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Roleplay - The mansion by Ezekial Forfax / Spirit74

In a mysterious mansion

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Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial had just woken up.He got up from his bed and sat there, just thinking about what he was going to do.He stood up and walked to his closet.He grabbed out an all black outfit(some thieving gear.)He put on a mask and went out his back door.He crept to a large mansion, attempting to steal some goods.He slowly approached the window.He quietly opened it.As he did he heard footsteps from behind him.He turned he could see two guards talking, so he had to escape inside fast.He put one foot onside the house then slide in and put his other foot in.He stayed low, attempting to shut the window.Ezekial quickly, but quietly closed the window.He made it inside.He walked inside slowly,all the lights where off, and no sounds were heard.Ezekial remained calm and began to walk through the abandoned mansion, or at least that's what he thought.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: As he wandered the mansion he heard silence, no noise at all.He walked into a room, and felt around to see what was in there.He felt a small necklace."Huh..Oh jackpot.."He put the necklace in his pocket and turned around to leave the room.As he did he felt breathing down his back.He turned and saw nothing.Ezekial turned back and started to walk again.He entered the hall way and started to walk."This place is creepy.."As he said this he heard a faint noise, like a call for help.Ezekial stopped.He turned around and saw nothing.The lights started to flicker and as it turned on and off a dark figure could be seen in the light.It walked towards him and faded in the dark, then came back in the light.Ezekial backed away.He heard a yell from behind him as the breathing got louder.He creamed."Stop it!!!Leave me alone!!"Ezekial ran and ran and ran until he hit into a wall.He felt around as the breathing got even more louder, like it was right behind him.He began to panic.He ran into a room.He couldn't see anything so he felt around quickly.He heard footsteps coming from outside.He felt a bed and went underneath it.He waited and closed his eyes.He heard footsteps, but saw no feet.The door slammed shut behind him.Ezekial was silent.He opened his eyes and saw nothing.As he began to feel more calm he heard breathing next to him.He slowly turned around.As he did staring him in the face was a little girl, she was young like Ezekial and was bleeding above her head.She smiled creepily and began to move her hands toward him.Ezekial scurried out from under the bed.He looked around.People were surrounding him.They were all smiling."What do you want from me!!"
AliceKanon: (can i join? :3)
''What I want?'' Alice asked smiling,her blue white hair reflecting the little bit of light ''Don't you mean what you want?''she walked towards him.Her dolls sure scared this thief quite a bit.''Please return that.The necklace is my mother's'' she said sweetly ''If you don't then...I don't think my dolls will forgive you'' as soon as she said that,clicking sounds came from behind her.An army of dolls,different sizes and gender,marched and giggled.Their voice hollow.''Please return it.I really don't like to hurt anyone'' she said frowning,the blood made her eye patch wet and it dripped on to the floor.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: (sure^_^)
Ezekial reached into his pocket and handed Alice her necklace.He was shaking."Wh-h-ho a-a-re y-y-y-ou??"
AliceKanon: ''Why thank you'' Alice said and gave it to one of her dolls who ran of to put the necklace back.''I am Alice Enma.Daughter of the owner of this mansion''she bowed ''You sure chose the wrong house to steal from,my parents work with the mafia you know...''she bent down and looked at the boy thief.He's very young for a thief.Alice was worried when footsteps came their way.''Come this way hurry'' she pulled the boy to his feet,the dolls retreated with her.''Trust me ok?I don't want you to get in trouble'' she whispered as she ran.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial willingly followed Alice."Your so nice...not letting me get in trouble..."he whispered to Alice.
AliceKanon: Alice laughed in a whisper. ''I'm kind to lots of people.But only the people who diserves it'' they ran down the hallway.Until they reached a door.''Get in,no one searches my room'' as she opened the door,her dolls rushed in first.''Don't be scared my dolls are good little ones.Now come'' she gave a gentle nudge to the boy.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled and whispered."You really think I deserve after what I done?"He looked down at the floor.He then looked up after she nudged him."Ok..but your dolls are creepy.."Ezekial then went into the room.
AliceKanon: With a giggle Alice closed the door.A little doll turned the light on.''I can tell if people are good or not'' she said then clapped,all the dolls turned to look at her ''Alright everyone!possitions now!'' she instructed and the dolls arranged themselves on to the shelves.the clicking noises filled the room.Then a silence.Alice looked at her mirror and grimaced.''Ah..no wonder I scared you so much'' she went to a basin of water that's always on her table and sprinkled water onto her face.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial looked around,confused."Where do I go?"He then looked at Alice."You didn't scare me that much...it was just your timing.."Ezekial smiled and laughed quietly.
