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Roleplay - ANIME role play ANIME by Erico / RolePlayqueen

a anime roleplay with highschool.

Roleplay Details

no rules.
just join whenever you want and you don't need to tell me if you are joining just JOIN :D


RolePlayqueen / Erico: everyone can join :D
kitana / Jill Valentine^: <<can i join??>>
RolePlayqueen / Erico: yeah
kitana / Jill Valentine^: <where do i start??>>
RolePlayqueen / Erico: ((just start like she's in school or something :) ))
RolePlayqueen / Erico: Erico was at school walking to his locker, looking at the ground.
kitana / Jill Valentine^: <<ok hun>> Jill walked down the hallway, books in hand. she was just roaming around til class started. she looked up to see a boy she didn't know walking down the hall. she walked over to him,"hello", she said softly and smiled.
NodokaHayashi / Sakura Abe: (( I know you say in the details to not bother asking to join, but that's odd for me. So may I join?))
RolePlayqueen / Erico: <<yes join :D>>
kitana / Jill Valentine^: <<its your post>>
RolePlayqueen / Erico: a girl said hello to Erico, his head was still facing the ground but hes light blue eyes turned towards her "hey" he said quiete and looked down at the ground again and kept walking.
kitana / Jill Valentine^: "i'm ielita. and you are?", she asked softly. she could tell he was shy. she smiled at him.
RolePlayqueen / Erico: <<write? and can you invite maybe?>>
RolePlayqueen / Erico: Erico stoped and turned his head facing her "i'm Erico" he made a little smile and started to walk again.
kitana / Jill Valentine^: she smiled at him,"erico, i like it", she said happily. she followed him down the hall. she bit on her bottom lip not sure what to say next.
RolePlayqueen / Erico: he stoped up at his locker, he opened it and got some books out.
kitana / Jill Valentine^: <<g2g>>
RolePlayqueen / Erico: <<kay>>
kitana / Jill Valentine^: <<back>>she smiled still,"so wats your first class?", she asked softly, her eyes scanning over his body . then back to his face.
RolePlayqueen / Erico: "Math the subject i hate the most in the world" he said and smiled a little.
kitana / Jill Valentine^: she giggled,"thats my next class too. mind if i walk with you?", she asked smiling. he was cute and shy. two things she liked.
RolePlayqueen / Erico: "i guess thats not really a problem" he said and started walking the direction the math class was.
kitana / Jill Valentine^: "ok", she said following him. havign to move a little faster to keep up with his pace.
RolePlayqueen / Erico: he looked at the ground with his greyish blue eyes, his head turned straight forward. he didn't say much usual he never did cause he didn't hang out with people.
kitana / Jill Valentine^: "so where are all your friends?", she asked looking at him. she could help btu try to catch his amazing eyes.
RolePlayqueen / Erico: his light eyes turned to her but his head was still the same direction, "i don't have friends" he said still looking at her.
kitana / Jill Valentine^: "oh...", she said softly and felt bad for asking. she didn't have any friends herself btu she tried to be somewhat social.
RolePlayqueen / Erico: he smiled "it's okay i don't mind having no friends"
kitana / Jill Valentine^: "well....could i be your friend?", seh asked unable to look at him. she hoped he would say yes.
RolePlayqueen / Erico: he sighed as they reached the class and looked in the classroom with the open door, "sure i guess i'll need friends at some point~" he walked in class and took a seat.
kitana / Jill Valentine^: she took her seat and smiled. she was in the seat two seats i front of him. she pulled out her notebook and started taking notes.

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