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Roleplay - Elemental Guardians by Hiro~ / Paralysis

Long ago, four packs of wolves lived in perfect harmony, hardly ever dealing with a fight of any sort and the pups within the pack lived blissful peaceful lives. Four of the pups in particular, all four each being a pup of the four leaders of the four packs. Their bonds were great and strong, a bond stronger than any blood bond itself. That is until one night when war broke loose among the packs and they separated into far away territories, never to be brought together by peace.
Or so they thought, 3 years after the fight, the healers of all four different packs get a omen that four from their packs will join together again as one and save them of a terrible fate. Four will join forces into one, with the gifts that the guardians of the heavens will bestow on them. Four will go on a journey to rekindle their former bonds and be able to work together as friends once more to save their beloved home. Four will risk everything to never allow their packs to be destroyed as is their fates. But can all four be able to do it? Will they find the bonds and strength inside to work together and be able to save their families with the gifts of the heaven guardians, the gifts of four different elements?

Roleplay Details

--No one liners, at least three sentences
--Romance is allowed and encouraged among the group of four.
--Two females wolves and one more male should join
--Be on often
<<Darkness and fire will eventually become mates and Ice and Earth will become mates>>


animeluver / rayray: join as ice
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal (wolf): <Join as, I guess, earth?>
animeluver / rayray: hello? person?
animeluver / rayray: yea
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal (wolf): <oh, you were accepted in the Neko Slaves RP...>
animeluver / rayray: who?
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal (wolf): <You. your info is in the details thing...>
animeluver / rayray: where
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal (wolf): <in the *Neko Slaves!!* RP...
http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/103531 >
animeluver / rayray: REALLY!
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal (wolf): Yea. your info is in the details so I'm assuming you were accepted...
animeluver / rayray: lol
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal (wolf): and I am assuming this RP is not alive....
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **join as fire?**
animeluver / rayray: hi yuki
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **lol konichiwa Rayray**
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal (wolf): Hi Yuki
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **konichiwa ^^ I don't know where I know you from XD**
FangxTrydorm / Dante Dragrrs: Were you in that one village RP thing?
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **I remember now XD I think that rp went bye-bye lol but yeah, I go by picture XD when people recognize me, it always throws me off**
FangxTrydorm / Dante Dragrrs: -nod- i know what you mean. I'm not the best at remembering all the user names but there are a group of them I do remember...
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **lol yeah, same**
FangxTrydorm / Dante Dragrrs: I mainly recognized your pic. The name I was a little iffy about...
Anyway, so how you been?
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **heh i'm pretty recognizable, she's my only oc. I'm good, you?**
FangxTrydorm / Dante Dragrrs: your only what?
i'm good...
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **lol character. an oc is a character that you make up. SHe's my only one XD besides Kana, but I generally use Yuki, Kana's Yuki's rival.**
FangxTrydorm / Dante Dragrrs: oh ok. i wasn't sure what oc stood for. so it stands for original character? just making sure...
sounds cool
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **lol yeah, I think so lol Yuki changed a little with every rp, sometimes it's a big change, sometimes it's not, but it's there lol**
FangxTrydorm / Dante Dragrrs: -nod- well usually you have to adapt to the RP so there somewhat should be a change... -shrug-
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **lol it's not nessecary most of the time, I just feel like it XD**
FangxTrydorm / Dante Dragrrs: -nod- ok then.
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **^^**
animeluver / rayray: still here?
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **yes**
animeluver / rayray: hi hi
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: konichiwa ^^
animeluver / rayray: are you from japan
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: nope ^^ but I know a few phrases and how to say some colours. What abot you, Ray-Chan? Do you know any?
animeluver / rayray: um no im all amaican with some spanish that all yoll get from me lol
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **lol**
animeluver / rayray: and to all who make me learn bewarned "YOULL NEVER CATCH ME ALIVE" lol
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: XD Japanese is the second hardest language to learn....example
Chopsticks: Hashi
Bridge: Hashi
the difference is how you emphasize the halves. I think you emphasize the Ha on chopsticks and the opposite for bridgeXD
animeluver / rayray: lol way cool
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **says the ice girl XD**
animeluver / rayray: yea lol thas mes if you see any opening for a ice user tell me
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **lol k**
animeluver / rayray: lol
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: if you see one for a fire or earth user, lemme know ^^
animeluver / rayray: lol deal or water to for me kk
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: mmkai
animeluver / rayray: YUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: i'm sorry >.< XD
animeluver / rayray: lol were at the dorm
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: lol thanks
animeluver / rayray: head out now be for you miss more
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: lol dis rp died before it started

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