AliceKanon: Shaking the water off Alice laughed with him.''I am famous for my timings!'' she joked ''You come sit here''she pointed to the chair next to her table ''I'll just get rid of the water'' she went to her bathroom and let the pink water flow into the sink.''Oh yeah,what's your name?If I may know that is''Alice asked as she returned to the room.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial sat down in the chair."My name is Ezekial..."He smiled again."Oh..and don't mind my happiness..I am very happy...usually.."
AliceKanon: ''Ezekial ...'' Alice repeated ''What a unique name'' Alice as she joined him.''It's good you're happiness is chearing this room up.My dolls have nothing to say once in a while...''she clapped again and a boy doll landed on to the table ''Some tea please'' Alice said and patted the doll's artificial brown hair.''Oh! And some bandages!'' she called to the doll as it scurried off into a seperate room.She looked back at Ezekial ''So how come you chose this profession?'' she asked.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled once more."Well...my name is based of of the angel of harmony..so it is kind of unique."Ezekial looked at the boy doll."Wierd..how do you do that?"He sat wondering how it was possible, was it some type of magic or something.He looked at Alice."What do you need a bandage for..well bandages?Oh...and this isn't really my profession..I'm just really poor and need to do what ever I can to make money..like selling you necklace, because I live all alone..and have to steal things to make money for food..."
AliceKanon: Alice patted his head,a sad smile on her face.''I see...Well if you ever need anything you can always come here'' she suggested.''Oh and my dolls can move because I imagine them to move.My mental energy is twenty times stronger than normal people'' she explained ''And the bandages are for this'' she lifted her fringe,there was a cut across her forehead.''I already lost an eye,wouldn't want to lose anything else you know?'' she joked without much humour.
AliceKanon: (i'll be back in a few mins.dinner time :3)
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled."Your so nice thanks I'll come here all the time then."Ezekial looked at the dolls once more."So you use mental energy...cool...I use magic."He points at the cut across her forehead."How did that happen?"(Hey what happened to your pic?)
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: (Are you still there?)
AliceKanon: (yeah)
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: (ok!^_^..continue then)
AliceKanon: ''Wow...no wonder you don't doubt me.You use magic'' touching the cut Alice scowled as the memory came back.''I said my parents work with the mafia.I ran into a bunch of people from a rival gang.My dolls got angry for giving me a cut and...well...you can use your imagination'' she winked.A small knock came at the door,she went and opened it.From behind the door she produced a tea set on a tray.The boy doll toddled inside and took his place back on the shelves.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial's expression became serious."I see..."He then looked at Alice's cut and stood up.He put his hand near her face and a green light shone.Within seconds the cut was gone."All healed.."he smiled.The knock on the door made him jump."Oh..its just your doll..I wasn't scared though.."he laughed quietly.
AliceKanon: ''Hahaha you should work in my family's clinic!That was amazing'' Alice said as she patted Ezekial's head and sat the tea cups down.She poured the tea and set the sugar down for Ezekial to chooose.''I can't let these bandages go to waste...''she said then removed her eye patch.Alice slowly opened her eye and a gold glint shone through.Her glass eye was gold instead of blue like her real eye.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled."Thanks."He then pushed the tea aside."I don't drink tea...sorry."He looked at Alice's eye and said nothing, until words finally came out."Hmm.....a gold eye...mine are red..."
AliceKanon: ''Heheh I know they are.So pretty.My eye is made of glass.Imade from the same material as the ones I use for my dolls'' Alice explained as she took back the tea.''That reminds me....''she clicked and a little doll came running over,she held him up and smiled.''This little one looks like you'' the doll really did,same eye and hair colour,same hair style.It wore a white robe.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: "Hey it does look like me!!"he smiled.At the time he was wearing all black and you couldn't see his wings.He stood up."Well..we both had an accident..thats one thing we have in common.."Ezekial pulled of his shirt.His body split half and half.One side was mechanic and the other was normal.His one wing was normal as the other was mechanical."See...."
