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Roleplay - HOUSE PARTY!!!!!*new...needs pplz!!!!* (restarted) by Zewala / cleohale

a girl throughs a house party at her mancion and even invites complete strangers from her school just to have a even bigger 17th b-day party

Roleplay Details

no rules and anyone can join


cleohale / Zewala: -anybody??? it will be fun!!! filler filler filler-
Synyster / Gir/robot: ???? Gir loves to party, make waffles and bacon i just decided to join since no one ever joins mine and the people in my ooc i think they hate me well not all of them but most of them T.T
Synyster / Gir/robot: awwww come on i thought this was gonna be a party but guess its not T.T
Synyster / FlameKing: o well guess ima have to try and invite some of my friends here
Blood14: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/133464 join please
Synyster / FlameKing: -music plays in backround- XD alright best party ever
cleohale / Zewala: -heyy!!!! im srry!!!! im grounded so it might a while for me to reply but i will...and thanks for joining-
Synyster / FlameKing: np and i get grounded all the time so if i dont post for awhile that means im grounded and ty for letting me join
Synyster / FlameKing: Hmmmm what to do what to do i guess i might as well do nothing and just type random stuff to keep this place alive before it dies just like my grandmother (kidding about grandmother) my great grandmother XD
Synyster / FlameKing: ...... the house party has been filled with drugs and other stuff
cleohale / Zewala: (heyy!!!!! anybody on??????? im srry it took so long!!!)
dante110 / reco dio: may i join
cleohale / Zewala: -yes u may!!! thank :)...im bored on here-
dante110 / reco dio: how are you bored oh nice pic
cleohale / Zewala: - i dont know...i just am...andthanks!!! i like ur 2!!!!-
dante110 / reco dio: ^^
cleohale / Zewala: -awwwe!!!!! haha...so how r u???-
dante110 / reco dio: ive been better i woke up with a headache
cleohale / Zewala: awwwh!!! im srry if it makes u feel batter iv been haveing on and off headachs all months so far!!!! :(
dante110 / reco dio: "srry about that "
cleohale / Zewala: its not ur fault!!! :)...they only last for a few hours but they keep coming back which is the only bad thing...brb
dante110 / reco dio: kk
cleohale / Zewala: im back!!!! so whats up????
dante110 / reco dio: nothin much
cleohale / Zewala: that sounds cool!!! not!! im srry that its boring on here in the morning :(
dante110 / reco dio: i know i can see that
cleohale / Zewala: hahaha...hey im about to find something to eat so ill post when i come back on :)
dante110 / reco dio: kk
cleohale / Zewala: hey srry i took longer than i planed.....so whats up????
Synyster / FlameKing: hey you should move this to the new eliteskills cause ive been on that more recently
Synyster / FlameKing: okay i see how it is when I start talking no one else talks thats just cruel
dante110 / reco dio: srry im back ^^
Synyster / FlameKing: well finally someone seems to talk huh geez and what do you mean your back you havent been on today except for now
dante110 / reco dio: i know but iv been gone for two days so
Synyster / FlameKing: ok and when you type short sentences dont press enter all the time just start going on and on just like what i just did right now XD
dante110 / reco dio: "what ever (fil fil fil fil ifl ifl filfil fil
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: geez still on after that many hours wow someone is bored out of their mind
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wy3l91oE05w
cleohale / Zewala: heyy!!!!!! whats up?????!!!!
dante110 / reco dio: hey ya on ??
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: ok just got 1 thing to say we have to get on near a time where we can finally talk to each other cause we never get a chance to so we have to decide what time we will meet up
dante110 / reco dio: i know right
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: really ok first off we gotta tell each other wat time we are usually on i am on mostly all the time and mostly night time like 8
dante110 / reco dio: im on at 3:30 were do you live i live in mi
dante110 / reco dio: (ig2g)
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: I live in R.I. and that is all and mabye i will move soon i hope so XD
dante110 / reco dio: hey are you on now??
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: im on now sorry been busy lately but now im not XD
dante110 / reco dio: you on ??
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: ok now im on geez sorry anyways if you are on now then say something
dante110 / reco dio: hi
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: yay XD well anyways how have u been doing? mabye not to good?
dante110 / reco dio: why??
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: no im asking u that XD
dante110 / reco dio: im fine why?
