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Dear Sirs and Madams, Fruits and Veggies,
If you are reading this, you must therefore be one of our honorable, knowledgeable judges, an enthusiastic fan of competitive writing, or an aspiring contestant.
I won't insult your intelligence or mine by repeating myself further. If you are new to our little shindig, you can find the first announcement, if you wish, on my last journal entry.
That out of the way, again, welcome! This is the promised update of general rules and regulations most OCTs follow, to give you a greater sense of what we are trying to achieve here. As these are also the general rules which shall apply to our yet-unveiled OCT, they should be of great help.
Expect a submission detailing this OCT plot and a journal entry detailing the specific requirements and updates, including deadline for audition pieces, soon. If there are enough questions and/or interest, an example of an audition and character reference sheet will also be put up. It is HIGHLY recommended you read “Rules, Regulations and Expectations” below, and drop by the “OCT Slang Glossary” before you do anything else, to avoid confusion in other explanations.
If you have any other questions, comments, or problems, please nicely and politely send the sponsor (me) a personal message, and I will respond as soon as I can. You can also leave a message in the shout box far below, but depending on how many are left there, I cannot guarantee I will see them soon enough to offer a prompt response. Have fun. = )
OCT Slang Glossary
AUD- abbreviation for Audition, used to identify audition piece for tournament
Canon- refers to the winning round entries as applied to the tournament and/or character storylines
Combatant- generally refers to the character
Contestant- unless used in the plot by characters, whether in tourney story itself or by those of writers, the term refers to the writer owning the combatant character
Forfeit- when a match is thrown in any way. This includes failing to submit a competing entry in time for the round, or purposely causing your character to lose in your competing entry. This is the one case in which a writer’s entry may lose and the writer and his/her character may still continue on to the next round.
Match- a single battle between two characters/writers
OC- original character
Opponent- generally refers to the character your character is facing. Note: The writers’ names are rarely used.
Ref sheet/Character Ref/REF- the character reference sheet required of all combatants
RN/RND- Stands for “Round”, used to indicate a round entry, that is, the one meant to compete with another written work
Round- refers to all the battles going on at one time
SE/SPEC- Stands for “Spectator” to indicate a non-competing entry. A spectator entry is a written piece submitted by a competing writer that is related to the doings of the tournament, whether as a piece “just for fun”, or detailing events in between actual competing entries, etc.
Tourney- an original character tournament or tournament in general
General Rules, Regulations, and Expectations
Note: These are only general guidelines used by most OCTs. Always check the tournament’s specific rules first before competing. They shall be used for this OCT.
1. The most important thing to remember about OCTs, is that they are a TOURNAMENT. The standard requirement of all OCTs, is that there is some form of COMPETITION between the participants. Whether this is in the form of a physical battle between the character and his or her opponent, a race, a battle of wits, or other is dependent on the individual entry and the rules set down by the particular OCT.
2. Round entries MUST be identified by one of the abbreviations or the full phrase to be judged, and the number of the round before the name of the character’s opponent and, if the contestant chooses, a title. (Ex: RN 2: vs. Rellik, OR, with title, RN 3: vs. Steffi, “Last Dead End”) It is also recommended that you use the tournament name or abbreviation. (Ex: EZN: RND 4: vs. George)
3. Spectator entries must be identified by one of the abbreviations or the full phrase before the title of the submission. (Ex: SE: Like an Onion) Spectator entry identification is more flexible than round identification, as it is does not require conformity for judging.
4. Audition pieces should be identified as such in the title, as well as the tournament name the audition is for, or suitable abbreviation. (Ex: AUD: LoT)
5. A contestant must submit a character reference sheet with their audition. Character reference sheets should be identified as such using the full phrase, or a suitable abbreviation, and the character's name. (Ex: REF: The Professor) See tournament specific rules.
6. A combatant wins his or her match by defeating their opponent in some manner. This includes physically disabling them from competing to beating them at a game of chess, and everything in between. Always see the tournament specific rules.
7. A contestant wins his or her match based on the tournament specific manner of selection.
8. A contestant forfeits his or her match when their character fails to defeat his or her opponent in the contestant’s round entry. (Essentially, you make your character lose their battle.) A contestant also forfeits their match by failing to submit a round entry by the deadline.
9. In the case of a forfeit match, regardless of which entry won, the victorious combatant between the two, and his or her respective writer, will move on in the tournament and compete in the next round.
10. In the case of a double forfeit, an invitation to return to the tournament will be offered to past contestants. Those interested should reply by the set time. From those who respond affirmatively, the necessary number to fill in the vacant tournament places shall be chosen at random, and the contestants chosen shall compete in the next round with their characters. If there are no past contestants available, or if none respond, the invitation will be offered to previously unaccepted auditions.
11. As part of the OCT experience, it is encouraged for writers to feature other characters in their entries. The interweaving of the tournament is part of the fun. However, as always, it is expected that writers will “borrow” the characters responsibly, and obtain permission from the owner if it is not freely given. Writers must always make a note of limitations on how their character may be used on the character reference sheet. This does not include round entries; purposely gross inaccuracies and misrepresentation of a character, while not an official grievance, will be taken into account when choosing a match winner. For the sake of avoiding conflict, the tournament host recommends the limitation of “contact me before use” on the character reference sheet.
12. To simplify rule 11, be smart and responsible, everyone. I have faith in you. That said:
13. Characters still in competition may make cameo appearances, but should NOT be directly used to help your character win. Characters no longer in competition may “guest star” in spectator and round entries, for example, as traveling companions or new friends, but again, may NOT be directly used to help your character win.
14. Writers may only fill one competing slot in the tournament roster.
15. Writers may fill their single competing slot in the roster with more than one character, so long as only one of their characters features the starring role and performs the main competing actions in the entry. There may be two characters, one main and one support, (Ex: Batman and his sidekick, Robin. Though they compete together, they fill one roster, and only Batman does most of the fighting, while Robin plays a supporting role) or even a team of characters, each taking their turn to star (Ex: The Power Rangers. They are a team competing together, but in the first entry, Red may play the starring role, while the others do minor support, and the next, Yellow may feature as the main.) This is to keep the tournament fair for those who only use one character.
~Your Hostess,
P.S Yes, of course there will be a fabulous prize!

Roleplay Details

This is specifically created to advertise T's tourney. The RP may be used to speculate, chat, and ask question related to the tourney. Please visit Tisuna's page if interested.
Usual rules for the RP.


Snarkypoet / Ameri: Much useful information to be found here: http://www.eliteskills.com/journalview.php?u=Tisuna
Questions posted here I will attempt to answer.
Two more writer seriously needed. Also there is a possibility of a Judge position being open.
Bumps to this subject greatly, greatly appreciated.
JuggaloBaMBaM / Maze: 'Tis actually quite a wonder this should pop up, seeing as two nights ago I watched Moulin Rouge and Spectacular Spectacular was the name of the show they were putting on.
Snarkypoet / Ameri: I'm addicted to Moulin Rouge. It's part of why I picked the title. I figured it would catch the eye.
JuggaloBaMBaM / Maze: Caught my eye, I can tell you that.
Tisuna: Oh dear...Kirst, you've outdone yourself. An entire THREAD. Well...it is what it says. It's an original character tournament, and we are in need of more competitors to fill out the roster. Ignore the Wednesday deadline in my journal- the NEW extension depends on the amount of interested people.
Snarkypoet / Ameri: Well, T, I was to try and post a huge flashing banner here and on deviantart, but my html skills were not up to the task...
Tisuna: Oh, don't put it on Deviant Art. o.o

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