AliceKanon: Alice stood up.Her eyes glittered.''They're lovely...''she said as she went over to him.She sighed,smiling.''My eye isn't the only thing'' she said and took off her black cardigen,underneath she wore a sleaveless dress.Looking closely you could see scars running up and down her arms to her neck and torso.''I was kidnapped once...Those people tested some kind of weapon on me.It eft these marks.They look like rose vines don't they?''
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial looked at Alice and smiled."So you love my eyes..?"Ezekial looked at the marks on Alice's body."So you were tested on too?"He smiled, trying to lighten up the moment."So..now what?"he said changing the subject.
AliceKanon: Sighing again Alice thought hard.Then she clicked her fingers again.The Ezekial look a like doll stood up on the table.''Oops sorry force of habbit...Anyways why don't I show you how I make my dolls?I'll get you something nice to eat'' she winked at him.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial laughed."That is still wierd.."He looked at Alice."Ok..as long as I get food.."he joked.He sat back down and waited for Alice to show him how she makes her dolls.
AliceKanon: Alice poked him playfully.''Don't go ruening your figure when you're this young please''she laughed as she got her tool kit.She got the fabric she wanted and sat back down.With another click,her dolls came again.Three this time.''Go get some food ok?You know the what I'm talking about'' and with a few clicking of their ball joints,they were off.''It'll take too long if I make one from scratch,I'll just change this little one a tiny bit''.Alice removed the doll's simple white robe revealing the ball joints underneath.She began taking out her sculpting tools and chizled away at the doll's back.After making two holes,she put the doll down and threaded a needle.''And a one and a two...'' she breathed and swung her finger like a conductor in an orchestra.The fabrics,needle,scissors started to get to work in mid-air.''By the way,how old are you Ezekial?'' she asked still conducting her orchestra.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled."Don't worry I won't ruin my figure.."He smiled again."That is amazing how you do that.."he looks at Alice."Oh...and I;m ten..how old are you?By the way...where do I get food here anyway?"
AliceKanon: Alice blinked,she didn't even realise her dolls came back witha big plate pasta and water.''You're ten?Wow you're four years younger than me...''she set the plate infront of him,hiding her frown.She felt awful...someone could experiment on so small a child...''Well,enjoy the food''she smiled with all her strenghth.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled."Yep the big one-o..really your fourteen?Cool!"He looked at the plate then up at Alice.He saw the weak smile and wondered.He started to eat the pasta."What's wrong, Alice?"he asked as he took another mouth full.
AliceKanon: ''I...I just thought how horrible.It must have been for you...''her eye teared up,she tried to blink it away.''When I was locked up for almost a month...I thought I would die''she looked at Ezekial with a pained look ''But it must have been worse for you.They did that sort of thing to you!'' she looked at his body.Her anger flared,the scissors started cutting fiercly and the needle started piercing through lots of layers of fabric.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled."Its okay Alice.."He grabbed her in the shoulders and looked her in the eyes."It was worse,but the matter of the fact is that I'm alive..isn't that what matters?"He looked in her eyes and saw the sadness.He began to feel upset."....."
AliceKanon: Without thinking Alice hugged him,stroking his wings.''I'm sorry...It's just..my sister.My twin sister Alyssie,she was kidnapped when we were ten years old...They tortured her so much!Now she's in a coma!She's been asleep for four years now...so I just...''she cried,it hurt,crying from one eye.''I am glad,that you're ok'' she sobbed.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial hugged Alice back."I'm so sorry.."He was upset now.Just looking at Alice.He felt her pain for he was an angel."I guess its not ok really.."He tried to smile,but couldn't."
AliceKanon: Alice shook her head.''No...I'm really glad I met you.You're like the little brother I always wanted!'' Alice pulled back and looked at his face.''If you need anything,anything at all or if you just want to talk.Come here ok?If not here then you can ask the guards outside,they'll tell you where I am''she said in one go.Looking back at her creation,she took the finished product.The doll now looked exactly like Ezekial,the wings were made from fabric though.''Just show this doll to them,they won't get in your way'' Alice said as she passed him the doll.It was small enough to hang on a belt.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled as he took the doll."This means alot to me Alice..."He smiled again."I will come here everyday, because you are a good friend.."He put the doll on his belt.He then got up and only one wing was able to go back in his body.He looked down at Alice, his eyes twinkling."So...now what do you want to do?"
