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Roleplay - Demon Ring by Chris Anderson / DarknessAngel

When she was twelve her life became hell. Now four years later she is about to face her biggest fear yet. Trying to tame her demon. Not her inner demon, but the demon that came when she put on the ring.

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DarknessAngel / Chris Anderson: Chris sat there in her Drama class. She was thinking of the time when she got the ring four years ago. It was the start of winter and she was on her way home when she stopped by the new store that had opened up. The place was like any other cult shop, filled with stuff she had no clue about. As she wandered around the store she saw a display of rings, and right in the center of it was the ring that has now caused her hell. It was light red with black swirls going through it. After about ten minutes of thinking she bought it. As Chris made her way to her house the demon came. No one else can see it, only her. After that he became her guard. More or less hit people which got her in trouble. Now here she was sitting in class wishing she had never bought the ring.

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