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Roleplay - Beautiful Dreamer by Maze / JuggaloBaMBaM

To what do I owe this perfect insanity? A kiss, a touch, a small caress down the nape of your neck? To what do we owe this visit of pure odds. To whom shall we thank? Are you lost dear one? Or are we all just a dream. Do we appeal to your lust for words, or do we scare the birds to make you jump like a little turd. No bother. You're in our land now. We make the rules, we have the ghouls.
Do we beguile you with our mystery ways, our ambiguities hidden afar yet so near?
Shall I bow to you and welcome with open arms, cane in hand? Fine I welcome thee.
Welcome To Dream Land, our Bastion of Insanity
Dream-Land by Poe
By a route obscure and lonely,
Haunted by ill angels only,
Where an Eidolon, named MAZE,
On a black throne reigns upright,
I have reached these lands but newly
From an ultimate dim Thule --
From a wild weird clime that lieth, sublime,
Out of SPACE -- out of TIME.
Bottomless vales and boundless floods,
And chasms, and caves, and Titan woods,
With forms that no man can discover
For the dews that drip all over;
Mountains toppling evermore
Into seas without a shore;
Seas that restlessly aspire,
Surging, unto skies of fire;
Lakes that endlessly outspread
Their lone waters -- lone and dead, --
Their still waters -- still and chilly
With the snows of the lolling lily.
By the lakes that thus outspread
Their lone waters, lone and dead, --
Their sad waters, sad and chilly
With the snows of the lolling lily, --
By the mountains -- near the river
Murmuring lowly, murmuring ever, --
By the grey woods, -- by the swamp
Where the toad and the newt encamp, --
By the dismal tarns and pools
Where dwell the Ghouls, --
By each spot the most unholy --
In each nook most melancholy, --
There the traveler meets aghast
Sheeted Memories of the Past --
Shrouded forms that start and sigh
As they pass the wanderer by --
White-robed forms of friends long given,
In agony, to the Earth -- and Heaven.
For the heart whose woes are legion
'Tis a peaceful, soothing region --
For the spirit that walks in shadow
'Tis -- oh 'tis an Eldorado!
But the traveler, traveling through it,
May not -- dare not openly view it;
Never its mysteries are exposed
To the weak human eye unclosed;
So wills its King, who hath forbid
The uplifting of the fringed lid;
And thus the sad Soul that here passes
Beholds it but through darkened glasses.
By a route obscure and lonely,
Haunted by ill angels only,
Where an Eidolon, named PUZZLE
On a black throne reigns upright,
I have wandered home but newly
From this ultimate dim Thule.

Roleplay Details

Maze - JuggaloBaMBaM
Puzzle. - Taskura
Any and all characters welcome
-meaning :: if you want to be an anime character from some show you like, go ahead.
No cyber
Violence is allowed
So is the romance. Just don't get all screwy!
Put 'Dark.Imaginor' at the top of your skeleton to ensure that you've read the rules.
Please be as literate as you can 4-5 sentences please.
Name ::
Age ::
Gender ::
Bio(Include reason for being here.) ::
Name :: Travisty
Age :: unknown
Gender :: female
Bio :: There is no real reason for Travesty being here. its just that she cant really remember how she got there. she past out one day and was placed in this world. she is a shy curious little demon. she is mostly innocent and doesn't have a black heart because she was never corrupted by any demonic rage. she is a sweet girl with a mysterious gift.
Name :: Brandy
Age :: 21
Gender :: Female
Bio :: She had flown away from home, not being trusted or loved, she ran. She stumbled upon this land not knowing and had fallen asleep from exhaustion. Her red wings are wrapped around her as she sleeps in a dreamless state.
Name :: Babette
Age :: 16
Gender :: female
Bio :: Her parents were killed at a young age. ever since she has done nothing but wonder. when she got attacked one day, she thought it was the end. she ended up waking up in a strange land. she had amnesia.
Name: Lewis.
Age: Seventeen.
Gender: Male.
Bio: For someone who isn't very sane to begin with, waking up one morning to find oneself in a completely different world run by a completely different set of rules is something like a breath of fresh air. Lewis, at any rate, is just thankful he still has his notebook and his pen on him.
Name :: Mary-Jane Smith
Age :: 15
Gender :: Female
Bio(Include reason for being here.) :: Mary-Jane has never been a completely sane girl. But a tragic event a couple of years back tipped her mind over its edge. A fire erupted in her house, destroying everything in her home and killing her parents. Orphaned, she was sent to live with her aunt - who, after a few months, sent her to an asylum because she just couldn't deal with the young girl's insanity. One night, Mary-Jane, who needed to take sleeping pills to fall asleep, was given a couple too many... And when she awoke she was in a completely different world.
Name :: Alice
Age :: 16
Gender :: Female
Bio(Include reason for being here.) :: It has to be a dream. I shan't believe otherwise, I mean with logic you can or cannot escape anything. To perceive with one's mind... My addictions brought me here...