AliceKanon: Alice smiled wryly.''You fly right....?''she asked,and then clapped twice.A small army of her dolls opened a closet on the corner of the room.They came carrying something covered in a black sheet.Alice took it,it was as tall as her.She unveiled it dramaticaly.Underneath was a pair of wings,silver with metal joints.''Well,the city looks great at night from above'' she winked.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled and laughed."Of course I fly...why would I have wings, silly.."He looked at the wings then at Alice."Lets go then!"he smiled again.He took a step back allowing his wing to come out.
AliceKanon: Laughing Alice threw on her wings and ran to the window.Throwing the window open she stood on to the balcony.Alice concentrated hard,imagining her wings flapping like a birds.Her wings twitched and stretched to it's full length.''Alright let's go!'' she yelled as she dived off the ballcony.Her wings pulling her into the air,Alice's hair was like a veil...
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial laughed."Alright!"He ran and jumped out the open window his wings flapping in the air.His hair blew back from the wind.He flew high up into the air and darted back down towards Alice."I do this all the time..."He stood still watching the city, smiling at Alice.
AliceKanon: ''I can tell! you're a real angel!'' Alice yelled through the wind.The lights below were like a painting.Her Wings were more of a glider,they ride on the wind in a way.''My sister used to do this with me.But she was so bad at it she would start tumbling and making herself dizzy!'' Alice laughed at the memory.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled."How about we really fly!"He jetted up into the sky and soared back down grabbing Alice by the hand.He jetted back up,the wind was blowing in his face.He flew into the clouds.He looked at Alice."Ready?!"Before she could answer he soared back down just above the city and finally slowed down,but he did not let go of her hand."Have you ever been to heaven?"he asked her.
AliceKanon: ''Waahaaaaa!'' Alice shrieked playfully.She held on tight to Ezekial's hands and smiled til her face hurt.She was supprised by his question.''Heaven huh?No I havn't but...my little sis must see it in her dreams everyday'' she said smiling.Alyssie would make a beautiful angel but,she needed her more as a sister.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled."I think she would make a wonderful angel too..but Alice, do you know how you become an angel?"He looked at her and let go of her hand.
AliceKanon: Alice shook her head,her hair flew around.''No,how?''
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled."You have to have a pure heart...but you must also be dead.."He smiled again and pointed at the city."Look how amazing it looks!"
AliceKanon: Alice thought deeply ''Wait...Ezekial...you're not,you know...are you?'' Alice asked,her eyes confused.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled."I am...."
AliceKanon: Alice felt her heart skip a beat.''Then...why are you still here?You have to steal for food!How can something like this happen?'' her voice carried strongly across the wind.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial looked at Alice."It was from the experiment...I died when I was nine.I went to heaven and became an angel..but I was told not to let humans know I am there..but I was curious and showed myself to a human.He took me in and experimented on me.He sliced my body in half and replaced the one half with mechanic parts that keep me on earth...also it lets me keep my angel powers as well...they used me as a weapon for my strength, even though I am young I am strong...So I ran away..and came here...and met you.."He looked at Alice."That's my story..."
AliceKanon: A large ball of mental energy exploded from Alice.She had furry writen all over her face.''Why?!Don't these people have better things to do than torture children?!'' she yelled into the night.The mental energy was actuallt visible,a strong,dense blue aura.''I never let anyone do this to you anyone else I know.I swear.If I break this promise,I'll swallow a thousand needles...'' she hissed.
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Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial looked at Alice."....why do they do that..why do they experiment on children?"he asked.He looked at the blue aura around Alice."Calm down..."He smiled."At least I met you through this."His eyes sparkled.
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AliceKanon: (darn you lucky boy XD)
The blue aura died down and Alice sighed.''I'm sorry...I am glad I met you though''she smiled at him and poked his cheek playfuly.
(alrighty,bye! *waves*)
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled."It's ok."Then he laughed as Alice poked his cheek.(See ya later then..after school..)
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: (*drops in* hello i'm back!)
Alice smiled back,looking down at the city lights.''Wonder if my parents will be back this week...'' she sighed but not sad.Her wings stretched and flapped twice.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: (Welcome back!!^_^)
Ezekial smiles."Where did your parents go?"
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: (thanks)
''My parents were asked by the boss to take care of some people'' Alice slowly said the words,trying to hint at the hidden meaning behind her simple word.''The mafia business is very complicated'' Alice explained.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial looked at Alice."Ok..."He then smiled."So now what?"
