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Roleplay - //Show me Love// 1x1 YURI [open] by Mistress Selene / nekochan24

Selene was walking home when she found a girl on the streets all alone and covered in dirt,..so she took the girl home with her

Roleplay Details

Selene- me
no rules really


nekochan24 / Mistress Selene: anyone want to join?
Ginnychan / Lunami: <join?>
YueMoonchild / Yue Uzumaki: I wanna join too pwease
nekochan24 / ~.:Selene:.~: sorry ive been busy,..you can join :3
Ginnychan / Lunami: <thx so how'll this start?>
TasteMyRainbow / ~.:Selene:.~: [sorry,.. ive been travelling]
ill start
Selene was walking home in the rain,.. when she stumbled upon a girl, covered in mud and dirt fromthe rain
Ginnychan / Lunami: Lunami walked in the rain, water streaming down down her tears, mixing with tears. (i This sucks,) she thought. Oh how she would kill for a good meal. Her hair was covered in mud so that her blond hair was nearly indistinguishable. A car past, splashing dirty water on her and she sneezed/coughed before slipping on the wet ground. She just lied there, even when someone walked up next to her.
<really? where you've been traveling?>
nekochan24 / ~.:Selene:.~: [florida Dx..it took forever to get home...:c]
selene saw the small girl..
"..oh my,.. are you alright?" she asked concerned..
Ginnychan / Lunami: Lunami looked up at the woman with bleary eyes. They were empty. She opened her mouth but took a bit to respond. Her voice was strained and choked back as she practically whispered, "Cold."
<flordia's nice. for me it's like a 14 hour trip and i'm just up in Georgia>
nekochan24 / *Light*: [i dont like long trips :( ]
"..cold?" she frowned and took her hand "..would you like to come with me?"
Ginnychan / Lunami: Lunami looked up at her, with unbelieavable eyes. She slowly nodded as the woman helped her up. Leaning against her for support she said quietly, "I am Lunami," before blacking out.
Minx13 / Asako: Is this forum still open? Because I would REALLY like to join...

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