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: nothing just wanted to know if a friend was alright XD
dante110 / reco dio: im fine why
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: i just told u why because i wanted to know that a friend was alright
dante110 / reco dio: so whats up
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: nm just been working and getting money XD and then ima spend it soon
dante110 / reco dio: cool
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: do u work or no cause u should it doesnt hurt at all just wastes your life XD
dante110 / reco dio: no i dont have a job yet i mow lawns
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: ouch that sucks for you mabye i will give u some cash XD
dante110 / reco dio: i cut my finger yeaster day some littel kid turnd on the power whil i was cleaning it
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: hahahaha ouch thats messed up XD but u said u were fine dont lie to me T.T
dante110 / reco dio: ya on
13thprotector / Alum: Hay all, I'm here, what's up?
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: whats up homy XD finally your back on but only for weekends T.T
dante110 / reco dio: hey a on
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: im on XD soooo how have you been dante XD lol dante
13thprotector / Alum: you could say I'm on for when my SPIKES work on this high priority encrypted software and you won't understand because it has a lot of stuff to do with algorithms and circuitry and all that.
Long story short, I have to break a ten-thousand digit code to get on eliteskills
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: hey dude how hae u beenXD
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: geez people arent even on at 3:50 in the morning lol i will still be on XD
dante110 / reco dio: im good you?
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: YAY finally on again but once i say that your never on XD
dante110 / reco dio: cool
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: im watching some stuff idk wat but im watching it XD
dante110 / reco dio: lool
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: soooooo dude come on talk to me walk with me XD
dante110 / reco dio: he starts to walk "what do you want??
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: lol sorry my whole laptop just shut off and got a ton of viruses had to reinstall everything XD
dante110 / reco dio: that sucks
dante110 / reco dio: ig2g
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: yawn hello peoples XD
13thprotector / Alum: Hey Christian, I've been doin' fine, well that is so far, never know just what's around the corner right.
What's you been up to late like.
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: well nothing really but dude for reals i forgot your phone number XD i need it again
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: does anyone post on this anymore i mean really come on i joined this cause i thought people were actually gonna talk to me T.T
13thprotector / Alum: Well It takes a while to bypass security and hack a phone line
dante110 / reco dio: i know right
Sanako: Hiiiiiiiii Can i join this o-o Im bored right now ._.
13thprotector / Alum: And then I have to get past a 100000 digit code and bypass the central flux enhibitor on the laptop and reverse the polarity on the battery.
dante110 / reco dio: that sucks how much do you think it will cost
Rex Gold: now this is better.
13thprotector / Alum: nothing I just use computer spikes and security tunnlers to bypass the fire wall, this way is a lot easier.
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: yay finally people post XD omg this is awesome and since the owner isnt here to chat i declare myself rightful leader of this room XD
13thprotector / Alum: Well I don't know any of you guys personally but I would have to say it would be an honor to meet any of you, but I doubt I ever will.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: But I'm serious what's been going on around here?
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: lol nothing is wrong and whatever you want to do you wana meet us go ahead if you dont thats fine with me i will support your answer no matter what XD
Synyster / Akihiko, Usami: Peoples come on and start talking i will not let this house party die you got that
dante110 / reco dio: was up peoples ^^
Sanako / Mononoko: Wahooo an alive place well almost but wahooo XD
Synyster / Akihiko, Usami: Hmmmm peoples thats my line dante T.T
Synyster / Akihiko, Usami: Grrrrr what is wrong with you people pick the wrong times to start talking -slams the door on his way out-
Sanako / Mononoko: Touche o.e
Synyster / Akihiko, Usami: ? don,t even wana know anyways well let me introduce myself I am Christian Ackhart of the Ackhart family.
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: Anyways a lot of people moved to the new rp site so i highly doubt they will be on here but i stayed to keep this place going =D thats just how i am.
