelly like material. Shrill screams pained Ral’s ears as he probed his hands in deeper to the inner skull, slowly, and then he clawed his fingers, grabbing the soft tissue within and yanking sideways. The Flutter’s neck snapped like a twig. Ral then slung the dead body back into the fray and shook the dark matter off of his fingers, using his thumbs to clean it out from under his finger nails, and he spread his arms out while walking back into the group. People from both sides inched away from him, temporarily paused in their skirmishes.
"(i Come on!)" He screamed, motioning with his hands towards the other men. Blood had splattered slightly onto his face when he slung his hands out. "Who wants to come out and play with me?"
CasamaiSonichi / JB_: Justin watched as the man seemed to strike fear into every single person out there. He watched the people attack in strength, then retreat in fear. (I Hmm..and who is this?). He thought keeping the cross hairs on the man. (I So..He thinks he's soo...strong) He thought looking at all the other people that seemed to back away, or did not notice the man. (I "Come on! Who wants to come out and play with me") Justin heard the man say.
He pulled the bolt back on the rifle sending a casing out and sliding another bullet into the chamber. He pulled the trigger sending out a loud Boom as the .32 caliber bullet was sent across the battle field towards the man known as Ral.
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RemNarcast / Grim Darken: Amidst the confusion Grim focused all his energy on pinpointing the position of the hidden sniper, it wasn't dificult, the sound of the gun was extremley loud. He scanned the bushes. There!. He noticed the rifle barrel poking out of the foliage. He took advantage of the hysteria and began to flank the sniper. He used his mastery of the elements to refract the light rays around his body and make him almost invisble, there were 2 flaws, 1: he still left foot prints and 2: he still had a shadow.
Renada / Gwendolyn: The tides had rolled high onto the shore and soon they would be lashing in tyrrants of roars as the cries of war ran across the wet sands. The Flutter had far too long impressed their presence upon the lands that were rightfully the Bones'. And the rebels. They were a tiresome third party that truely had no right to impose upon a battle not its own, but they would have to be contended with.
As General, the nobility and governmental officials had requested her presence to detail the final schemes of war. She had spoken her purpose and decisions, but only to appease their gemmed ears. Purpose and decisions were decided in the heat of battle not in the quiet of a conference room.
She had departed to her base and could already feel the tension coursing through the air. It was wet and hot; the skies would pour soon.
She could have had the safety of a distance place to dictate orders from, but she knew that she could not lead her men with such delay and without her personal perception and immediate insight.
As she finally arrived, she awaited for an update of the current situation.
Xavior2 / Nova Yaggoran: Deep within the Bones camp inside a dark, dank hut sat Nova. His dark, cold eyes slowly opening to the sound of fighting. He slowly stood up, his armor making slight clanking noises as he did, and he made his way out of his hut. The cries of battle grew louder as he stepped outside in broad daylight. He slowly eyed the battlefield. "Hmm.." A flutter soldier charged at him from the right as he scanned the area to his left. His arm morphed into a Large blade with 5 red eyes sprouting along the blade, gazing in all different directions as he impaled the soldier. He slowly turned his head as the soldier gasped for breath, blood dripping from his mouth. He stared at the soldier without emotion before slowly pulling out his blade, watching as the man collapsed to the ground. He then turned towards the rest of the fighting, and slowly made his way into the fray as he muttered these words. "About damn time..."
silverpen / Dominik R. Cassing (Ral): When he was about to advance upon another small Flutter, this time a Pro-magic female, a strange scent penetrated his senses. Sulfur. Gun powder. It was a rebel stench, and he shifted his head to the side, black hair plastered to his head with sweat, just as there was a loud bang from the barrel of a gun pointed strait at his chest.
(I No time to think.)
His body reacted instinctively. He buckled his knees and dropped down to the mushy earth below him, breathing in the humidity sharply through his nose as he crossed his forearms in front of his vital organs like a bandaged up X. The bullet dug into the flesh of his right bicep, and Ral roared out in pain; however, the sides of his mouth were turned upwards into a grin, and as soon as the heat was settled deep into his muscles he stood back up and narrowed his eyes right onto the face of the man that had fired the bullet.
“Do it again!” He said, holding up his left arm to the sky. “Give me some matching scars, boy!” He spat towards the ground, the saliva a slight pinkish tinge. Then he turned and walked, slowly, back towards the tents. The pain burned, it seared, it brought the whole battlefield into a adrenaline fueled focus.
As he walked, another Flutter jabbed her hands at him. It was a buffer female, with wide muscles but a short body, and long curly auburn hair that was tugged into a ponytail. Ral’s eyes scanned her over briefly.
“Hello,” he mumbled, as she held her palms out, staring determinedly at his chest. He felt his heart sudden beat hard and with a struggle, but it wasn’t because of normal causes; she was a body manipulator. As she focused harder and suddenly his air supply was cut off, Ral smiled sweetly and reached out to touch her jaw line. Bright, neon pink colored eyes stared at him in disbelief.
Then he jammed his fingers into her mouth and grabbed the other side of her neck, jerking to the side. It popped loudly, but just to make sure she was done, he brought down her captured head right onto the hard part of his right knee. Dark blue blood spilled onto his skin and slightly burned it.
“It was nice to meet you,” he mumbled, as her body slowly slid down onto the earth. Then he kept walking and made his way back through the remains of the Moat of Fire, to head into the main tent; medical assistance was needed, sad as it was to be admitted, and there had also been a few high ranking nobles to arrive within the past hour. Ral might as well fill them in.
“Ah. Gwendolyn.” He said, as he strode in, also nodding to the others. She was the only whose name he remembered at the moment. The other two high ranking generals watched with mild disgust while he took a towel from a nearby packing crate and wiped the blood off of where his body was bare, and he unwrapped the used bandages from his wrists-- revealing dark and scarred skin all the way up to his elbows-- and then threw away the dirty gauze, beginning to wrap clean off-white straps around his skin. The palm of his right hand burned, but he ignored it, and the bullet was scraping between his muscles as they moved. The pain would keep him awake, though, so he would leave those wounds alone.
“For now, it seems like we are pushing back the forces well,” he mumbled into the open room, looking between them all with his dark chocolate eyes. They were wide and attentive, even slightly amused. “Two strong looking men seem to be leading the Flutter forces. I suggest leading them. We have Jane outside commanding a small militia of weak Bones soldiers, I believe, and she should be reinforced lest her men are targeted and destroyed.” He wiped his mouth with the back of one hand. “Any questions? Don’t ask them. That’s all I can tell you. We also seem to have rebels taking advantage of the skirmish here, and sneaking into the base or killing random soldiers as they please, from inside or outside the wall. I myself was shot in the arm, so it would be best if this problem was eradicated. All in all, it’s about time that we get some of out strong men out there, push back the Flutter - for now - and move our forces to a smaller and easier to defend fort. These are just the recommendations of a grunt, however, so feel no need to heed them.”
