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Roleplay - Yes mistress 1x1 yuri [closed] by *Light* / nekochan24

the mistress goes to a slave shop to buy herself a slave girl,..

Roleplay Details

Mistress- me
sex will happen


nekochan24 / Mistress Selene: Anyone wanna join?
i dont have a picture yet,..sorry..
nekochan24 / Mistress Selene: sure...i cant get one because im using a psp and cant copy links
nekochan24 / Mistress Selene: YOU THERE?]
MidnightSoul / Ava White: <<Sorry, looking for a pic. Would you like to start?>>
nekochan24 / Mistress Selene: [yez..nice picture..id have one but my psp is dumb]
Selene wandered around the slave shop, looking for one to take home..
there were lots of them, but none caught her eye..
MidnightSoul / Ava White: <<lol, thanks>>
Ava sighed softly as she sat in a cage, around her other cages containing other slaves. She gently moved her chained hands up to brush her long gray hair away from her face as she looked warily at the faces of the people that looked into her cage, at her in interest. Her eyes were filled with fear and wariness as she stared back into the eyes of those people before she looked away silently.
nekochan24 / Mistress Selene: Selene stopped when she saw ava in the corner of her eye,..she looked into her cage with a seductive smile
"..would you like to come home with me?" she asked
MidnightSoul / Ava White: Ava looked up when she heard a voice and blinked as she caught sight of a girl in front of her cage. Listening to what she said, Ava blushed and looked away saying "Yes, master", her voice soft and shy.
nekochan24 / Mistress Selene: "..good,.." she smiled,...opening her cage and purchased her...taking her home on a leash
MidnightSoul / Ava White: Ava followed her silently, her eyes glued onto the ground, making no noise at all. She couldn't remember how many times she had been bought since being dumped in the place for slaves, but all the times had ended in beatings and cruelty. She sighed softly, hoping it wouldn't end like that in this case as well.
nekochan24 / Mistress Selene: "..whats wrong, my pet?" she asked, stroking ava's hair calmly
MidnightSoul / Ava White: Ava looked up at her surprised, flinching slightly as she saw her raise her hand before relaxing slowly when she felt her stroke her hair instead of beat her. "Nothing..." Ava responded softly, lowering her gaze to the ground again.
nekochan24 / Mistress Selene: "..were here.." selene announced, leading ava into her huge house...
"..it get boring here...so thats why i bought you.." she smiled walking her up the stairs
MidnightSoul / Ava White: "I see..." Ava said softly, lifting her gaze to look around her surroundings silently as she followed her new owner. Her long gray hair swayed slightly behind her while she walked silently up the stairs.
nekochan24 / Mistress Selene: she lead ava to a room with a bed
"..this is your room.." she explained "mine in next door"
MidnightSoul / Ava White: Ava nodded silently, looking around the room, her gray eyes filled with light interest and warmth at her room. It was better than the other rooms she had had in the past.
nekochan24 / Mistress Selene: "..What is your name?" selene asked
MidnightSoul / Ava White: "Ava" Ava responded, looking at her owner then down at the ground again.
nekochan24 / Mistress Selene: selene lifted her chin with her hand
"...whats wrong?"
MidnightSoul / Ava White: Ava looked into her owners eyes hesitantly and shyly as she shook her head saying "Nothing, master.....this is just different for me".
nekochan24 / ~.:Selene:.~: "..alright then.." she replied, showing her into her room
MidnightSoul / Ava White: Ava nodded slowly, following her silently, making sure she didn't tug on the leash or anything like that.
nekochan24 / ~.:Selene:.~: she opened the door to her room
"..this way,.."

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