Sanako / Mononoko: Yoho Christian :D I'm Mononoko and other dude o-o
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: lol took an hour for me to answer back sorry i just got back from cleaning my whole house
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: Hmmm still no one talks when i get back again o well i will stay here waiting for anyone to talk
Sanako / Mononoko: 22 hours later..............Yoho cherrio XDDD
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: =D wow that was very very late anyways we gotta figure out a schedule
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: Hello again peoples how is everyone doing today
Synyster / Christian Ackhart: Dante-kun and mononoko-san aren't on what to do what to do hmmmm i guess i will have a party to myself then T.T
Synyster / FlameKing: Hmmmm geez no one is gonna answer me again have you really all moved to the new rp site T.T
Sanako / Mononoko: Hiiiiiiiiiii o-o i havent im on both XD
Synyster / FlameKing: heyhey finally someone talked
Synyster / FlameKing: Hmmm I thought you would stay a little longer mononoko-san
dante110 / reco dio: wow whats been going on here
Sanako / Mononoko: I dont know :O
dante110 / reco dio: well thats not much help now is it he sead smiling
Synyster / FlameKing: hey dante -gosh i know im gonna die but- you wana join a family in the new eliteskills but first i have to ask the queen of evil if you can join but u gotta make a good impression unlike someone isnt that right mononoko-san
dante110 / reco dio: how are you goling to die
Synyster / FlameKing: dante just join this ooc in the new eliteskills its called
The Azure Land
dante110 / reco dio: hey srry ig2g
Synyster / FlameKing: just join it ok
Synyster / FlameKing: =P hahaha wow still here
dante110 / reco dio: i made a new es thang but now it wont let me on
Synyster / FlameKing: hey finally XD
Synyster / FlameKing: geez how have you been?
dante110 / reco dio: made a new rp thats it and the new es sucks it wont let me on at all
Synyster / FlameKing: lol it lets everyone in anyways like I said how have u been?
dante110 / reco dio: good
Synyster / FlameKing: ok thats good XD
dante110 / reco dio: so what do ya mean you was gana die
Synyster / FlameKing: Oh like I was gonna get the crap beaten out of me by her XD
dante110 / reco dio: by who
Synyster / FlameKing: by my friend that goes to school with me, she owns the ooc so I need to ask her if another person could join thats why =D, but I made my own ooc now so you can join me and my other friends
dante110 / reco dio: ig2g
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: hey there couple of cool cats.
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: I have been sent as a messanger to just ask if anyone wants to join Academy 51.
if so I will see you on it or just talk to Aiden/blt22 (someting something)
or talk to Xander the light, or Nekboy.
one is an ooc and the other is the real deal.
Synyster / FlameKing: Hey ethan how about you join my ooc jerk T.T
VictoriaAustin / Rin Lara: (hey I wanna join can someone bring me up to speed as to whats going on??)
cleohale / Zewala: (u can join and not much im about to actually start this one)
Zewala was sitting on her couch waiting for people to come to her party
AndieRox / Oouka: What's up? =D Can I join?? =3
dante110 / reco dio: looks at Zewala " wow long party"
VictoriaAustin / Rin Lara: Rin knocks on Zewala's door waiting for someone to answer.
dante110 / reco dio: he walked to the door "hey Zewala want me to answer the door" he sead looking at her
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: *yawn streach* I'm out of the whole, but I can't help much on tellin' what's up.
cleohale / Zewala: zew was dazed for a few mins then heard the door "uh yeah u can get the door" she said smiling at him then looked at the door to see who it was
Synyster / FlameKing: wow after days and days of waiting
cleohale / Zewala: (im srry!!!!! its summer vacation so i should be on more now)
Synyster / FlameKing: mhm well my summer is me getting grounded so I might not be on at all =P
cleohale / Zewala: -oh im srry hear that-
boyslikegirls / Erica Erie Light: -this looks fun can i join in?- she asked nervously.