With that, he looked between every pair of eyes in the spacious tent and pushed back out of the flap, a smile gracing his lips.
Basye / Killer: killer watched as Ral went off towards the battle straight foward as Killer stood there having the air blow against his long wild blonde hair and then slipped his hands into his cloth around his waist and revealing two deadly looking sythes. Killer then looked down towards his gaulents and then attached them to the outside of the gaulents as he began to spin the middle rod of the gaulents as the blades suddenly began to spin creating a silent but deadily sound. Killer stopped spinning the blades as he then began to walk into the battle field where all of the comotion was going around having the pressence of Ral with him made himself really usless to be here himself but decided to go ahead and walk towards a group of Flutter's preparing themself's for their fight when they just looked at him with a weird eye. "Hey...check out this freak with the mask, to afraid to show himself to a fight himself." They said mocking him behind the mask though you couldnt see his face you could tell a killer's face behind it sending shiver's down the man's back's as one of them began to sprint towards him with a giant blade screaming as Killer simply stood there as he seemed to be adjusting his gaulents. The man finally reached him. "DIE YOU BONE!" He screamed bringing his blade down towards Killer but suddenly somthing stopped his blade as he seen one of Killer's sythes one it and suddenly Killer had turned the rod but instead of the blade moving the force caused Killer sent flying foward towards the group of men just staring at this sight when suddenly blood had covered the area in what seemed like minutes of murder only took seconds when Killer was crounched down on the ground looking at the fallen men as the man with th blade stood there dumbfounded of what had just happened when Killer rose up and turned showing blood on his mask when the man froze in fear. I..I know....your....." Suddenly Killer had approched behind him when Killer simply looked down towards the ground. "Killer...." Then turned the rod of his gaulent and the blade then sliced the man's head right off showing nothing but murder around Killer simple stood there this hair blowing again and then went back towards the base as he didnt see himself needed for the moment.
Xavior2 / Nova Yaggoran: Nova walked slowly deeper into the battlefield, his eyes fixed on what was in front of him. A Flutter soldier ran at him from his right. "DIE!!" The soldier shouted as he closed in on Nova. Nova didn't even look at the soldier, his arm morphed into a gruesome hook with two green eyes protruding from the hilt as he quickly swung at the soldier. The Flutter soldier tried to block, but the hook broke through his blade easily, his eyes widen as he watched the shattered pieces of his blade fly, and the Hook impaling his stomach. Nova eyed the man, his dark blue eyes devoid of emotions as he slowly dragged his hook through the man's gut, slicing him in half, but leaving his entrails on Nova's hook. Nova continued walking with the soldier's entrails dragging on the ground, leaving a trail of blood in his wake before he swung down his hook on another Flutter soldier's shoulder who hadn't noticed him. It was a female this time. Nova turned the woman's head so that she was looking at him as he dug his hook deeper into her shoulder. The woman stared at Nova in horror as she gazed into his emotionless eyes. "Mm... What a damn shame." Nova quickly turned his hook, and pushed it through vertically down the woman's chest as blood sprayed everywhere, and yet he showed no signs of emotion, no remorse, not even enjoyment. Nova watched as the woman's body fell to the ground, and didn't notice when another Flutter soldier came up from behind him. "DIE MONSTER!" The soldier shouted, and dug his blade into Nova's back. The soldier's eyes widened when he saw green blood flowing down the edge of his blade, melting it. "What.. what are you?!" Nova slowly turned towards the man, his blade shattered from Nova's unnatural strength plus from Nova's blood melting the soldier's blade. Nova brought down his hook onto the man's skull letting gore, and pieces of the man's brain hit his face, as he sliced the man down the middle, watching as the two halves hit the ground. "Its not as fun as it use to be..." Nova muttered quietly to himself as he slowly wiped the gore of his hook.
JoelIsHere / Prince of Nightmares: -p "Chronos, If this battle you grow weary of, retreat, and fetch the others. I will hold our position. It will take a lot more than earthly Flames to destroy my troops. Nightmares! Charge!"
-p "Surge of Fear!" Called the Prince of Nightmares, as a wave of Nightmarish shadows struck the front lines of the enemy Ranks, Watcking in glee as the men dropped to the ground, shuddering in a state of intense fear, immobilized by their lack of power over their Emotions.
-p "Fel Nightmare Dragon, From the Heavens I summon thee, Descend, and show your Master's Enemies your Power!" (picl http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r159/angelslove92/dragon.jpg) A Titanic beast Fell from the heavens, landing next to Jules and Firing a second wave of Nightmares at the enemy ranks, from which the enemy troops fled.
-p "Chronos, Leave, and attain Reinforcements. I will hold our ground. Should you fail, We will both Die on this day...."
Xavior2 / Nova Yaggoran: Nova slowly turned his head towards the Dragon as waves of nightmares flowed over him. He stood there his gaze fixed upon the dragon as more of the dark power flowed over him, but he didn't seem affected. Nova slowly made his way towards the dragon, cutting down every Flutter soldier that got in his way, and stepping over the Bones soldiers that laid on the ground muttering. "Pathetic.. and you call yourselves Bones." He quickened his pace, blood from Flutter soldiers drenched his boots, and his hook. Nova dragged his hook as he closed the gap between him, and the dragon leaving a trail of blood behind him. His dark blue eyes was focused on nothing, but the nightmarish beast. "I.. Feel.. Nothing.." He murmured as he reached the dragon, quickly swinging his hook into the dragon's thigh. He slowly turned his head up at the beast, and waited for its reaction. "Show me what you got.. Make me feel pain once again!"
CasamaiSonichi / JB_: Justin grinned, but it quickly faded seeing as he didn't finish off the large man in one shot. (I God damnit) He thought pulling the bolt back, releasing the shell from the chamber and then sliding another bullet back in clicking it forward. He aimed down the scope again looking for any more larger targets. He tried to aim at Ral again but he had walked to the tents. He saw another person with a mask. (I Two similar people..how fun) He thought. He then aimed and fired at Killer.
Tessla / Tessla Nightmares: From afar, she watched, her eyes never once leaving the commotion going on before her. She was waiting, waiting patiently. Knowing when Jules needed her, he'd summon her.
Behind a patch of trees, she crouched, Heavenly Sword strapped to her back. Her staff laying on the ground beside her. Once emerald eyes now pulsed a deep mahogany, her adrenaline building while she watched Jules' fight among other skilled beasts. She lifted a hand, brushing back a few strands of hair that fell to her cheeks and before her eyes, narrowing her eyes at the sight.