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: ''I'm up for ideas''Alice then thought ''Well if you're not in a hurry I can show you my secret hidout''
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled."Hideeout..."He thought about it for a second.Then looked back at Alice."Ok!To your hideout!"He smiled once more.
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: Alice grinned ''Ok,then follow tight!'' she said as she dived towards the middle of the city.''Woohooo!'' she cried in joy.The building came faster and faster,then,through the thicket of buildings,was a clock tower.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled."Ok!!"He followed Alice down towards the middle of the city."Weeeeee!!!!!!!!!"He then saw the clock tower."Whoaa..."He smiled again.
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: ''Cool huh?'' she said back towards him and headed to an open window in the tower.She makes a noisy landing and skids to a stop,the dust making her cough a bit.Opening her arms,Alice yelled out at Ezekial ''Come in!Mind your landing!'' she braced herself for Ezekial's laning.she'd catch him if she needed to.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled at her."Yea!This is real cool!"He flew in the window and stopped,his wings stopped flapping and he slowly landed on the floor."Heh..perfect landing!!"He smiled at her again.
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: Alice rolled her eyes.''Whatever angel...''she teased and felt around for her lamp.With a click the room was iluminated.''I'm back everyone!'' Alice called,she was answered by a chorus of 'welcome back' by a even larger group of dolls that covered every part of the room.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial looked around, seeing all the dolls."Whoa.."He then smiled and looked at Alice."So this is your secret hideout?"He smiled again.His wing went back inside his back.
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: ''Yup,my room is too small for my dolls.I keep making more...''Alice said and picked up a small doll that looked like a little version of Alice but,with dark hair.''I made her to look like my sister'' she explained.
Gkid7495: Za was looking for Ezekial at the moment.Za was hired to kill the runaway experiment,whom was Ezekial.He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small device.It was a tracking device used to find Ezekial.Za left from his house and his wings came out.He flew up into the sky to find Ezekial.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled and laughed."Creepy...but yet interesting.."He paused.From his body you could hear a faint beeping noise."What is that?"
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: ''What the-'' Alice rushed over to him.The beeping came from Ezekial without a doubt.''I don't like the sound of that...''
Gkid7495: Za had located Ezekial.He was standing outside of the clock tower."Hmm...so he is in there.."He flew up to the window."Ezekial!!Time to die!!"
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial looked at Alice."Oh...that explains it."He backed up from Za."Long time no see, Za.."He smiled.
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: ''What the hey?!'' Alice yelled as someone was entering the tower.Whoever he was,he wasn't going to be let in easily.With a click of her fingers,a doll turned of the lights,the other's sheilded Alice and Ezekial.The beeping was muffled by the doll's bodies.''Don't move or speak'' Alice sent her mental thought directly into his mind.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled at Alice."Alice..I have to fight him..its the only way for me to be free..I have to..alone.."He waited for the dolls to stop shielding him.
Gkid7495: Za laughed."Come out of there,Ezekial!!!"He flew back outside."It is my job to terminate you!!Now come out here and fight!!"He yelled at Ezekial.
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: Alice bit her lips.''You think I would let you?'' she hissed in the darkness.''Just wait please...I'll make you an opening...''she knew she couldn't stop him.At least she would help him a little.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled."Thanks Alice.."He waited until she made an opening.
Gkid7495: Za waited for Ezekial and was smiling."Come on now!"
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: Alice pulled her marrionette strings from her pocket and put one end in her mouth.The other end had a weight and Alice threw it.Thr weight bounced off walls and wrapped around the wood that supported the window were the other man was trying to get in from.Wrapping the other end around her hands,Alice pulled.The string sliced through the wood,the whole window collapsing.''Go!'' she yelled at Ezekial.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial nodded."Ok!"He charged at Za, jumping in the sky his wing came out and he tackled Za to the ground.
Gkid7495 / Za Darkenzu: Za was unexpectingly tackled by Ezekial.He was tackled to the ground,after the long fall.You could hear the crashing sounds at impact.He kicked Ezekial off him after the fall and stumbled up."....."
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: Her hand bled,but Alice ignored it.Leaving her doll shield,Alice stood hoping Ezekial would be alright.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial got up."Hmmm...."He put one hand up.A large red flame developed in his hand.He threw it like a baseball at Za.Then charged at him again.
