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Roleplay - Behind these Cold Eyes. (NEW) by Hansel Nevtruser / envy001

On a diffrent worl 3 races live in peac The Vampires, Thw Were Wolfs, And The Mortals. Now each mortal is brown with a power but on this world its called your,"Thred". They range from everything, simple things to adavnced confusing powers. This worl has just gone under a rule were war betwen the each other is not needed. But still new this world crumbles to a dictator. He is Mortal and cruel. His laws state that anyone with threatning powers be taken by the army all were wolfs most live in the woods and vampires can not make new or reprduce. People go into hiding as genocide is created no one takes action. Untill a goup of rebles meet.

Roleplay Details

Yes this world is steam punk so plz do anything you want.
I will need Rebells and ana army.
Pleas do not go to far a head and make no sense.
And we will be travling so if you can pleas use your imagination and creat magical or just awsome places tell me. And i will warn when we get ready to travel.
As for the army you are the bad guys and will be killed off so plz get more then one chatcter made for this.
Thank you. And plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz have fun.


envy001 / Ignatius Finato: He sat in his chair smiling as his bud burnt out and he was half asleep. He nooded off as his mind travled through the rest of the people. he got around by sneaking on and stealing steam ships.. Giant iron ships that almost floted through the sky.
envy001 / Ignatius Finato: <<Plz join>>
kitana / babette: <ok> Babette walked through the side streets, unaware of what to do. she was your average mortal and was tired if the city life. she would not bend under system. she had been cast out as a rebel against them. even her parents shunned her. she sighed softly and kept walking.
envy001 / Ignatius Finato: Ignatius read her mind as she passed and jumped out. "Ello." He said flicking his bud away. "I am Ignatius. Im starting my own reble force." He laughed. "Yes i am 16 and i can read minds."
kitana / babette: She smiled wide,"well hello", she said softly,"my name is Babette. I'm 16 also and i can do this", she said, disappearing and then reappearing behind him,"that", she said giggling softly.
envy001 / Ignatius Finato: "Nice." He lit anoughther bud. "So Do you anna join?" He took a puff a smoke smilling his eyes were the only visble thing in the smoke.
kitana / babette: she smiled,"sure", she said and took his cigerette. she took a small drag and blew it out in circles. she smiled and winked at him.
envy001 / Ignatius Finato: He grabbed it back and took a drag. "Dont touch my smokes." He started to walk towards the crystal benches in the park. "So How do you get you food." He scanned more minds.
kitana / babette: she smiled and followed him,"mostly just take it. i used to live in this city, three days ago. that is until i stopped following the law", she said softly and sat on a bench.
kitana / babette: <hello??>>
envy001 / Ignatius Finato: <<Sry I had a blaCK OUT. aND ES YOU MAY JOIN.>>
envy001 / Ignatius Finato: "Law." He laughed "it made us poor." He smirked and spat and the ground. "We need to find an air ship captin."
Arimna / Echora Horrifica: -thank you- Until a few day's ago she had been living with a group of vampires that she had meet after passing out.She was sure that they weren't suppose to be above ground but they were a lively bunch and were looking for army blood.She left them when someone in town said soldiers were coming.She didn't really know if she needed to worry about it but her power was kinda......weird. Chances to take weren't exactly given to her often either.She pulled her hood up looking at the people around her will little interest. 'just survive' echoed in her head.
envy001 / Ignatius Finato: He lifted his head. "Some ones in trouble." He said outload. Looking for the mind that said that so he could read more to see who they were running from.
Arimna / Echora Horrifica: She felt energy close to her it tingled around her head like it was trying to get in. she closed her eye's keeping her mind blank trying to get rid of the strange sensation this was the second time in a week she felt like this. She was beginning to worry.
envy001 / Ignatius Finato: 'This happened to me befor. Trying to lock me out.' With that he had an idea and followed the bloank thought to her. "Found you he said."
Arimna / Echora Horrifica: she gasped as her fingers tingled, it was like several things were clicking into place at the moment. She looked around with her hood still covering most of her face and sighed. was that just my imagination?
