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Roleplay - 2 Different Ideas [open] Need An Rp Partner! by Clara D. Marison / FrozenGlass

I have two different ideas I'd like to do but each time I make it no one joins so I hope some one will this time.

Roleplay Details

The Ideas:
(bold 1: )In the year 4020 a strange race has taken over the humans. Those who are captured at utterly emotionless as the alien like creatures take over the human form.
The two ran for miles, always getting away in just the righ time.
One night in camp she asks a question. (I "Would you still love me if I was captured?") Her clear green eyes looked at him worriedly and he nodded.
Then it happened. While trying to gather food from an abadoned mall she was attacked and changed. But something was much different about her. Her human mind still worked and though she had been taken over she was partially still there.
After much arguing she finally pursauded the alien who had taken over most control of her body to take her far into the desert, right past the mountains to the cabin they had made together.
But when he sees she's changed, her bright green eyes now an unchanging hazel, will he still be able to answer the question she asked so long ago...(I Would you still love me?...)
(bold 2: ) All was peaceful and calm in the beautiful land of Eledor. No harm was done and the land grew greatly, never enduring a war that they couldn't win easily with out much blood shed.
Until one day.
The queen's two daughters got sent to the mortal world by the treacherous magician.
For years after the bounty and greatness of the land fell, no longer as beautiful and wonderful as it had once been because the queen had lost her children. She fell into a terrible depression, never speaking and barely eating, but she never once stepped out of her room.
Years later a sudden giggle bursts around the palace, almost instantly bringing the land to life.
Rushing towards a large bin of water the queen sees the faces of her two daughters after years and years. Without knowing it the two had been able to contact her through the water.
With a glimpse of hope the Queen sends out her best warriors to go retrieve her long lost children and bring them back.
But by the time they get there and find the two, years and years have passed and Eledor has once again fallen into the depressions state it was. And their poor queen was loosing hope of ever seeing her children.
Now that they warriors have found and persuaded the two girls to come with them, they start their long journey back. But they don't go through the mortal world since it is to dangerous. Instead they must travel through mystical lands, hot deserts, thick and steamy jungles, and caves that could collapse at any moment.
Will the group be able to make it back to Eledor and once again restore it's beauty and wonder. Or will the Queen and her beloved land all perish before