Taskaru / Puzzle.: Puzzle Looked up from his seat to the visitor of his seemingly Dream land sanctuary. He let the smirk slip across his face as his eye's viewed the new inhabitant's of his world. He set the book down softly he was quite proper as he stood up taking off his top hat to simply reveal another one as he bent over bowing his head down the top hat stayed stuck to his head as he brought himself back up. He slipped the top hat back atop the other one that he had slipped his off of. The look of him wearing 2 top hat's wasn't there. He was simply wearing one already showing a lighter side to the insanity of his sanctuary. He looked at the guest's as his smirk began to open each lip forming a different symbol as he spoke "It's nice to see you all i welcome you to this bastion of Insanity." he said his lips pursing and the smirk resumed it's state upon his face. his eye's peered at the stranger's as they entered into his creation of topsy turny insanity...His companion of Terror, misery and confusion Somewhere near as he cocked his brow in temptation to simply begin the fun. "We haven't had visitor's for Such a Long time." he let the word's linger in the air, the silence was Deathly. He giggled a little thinking of his comparison of the silence.
JuggaloBaMBaM / Maze: There was nothing under him, he sat, one leg over the other, cane in lap. Not a crinkle in his black slacks, a scuff far from his clean shoes. In his black gloved hands, the crimson dressed levitator held a china tea cup and saucer. "My dear, dear child," He spoke, his accent Cajun and Southern, possibly Tennessean filed out into words of smoke. Multi-coloured before disappearing into nothingness. "My, my..." He cooed as he faded himself. "What if I were here." He jumped out of the sitting position as he faded, the tea cup disappearing before it could shatter in millions of fragments. He appeared only to been seen lying in the air a mere distance away. "Or here." Another crimson levitator appeared leaning against a wall twirling the black silver dragon tipped cane. "Or possibly here at the same time." Twenty more of this crimson dressed stranger appeared, moving all the same. "Or here!" They all chimed disappearing in a blink of an eye leaving only one to saunter up, the cane clinking loudly. "Or am I just little ole me?" The mysterious man gave a bow after his glorious one-man show. Giving view to his counterpart, his partner in Insanity, the strange man smiled. Teeth pearly and perfect white, removing a strand if hair from his coat his grin widened. "May I interest you in a spot of tea dear child?"
Taskaru / Puzzle.: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/102991 > OOC))
Rhyolite / Brandy: [[thanks]]
Brandy sighed and dropped to the ground with a solid thump. She groaned and landed on her knees. She reached up to brush away her messy hair out of her eyes, smearing her tears across her face as well. "I..can't go..any further.." She gasped out.
She looked up with her cloudy blue eyes to stare at the bright sun. "The sun alway seems to shine, no matter how people are feeling..or treated.." She sighed and felt yet another tear fall down her cheek. She did nothing to wipe it away. She laid down in the soft grass, amazed that it didn't scratch or poke at her bare skin. "Where am I?" She whispered to herself.
She shrugged her shoulders. She would figure it out later. Her red wings wrapped around her, protecting her body like a shield. Her eyes drifited closed, the darkness welcoming her into a place where there was no pain.
[[Will this intro work?]]
AdReNaLYNN / travisty: travisty stared intently watching the spektical around her. this place was strange but she felt perfactly at ease. she smiled as the man preformed. she wasnt scared even though any sane person would, but maybe she wast so sane after all. she curtsied gracefully to the men her eyes intently set not wanting to miss one moment of the show. " hello, its a pleasure to meet you both." her body then became erect. she was thrilled to see such creativity. travisty was one inteertwined with such greatness. she was used to a world with nothing but hatered this world was something new. something so exhillirating that she couldve jumped for joy. something kept her quiet though, thinking that in madness things are never what they seem to be, maybe this was one of those moments. she stared waiting for something spectacular to happen.
kitana / babette: Babette sat up and looked around. She was alone and laying on the ground. She looked over her body in suprise, she had been covered in vruises and cuts. Where had they gone? She looked around. It was wonderous and large. Standing up,"Is anyone there?", she asked softly.
Taskaru / Puzzle.: He let his smirk linger on his mouth before it grew into a bright, yet awkwardly placed smile. His Teeth Yellow, black and white. His coat crunched and crinkled all over, but none the less he was well dressed. He let his hand extend to take her hand and he slipped out what looked to be a long forked tongue and licked up her hand. His mind was that of a puzzle missing a few pieces. The way he was...That was where whoever had created him had named him. Everything he did would Simply puzzle people and they seemed to never be able to find the pieces to put it all together. Although his mind was easy to unravel to find reasoning within his motives was simply Impossible. "What brings you to this land of our liking?" He asked his voice seemed to be mangled and broken giving 2 different tones a soft soothing male's voice then a Deep rough mans. His eye's stared into Travistys as his eye's began to flip through different color's as though it was a light show going within his mind. The smirk returned to his lips as he waited for this young girl's response.
AdReNaLYNN / travisty: she stared at the man. she sort was taken aback when her licked her hand but she didnt show a reaction. she wasnt one to judge the man, plus it wasnt the strangest thing that had happened to her. she smiled warmly at the man loving how interesting he was. she was entranced by his eyes and his voice she couldnt help but be curious about the man. she giggled when he asked her his question. "to be truthful good sir, i have no idea what brings me here, but im not willing to question it. " she cooed her voice alluring as it was laced with dire interest.
JuggaloBaMBaM / Maze: He is to Him. The Maze to the Puzzle of Life, the Puzzle to the Questions of which way to go through the Maze. Who are these two unique characters we call Puzzle and we call Maze. Not of this world I must say they are sprite and gay. Excitement fulfills their lives at the merest touch. They are sought to be insane, they leak it with such charisma. However, our lovely duo are the Master Minds behind this world you now reside...