envy001 / Ignatius Finato: He grabed her shoulder. "What are you running from?" He asked as the steam towers blow out more fog by the second and the vendor started to yell in his mind thinking the kid stol a blue dimond rose rare and hard to find. "Shut up." He said to the vendor as he started to trun this strange new person around.
Arimna / Echora Horrifica: Her heart speed up as she felt his hands on her bare arms, it felt like ton's of energy was coming into her, like his energy was. She pulled back looking at him through the fabric of the cloak. "what do you want?" she asked in a calm tone.
envy001 / Ignatius Finato: "I heard you say that you need to survive." He looked blankly his hand feeling sorta numb after touching her.
Arimna / Echora Horrifica: "That's what riell told me, wait how did you know i was thinking that? i didn't say it out loud." she knew this was one of the pieces right after she said that. He was special or weird maybe like her. A current of energy raced up her spine she felt happy and devious at the same time.
envy001 / Ignatius Finato: "Im morotal." He looked at her. "Are you mortal imean if so you should know we can alll do are littel tricks each person a diffrent power." He smiled. "Likew me I read minds."
Arimna / Echora Horrifica: she hook her head and smiled at him "i'm not an idiot i'm a mortal too, i just forget about everyone having a power as well sometimes. please don't read my mind, you'll croak" she said smiling a little more at him.
envy001 / Ignatius Finato: He laughed."I dont try." He started to walk back to the benches. "come follow."
Arimna / Echora Horrifica: She crossed her arms "why should i?" she asked not moving or following after him when he told her to. there were several things she didn't do. smoke, love with out knowledge and follow strangers she had just meet second ago with out a reason.
envy001 / Ignatius Finato: He took a drag on his bud and puffed smoke as he talked. "Imcreating a rebell allaince." He looked at her. "Plus you look hungery I have some food."
Arimna / Echora Horrifica: he lifted an eyebrow "well as long as there is food, i will follow" she walked after him......she also liked things that caused up risings especially rebels. It was silent around them even though there were people, this new order made the world uncomfortable.
envy001 / Ignatius Finato: He nooded. "Not much but we have food." He sighed. She seemed like a strong fighter. But who was she.
Arimna / Echora Horrifica: "well i'm not that selfish" she added wondering if he thought she was a pig or materialistic person or something.As he turned away she saw questing in his eye's like he wanted to ask who she was or why she was here, but how can someone answer that when they mostly don't know themselves?
envy001 / Ignatius Finato: "No i wasnt thinking that you were any of those." He laughed he read her mind he cant help it it just happens. "Just wondering why you seem scared and shy abit not much but i know you are hiding somthing."
Arimna / Echora Horrifica: grrr. She knew that he had read her thoughts again when she started to tingle. "i guess that's good" she sighed and looked around again. "i guess are secrets make us interesting?" she said looking at him with calm eye's.
envy001 / Ignatius Finato: He nooded. "Sorry i cant help when i read your mind it like your talking. But its only the thoughts you would say." He smiled has he got back to the bench.
Arimna / Echora Horrifica: she nodded "i understand a bit" she saw another girl by the bench she looked spunky and lively like she was very happy.Looking back at him she could almost see him in front of thousands of mortals and vampires and others alike.She smiled to herself as she walked to the bench it was kinda cold here. i wonder why that is?
envy001 / Ignatius Finato: He took out some tarty tarts and bapples. "This is all i really have left." He smiled giving her some of it.
Arimna / Echora Horrifica: She smiled and took only half of what he gave her. "thank you" she started eating and smiled to herself, this was not a bad fate at all. She felt thought that another puzzle piece was coming into sight soon.- bye-
envy001 / Ignatius Finato: bye
kitana / Ielita: <<anyone on??>>
kitana / babette: Babette looked at the girl and smiled,"who are you?", she said softly. she dissapeared from the bench and reappeared behind the girl, her hands on the girl's shoulders.
Arimna / Echora Horrifica: - hello?-

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