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Roleplay - Sleeping Divinity by Setsuhen / Setsuhen

Suburban Japan on the outskirts of Tokyo. The year is 2034. Much more advanced technology.

Roleplay Details

Ovious rules. I do my rps a little different meaning mine have a story line.
Must be human can have 1 weapon be creative and have that weapon be the basis of your fighting style. Allowed 1 super natuaral power nothing to powerful.


Setsuhen: This is my first so bare with me.
It was said 10,000 years ago there was a battle to decide the fate of a small planet called earth. The god of peace and love Arius and the god of death and destruction Malior. The struggle lasted for a century until peace was agreed and the earth was calm. Arius eventually had a daughter with the goddess Athina. She was extremly beautiful and wise. Though she fell in love with Maliors sun Takrio. This was a forbbiden union. A creature of light and a creature of darkness. There union created a new type of being. One capable of light and darkness...Man. With Man comming into the picture conflict ignited once more. Now to see who would rule over man. They say that Arius did a terrible act and lied saying peace but then pierced Malior's heart with an arrow there by killing him.
Setsuhen: 10,000 years later and the gods are disgraced on what man has done to the earth. Murder, suicide, war. They can not see the peaceful planet the had created. Though Arius the supreme god cannot touch the planet only the god of death Malius can do that but he is dead. Or thats what they thought.
Takuto Kageyaki is a typical highschool sophmore. Average grades, average friends, and an average life. What he doesn't know is he is the reincarnation of the god Malius. Though he nor anyone knows. One day after school he meets a beautiful 17 year old girl Ai who tells him he has special powers. Of course he thinks it's bull and walks off but when she sets ablaze a near by tree with just her mind then he believes her. So she takes him to an abandoned warehouse where he meets a group of people with unusual abilities. They say he needs to learn to use his powers for killing demons but what they don't say is Arius is planning to retrieve him at ANY cost.

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