Maze watched his counterpart with a smile, he bowed to the girl once more before turning on heel. "I must insist my dear. Drink." The crimson dressed fellow rounded the darkly dressed man, a China tea cup in hand along with the matching saucer. "It will calm the nerves we all know are fritzing about." The Cajun tongued man smiled again and handed the girl the tea. "Drink up Misses, it'll do your body some good." He arched his eyebrow with an enticing, beguiling yet optic smile.
Rhyolite / Brandy: She contiuned to dream. A world with nothing but blackness. People have told her that when they dream it takes them to faraway places, where exitement and mystery are found. In their dreams there is always a happy ending.
For Brandy there is no such thing, she hardly ever dream. When she does, it is only pain and sorrow. Some of these feelings so strong she wakes up in a damp sweat and breathing heavy. (I Torture..darkness..pain..) Brandy wakes with a start. She groaned and held her belly in pain. The scar that ran across her stomach felt like it was on fire. After a moment, the sensation became bearable and she stood up slowly. Her ears caught what sounded like a town not to far away. She shook her wings, a few red fathers falling to the ground. "Time to go." She took a leap and her wings caught her. Within a matter of seconds she was flying towards the town.
rosecanfly / Lewis: The buzz in his brain told him there was something wrong.
Lewis waited a long moment after initially waking, eyes shut and face smooth as he considered all of the possible things that could have gone wrong sometime during the night. Considering the copious amount of absinthe he'd consumed before going to bed, the list was rather long.
Eventually moss green eyes slid open, calmly blinking up at what he assumed was the sky -
outside, then.
The list just got a little longer.
Hands grappled with a sort of delayed urgency against the ground, long, slender fingers pushing himself up onto his feet.
A voice he instantly recognized as other-wordly (and thus of little consequence, he supposed) turned his attention to the right, and he brushed himself off in lazy sweeps. There were others there, all of them looking just as confused and perhaps a bit more (fittingly) frightened than Lewis felt.
He tilted his head, a soft, almost chillingly polite smile ticking at the edges of his lips as his hands felt around his person as if in search of something -
He withdrew a small moleskin notebook and pen, flipping the former open to a blank page.
He had absolutely no idea what was going on, but it seemed like an excellent time to start taking notes.
AdReNaLYNN / travisty: she stared at the other man the one draped in crimson. she took the cup of tea gingerly. "thank you," she breathed. she cradle the cup in her hand for a moment and she raised the cup to her lips and took a sip. she let the liquid stream down her throat. she was quite pleased with the tea she was offered, and he was right she felt instantly calmer. she smiled at him. "its nice to meet you both, my name is travisty." she said with a grand smile exposing small sharp demonic fangs.
kitana / babette: she turned her head seeing a boy,"umm...who are you?", she asekd softly. she kept her distance from him. she could see that he as doing somethign with a notebook. she crept a little bit closer. ehr expression blank. she didn't know wether to run or stay.
Taskaru / Puzzle.: He let a full smile engulf what was once a simple smirk. His long enticing finger's seemed to entangle themselves around her hand as he let go slowly. He long painted fingernail's trailed up her arm for a second as he seemed to inspect her. His eye's continuing to flip through all sort's of color's until his eye's where pleased with a soft Crimson blue. The enticing color of the eye's, his Odd looking self seemed as though it was something only thought up by demented children his teeth some taking to points as he looked to his companion. "Maze i must say, When WAS the last time we had visitors?" he asked The two toned voice made him almost seem fake with his porcelain like skin and odd nature. He walked back to his chair and slunk down into it. Pulling back up the book. It had no cover and the front and back were only simple design's. There was nothing along the spine except for more designing. He Pulled a pair of reading glasses out from under his top hat and continued, What looked like reading a book. "I am Master Puzzle" he said adding master all on his own and loving it now.
rosecanfly / Lewis: His head was bent by the time someone addressed him, straight auburn hair falling in a tousled curtain about his face as he scrawled in utterly illegible chicken scratch onto the page of the notebook.
The voiced that would rouse him from this concentrated stupor was quiet and uncertain, and he peeked up from his work with blankly curious eyes.
A girl.
He looked at her, and then suddenly looked around him, an amused light coming into his eyes. "I think the more appropriate question would be 'where are we,'" he pointed out in the same lightly distracted voice. "I'm just Lewis." His eyes slid to the two eccentric figures not far from where he and Babette stood, and he waved his pen in their direction.
"They look like they know. Or think they know, at least." He watched them with increasing interest, his feet beginning to carry him closer before he even realized he wanted to approach them.
kitana / babette: She smiled softly. he seemed nice,"i am babette", she said soflty. and followed him towards the others. she felt a little more at ease with more people. she still had no idea where she was. she walked a little bit faster to match his pace,"do you know how you got here?", she asked him while they walked.
AdReNaLYNN / travisty: she bowed very excentrically to the man. " a pleassure master puzzle." she smiled at him warmly. she walked over to the desk examining her surrounding but not saying a word fearing she would interupt his reading. she seemed very happy as she continued to sip her tea feeling at ease. she hummed softly to herself. she looked over to the other man eyeing him to see what he was going to do next. ((sorry short post.))