(i I wonder...)
She reached back, drawing her large blade and holding it before her, taking one last good look before adjusting her weight and turning, pressing her back against the tree, out of sight to those who may notice her lurking among the shadows.
(i Unlikely... too focused..)
She's decided, pulling a small white cloth from her pocket and beginning to carefully wipe down the blade, keeping a close eye on what was going on around her. She dipped the blade to one side, letting the light catch off the metallic edge, acting as a dull mirror. Thus, she could still keep an eye on Jules, as well as everyone else, without being seen.
Renada / Gwendolyn: As the mere soldier departed the tent, the others scoffed their disbelief while Gwendolyn remained silent. A smile would have curved on her lips if she could remember how to express emotions and if she had time for such frivulous things. In her stoic tone she spoke, "Send reinforcements to Jane. Have available troops rally against the Rebels. I will lead my own force against the Flutter. We must attack with precision and great thrust. We hold this fort."
The others gapped in disbelief. Taking advice from a mere soldier? "I do what will win this war whether it comes from those shedding the blood or not." She left the tent, summoned her steed, and rode with a small troop towards the heart of battle.
Her mare was tough, black, and large. It was a good horse, violent in temperment yet obedient to its master. With one hand on the rein, the other grasped her weapon, a long sword made of both bone and steel. With a swooping slice through the air, she decapitated the first Flutter to dare look her way.
Basye / Killer: As Killer was making his was back towards the camp Killer heard a thundring sound from behind him as he quickly bend down towards the ground grasping a dead body beside's him and throwing it behind him while he himelf ran to the left. Knowing the bullet wouldnt stop with just that body the bullet went straight through the body and hit the edge of Killer's mask chipping some of the paint off but beside's that nothing. Killer stared towards the body and then up towards some of the bushes in the forest in the path of the Flutters. "Found you...." He said as he began to sprint at a great speed thanks to the training as an assiasin he had both speed and skill while there was still alot of Flutter's inbetween him and the sniper, knowing this he decided to do a wild stratagy for himself to be a harder target. Suddenly as the Flutter's were coming towards him Killer swiftly darted to the left side low and began spinning his blades having them take out the leg's of the Flutters then suddenly began darting right still cutting up the leg's and the a burt of speed foward slicing them in the chests as he changed his formation getting closer and closer towards the sniper.
CasamaiSonichi / JB_: Justin gritted his teeth as he didn't even cause any damage against killer. He pulled the chamber back quickly and put another bullet in it. Instead of trying to follow the target he fired down the middle. Reloaded and fired one more time. He didn't see if they hit. He grabbed his two piece gun spliting it in two and running. He Jumped slamming the sharp barrel into a weak tree and getting into another. He tried to climb as high as he could.
RemNarcast / Grim Darken: Grim stopped his advance on the sniper when he noticed a bone had also discovered his location. 'No need to get between them,' he thought, ' ill let them fight it out then take down the victor.' Grim smiled at his plan. He took a detour climbing up to a perch where he could keep an eye on both the sniper and the bone. The sniper began climbing a tree now cleverly using the barrels of his guns.
Ever agile grim climbed into a tree of his own settling into the perfect positon, he waited to see what happened next.
'this should be interesting' he thought, bending the trees around him to further conceal his positon.
Amethystadept / Matthew Chronos: Matthew nodded. "Well, if you say so Jules. I'm outta here, but the dead should keep on fighting for you if they're killed by your blade. I did more than just that invisibility spell to you, you know. You'll find out soon enough what the extent of my enchantments are." After doing that, he sang a small tune, one that took no more than six seconds. The effect of that seemingly harmless tune was evident on Matthew though. His legs started to glow a bright green color and he suddenly felt lighter... almost as if he could fly.
Well, that much was certain, he felt like that because he could fly. He quickly took to the air, sending down a huge group of lightning bolts over the area. At this point, he didn't really care who died, since their deaths would eventually benefit him. Anyways, no good soldier would die from small bolts like that. It was just something to wipe out the weak and the ones near death, really. After doing so, he giggled childishly and started to fly towards the tower, gaining altitude as he did so.
The skies themselves looked pretty normal at the moment. The battlefield itself was nothing more than a charred dot on the ground at this point, after all. The chaos that he and Jules had caused looked so insignificant from up there. It was funny to him actually. No matter how many times you fought, the plains never looked too different. Maybe that was because it was a place that had evolved as a location of combat over the years.
Matthew finally arrived back at his tower and checked the traps that he had set. Nothing seemed disturbed at the moment. (i Heh... looks like nobody wants to play with my traps... ah well, at least I can admire their beauty from up here!) he thought to himself. (I And they're so much fun to make... now, I should try making another type... how about a body magic trap? Yeah! That would work just perfectly!)
The eccentric mage took out a small twig and started to chant. His hands started to glow a gold color, and suddenly, after about five minutes of preparation, the trap was set. It would slowly melt away at the body of anybody who stepped on it. Of course, they were also invisible to the regular eye like the rest of his normal traps. Finally, Matthew found himself slightly fatigued by the day's workings, so he walked over to the luxurious bed he had created and threw himself onto it to get some beauty sleep.
Basye / Basil Hawkins: Killer had cut through the last line of FLutters and was able to finally reach the spot of the tree's that were lined up with the sniper, without stopping Killer himself had jumpped into a tree himself. Knowing himself as an assassian that this was his element being hidden in the tree's and with his quick movement go up the tree with out him noticing. Killer began moving from tree to tree and upwards towards the sniper (JB) also knowing that the closer he got ment nothing but trouble for the sniper, continuing his way towards the sniper having to cut some tree limbs that was in his way. (Sry for being so short D:)
CasamaiSonichi / JB_: <<It's OK, I'm kinda bad at it sometimes>>
Justin could hear Killer getting closer with his blades being slammed into the tree. Justin finally made it to the top of the tree, looking down at the fast moving Killer. He quickly jumped from the tree he was in, slamming the his weapon into another tree and pulling him self up. He then jumped to another, and another. He was just trying to get away from his pursuer. There was no doubt that Killer would, of course, kill him. So running was his only option at the time. Unless he possibly used his pistol, but that would be a last stand.