FrozenGlass / Clara D. Marison: {{Here's the character for #1
FrozenGlass / Leea Stone (child): {{And idea #2...
I also have other ideas so please just join!
FrozenGlass / Clara D. Marison: {{any one?}}
FrozenGlass / Clara D. Marison: *sigh* no one again.....
Robthedinosaur / Samuel A Roosenheim: yeah i'll join them :) if i have to get a real picture i will get one of me but wont be able to do real pic till tomorrow. So if its cool i would join either.
FrozenGlass / Clara D. Marison: {{no, no your pic is fine ^_^ I don't mind at all, it's up to you}}
Robthedinosaur / Samuel A Roosenheim: ((haha i will have one tomorrow. :) but i can use this one for the little time i have left. Sorry but Mom's probobly gonna kick me off from 15-an hour from now but we can definatly get started if you want.
FrozenGlass / Clara D. Marison: {{lol I have to get off soon any ways so it's cool ^_^
and which one would you like to do? Your choice I don't care really :]
Robthedinosaur / Samuel A Roosenheim: the second one is pretty awesome sounding. The first one sounds like Dawn of the dead which aint bad either. I will play the second one and if the first one gets started i can join that one sa a different person. :)
FrozenGlass / Leea Stone (child): {{okay ^_^ so the second one then? with the child?}}
Robthedinosaur / Samuel A Roosenheim: Yeah :) i got a question will she be a child throught the RP? Or will she grow older, my character is gonna base off that
FrozenGlass / Leea Stone (child): {{yeah, she grows older because the trip back to Eledor takes years, especially since things try to stop them now that he found the princess ^_^
FrozenGlass / Leea Stone (child): {{mkay ^_^ I'll post first then}}
Leea sat out front of the dull yellow house she now lived in. Humming softly to herself, she glanced up from time to time.
She wasn't exactly sure what was going to happen but she knew that something special was going to happen and that it would be happening today.
After a moment more though her child like personality came out and she jumped up and headed down the stairs, her light brown curls falling over her shoulder as she glanced down the street.
(I Show up already....) She thought irritably as she tilted her head from side to side.
(r "Leea! Get away from the street!") The small girl jumped at the sound of her baby sitters voice. She turned quickly and almost glared at the female teenager who was popping her gum loudly and talking to some one on her cellphone while she twirled a peice of her dyed blonde hair around her finger.
(I She just doesn't understand.) Leea thought as she stayed where she was and glanced down the street. (I Some one special is coming today....)
{{it should work after awhile, is the http:// part gone?}}
FrozenGlass / Leea Stone (child): {{I've g2g now or else I'll get grounded but I'll be on tomorrow, sorry }}
Robthedinosaur / Samuel A Roosenheim: Roos walked slowly down the street. He had been told to come this far way to find a girl. But as far as he could tell there were many upon this lowly street. HE was irritated and uncomfortable in the mortal clothing.
The clothing didnt suit him. He wanted his armor back. Yet alas he was stuck with the leather jacket black shirt and pants. The leather "biker" boots were more comfortable to him. Like his riding shoes. He sighed an exasperated sigh, then continued looking. He was slightly startled to see a girl in the street.
For a few seconds he just stared. How odd. He thought to himself, she looked familiar. He slowly began his approach.
Robthedinosaur / Samuel A Roosenheim: ((your turn o.O))
FrozenGlass / Leea Stone (child): Leea sighed, clearly irritated. After awhile the babysitter went inside leaving Leea outside alone. But Leea didn't mind, she was thrilled.
She sat down on the curb and stared at the ground. She had been outside for so long but there was still no sign of any one coming. She frowned a bit more and glanced up, looking down both ways before notcing some one.
{{sorry my omther needed me}}
Robthedinosaur / Samuel A Roosenheim: (hope your on) He slowly walked towards the sitting girl smiling. "Might i ask your name young miss?" he said in his rustic accent. His clothes rubbed up against each other making a rustly sound. His green eyes gleamed with excitement. This one feels unique! he thought to himself.
FrozenGlass / Leea Stone (child): Leea fidgeted a bit and looked up at him. "Leea, Leea Stone." She replied quietly as she smiled a bit and brushed some hair fomr her face. She knew he had to be the person she had been waiting for. She had been out there almost all day and still there hadn't been any one except for her and her babysitter.
Robthedinosaur / Samuel A Roosenheim: "Such a wonderful discoverie this is." He sat on his heels knees jutting out ward and offered her his hand. "Hello lass my name is Samuel A Roosenheim. But you can call me roos." He said formaly keeping his gloved hand outreached. His smile was large his shining white teeth showing. His green eyes sparkled as he looked at this faited girl.
FrozenGlass / Leea Stone (child): Leea giggled quietly as she slowly took his hand. "It's nice to meet you Roos." She replied. After a moment she tilted her head to the side some. "I've waited all day for you..." Se blushed lightly but smiled some as she brushed some hair from her face, her hazel eyes studying him a bit curiously still
Robthedinosaur / Samuel A Roosenheim: As they shook hands he said "My apologies little miss, i was told to look for you without even a hint of were to find you." As he said this he stould up and pondered the situation. How would he be able to take this girl with out causing too much alarm. This was a predicament and he asked "Do you know that you are sapposed to come with me?"
FrozenGlass / Leea Stone (child): Leea nodded almost instantly. "The lady in the puddle told me." She replied, not caring if it sounded foolish or unbelievable. She had even told her human parents and they had just though she was going thrugh the 'my child has an imaginary friend stage' and left it at that.
Robthedinosaur / Samuel A Roosenheim: "Really?!" he asked disbaleif etched on his features. The lady contacted her already....wow.
"So you wouldnt know about how im sapposed to get you out would you?" he asked, feeling silly for asking a child, albeit an important child. She was a cute child also, in some wierd way he knew she would grow to be gorgeous.
FrozenGlass / Leea Stone (child): Leea was silent a moment as she glanced around, biting her lip some before shaking her head and looking towards him. "She didn't tell me." She was silent for a moment before shrugging. "Where are we going anyways?" She asked curiously as she glanced towards the house to make sure her babysitter hadn't noticed before looking back at him
Robthedinosaur / Samuel A Roosenheim: "Well its a very long journey." he said mysteriously.((idk o.o i dont remember)) He offered his hand to help her up. "But dont worry we will make it there in due time. Now is there anything you would like to take with you?" He asked sure there was something. Everybody had that one thing they took with them wereever they went. He had his knife and necklace. He hoped she would have something similair although he doubted it.
FrozenGlass / Leea Stone (child): Leea nodded quickly. "I have to take Monkey with me, just wait." She hurried inside and up to her room, quickly grabbing the small stuffed animal cow. She didn't remember where she had gotten it or who from but it was special. It was clearly hand crafted and made with care, each detail sharp and presice (don't know how to spell it sorry). She quickly hurried outside again, ignoring the babysitter who yelled at her not to slam the door and hurried back over to Roos
Robthedinosaur / Samuel A Roosenheim: "most wonderful." He said as he started to walk down the street. Being from another world he had no clue that this was peculiar (i cant spell either) but started to catch on when people stared at him, a big brooding man, and her a small joyous child. "Were do you think we should start?"
FrozenGlass / Leea Stone (child): {{g2g brb}}
Leea shrugged some as she glanced around and giggled before looking up at him. "Well...where did you come from? Well...like where did you enter this world?" She asked, hoping it made sense as she glanced around, reaching for his hand as she grew a bit nervous from the peoples' stares
Robthedinosaur / Samuel A Roosenheim: "Well the lady said something, and i uh, kinda appeared here. Well not here specifically but on this world." He smiled as the girl grabbed his hand and they kept walking. This mission of sorts was not all it was made out to be. "I guess we should start were i did. Downtown."
FrozenGlass / Leea Stone (child): Leea nodded slightly as she glanced around before looking back at him. "Okay, down town then." She replied as she giggled softly
{{sorry it's so short}}
Robthedinosaur / Samuel A Roosenheim: {{np sorry this is so slow been having comp troubles lately.]]
He smiled as he stopped at a bus stop to check the times and routes. It was the right bus stop so he said, "Have you had lunch? If not we can go get food before we leave." he said with a small smile on.
FrozenGlass / Leea Stone (child): {{it's okay ^_^}}
Leea looked at him and smiled some. "Lunch would be nice." She replied quietly as she bit her lip some and giggled softly

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