Rhyolite / Brandy: [[srry, had comp problems]]
Brandy flew towards the town, it seemed small, and most of the crowd was gathered around a small tent. (I Must be performers of some sort.)
She smiled softly and looked around for a quiet place to land. She dropped behind a small building, taking a moment to wipe her face. It didn't do much good since her hair was a mess and her face had dark circles from her lack of sleep.
"Let's go see what all the fuss is about." She whispered softly to herself. Brandy took a deep breath and walked towards the crowd. She felt several curious eyes on her. She tried to ignore them and contiuned walking.
rosecanfly / Lewis: Babette - the girl said her name was Babette. He committed it to memory for no real reason at all, giving a tiny nod of the head and scribbling something else in his notebook. At her question Lewis shrugged.
"No idea. Although," he was patting his pockets down again, searching for his cigarettes. "It probably has something to do with the absinthe I drank last night." He figured the chance of any of this being real was very low.
He came to a stop in front of the small group of people, looking carefully at each in turn. There was nothing shy or frightened about the way he stood, shoulders relaxed, polite, detached smile still in place. "Hello," he said, loud enough to grab attention.
"I'm Lewis. This is Babette. Can any of you tell us where we are?"
JuggaloBaMBaM / Maze: An eyebrow was quirked at the young girl, anticipation raised. Something, yes, something. The crimson figure's smile widened at the last drop of tea. "Good show there Misses." Maze took the cup and threw the saucer as if it were a Frisbee. "No need for that anymore." The saucer exploded into tiny butterflies, all very unusual colours. He smiled. Tapping his shoes lightly across the floor, a song began to play as he kicked the cup. It soared high then crashed down, pink smoke rising from the landing area. When all was clear, a patch of grass lay in its wake. The odd butterflies all fluttered to it only to be consumed by the monstrous weed. "It has been to long, Puzzle my dear." Maze sauntered over to the girl, kissing ,in lieu of licking, the girl's hand. "And I am, of course, Maze the Magnificent." He spun the girl round, til she sat in a chair. Crossing one leg over the other, Maze grinned as his stationary foot left the ground. "And it is indeed a true question. How did you come to arrive at.. to such a place?" Maze nodded some. "Well beautiful dreamer, I suppose you wish to go home?"
AdReNaLYNN / travisty: she figited a little in her chair she twisted a few strands in her fingers "i must say i am not too keen on going home, and im not too aware of how i came to be here maze the magnificent." she said simply. she eyes the man as she did puzzle, wondering what kind of man he was. obiously puzzle was a man-that was a large in fact,-- puzzle that was hard to solve, maybe maze was in fact like puzzle and is a.. maze? she ponder on this for a while as she waited for the reasponse. she loved this place so far there was magic and the two were apperently the cause of all this. she smiled.
Taskaru / Puzzle.: Puzzle let a soft giggle escape his lip's at the ending of his partner's name. His bright smile engulfing his happy looking face that contrasted with his dark styled...everything. He looked to the purple, green sky and turned his head back to the other two. His hat he took off exposing another wonderful black partially beaten top hat. He smiled as he threw it off across the open sitting area and it Seemed to explode into simple smoke. The smoke dispersed into the beauty of the insanity. From the smoke came a door as he slowly let his feet carry him to his his hand grasping the handle and giving it a shake...he attempted to twist it and shook it again then finally it opened "Seem's it has been far to long for this door, Well Miss travisty Shall we show you around? It'd be rude to not show our guest's where they will be staying." he said the two toned voice usually scaring most, but this women had an alluring something about her. She went with the flow of thing's in this insane place and everything was going quite smoothly. "Maze I'm simply waiting for something to go Awry." he said with a giggle. Most thing's here went wrong Quickly. His door he opened led to a small forest Filled with odd blue tree's with purple leave's and Red grass with yellow Dirt beneath it. "Also you may simply refer to us as Maze, And puzzle. For we only add the silly extra's as a bit of fun." he said teasingly with a giggle.
AdReNaLYNN / travisty: she arose slowly from the chair maze had offered and stood before the two. "yes, i would like to see." she said with a smile. she looked beyond the door seeing the aray of colors. colors she had never seen in her world. she was thrilled she knew in some sense that she was going to have the best time here. she was far from the oppression of her father and she was willing to stay here with these kind gentlemen as long as they would allow her to. she walked over to the door without any heasitation. she listened to puzzle's voice. "okay then, maze and puzzle it is.." she trailed off looking at maze."are you going to show me around as well.?" she smiled
rosecanfly / Lewis: Lewis, despite his largely apathetic attitude, was quite at a loss.
His only comfort so far was that he was almost positive he was somehow still high, because he was certain he just witnessed the gentleman in red throw a teacup saucer and turn it into butterflies.
"Or," he said in a quiet voice, largely to himself, "I'm Alice and I've tumbled down the rabbit hole." A door appeared out of thin air. "...Way down."
Although his first plea for attention had gained not even a blink from either of these nightmarish men, he tried again, taking a small step forward and saying, "....Excuse me?" in a voice that was surprisingly lacking in his usual easy confidence.
He made a note of it.
Rhyolite / Brandy: Brandy sighed and stood back, watching the scene of a door appearing out of nowhere. She shook her head before looking up again. Yes, it was still there.