WolfShot / Shot [Wolf Form]: - He silently crept around another tent and stopped, finally finding the source of the scent that had filled him with anticipation. '' There he is... '' He thought to himself. A man wearing glorious armor was fighting numerous soldiers and seemed to be fighting alongside a creature whom Shot figured the man had summoned. '' A summoner aswell as a powerful, valiant fighter. I think maybe I'll lend him my assistance. '' He thought before looking at the nearest group of Bones soldiers. He blasted another black and white fireball and as soon as the blast hit them, they were almost incinerated. He then turned towards another group of Bones and, opening his mouth as if to launch another fireball, shot a continuos stream of black and white fire at them as if his mouth was a flamethrower. Watching them burn to ashes he smiled an evil, wolfish smile -
RemNarcast / Grim Darken: Grim decided that by the looks of it, the one they called killer would make quick work of the sniper. He planned his next course of action as he watched the game of cat and mouse. The retreat had been called several minutes ago, but he wanted to see what happened. He wanted them to weaken eacother, he didn't want killer to win the one sided battle, he reached inside himself for the magic. He wove an enchantment to weaken killers body. The enchantment was subtle, killer shouldn't notice but the effects might make the battle more interesting. After he had set his enchantment he returned to the battle field to cover the retreat of his fellow flutters.
Almost imediatly a large vicious looking bone had stepped in his path and grinned.
"Not so fast flutter, you will not leave this battle field alive." with a great roar the bane launched himself towards grim. Grim rolled to his left then raised his hand and compressed the air around the bones head causing it to explode. The the headless body fell to the ground writhing and twitching in a pool of its own blood and brain matter. Grim then drew his sword ready for anything.
Xavior2 / Nova Yaggoran: The beast lets out a massive roar of pain as Nova dug his hook into its thigh. Nova stared at the dragon with his hollow eyes as he dragged his hook through the beast's leg, chopping the lower part of it off. Nova quickly allowed his other arm transform into another hook identical to the first as he started to use the hooks to climb the giant dragon. The dragon roared again as it took flight, trying to knock Nova off, but Nova's hooks were already deep inside the beast's flesh as Nova continued to climb the beast, his eyes were fixed on the dragon's. As Nova reached the dragon's torso he was grabbed by the dragons massive claw. Nova didn't struggled, and stared at the beast as it opened its maw to unleash most likely some sort of nightmarish blast. Nova's right arm started to twitch violently, and bumps started to grow, and shrink on his arm at a alarming rate as Nova's arm started to mutate into something big. The transformation occurred almost instantly as Nova's arm turned into a giant gaping, gruesome maw with dozens of hellish tentacles sprouting from it. The dragon roared in pain once again since the transformation caused its hand to break. The tentacles wrapped themselves around the dragon's arms, legs, and throat. The giant maw opened slowly, acidic saliva dripped from its mouth as it opened up wide. The maw lunged forward, and bites down hard, literally biting the dragon in half. The mutation released its grip on the dragon, and planted its tentacles into the ground so Nova wouldn't fall. Nova watched as the two halves of the dragon fell to the ground with his emotionless eyes. Nova sighed in disappointment as he stared at the dragon's corpse. "How disappointing.." He muttered quietly to himself, blood now splattered all over him.
silverpen / Dominik R. Cassing (Ral): His feet hit the ground heavily, making enough sound on every step to attract the attention of any nearby soldiers of either side of the war. Bones parted out of his way easily, bowing their heads and occasionally tipping small pieces of armor or weapons, and he brushed them away angrily. The fighting, unfortunately, seemed to already be dieing down. A scowl came back over his face as he looked up at the Flutter still converging around him.
Surprise dawned on his battle dirtied face as he heard two massive thuds nearby, and his dark eyes flickered open wider with surprise; a dead dragon. Or was it really dead? He wrinkled his nose as the awful smell from the two halves of the dragon stung his nose and made his eyes water. This was all that the war was, Bones defending against the pathetic summoning and parlor tricks of the Flutter, as their base was invaded? It was beginning to irk his annoyance, and the shine behind Ral’s eyes darkened.
As a nearby Flutter began to work magic against him, some sort of weak mind scrambler, he flicked his right arm out to the side. It hit the unfortunate female in the side of the neck, and she gave him an arrogant smile, as a magical shield had been protecting her body from harm.
“Have it your way,” he spat, as he turned to face the annoyance. She raised an eyebrow in surprise as he reached around his back and pulled out a small weapon-- what appeared to be a dagger, with a silver handle and a sharpened bone serving as the blade-- and he flipped it around to be resting in his palm. The Flutter female laughed.
“Just what do you think you’re going to do with tha-” Her question was cut off as Ral struck out with his hand and plunged it towards the center of her forehead. It was the mind’s eye, a center of power for any of the Pro-Magic. She screamed for just a second as the bone blade delved deep into her skull and punctured it, killing her instantly despite the magical shields, and with a grunt of disgust he flung her to the side.
“Anyone else?” Ral muttered, looking around the bloody battle field with an aura of anger,
Basye / Basil Hawkins: A man sat among a stone watching the battle at a distance as he seemed to have cards in his hands looking towards them when a soilder turned to him. "Basil....sir in the name of your village you must leave." Basil stayed quite as he gloomed over a card then turing to the soilder showing the 3 nail looking tattoo's over his eyebrows. "Dont worry, fate has it that my death will not be today." He said placing the cards down and then sat up having his long hair drop down and then headed towards the battle field seeing who death would claim as his servents today, suddenly Basil turned to see a dragon that only appeared to be dead having the smell go through didnt affect Basil much when then he saw a girl that he remembered through the training as it was her first fight then suddenly being killed Basil looked at the man who did it as he blankly stared feeling the aura he gave off and walked towards him. "You seem to have death follow you as well.....how sad." He said standing 20 yards from Ral again looking down to the girl. "Stupid girl, I told her that if she went into battle that fate would take her life yet....."he looked at Ral. "It seem's fate has become undecided towards you." Suddenly a bone's soilder came from behind Basil and stabbed him with his long sword. "HA, maybe you should pay more attention stupid....." But somthing was wrong.....he could clearly see that the sword is through him. "IS THIS SOME KIND OF FLUTTER MAGIC?!?" Basil sighed as the bones withdrew the sword to suddenly feel a pain in his heart when suddenly a burst of blood burst from behind Basil, it was the man holding the sword that seemed to have a stab wound through his body....right where he stabbed Basil.
Xavior2 / Nova Yaggoran: The giant maw breathed loudly as it looked around for its next meal, the acidic, purple saliva dripping from its teeth. Nova slowly turned towards his arm, and shook his head slowly. "Revert." Nova said in a quiet, but commanding voice. The maw growled menacingly before reverting back to Nova's arm. Nova fell to the ground with a thud, since the tentacles were no longer supporting him. Nova straightened himself slowly before making his way to the commotion going on near Ral. Nova walked slowly over to a position near Ral, and looks around at the Flutter soldiers. Nova's hollow gaze stopped, and slowly turned towards a Flutter named Basil as blood splattered over his face. "Moron.." Nova muttered to himself as he looked down at the now dead Bones soldier before turning his attention back to Basil, his hollow, emotionless eyes examining every detail of the man. "Interesting.." Nova said quietly. Nova's left arm slowly reverted from the previous hook mutation as he folded his arms, still staring at the Flutter named Basil.