cleohale / Zewala: -yes u may! thanks-
boyslikegirls / Erica Erie Light: -awosme!so lets get wasted!!- she shouts with her hands in the air doing the wave xD
dante110 / reco dio: he looked at the girl who sead that " is...she okay" he sead looking at zew
cleohale / Zewala: "i dont even know who that is"she said laughing a bit then looked at him smiling again 'oh wow he is so sweet and cute' she thought but just shook it off and looked around the gym
dante110 / reco dio: he looked at her " i see you do you always bring stangers to your party " he sead walking up to her
cleohale / Zewala: "yeah i just like gettin to know more ppl"she said shaking her head to wake up and looked around "so wheres the music come on now"she said gettin up and turned on the radio and started dancin a bit dirty then laughed
dante110 / reco dio: "wow " he sead standing right next to her
cleohale / Zewala: "oh come on u know u like this"she said in a flirty way then laughed some more and just sat on the couch
dante110 / reco dio: he looked at her then looked at the other people and sat next to her
cleohale / Zewala: she giggled "so this isnt much of a party yet but i hope it will get better"she said sad that her party wasnt verry much fun
dante110 / reco dio: he looked at her " hmm better eh"
cleohale / Zewala: "maby i should go back to bed"she said resting her head on his shoulder and slwoly drifted back to sleep
dante110 / reco dio: he looked at her " you have a party to attend to " he sead as he put one hand on his leg and leting her reast
cleohale / Zewala: she smiled "i know but it sucks rite now"she said then yaned and fell asleep
dante110 / reco dio: he looked at her and sat her down as he got up
cleohale / Zewala: she laid there waiting for someone to wake her up when the party got interesting
dante110 / reco dio: he grabed his guitar and amp out of his car and sat them next to a clear spot
Synyster / FlameKing: O.o wow you guys fail.....I'm more on the new e.s. now XD
dante110 / reco dio: hey whin did you come back
Synyster / FlameKing: ????idk
dante110 / reco dio: ha ha ha lol
Synyster / FlameKing: Anyways try to get on the new es again =P
dante110 / reco dio: iv tried 20 times last night it did not work
Synyster / FlameKing: XD
dante110 / reco dio: whats so XD abot its not easy to get on to
Synyster / FlameKing: It was for me you failure XD
dante110 / reco dio: so you fail at halo O-O that makes me sound like a nerd
Synyster / FlameKing: im beast at it halo
dante110 / reco dio: i beat all the halos on lagendary
Synyster / FlameKing: same
dante110 / reco dio: what the
Synyster / FlameKing: ???
Synyster / FlameKing: Nero walks in a scary looking room still trying to find the one he loves that got stolen away by his so called enemies. As he is opens a strange looking door he see's a man that he once fought before, "Hey I remember you, when we fought you never told me your name and how you new me."
Dante, turning around as he looks at nero with a devilish look smiling at him, takes out his gun and rapidly gets in front of his face, "......" Dante doesn't say a single word to him. When he was about to pull the trigger he see's to the side of him another gun pointing straight at him.
"Do you really think that you could kill me that easily with such week speed", Nero saying to Dante. As Dante put his gun's away he smile's at Nero while taunting him with a hand movement. Nero charging at him with full force picks up a strange looking sword and starts clashing with Dante.
5 minutes later Nero realizes that Dante isn't giving his all in their battle. "You got a jacked up notion of fair play pal, and it's beginning to piss me off", Nero saying to Dante with a mad look on his face. 10 minutes later, Dante and nero are still fighting, but Nero is starting to look worn out while Dante looked fine, Nero decided to use his gun and his sword at the same time making it harder for Dante to fight back.
Dante, having trouble defending himself decided to use his sword *P.s. Dante is very skill full when he uses his sword*. After taking his sword out he started taking it serious with Nero and knocked out both his gun and his sword, but surprisingly Nero had 1 more trick up his sleeve.
Dante, smiling at Nero says, "aha so your just like...", before Dante had anything to say left, Nero struck him with his demon arm causing Dante serious damage. "Well finally decided to talk huh, I thought the cat had your tongue", Nero saying to Dante. Dante, Laughing like a maniac said to Nero, "well I guess I got some time to kill." After a long battle, they finally decided to come to a draw after Nero had kicked him in the face and almost shot him, they both stood on top of a statue pointing their gun's at one another.
Dante, putting his gun away, decided to end the battle that he thought was quite foolish to start. Jumping off the statue onto a whole in the ceiling leading to outside, he bid farewell to nero, "I had a lot of fun, thanks for that little workout, I have a feeling we will meet again but business beckons." Nero tried to shoot a shot at him but missed. "Adios kid" Dante said just to get him more aggravated. "Tch, who was that guy, and why did he come here anyways....." Nero said to himself silently before leaving the building.
Synyster / FlameKing: Got some parts and made it a little different
dante110 / reco dio: i see
Synyster / FlameKing: XD
dante110 / reco dio: ??
akarikyuuketsuk / .Miku Hatsune.: May I join?