"What kind of place is this?" She murmmed to herself. Her red wings made only a slight noise as she moved them. "This is a strange place.." She sighed and looked around the small tent. Her bright eyes studying everthing as she tried to figure out where she was. She brushed her hair out of her eyes and looked around once more before turning around. "Nothing too exititing here." She murmmed with a small laugh at herself.
JuggaloBaMBaM / Maze: The levitation man lied back and let a calm wind carry him to the door. "Haha! I see not the problem, possibly no because you are about to go for a little fall." He smiled at her and floated through the door. "Come now Puzzle, Misses if you will step this way." Through the door was a straight drop, although it looked like solid ground on the other side. Maze let his feet touch the ground, "Come on." He enticed the girl. The tea she'd had early was setting into effect. "Do you feel sleepy, dizzy, nauseated?" He arched an eyebrow. The checkered floor on the other side of the door began to fall away.
Taskaru / Puzzle.: He smiled simply with a beautiful soft smile. "Well Unfortunately i seem to be at a crossroad's for i have an appointment with the doctor." he said as he stepped through the door and seemed to simply dissappear with a beautiful blast of Rainbow colored smoke. His top hat was all that was left and soon a soft 'poof' went with it as he Disappeared.
AdReNaLYNN / travisty: she looked at maze. she was quite nervouse for the drop."now that you mention it i do feel a little strange." she said. after watching puzzle dissaper her mind was racing in a million different directions. she was a little scared. she exteneded her hand to maze. "im afraid im a little to scared to take the step if you lead me i will feel more at ese. " she admitted she wanted him to pull her by the hand into the doorway.
JuggaloBaMBaM / Maze: Maze merely grinned as he held out his own black gloved hand. "Come then my dear reach for it." His gray eyes flickered to the falling floor behind her. His grin widened when he saw but two tiles under the girl's feet. "Ta-ta." Maze disappeared as the tea took it's full effect and the last two tiles broke away from her feet. Floating forward, Maze watched the girl tumble down. He looked across the room and smiled to see the checkered floor back in place and the girl passed out upon them. The floor opened some and swallowed the girl. "Tsk, tsk... never trust strangers." He left a note on her.
(i Dear Misses,)/his voice read out through the note/(i I must apologize for this travesty. Miss Travisty will you forgive me? I know you will.)/Maze's laughter filed out of the coloured parchment/ (i Follow the colourful checkers to find me Misses.)
With the blink of a wink of his eye, Maze flipped forward onto a boulder that hadn't seemingly been there before. The air opened in front of him giving him sight to the two talking. "Hello there." He muttered to himself as he zipped up the wall. He was there, in front of them. "Hello there Mista and Misses. How may I be of assistance."
rosecanfly / Lewis: Lewis had finally given up on some kind of direction, and although there was an initial fright of the unknown, his mind eventually gave over to his usual estranged logic.
Whatever this place was, it was obvious he could do nothing to alter whatever was going to happen to him.
So he sat on the nearest chair - one that grew right out of the floor just for him - and lit himself a cigarette, one smoldering piece of his own world, notebook on his knee and pen scribbling madly across the pages.
His gaze lifted lethargically towards the red-clad man as he was spoken to, teeth grinding gently into the bud of his cig.
"Hello," he replied, calm returned and curiosity piqued. "What is this place?" He exhaled a cloud of gray. "Sorry, I'm sure you hear that question all the time."
JuggaloBaMBaM / Maze: Maze tipped his hat and looked around as if he didn't know himself where in fact (i here) was. "Well dear boy.." He reached forward taking the cigarette and smashing it between his hands, opening to reveal a snake. He wrapped around his shoulders. "If I told you I hadn't the slightest clue, I would be lying." Maze took a step. "That shall never be my prerogative with you." That damned laughter filled the air. "Come come, you are....
Shall I bow to you and welcome with open arms, cane in hand? Fine I welcome thee.
Welcome To Dream Land, our Bastion of Insanity"
He laughed. "It is my..our perfect world." The snake melted into the coat as Maze crossed one leg over the other and let the other leave the ground. "Do you not like it here? Is it not to your liking?" The scenery went white with a snap of Maze's gloved hand. "Tell me, what is it that you'd like to reside in?"
rosecanfly / Lewis: His lips parted as the cigarette was snatched from him, exhaling the last drag and watching as it was transformed into a snake. Frankly, he felt it was a waste, but he did nothing beyond quirking an eyebrow and wetting his lips with a tongue still tasting of acrid cigarette chemicals.
"Of course it is," he interrupted simply when he was told he wouldn't be lied to. "I can't imagine why anyone would ever want to tell the truth." He stood, brushing his backside off and sliding his notebook and pen into one pocket.
He watched the eccentric man with lidded eyes, smiling like a scientist would at a particularly interesting subject.
"Dream land? Ah, I should have figured as much..." He glanced around almost lazily. He observed the drastic change with only a slight widening of his emotionless eyes to show any surprise. "...Where would /I/ like to reside?" he repeated almost absently.
"It doesn't matter what I say, does it?" His gaze flicked sharply back to Maze, smile icy. "I imagine you're only showing any interest in me because you have your own plans for me."
He tilted his head, eyes flinty with awareness.
"What happened to that girl you were with before?"
JuggaloBaMBaM / Maze (as a femal): Maze nodded as he leaned back, a cup of tea and saucer materializing. "Yes, Dream Land, however I wouldn't say one is dreaming" Maze muttered loud enough for Maze's ears only. "when they stumble into my humble abode."