Italiansweetie / Liana Alice: Ok. Sounds good love. *Wiggles nose wondering what to do.* HAH I KNOW!) Liana groaned, the horse that she was riding back to her camp was tempermental. She rubbed her neck softly. Three days of riding horse back has bruised her hips, she would kill for her tent and her bed. Her lips parted from a sigh. How did she become a general in the military? Before she was 15 she never even liked the sigh of blood. Now she was fighting a war? Her pure blue eyes pulled together with frustration. She had to make a trip for a week. She missed her men more then she would ever let them know. A half mile from her camp she saw the smoke. (R Flutters?) Her thoughts went straight towards her men. She kicked the side of her horse the animal racing towards the camp. She stoped at the line of the camp, her eyes taking in everything. (R What the hell happened?)
(Hope that is ok.)
JoelIsHere / Prince of Nightmares: -p "That bastard, he didn't seek our reinforcements, Any Mage would be back by now... Its time for drastic measures." Jules muttered to himself as rifle squads formed a massive encoupassment around him.
-p "Ready!" Exclaimed a Major in charge of the troops with the rifles, "I sure am, Bone. Nightmares to Smoke..." Jules stated as the Major ordered his men to fire on Jules. A barrage of bullets shot down other bones-gunsmen, leaving few to fire from each squad.
-p(i "Time to use this dischord to my advantage.") The young Demi-god though to himself as the Bone's soldiers that were just shot down by their own brethren turned their guns on the ones left of the Rifle squad and began shooting at the infantry.
-pDrifting to General Tormayn's Tent, Jules materialized before her, and his bloodcurdlingly sinister, and Soul-Piercing green eyes stared deeply into hers as he stated, "Its been 12 years, General..."
silverpen / Dominik R. Cassing (Ral): Ral smiled pleasantly as he watched this curious man, dark eyes glancing once down to the female he had killed and then back up towards the other’s face.
“Indeed, death became her friend as soon as her sights were laid on me. I do not speak arrogantly; instead I say the truth. Perhaps if she had been more experienced. What on Danar could have caused the Flutter to allow such a weakling into the front assault lines?” He rubbed his right thumb on his pants and plucked carefully at the dagger that was now back resting in its sheath at his back, cradled into the groove of his spine comfortably.
“As for what you said… I don’t care what fate has to say about me. I would welcome the warm arms of death if someone could find a way to do it under my corrupt way of thinking.” Ral then grinned at the man, almost a friendly sort of smile, as he leaned back against the smooth walls of one of the makeshift homes that the Bones had set up. “Who are you to come and speak of such things in the after math of a battle?”
As Ral cast his sights around the broken camp, he noticed that here the fighting was indeed almost over. There was a demon wolf prowling around, killing men, but he figured that this creature was an original habitant of the plains and had an excuse to be attacking soldiers. And then there was that annoying Flutter man, causing problems with his summoned dragon and ‘bravely’ staying behind while his fellows escaped.
Suddenly, the man looked up when he heard an odd sound coming from the right. It was a younger boy. A bow and arrow was in this boy’s hands, and they shook violently as he pointed the arrow tip towards Ral’s head.
“Do you see death in this boy’s face?” He asked, chuckling.
Basye / Basil Hawkins: Basil sighed looking towards the girl. "As you have already known, flutters are alittle like yourselfs they have a ranking but instead of fighting skill's they are sometimes limited towards their own magicical skill as they may have weak body's that doesnt give an excuse to have fear in battle while having a good level of magic....but." He said looking towards the man. "It seems that your lake of fate and your certin corrupt way of thinking of death I now see that you are a strong warrior." He then brushed his hair over to his back reveling his long sword strapped to his right side placing his right hand over it. "My name is Basil Hawkins, I am ruler of a village just off from the Flutter organization as my villagers tell story's of me being a god of death." Suddenly there was a crackling sound comming from Basil as then Basil had raised his right arm ttowards Ral. "Due to my abnormal powers they called upon me to help and destroy you as Bones." Then a straw figure came from Basil's body which looked like a voodoo doll and then fell to the ground and then laided there as Basil then looked to the boy that Ral was pointing towards when Basil removed his right hand from his sword and then reached into his pocket taking outa deck of cards and he then removed the first card having the boy himself looking towards him. ".....Yes, this boy shall die today." The boy looked scaried as he looked at Basil. "But....how Basil Haw...." Suddenly there was a nail sticking through his head as Basil had his already extended hand out towards him having his fingers missing, instead they were occupied by steel nails as they then turned back into his fingers having the same emotionless face as always. "It had said that I would have killed this boy."
CasamaiSonichi / JB_: <<Basye..can you please post as killer..>>>
WolfShot / Shot [Wolf Form]: - He spewed another stream of black and white flames at a group of Bones soldiers who had fired at him with their inferior weapons and watched in dark delight as they screamed and moaned in pain as they burned to cinders. He turned to look at the dragon that was now in two halves and frowned slightly. '' He has relocated.. '' He thought to himself as he started to move again, staying in the shadows and picking off a few remaining Flutter or Bones soldier as he went along. He noticed a trio of people: A man whose eyes blatantly showed delight in the bloodlust that he had possibly fulfilled. Another man who seemed to be trying the fine, dark art of voodoo majic and a young boy who seemed quite afraid. '' I wonder what they're doing there.. '' He thought to himself as he stopped following the scent of the man that filled him with anticipation and decided to watch the three from the shadows. The only visible thing being his glowing, red eyes that many of the soldiers he had killed found menacing and borderlining frightening -
Xavior2 / Nova Yaggoran: Nova paid little attention to the flutter, as he slowly turned to see glowing red eyes. Nova’s dark blue eyes, stared at the two red dots peering from the shadows, as he slowly moved towards it, but he did so in a way that would not attract attention, as his arm slowly morphed into a giant gruesome, pincer. He witnessed what this wolf was capable of doing before, and did not want to take any chances. Nova was always good at being stealthy, as he remained completely silent, he moved closer to the wolf quietly. He walked in a circle to get behind the wolf, moving through crowds of soldiers. Nova walked up behind the wolf, as he raised his mutant hand, and opened it, the sound of his pincer opening was the only noise that he made, before he thrusts his mutant arm forward, towards the wolf. “The dragon failed to amuse me, lets see what (i you) can do, wolf.” Nova said, his voice cold, deep, and emotionless.
