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Roleplay - Western Plains Ruin by Netsrak / Netsrak

This place is a very dessert like place but there is a giant ruin with an oasis in where there is water. this is the place where Netsrak lives

Roleplay Details

2. Everything is allowed but RP with sanity
3. I (netsrak) have rp'ed for almost 6 years so ask if you wanna know anything about Rp'ing
4. if you talk OCC then do it like this ((my real age is 17))
5. if you are doing something speak in third person and have * in the start and end of a DOING sentence like this *looks around to see if anyone is here*
6. have fun :D


Netsrak: *Sits on a part of the ruin and reads in his book of shadows* ((Book of shadows is a book with all you have try'ed with ocult things like rituals and so on))

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