Maze looked down at the brown liquid, swirling it a bit. He smiled up at the boy. "Well you see the girl, is fine. I promise you, not that you care do you?" Maze glided back some as a new scene of (i his) like appeared.
It was a crimson room with a long, brown oak table. The black drapes were opened letting the light shine through. "You don't very much care about anything." His appearance instantly changed. "And there is so much to offer here." She smiled and rose from the table. "So tell me, what brought you here, hmm?"
rosecanfly / Lewis: "Not particularly," he responded without even the faintest sign of guilt or worry. "But you seem like a creature of habit, and I do have some desire to know what's in store for me." What he wanted was another cigarette, but Lewis knew better than to draw it out.
He watched him (her?) suddenly change altogether and while confusion was first to grace his face, it was followed shortly by a small, almost contemptuous little smile.
"I hope you're not trying to appeal to my better nature," he said. His interest in the females of the species was just as limited - if not more - than his interest in the males.
"Drugs brought me here. I assume. Or maybe I've finally gone completely insane and this is just reality as I know it." He shrugged.
"You probably know as much as I do for certain." He pulled out his notebook as something of an after note, sitting at the table and asking, "What is it you want from me?"
JuggaloBaMBaM / Maze (as a femal): Maze shook her head, her hair following her face. "No, no, no. Never repeat the same twice. Then others will catch on to what you do." She tapped her chin, the black paint was now cherry red against her pale skin. Maze took a step towards him, the Cajun southern Tennessean accent gone and a Romanian one replacing what was there before.
"You have a better nature? HA! I would never have guessed." She smiled showing the same pearly, white teeth. A giggled erupted from her lips. "Not that I care honestly." She shook her head slightly. "Although, it'd be fun to play with your (i better) nature."
Maze took another step towards him and sat on the edge of the table, the crimson dress she wore up around her thighs. "Drugs, tsk tsk... Never a good thing. I am not here to judge you. This isn't your reality, tis mine. And dear Puzzles'." The woman held out her hand. "Maze."
rosecanfly / Lewis: "And in that inconsistency, you are predictable," he hummed. "Because now I know for certain you plan on doing /something/ with me." But then he shrugged, writing something down with the same distracted determination. "Although there isn't much I can do, so I suppose you might as well just get on with it."
He glanced up at her as she approached, not even shifting in his chair except to slide a hand through his hair. "I have no better nature," he drawled out. "I have one, and what's the saying?" He paused. "What you see is what you get."
He shrugged at her mention of his drug abuse, bending his head to continue writing until he flipped the notebook closed and then took the offered hand out of polite habit.
"Lewis," he replied without energy, his not-smile still in place.
JuggaloBaMBaM / Maze: Maze placed on leg to her chest and sat staring at him, her appearance melting into his former glory. "So you think you have it figured out eh? That your 'science' can help you with this?" Maze tapped his chin and though for a second. "Honestly I could give a damn what happened to you and your pen and you notebook."
Maze let himself float up and back until he was standing on the table, cane in hand. "What I see is a tortured man who can't deal with reality and has to alter his mind to get through his meager existence. Even though he has a great mind to be plucked through by the 'science' of his world." Maze shook his head again.
"However, you're assumption is incorrect. I, dear boy, am not here to do a thing to you. Only here as a mere sparkle in one's eye." He tilted his head and disappeared, just as the room. The scenery that had surround the boy before Maze arrived flooded back in an array of colours.
AdReNaLYNN / travisty: in the sea on unconciosness travisty viewed her emotions. eachone being displayed in a scene and she was watching them. it was like she was upside down, it was as if she was on the celing looking down as each one was being protraid. each so vivid and she realised she must be asleep. asleep? wasnt that what she did originally? wasnt what she was viewing before this a dream? she didnt know.. but then again in this world she didnt even know what knowing was. the scenes begamn to fade and her eyes slowly open and a surge of pain went from the top of her head to the bottom of her spine. she put her hand dow on the ground to lift herself up she felt the paper and she picked it up. she read over the note and many things went through her mind. she rose up from the ground and saw the tiles before her. she went forward without a thought and followed the tiles.
rosecanfly / Lewis: "Not at all," he said with a grin.
He listened to this psycho-analysis with the same polite amusement that seemed to constantly radiate from him. He lit himself a cigarette as the world melted away into something almost familiar.
He looked around, stood, stretching his arms over his head. He supposed now all he had to do was wait out the high.
JuggaloBaMBaM / Maze: Maze sat at the edge of the tiles, floating as he always was. Cane in lap, tea in his gloved hands. "Hello there Dah'ling." He smiled at the girl as he sipped his tea. "How are you feeling my dear, eh? Not to light-headed I hope." He laughed.
"The world.. it is a magical thing is it not? We should bear in mind that, in general, it is the object of our newspapers rather to create a sensation - to make a point - than to further the cause of truth." Maze shrugged, "Tis my folly I perceive."
AdReNaLYNN / travisty: she stared up at the man. "well sir, if you will, i believe you do have a point but thigs such as those are a matter of personal perception." she said simply and pondered on that for a moment. "now, sir what did your tea do to me exactly?" she asked shyly staring up intently at the man with curious eyes.
