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Roleplay - Savior from hell... Salvador del Infierno by Meredith Sills / Vaminoptra

Imanoli was once a angel. She was loved. She was friends by all... But once lucifer had committed a crime and chose her to be his bride, she was sent to hell with him without her say. She is a angel, and always nice to the souls in hell. She's not in love with Lucifer, but a warrior angel that is still with god.
She wants to go to go back and prove to god that she was innocent. She needs the help of some angels and lost souls to get her to go back. She got herself out of hell, by being a queen of all who are damned. She is now being chased by lucifer... Will she find a way to heaven? Will she find love? And, will she be able to fight back against Lucifer???

Roleplay Details

Imanoli- me
Lucifer- (Ace77799999)
(r (i (bold angels) ) )
Name: Lyell
Entity: Angel
(b (i (bold Vampires) ) )
(r (i (bold Devils) ) )
***more will be involved***


Vaminoptra / Meredith Sills: HELLO,ELLO~
Kendecia / FeLiNa9011: ooo...you took the first choice. wanna be the good girl.I think I might use the second one for my own rp (if anyone ever joins) but i wanna be an angel. (my friends would chokes on air if they heard that)
Name: Lyell
Entity: Angel
Vaminoptra / Meredith Sills: lol... Well, its still funny~
Ace77799999 / Gaara*: Join as Lucifer?
Vaminoptra / Meredith Sills: Sure~
Ace77799999 / Gaara*: Hello?
Kendecia / FeLiNa9011: evryone's here but not rping yet
Vaminoptra / imanoli kinoba: sOWY, ERY1... bUSY... OKAYS... I'LL START IT~
Imanoli was in Transylvania in the Berryn Catsle. She cared for all the wanted in, and out. She helped othres, but her thoughts still frightened her about her time before. She pleads to god to have another chance, but was denied the first time. She now had to prove to him.
Kendecia / FeLiNa9011: [XD]
Vaminoptra / imanoli kinoba: lol... hello...~
Kendecia / FeLiNa9011: Lyell sat near a golden fountain in one of the many courtyards in heaven. She had just been created by the Almighty One and had much to learn of being an angel worthy of the duties to be given her. She was a mere babe, living for only fifteen years compared to the hundreds and thousands of yers the other had lived. It was her given duty to be a part of the heavenly army; and she swore that she would be the best of her ranks.
Vaminoptra / imanoli kinoba: She walked her castles, her wings still bearing the marvoulous colors of the Almighty. SHe still bore the mark on her chest that resembled her dedication. She was very exquisite to themortals...Unbearing by the thought that she was a halfbreed. A vampire with an angel. She covered her thirst, by not feeding at all. Thanks to Lucifer, she was that way. He was juat waiting for her to slip for the past millinia, but she hadn't yet.
Kendecia / Lyell: She knew that the humans on earth were getting out of hand and that He would soon send them to right the wrongs during the revelation and to combat the demons that will soon be set free. She wanted to be ready for that. She had a considerable amount of time left for that. But what she didn't know that her time was going to come sooner than expected.
Vaminoptra / imanoli kinoba: She walked through her castle, bored and still on her toes about the problem. She walked out to her carriage. She was due to port to the americas. She wanted to explore, and it will be the time that she learns that sitting and waiting is not how to stop him.

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