WolfShot / Shot [Wolf Form]: - His ears picked up the faint sound and he turned his head to see the man out of the corner of his eye as two black spikes erupted out of the ground and stopped the pincer dead in the air. '' You better watch where you're aiming that thing vermin. '' The words sounded off in the mans' head in an irritated growl. Shot then turned to look at the man before chuckling a dark, throaty wolfish chuckle. '' Entertain you? I am no mans' toy you foolish waste of a demon. '' The words sounded off in the mans' head again maintaining the same irritated tone of voice. His red eyes peered into the very core of the man through his dark blue eyes and smirked a dark, wolfish smirk that curled half of his upper lip to expose sharp, gleaming teeth -
Xavior2 / Nova Yaggoran: Nova stared back at the wolf, as he easily broke free of the spikes. Nova’s expression never changed as he listened to the wolf, the same hollow expression fixed on his face. “Your words mean nothing to me, wolf. Stop the constant chatter, it makes you look stupid.” Nova said as his arm begun to morph again. His arm sprouted tentacles, and a large gruesome blade came out, the edge of the blade was jagged like a saw, and curved to look like a giant hook. “To me, you serve no purpose, but as entertainment. That is all you will be good for anyways.” Though his words were mocking, Nova’s tone kept its emotionless sound. The tentacles whipped about, destroying various objects around them. Nova raised his arm as he saw the wolf reveal his teeth. “Nice fangs, they will make a wonderful necklace.” Nova didn’t really mean that statement, but his emotionless tone didn’t change. He found this demonic wolf to be quite interesting, and wanted to see how strong this beast was as he swung down his arm onto the beast.
WolfShot / Shot [Wolf Form]: - '' Interesting creature whose arm morphs at will...Very intersting indeed. '' He thought to himself as he easily jumped away from the blade as it crashed down beside him and snarled at the mans' comment about making his teeth into a neckless. '' And your corpse shall be my personal offering to the brutes of hell. '' His words sounded off angrily and challenging in the mans' head as more spikes erputed out of the ground around te man and impaled him in both of his shoulders before Shot jumped back a few feet before firing a black and white fireball at the man. Grinning a dark, triumphant wolf grin as the fireball made contact and instantly blew up and set the man on fire. '' Such an odd smell you are when you burn. '' He thought as he continued to grin wolfishly and watch the man burn but remained alert in the event that the man did not die. And Shot secretly assumed that a mere fireball wouldn't stop this brute of a demon -
Xavior2 / Nova Yaggoran: Nova’s eye showed no sign of pain as the spikes impaled his shoulders. Nova quickly shook himself, easily breaking the spikes. Nova slashed at the incoming blast of fire, causing it to explode around him, giving the illusion that it made contact with him as Nova walked through the flames, and towards the wolf, slowly. His arm begun to pulse violently, bumps growing, and shrinking as his arm exploded into the giant maw, once again. The maw breathed heavily, and seemed to be grinning, as purple, acidic saliva dripping from its teeth. Nova eyed his newly transformed arm. “This isn’t your meal, hurt him, don’t kill him.” The maw growled viciously, but as it looked at its master’s eyes it whimpered slightly, and turned back to the wolf. The mutant arm opened up wide, as its tentacles latched onto the wolf’s legs before Nova lunged forward, the maw’s teeth sank into the wolf’s fur, as its acidic saliva dripped into the wound. Nova then jumped back, as awaited to see what the wolf would do next.
WolfShot / Shot [Wolf Form]: - His eyes went wide slightly and he snarled viciously before staggering slightly after he was released. He shook his head several times as the acid burned into the wound and the pain made him snarl erratically as he turned to look at the man, true fury burning in his eyes as his expression turned into a sadistic, wolfish smirk. '' Oh you've really done it now vermin. '' The words rang in the mans' mind in an almost triumphant tone of voice as dozens of spikes erupted out of the ground and impaled the man into the air before pools of shadows appeared at the sides of Shot. '' Prepare to witness a small taste of hells' fury. Enjoy it. '' The words ringed in the mans' head maintaining the same, triumphant tone of voice as the forms of black wolves crawled out of the pools and looked at the man before snarling viciously as they set temselves on fire and looked at Shot. He only nodded his head slowly before they bounded toward the man and stopped below him for a mere millisecond before literally shooting themselves at him and exploding once they got close enough in a kamikaze attack to not only set on fire but blow the man to pieces -
Xavior2 / Nova Yaggoran: As the spikes sprouted from the ground, the maw lashed out, destroying the spikes, but a few of them made contact with Nova. He looked towards the wolf again. “Vermin? What does one gain from name calling? Its only a show of how overconfident you are, its always the one who does not, underestimate their opponent, the one who knows to never be surprised, the one who always keeps their cool, in the heat of battle.” Nova watched as the shadow wolfs lunged at him, causing an explosion. When the dust from the explosion started to subside, a giant shield with a humongous eyes in the middle was acting as a dome around Nova. The eyes flickered about as the dome-like shield shrunk, turning into back into the previous hook saw sword as before. “Do not underestimate me, wolf.” Bumps raised, and shrunk on his back at an alarming rate, as two gruesome, raven like wings sprouted from his back. The wings folded around him, and his other arme morphed into the pincer. His dark blue eyes begun to glow as he unfolded his wings behind him before charging forward. Nova Lunged his pincer at the wolf, while also swinging down the blade. “its been awhile, since I have had to use this much, of the dark gift, you should feel yourself, lucky.”
WolfShot / Shot [Wolf Form]: - '' Such a gruesome yet wise creature...I guess I shouldn't be so expectant of him to be a weak, confused piece of demonic trash. '' He thought to himself before snarling fiercely at the advancing attacker as his entire body flared up in black and white flames. Spikes started to erratically erupt out of the ground and advanced in the direction of the attacker and continued to erupt out of the ground in an almost wave like attack that served as more of a diversion. He saw both the pincer and blade and lunged at the man', managing to avoid the blade but wasn't so lucky with the pincer as he felt it graze his side as he crshed his flaming body into the man and sunk his teeth into his shoulder -
Xavior2 / Nova Yaggoran: Nova’s eyes flickered back, and forth from the spikes, and the wolf, as he lunged at him, biting into his side as he used his wings to take off from the ground. “Interesting..” Nova showed no sign of pain as he flew up into the air, the flaming wolf biting his shoulder. “That’s not the wisest thing to do, wolf” Nova’s green blood started to flow a bit into the wolf’s mouth. “Remember the purple saliva? Well, my blood is the same.” Nova placed his hook blade over the wolf’s neck, and pinched his back with his pincer, tearing the wolf off of him, as he tore some of his flesh with the wolf. Even though the very flesh was ripped from his body Nova, once again showed no signs of being in pain. He held the wolf with his pincer, the blade around his throat, as Nova landed on the ground. “Do you submit, wolf? I could kill you if I choose to.” Nova said motioning towards his hook like blade around the wolf’s neck. “I was not planning on killing you, but if you continue, then I shall have no choice.”