JuggaloBaMBaM / Maze: "Men have called me mad; but the question is not yet settled, whether madness is or is not the loftiest intelligence– whether much that is glorious– whether all that is profound– does not spring from disease of thought– from moods of mind exalted at the expense of the general intellect." Maze retorted with a shrug. "And dear misses, I told you, I am Maze."
Maze simply smiled. "Misses the question is not what my tea did or didn't do to you , but what it can do for you." He countered letting his feet touch the ground softly.
AdReNaLYNN / travisty: she nodded simply to his retort. " well, good sir, i beleieve those whom have called you mad are simply in the wrong. i say this for the simple fact that no one really seems to have a firm sense of normallity. people seem to think that everything that doesnt disturb them is normal, but when someone is different they are labeled as mad. i believe that the term mad comes from those whom have no perception of the reality before them. they are also insecure because in some way, shape or form everyone is a little mad." she put her finger to her mouth and looked at her feet. "then again that is my own opinion. i am not one to judge though." she giggled a bit and linger on his last words about the tea. "hm i dont seem to understand what you meanexactly about the tea." she looked back up at him.
Arc17 / Alice(Retsuki): This running thing was inevitable, she could have done it for hours and not have gotten tired. The smell of cigarette hit Alice's nose. "Is anyone...?"
What am I doing, of course no one is there... Alice thought to herself as she looked around. She stopped, heavily huffing out air to catch her breath. "I can't be stuck here forever." She'd been here, by her approximation for 49 hours already.
Alice shook her head, the sweat barely there but still glistening. Rounding the corner she saw a man, leisurely sitting and enjoying a smoke. "So there are more people here."
XxXTwinkleXxX / Mary-Jane Smith: <Sure, why not! I'll just get my introduction ready...>
XxXTwinkleXxX / Mary-Jane Smith: Darkness. Nothing but an infinite whirlpool of nothingness filled her eyes... Her mind. It was a strange feeling, blankness. Over the past few years, she had gotten used to dealing with nightmares and turmoils haunting her every thought. Every corrupted breath she took strained her weakned lungs. It was like her body had given up when her mind had reached the point of insanity.
But she liked this new feeling. This feeling of not-feeling. Something was digging into her back, but she felt so numb even that didn't seem to register properly. And then, her first thought creeped cautiously through her darkened mind. (i Am I dead?) a small voice whispered; stated. Calmly. Not a hint of panic aroused within her.
Death was a simple fact of life. She had had to learn that the hard way. Though, her way of dealing with death had been far different from the usual grieving. But maybe, just maybe... This could be her cure. Maybe now that she was in Death's hand, He would stop tormenting her. Leave her alone once and for all.
Lucky. Everyone called her lucky for having lived through the fire which destroyed her family. Though, to be completely honest, she wished she would have died that night. Because the pain, the tormenting which came after that was not worth the gift of life.
Gift. In her eyes, it was more like a curse.
And if what she was experiencing really (bold was) death, then maybe death wasn't so bad. It was painless, feeling-less. And she liked that. After having lived what she believed to be her last years of life being tortured by Death, she was glad to finally accept defeat. She just wished she hadn't spent all that time fighting.
<And thank you! Its a demented version of Alice in Wonderland... :]>
Taskaru / Puzzle.: a Small box Folded up from the ground. The ground beneath her began to rumble softly as small flower's popped up around her and each a bulb shaped flower. The lit up with all sort's of beautiful color's. They formed a small Walk way in which the path was lit up by these beautiful and outrageously colored flowers. The small box was now a full and complete door. The handle jiggling a little before he pushed it open. Standing in the doorway was one of the two Creators of this Insane Asylum. He let the smirk slip across his pursed lip's his white skin Complementing his beautiful crimson blue eye's and Crumpled dark suit. "By far today has been wonderous. So many new Visitor's to our Lovely Abode." he said a sickening smile engulfing the smirk that was once upon his lovely face. "My, my, Would you look at me. To think the color's have run from my suit. I think i should spruce up a bit before formally greeting you dear." he said to the lovely young lady before him. His Wonderful smile never leaving his face. "Ah, but it would be rude for me not to give you my name before taking upon my beautiful Transformation. I am puzzle, It is Nice to Meet you Miss..." he trailed off and stopped. He didn't know her name yet. "And you are my dear?" he asked looking at her a soft smile perking up against his.
AdReNaLYNN / travisty: (( im back tehe! ))
XxXTwinkleXxX / Mary-Jane Smith: Mary-Jane, for that was the name of the 15-year old girl who had been transported to this completely different world, felt her eyes snap open without warning. Her previously closed eyelids revealed to the the world a pair of large, sky blue eyes. And to Mary-Jane, they revealed the incredibly curious scene infront of her.
It took a few moments to register what was going on. Where she was. Was this the realm of the dead? And was this so called 'Puzzle' the creature, for she would not be so brave as to call him a man (although that was what he resembled), welcoming her to her new home?
Strangely enough, Mary-Jane realised maybe a bit later than she was supposed to, she had been standing rather than laying down like she had previously supposed. Though this didn't startle her, she was used to believing things which only she claimed were a part of reality.
Mary-Jane smoothed down her grey dress, quite a curious garment to be worn by a girl her age, but she didn't seem like the kind of girl which minded too much with style. It was eccentric, strange... A little creepy if you would. Just like her. So it served in its purpose of giving people a hint of what she was like.