Gkid7495 / Za Darkenzu: Za dodged the flame ball."Is that all you got!"He yelled.Then was tackled again by Ezekial.He laughed and kicked him off,quickly getting to his feet he grabbed Ezekial by his throat,while he was down.He picked him up still laughing.Then he threw him into a building.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial crashed into the building.He slowly got up.Then he pulled a Bow and Arrow(Flame arrow).He aimed at Za, pulling back and firing his arrow.
Gkid7495 / Za Darkenzu: Za walked up to Ezekial,but stopped.He made a faint noise as he looked down at his chest.An arrow was stuck in there.He grabbed it,attempting to pull it out.The arrow was burning his skin though.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial pulled out a small golden dagger and ran up to Za.He kicked him down and forced his dagger into his stomach.
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: Jumping through an undamaged window,Alice and her army fell,the wings helping her glide down.Landing a good few meters away,Alice clapped her hands together and the bell in the tower rang out.A black and white scenery domed over the tower and the surroundings,Alice sent her thoughts into Ezekial's mind.''I made a barrier.Now fight with all you've got!'' she cheered.
Gkid7495 / Za Darkenzu: Za yelled as the dagger was forced into his stomach."Thats it no more playing around!"He kicked Ezekial off,jumping up in the air to catch him.He grabbed his leg and threw him into the ground.He then charged up a shadow ball and lifted it into the air,sending many smaller shadow balls at Ezekial while he was down.
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: Alice used a blast of mental energy without thinking and blocked most of the shadow balls.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: "Whoaaa!!!!!!!!!"Ezekial yelled as he was kicke dup to the air.He was then thrown to the ground.As he got up only a few shadow balls hit him, sending him back into the ground.You could see a huge crater in the ground and Ezekial just laying there.He got to his knees and looked up.His eyes turned to a darker color.He pulled out his dagger.It glew a bright yellow color,blinding Za.The dagger grew bigger like a blade and was the same color.Ezekial charged at Za while he was blind.
Gkid7495 / Za Darkenzu: Za was blinded,he felt around but saw all yellow.He stumbled around completely defenseless.
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: Alice winced when the escaped shadow balls hit Ezekial.The light was blinding,so she used her wings to shield herself.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial's blade was forced into Za'a stomach again.Ezekial pushed foward.
Gkid7495 / Za Darkenzu: Za yelled as the blade was forced into his stomach once more.Za grabbed Ezekial and threw him behind him.He grabbed the blade still in his stomach and tried to pull it out."You little!!"
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: ''Ezekial!'' Alice rushed to his side.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial got up."This is it!!Your finished!!"He yelled, knocking Za to his knees.He grabbed the begining of his wings.He pulled and yelled.
Gkid7495 / Za Darkenzu: Za yelled from the pain.His wings were getting pulled out from his back.He couldn't move."How could I lose to a kid!!!"
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: ''Don't call him a kid!He could beat you anyday!''Alice yelled with rage.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial pulled and pulled.Za's wings ripped out of his back.Ezekial's eyes turned black.He grabbed Za by his throat and threw him into a building.He threw several fire balls at him as soon as he threw him.The rushed back over there,grabbing Za again throwing him into the building again.He picked him up and smashed his face against the wall."No one can kill me!!!"he yelled.He grabbed Za by the spikes on his shoulder and broke them off."I will kill you!!"
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: Alice thought for a second that,the person now fighting isn't the same Ezekial as before.
Gkid7495 / Za Darkenzu: Za yelled as his wings ripped out of his back making him human.He was then thrown into a wall and hit with all fire balls.He tried to get up,but was thrown into the wall again.He then got his face smashed into the wall.He couldn't stand up,he was so injured.He then yelled again as Ezekial pulled the spikes from his shoulders.He dropped to the ground."...ah..."
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: (you guys continue.i'll be back in a few minutes)
Alice covered her mouth is horror.Tears came down her face,she didn't like this Ezekial,she didn't like him this way.''Please!That's enough!'' she whimpered.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial was about to grab Za again, but stopped as he heard Alice talk."Alice..."he said as he dropped to his kness, then to the floor.His eyes turned red again.He was knocked out.
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: ''No!'' Alice ran to him and held him in her arms.
Gkid7495 / Za Darkenzu: Za's body faded away.Since he survived he left back to his realm to be healed.
Sephrenia / Dieane: With permission, I'd like to join for a bit. May I?)
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: (Ok)
Ezekial laid in Alice's arms,still knocked out.