WolfShot / Shot [Wolf Form]: - He growled deeply and spat the flesh to the ground as he managed to cough the blood up and out of his throat. He then turned his head to look at the man, his eyes retaining anger yet confusion at the same time as he questioned the mans' motives for challenging him. '' It would be unwise to not submit when one knows that they have been defeated. I concede defeat. '' His words sounded off in the mans' head in a calm, yet somewhat bitter tone of voice as his somewhat glowing red eyes continued to stare into the mans' dark blue eyes as he attempted to figure the man out, perhaps in hopes of coming to understand the man and creating an ally out of him -
Xavior2 / Nova Yaggoran: Nova nodded, as he gently sets the wolf down, removed his grip from him, and the wings sprouting from his back retracted back into his body. “You are very strong. I’m quite surprised to see a wolf with this power, even though I know you are a demon, it still amazes me.” Nova’s arms slowly morphed back as he gazed down at the wolf. “Do you have a name?” Nova said as he placed his hand over his wound, and strange sound is heard, almost like dozens of maggots were moving around under his hand. He slowly removed his hand from the wound, showing that it healed up before Nova proceeded to do the same on the other wounds, from the spikes. He then rolled his shoulders, making sure nothing was broken before turning back to the wolf, his expression didn’t change at all, it was the same, emotionless gaze, that was fixed on his face. That same expression never once, changed during the whole fight, and he never did once show any sign of pain. Nova slowly lowered himself as he sat down on a nearby rock, waiting for the wolf’s reply.
WolfShot / Shot [Wolf Form]: - The flames that were around his body finally extinguished as after he was set down before he sat on his haunches and watched the man heal himself in slight interest. The wound that he himself had sustained slowly started to heal on its' own accord. '' The name I had has long been forgotten even by my memory so I merely go by the name Shot. Since it is about the easiest to remember. And a demon huh? '' The words echoed in the mans' head maintaining a calm tone of voice before a throaty chuckle radiated from the depths of his throat before he continued. '' I'm a demonic wolf who has lived on this landmass ever since birth. And am one of the last alive of my kind. But yes in essence I am a demon whose strengh is immeasureable to an extent. I'm surprised by you to be honest....Never once have I encountered a creature whose as adaptable as you are. So I myself ask you for your name if you have one. '' His words once again calmly sounded off in the mans' head before his mouth opened widely to let loose a loud, wolfish yawn as he looked at the man, maintaining his slight interest as he started to wonder if this man was one of few who would be able to beat him in combat -
Xavior2 / Nova Yaggoran: Nova sat there, as he slowly turned his gaze towards to the sky. “Nova, Nova Yaggoran. I was human, once. If you can believe that.” Nova turned his gazed back at the wolf. “Shot, eh? Interesting name you got there.” Nova outstretched his arm, and allowed it to morph into a gruesome looking sword, and waved it about. “The dark gift of change. A long time ago I found a certain, demonic gate. As I approached the gate a voice rang out in my head, in a language I could not understand. I blacked out, and when I woke up, I obtained these abilities, and became a monster. After that, I slowly learned to kill off all my emotions, and I no longer feel pain, but too much damage, will still kill me, obviously.” His arm reverted back to normal, as he rested both arms in his lap. “Believe it or not, I grow tired of this war, and been, for awhile, searching for someone, or something, strong enough to kill me.” Nova slowly stood up as he gazed back up at the sky. “One of these days, my pathetic existence shall end, and hopefully by a worthy opponent. I grow tired of being this.. Monstrosity!” Nova gazed back down at Shot, his eyes flickered a bit, as he showed a slight sign of anger, that quickly faded.
WolfShot / Shot [Wolf Form]: - He blinked slowly as he continued to observe the man as he told his story before getting onto his feet before stretching his body out a bit before sitting back down on his haunches. '' You might not notice it but what you have attained is a gift...But gifts always have catches one way or another. And this war had irritated me from the start. These two species have no right to wage their little war on my home and I'll be damned if I don't fight till they get the picture. They will leave this place or I will keep slaughtering their troops till there is none of them left. '' He growled as his words were heard in the mans head before relaxing again as he looked around at the ruins that was once a Bones' camp and grinned wolfishly in satisfaction. '' One camp down...A whole lot more of em' to go.. '' His words were heard again as before turning his head back to look at Nova. '' So Nova...I take it you got into this war in an attempt to find someone to end what you see as a monstrous, unrequired existence? '' He asked as his wolfish expression returned to the normal, neutral expression most wolves have -
Xavior2 / Nova Yaggoran: Nova nodded slowly. “Indeed, hopefully this war will kill me, if not, then oh well.” Nova moved his hand towards his face, moving his fingers as he gazed at himself. “This Bones camp will be rebuilt, you know that right? One wolf demon cannot stop an entire army of Bones.” Nova glanced briefly towards Ral, and the other soldiers before turning his attention back to Shot. “These people are blood thirsty. I kill only because I seek death, not wishing it upon others, but I must kill the weaklings anyways.” Nova stared down at the ground, as his armed morphed, into a gruesome looking short spear, as he stabbed the ground, making random markings in the dirt. “I would like to help you in anyway that I can.. The war between mortals his always harsh on the land, and this war has gone long enough. The blood that his been spilled though, I’m afraid it may never end, until one side is completely wiped out. What shall become of this land? It will most likely be torn asunder by then..” Nova ceased carving the ground, as he slowly looked back up at Shot. “How about it? Friends?” Nova said as he slowly stretched his arm, towards Shot.
WolfShot / Shot [Wolf Form]: - He nodded his head in agreement to his words. '' One demonic wolf may not be enough to stop an entire army but the damage he can do would be plenty enough. And I'll be damned if they tear my home apart because they're foolish, territorial mortals who know nothing of existing with eachother peacefully. But they will learn soon enough. '' His words were heard in a calm, yet serious tone of voice as he looked at Nova. Blinking slowly once again and seeing Nova stretch his hand towards him he lifted his right front leg towards Nova and nodded. '' Friends, Allies and whatever else. '' His words were heard in a friendly, calm tone of voice as he slightly smiled wolfishly. '' I wonder what will happen in the long run but allies are powerful things even if they are temporary things. '' He thought to himself as he continued to look at Nova. His own glowing red eyes reflecting in the Novas' dark, blue eyes -
Xavior2 / Nova Yaggoran: Nova shook Shot’s paw, and nodded. “Though, I must stay with the Bones, if you should ever need my assistance, just call.” Nova stood back up, and looked back at the commotion. “Perhaps.. I can convince myself, that I am not a monster through helping you…” Nova looked back at Shot, as his arm reverted back. “I hope that they don’t suspect something, if they try to execute me for my actions, then I shall become an outcast, and fully join your side, but hopefully, they wont know.” Nova turned his attention back to Ral, and the other soldiers. “What are the fools doing? Is the battle over? If so why are they talking among themselves? Trying to show off at each other or something? Bah, idiots..” Nova shook his head, still watching the others. “The more I watch this, the more infuriated I get.. Wait, no, I don’t feel emotions.. I guess, slightly annoyed or something.” Nova shook his head once again, and finally turned back to Shot.