But enough about her. Mary-Jane's attention was quickly caught by the sight of the flowers which had sprung up about her. They made her sick. The bright colours, the sweet scents... It made her feel nauseous. And lastly, the being standing infront of her.
Puzzle. What a most peculiar name. But then again, everything in the place she was seemed to be peculiar! "Mary-Jane." she spoke, feeling the familiar taste of words in her mouth. Who knew it was possible to speak in death? She heard her own voice, strangely sweet and innocent (strange in the fact that it came in complete contrast to the rest of her) flowing through the crisp air.
"Where am I, might I ask?" she added, wanting to confirm her notion of being dead. Not that she had any doubt about it. Everything felt too... Real to be a mere dream.
Though she remembered, her ideas of what was real and what wasn't seemed to clash desperately with those of others.
JuggaloBaMBaM / Maze: "Ah! My dear, dear girl!!" Maze shouted with glee tossing his tea cup far way from him which burst into tiny flames that danced joyously. "I'd like to say you've solved the puzzle!!!" He lied, Maze danced about the girl his appearance slowly changing with each twirl. From man to woman to animal to gas to liquid. Until the room stopped spinning.
The room they resided in was plain, luminescent white. A bed with crimson sheets lie in the middle of it, a dark oak armoire to the side of the room. It was gigantic. "You'll reside here for the time being dear child. Explore." Maze vanished with a simple snap of his gloved fingers.
"Puzzle my sweet!" He called. "I believe it is time to show our guest to their rooms, Miss Travisty is already in her room. And who do we have here?" Maze looked the girl up and down with a monocle that he pulled from inside of his sleeve. "Such a disparaging figure, no toe tag, you're alive my sweet, very much so!" He laughed.
Taskaru / .Puzzle: Puzzle smiled. Then with the snap of his finger, He became encrusted in the flower petal's his entire body grew into a simply large flower. The smaller one's all around her shot up and seemed to simply merge with the larger one until it grew, and grew and grew. As the top of it Bloomed it drooped over and the petal's undid themselve's into a array of most outrageously colored petal's upon this beautiful flower. Puzzle dropped from the open petal's as he let that smirk find it's comfort zone upon his face. "Well now, now This is more appropriate!" he said excitedly as he brushed off small amount's of pollen on his suit. Now in his left hand he held the handle of a most odd Umbrella. Made completely of crystal's that were designed perfectly after bird feathers. He pressed the tip of it into the soft yellow dirt beneath him and let his feet carry him to the girl. His smirk never moved now as he slowly let his lip's open His forked snake like tongue quite visible as he began to speak. "Well Miss Mary-Jane..." he giggled a little thinking of what some other people referred to Mary-Jane as. "Welcome welcome! This bastion of insanity seem's to rather Suit your liking i must say. You seem to have come Dressed for the occasion my dear." he said the two toned voice the soft young man like tone then the deeper burly one shoning through in his speech once again.
XxXTwinkleXxX / Mary-Jane Smith: Mary-Jane's eyes witnessed the scene infront of her, as Puzzle underwent a complete physical makeover. No hint of surprise, of shock or fear passed over her face. Nothing. Actually, her expression seemed to lean towards boredom. "You should leave the flower work to the gardeners. I'm sorry to point this out, but you have simply made a horrible mess." she said, indicating to the various petals and flowers simply scattered all around the ground.
She then turned to the second figure, no more comforting than the first. "I am Mary-Jane." she introduced herself. "And if I am alive, then why am I here?" she inquired, though once again she seemed completely composed and unfaltering in her words and actions.
"And please don't bother yourselves with finding a room for me. I shall probably not remain here long enough to need one." Mary-Jane added. Although, strange as it was, she preferred this place over her old asylum. She wasn't treated like an incapacitated here, well - at least not so far she hadn't. It seemed like a much more suitable place for her to reside.
And she was pretty convinced this wasn't a dream. Her dreams were filled with horrible creatures. People writhing in pain, burning alive. And blood. Lots and lots of blood everywhere.
Soon after the nightmares began, she had started seeing things even when awake. When she bathed, the water in the tub turned into blood right infront of her eyes. The sun scorched her skin. Laughter turned into screams. Smiles into tears.
And no-one believed her. That was worst of all.
AdReNaLYNN / travisty: travisty stared around the room it was simple but elegant.she walked over slowly to the bed she touched the sheets gingerly with her small finger tips. they were the silkiest material she had ever felt in her life. she smiled. she was completely in awe. this world was a magical place where all the normallities of reality were gone and only her imagination remained. she was thrilled. it was as if one of her dreams, one of the vivid ones she was so fond of, was playing for her. and she was there to experience every detail. she was excited, she had no idea what was in store for her and she was perfactly okay with it. she walked over to huge armuar, opening the cabinet and droors she was shown the most eccentric clothes she had ever seen. the garments were beautiful and smelled like they were soaked in lavender she breathed in the sent with joy then suddently her high mood faded. a sense of apathy washed over her and she realised she was no longer home, and those she left behind were probably racked with guilt, also she was now alone. she hated the utter dread of loneliness she sat down on the bed and sighed.
JuggaloBaMBaM / Maze: (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/101964 Fear nothing but fear itself (OOC))
OOC there please.
kitana / babette: <where did i get left>

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