(yes you can join)
Sephrenia / Dieane: Thank you.)
After walking for hours, when she could walk no longer, her body just sort of floated around; keeping her moving. Once she was on the verge of passing out, she collapsed onto the Earth ground and just lay there, starting at nothing. Her amber eyes were unblinking and unless someone looked very closely, they would think she was dead as her breathing was very shallow, and very slow. Her legs pulled up slightly as she just lay there. She had no clue where she was, and she didn't care; as long as she wasn't asked to leave.
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: (writing wiv iPhone)
Rocking back and forth with Ezekial's limp body in her arms,Alice stopped crying.She stood up and removed the barrier.As she was about to leave,still carrying the boy,she felt someone there,".....Who's there?" she asked icily.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: (Have to go)
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: (ok bye bye)
Sephrenia / Dieane: A blue butterfly flew over to her and landed, ever so softly on her bare shoulder. She didn't even blink. It was as though her 'Self', or 'Soul', had left the shell that was the human body. Not even the cold seemed to affect her. She didn't move but for the shallow breathing and the butterfly started to move around, looking for something. To any other person, this feather light touch would tickle.
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: Something touched Alice's arm.She looked down,it was a butterfly.She managed a weak smile.''Hey little one.Are you lost?''she asked it.It flew off and wanted Alice to follow.''Alright then'' she said and followed it.Still carrying Ezekial.
Sephrenia / Dieane: Slowly, her eyes blinked closed, then reopened. Still they stared at nothing, though. The breathing was the same, shallow and very slow. Was she sick? Or was this her rest? The blue butterfly on her finally flutters away, more of it's own accord then being scared by her.
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: Beyond the clock tower was a cobble stone path that no one ever uses anymore.There was someone there.Alice sighed as she approached the girl on the floor.''Aren't you like a butterfly?'' she whispered as she knew the girl wasn't dead.''Would you like to rest somewhere a bit warmer?'' she asked again,bending down,her mechanicle wings creating a shadow over the mysterious girl.Ezekial's limp body and Alice.
Sephrenia / Dieane: Slowly the eyes move back to look at the cause of the shadow upon her. With force from the body, she tries to sit up, but soon gives up and allows her body to float upon the air to sit up and then slowly turn towards the other girl. "I was just resting a spell." Slowly the body is lifted into a standing position and slowly starts backwards, the amber eyes not leaving this person now. "I was not aware it was claimed land. I shall go."
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: (i g2g now.bye)
''Don't leave.I don't own this place.Come with me if like.There's plaenty of space for you to rest comfortably in the tower,besides...'' Alice looked at Ezekial ''I have to look after this little one also''
Sephrenia / Dieane: With a strange look slowly she floated behind the person. Shed make sure it was safe before doing anything more (k. bye)
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: (Is anyone here?)
Ezekial woke up while Alice was carrying him, but didn't move.
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: (back!)
Inside the tower,Alice showed the butterfly girl where she can sleep.''The second floor is quiet,the bell tower won't wake you if you sleep here'' she gestured ''If you need anything then call me.I'll be on the third floor'' Alice said and left the stranger in peace.Ezekial wasn't heavy but,Alice was so very tired.She never used so much energy in one night.When they reached the third floor,Alice sat on the couch and used her knees as a pillow for Ezekial.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: (ok)Ezekial looked at Alice and smiled."Hi..."He got off of Alice's knees.He stood up."What happened to Za?"
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: Startled by his sudden movement,Alice blinked.''....Ah..Oh!that man,um..well,he vanished.You did quite a bit damage...''Alice shook away of the memory of Ezekial's dark eyes.She tried to smile but,a painful cough inturupted.The coughing came one after the other.The bags under Alice's eyes were visible as she closed her eyes shut,her hand muffling the coughs.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial looked at Alice."What's wrong?"He heard her coughs."Are you sick or something?"
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: The coughs made it hard for her to answer.Then a familiar clicking sound came closer to the couch.It was the Alyssie doll,it climbed onto the couch.She crossed her arms and her porceline face turned into a pout.''Are you actually asking why she's coughing?'' the doll asked sourly.Though they can only move when Alice imagines it,they can still speak when they want.And the Alyssie doll was special.''Alice kept the barrier up the whole time!You worried her too much that she stressed herself!'' the little doll's high pitched voice scolded.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial looked at the doll."I'm sorry!"He shoke his head as he talked to the doll.He turned to Alice."I mean I'm sorry to you."He frowned."Will you be ok though?"