WolfShot / Shot [Wolf Form]: - He watched the others and then looked back at Nova, nodding his head. '' Mortals don't think through things thoroughly. Which is why they're just idling about. And should they ever suspect something feel free to come looking for me. I will most likely find you before you find me. '' His words were heard as he quickly looked around before nodding as he looked back at Nova. '' I shall depart for now and I suggest you do the same. I have special plans for this camp so it won't be lasting much longer. If you care for any of these men I suggest you warn them but otherwise just focus on yourself. I'll see you around and wish you glory in battle. '' His words were heard in a serious, dignified tone of voice before he slipped away into the shadows as he headed back the way he had broken into the camp without being noticed -
Xavior2 / Nova Yaggoran: Nova nodded slowly as he watched Shot make his way out of the camp. “I have no feelings for them, but I suppose I should give out some type of warning.” Nova looked up as he thought about this briefly. “Eh, they will learn soon enough..” Nova shook his head before walking back over to the others, stand a little ways from everyone as he has his gaze fixed on the flutter again. “What strange powers does this man possesses? I wonder.” Nova said as he looked at the nails sticking out of the young man’s body, before looking back at the flutter. “His fingers turned into nails…? What an odd ability.” Nova was quietly muttering to himself as he examined this man that he referred himself as a “death god”. “Perhaps.. He will amuse me, or maybe even give me a good fight.” Nova’s arm begun to morph into the Hook sword again, but he stopped himself. “Now is not the time..” Nova said, with a quiet sigh.
Basye / Killer: Killer was still making his way towards the sniper perched on the highest point of the tree as he thought about which way to kill such a man. Then he heard a sound towards the east of him as it was from the tree's also listening well. "Hm....sounds like another human being, he seems to have ran off....what a wise choice." He said before finally chose how to kill thhis man as instead of the assissan's code he directly went fowards out of the tree lunging towards the man spinning the bar in his gaulents as the blades then began spinning towards him as Killer then decided to add a spin towards the end having it uncertain where his blades were comming towards him.
CasamaiSonichi / JB_: Justin jumped off of the tree trying to jump away from the blades. After he jumped the spinning blades hit the back of his leg, giving him a deep gash. He barely made it to the other tree, using his arms to try and pull him self up all the way. He climbed up and stood up, stumbling slightly as his leg started to hurt bad. The blood gushing out and going down his leg. He got ready for the next attack.
silverpen / Dominik R. Cassing (Ral): OOC:
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WolfShot / Shot [Wolf Form]: ( I figured I'd post since my charrie is no longer dependant on anyone elses for postage. )
- Shot silently slipped out through the hole in the encampment wall that he had blasted at for a makeshift entrance. His black wolf body almost instantly becoming invincible as he slipped away from the light that the encampment created. He saw a man jumping from trees inorder to avoid being attacked by another man who seemed to have Scythes on his hands but Shot paid no mind to the little skirmish. '' This base will be annihilated in due time. So for the meantime I shall store my strength andrecover from the wound I have recieved from the abomination Nova has...Such a strange thing it was. '' He thought as he continued to slip away, the wound he had recieved healing slowly yet consistently despite his movement as he continued on his way under the cover of a smoke shielded moon -
silverpen / Dominik R. Cassing (Ral): Ral raised both eyebrows as he saw the nail dig into the youth’s head. He seemed to be thinking for a moment, and then suddenly a long grin cracked across his face, and he clapped Basil over the shoulder as if they were old friends.
“I like your way of doing things,” he complimented, and then suddenly turned away, looking at the scarred battle field that had used to be the Bones encampment. The main fighting was nearly over now; it seemed that perhaps it was time for the Bones to begin re-gathering their supplies, in case of another Flutter attack. Many bodies lay awkwardly strewn across the ground, some of them still twitching and trying to stand, probably a remnant of a spell that a powerful magician had cast earlier, before leaving. Ral ran a bandaged hand through the dark and slightly damp hair atop his head.
“Well, I would love for us to fight,” he mumbled, as if disappointed. He wondered if there was a way to break through this man’s defenses, and if he could be the one to find it. “But now is not the time. I say we call a truce at the moment and both head back to our respective homes so as to patch wounds and prepare.” As he spoke, a small drop of blood ran down from the right side of his nose, and he nonchalantly wiped it away; after which, he held out one hand. A graceful smile traced the man’s face. “Will you agree?”
((Sorry for shortness Basye.. Been quite busy. -_-))
CasamaiSonichi / JB_: Basye?....>>
Basye / Basil Hawkins: Basil lowered his arm after turning them back to his normal fingers as he turned to Ral to see that instead of a stundded face that he was acually had a grin on his face, not to mention that he clapping Basil shoulder another young Flutter came along them. "HEY, dont place your bone hands on." "Silence..." Basil had looked towards the young man. "...Or do you wish the same fate as that man?" The boy looked towards the dead body with the nail sticking from his head and quickly shut his mouth and began to watch the two discuss, Basil turned to the ground to see all of the dead bodys around them as though they were a symbol of power towards the dead while Basil looked up towards Ral. "As do I....you would acually be somewhat of a threat, yet as you said you are correct this isnt the time for such a thing." Basil turned around while the young man looked towards him with a weird gaze into his eyes as he started to follow him, but Basil quickly stopped for a moment. "Until we meet again Ral, make sure you do not die..." He said as he began walking off again towards the Flutter allies.
Basye / Killer: Killer watched as the blood came from the snipers leg as he quickly made his stop to the other tree looking at the blood on his blade, still wearing a mask you could tell he was getting excited about this. Killer then looked out towards the distance to see Ral and a strange Flutter discussing about somthing then the Flutter turned towards Killer and the snipers position. "Ah, I see that Ral is wanting supplies." Killer looked around for the sniper and decided that there wasnt going to be much time for himself to grab supplies if he was to play around with this man and decided to jump down from the tree and began sprinting back towards the bones base keeping cation of the sniper behind him. "I shall leave you to live sniper, though I leave you with that scar in hope of revenge towards me." Killer said to himself just before he finally reached the boens and Ral himself turning towards him. "So what was that Flutter all about, and why didnt you just kill him?"
silverpen / Dominik R. Cassing (Ral): I proclaim thee dead.
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Sequel to this RP war. Anyone that has participated in this has permission to join automatically.
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