Synyster / FlameKing: sure its a party and everyone is invited
Synyster / Gir/robot: People don't usually talk on here besides dante and I
Synyster / Gir/robot: Dance to the beat gir! XD
dante110 / reco dio: what
Synyster / Gir/robot: Lol random thing to say dante XD
dante110 / reco dio: oh okay
dante110 / reco dio:
Synyster / Gir/robot: DANTE!
dante110 / reco dio: WHAT
Synyster / Gir/robot: hi XD
Synyster / Gir/robot: No one is talking anymore T.T
dante110 / reco dio: >.>
Synyster / Gir/robot: soooo big bro wats up XD
lunasakamoto / Kanade: can i join?
dante110 / reco dio: i dont thank zew would ind and nothing much
Synyster / Gir/robot: T.T big brother doesn't talk to me anymore
dante110 / reco dio: i said nothing much
Synyster / Gir/robot: Yay big bro is finally on XD
dante110 / reco dio: yeah
Synyster / Gir/robot: XD im watching naruto beat up pain XD
dante110 / reco dio: ha ha
Synyster / Gir/robot: such an awesome fight right now XD
Synyster / Gir/robot: T.T you left again
Synyster / Sieghart: On a lonely rainy night in town, where the lights are bright and the roads are empty, a boy named Kanema Takeshi, with red spiky hair and somewhat cool looking glasses was walking along the sidewalk. (r "*sigh* Their is nothing to do in this boring town besides the arcade and movies.") Continuing to walk wherever the road may lead him, he saw a stray puppy in a box and decided to run up to it. -splash! splash!- His footsteps hitting large puddles while running towards the puppy, he looked at it with a sad look on his face. (r "I'm sorry little guy but I can't bring you home with me, for now all I can do is cover you with this umbrella.")
The puppy started to cry as he saw the boy walk away. Looking back at the puppy, he whispered from his lips (r (i "I'm sorry.") As he kept on walking through the rain, he looked up into the sky and started to cry, hoping that that puppy would be alright. Kanema didn't mind the rain, because he enjoys it, but he couldn't help but think how that puppy felt when he left him their.
Kanema thinking to himself (r (Hmmm maybe I should take that puppy home with me........yes I should, I can't just let a poor defenless animal stay out in this rain.)) He ran back to the spot where he had left the puppy, but it was too late, the puppy wasn't their anymore along with his umbrella. Kanema started to cry, (r "What have I done......what if some person took him and is now treating him bad......I'M AN IDIOT!") -Bam!- Kanema punched himself in the face for not doing what he should have done.
After sitting in the rain for so long, he passed out somehow, maybe because staying in the rain so long or maybe because of the guilt he had in his heart for not bringing the poor puppy with him.
Synyster / Sieghart: Hewwo???
Synyster / Sieghart: hello anybody here anyone can join u know
dante110 / reco dio: i know
Synyster / Sieghart: Yay big brother is on XD
dante110 / reco dio: why you keep calling me that
Synyster / Sieghart: Idk it just seems that your older XD
dante110 / reco dio: i see
Synyster / Sieghart: XD
dante110 / reco dio: .....................................................................
Synyster / Sieghart: Anyways what have u been up to??
dante110 / reco dio: nothing
Synyster / Sieghart: why did u randomly leave last time??
dante110 / reco dio: com died
Synyster / Sieghart: Uh huh =.= just tell me when u gona leave or something
dante110 / reco dio: my lap top died in real
Synyster / Sieghart: kk
Synyster / Sieghart: ??
dante110 / reco dio: so was up any ways
Synyster / Sieghart: nm u???
dante110 / reco dio: nm
Synyster / Sieghart: uh huh
dante110 / reco dio: srry bro g2g
Synyster / Sieghart: kk big bro later
Synyster / Sieghart: n e body their
dante110 / reco dio: hey bro
FUCKOFF3000 / Melissa Q: Can I join this rp do I need a ... anime?
Synyster / Sieghart: Silly people this isn't an rp I just post whatever comes to my mind XD
Synyster / Sieghart: O.o
FUCKOFF3000 / Melissa Q: Sooo....PARTY!!!!! I want alcohol!
Synyster / Sieghart: O.o uhhhh
Synyster / Sieghart: ??????
Synyster / Sieghart: bleh....i remember this..
Synyster / Gir/robot: XP i hope people still talk on here.....
13thprotector / Ethan Ackhart: looks different than the new one. nostalgic

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