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: The doll nodded as Alice sent her thoughts to her.''She says she'll be fine.Her body was very weak after the kinapping incident,but she's strong''the coughing came slower now and Alice managed a few words.''I'm...ok...don't be sorry'' she said inbetween small coughs.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial looked at Alice."Are ypu sure?"(Oh...how was school.lol)
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: (i fell asleep wiv my eyes open o.o)
''She's sure...though I doubt it''the doll said.The coughs dissapeared now.''I am sure''Alice said and patted the doll.Then walked over to Ezekial.''I'm glad you're ok...''she said and hugged him.
(btw how old are u?just wondering)
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled."I'm glad your ok!"He looked at Alice."So...now what?"he laughed.(How old are you?lol)
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: (lol i'm the same as Alice.14)
Alice rolled her eyes.''When you ask me that,we just seem to run into trouble'' she joked.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: (Im 14!I just turned 14 in July.)Ezekial smiled."Ok!But still what do you want to do?"(Oh..what time is it where you are?)
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: (oh i thought u we might be the same age.it's 4:45 pm here)
Alice sighed.''Well we should stay here,I have another guest one floor down.My parents will come here later I guess...''Alice said checking the time.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: (Im not 10 lol..its 11:46 am where i am)Ezekial smiled at her."What ever you want to do!"He looked at her."Who is the guest?"
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: (woah.i guess you don't live in england)
''Oh I found her after the fight.She...very mysterious,and she looks like a lost butterfly''Alice said.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: (Nope..I from another place..)"Do you know her name?And did you say she looks like a butterfly?"he asked.
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: ''Ah...''discribing is not Alice's strongest point.''Um she was so tired so I let her sleep.Her clothes looked like a butterfly's wings and there was a butterfly with so...''
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial laughed."Ok Alice..."He looked around still wondering what to do."Hm......"
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: ''What's the 'hmm' for?'' she asked and tilted her head.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled."Just thinking of something to do?"
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: ''oh ok...''Alice looked around and then her eyes sparkled.She clicked loudly,the doll's clicking joints echoed down the tower.''Ooops...''she said ''Force of habit,but anyways follow me!Up to the bell tower''and then she ran to the spiraling stairs.Looking back at Ezekial she gestured him to follow.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial followed Alice up the spiraling stairs."Where are we going?"
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: Huffing,Alice smiled.''You'll see!''she looked at her dolls.''Don't forget to get 'that' for me ok?''she said to the dolls.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial wondered."What is 'that'"he asked Alice.He smiled at her."Did you get me a present?!!"
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: Alice laughed loudly.''Hahaha! yes in a way''a light came towards them as they proceded to the top.Throwing open the a door,light flooded in.''Here we are!The bell tower!''.The bells of every size crowded the room.Light gleaming on their golden surfaces.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial was amazed at the site.He looked at Alice and smiled."So wheres my present?"He laughed.
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: ''It's comimg''she winked at him.Then the clicking heap of dolls made their way into the bell tower.Alyssie doll was leading them.''Here you go!''the doll handed a long box and a silver pocket watch to Alice.''Why thank you''she said to her dolls and took a silver stick from the box and looked at the watch.''Let's see...hmm just a minute to go..''Alice said and stood onto the balcony.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: Ezekial smiled."A minute to go until what?"He was very excited.He followed Alice to the balcony.
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: (I'm going to go and play this new game I got yesterday!I was going to but by brother was the Xbox 360 when I came back from the park.So see ya tomorrow..after your done with school.lol!!!!)
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: Alice snapped the pocket watch close and gave it to Alyssie doll.She took a breath and held her stick like a conductor.Then the clock face on the tower clicked,it was now dawn.The bells behind them shook and then chimed.But,it looked like they chimed under Alice's command.And with the bells Alice sang.A very long note,it rang through the room with the bells.Right after the bells died down,Alice sang her real song.
(listen to this if u want:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1u_oDDr7Bbo )
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: (lol bye!)
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: (Well I'm back!)
Sephrenia / Dieane: Hello??))
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: (Hi!!^_^)
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: (hii!!)
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: (Hello Alice)
AliceKanon / Alice Enma: (hiya)
Spirit74 / Ezekial Forfax: (^_^)
Sephrenia / Dieane: ?.?}

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