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Roleplay - Standing in the Rain (1x1) by Destiny** / cheesypuffeater

When a sad girl is walking in the rain. And a Man heading home from work bumps into her. Both their lifes change forever...

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cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: join someone???
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: (will I do?)
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: sure
^^ where do you want to start?
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: (um how about you do an intro post of you well standing in the rain)
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny sighed she was crying and yet her tears didn't show. The rain hide them away from seeing eyes that walked by. Destiny looked around at all the people running to get out the rain.
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: Junsei checked his watch as he made his way through the crowd of people. It seemed he had been right to bring his umbrella with him to work today. As a concert pianist he didn't have that much of a walk from his downtown apartment to the city concert hall. He was going over the piece he'd been practicing today when he noticed a lone girl up ahead. "Excuse me miss but are your parents with you," Junsei asked once he had made his way to her. She looked quite out of sorts...
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny looked up at the man and sighed, "No.." She mumbled in a shy soft tone. She brushed her long greyish blond hair out her face. The man looked a good bit older then her but she looked down at what was in his hand. "You play music?"
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Yes I'm a pianist at the concert hall a little ways from here. Do you need to call someone to come pick you up," Junsei asked since he didn't feel comfortable just leaving her out here in this weather. She could catch a cold or worse what with all this rain or perhaps be kidnapped. But the girl had to have someone to come get her and take her home.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: "No my family is out." she said not wanting to say she just ran way from another foster home. Which she hate, each one had something wrong with it. A to touchy foster parent of beating foster parent. She looked up at the man and smiled, pointing to a violin case. "I play the violin" She said happily
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "I see, I once tried to play the violin when I was younger. But I proved beyond a doubt that I had no talent for it at all. You know you really shouldn't stay out here in this weather, iy you like you can come with my to my home until it clears. Then I'd be more than happy to take you home," Junsei said as he lifted teh umbrella to cover his new charge. He wondered what sort of parent would let their child go out on a day like this without supervision? Perhaps it would be wise for him to give them for much needed parenting tips.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny blushed and nodded, "Ok.." she mumbled and grabbed her violin case by it handle and followed him as he headed back. She looked up at the dark sky and smiled weakly and cough a little. "I like it when it rains.." She said to him, "It's helps and people can't tell so it makes things easier." She giggled
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "I suppose it does make things easier like that. Though on a rainy day you're pretty much trapped inside," Junsei said as they reached his apartment building. With a nod to the doorman he shook off his umbrella and closed it up. The lobby had quite a few people in it, some tenants like himself and others who were jsut getting out of the down pour. "Sixth floor please Jacob," he said to the elevator operator as the door slowly shut.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: "Your rich" She said amazed at the place. And waited for the elevator to hit his floor. She looked up at him and then down at her wet clothes. "Thanks for this...Umm what's you name? " She asked and looked up at him, "I'm Destiny.."
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "My name is Junsei, it's a pleasure to meet you Destiny. And I'm not exactly rich just well off," Junsei said as they rinally reached his own floor. Walking down the long hallway he took out his key and went inside. It was a pretty nice place with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, and even a balcony. All the benefits of hard work and fingers that were made to play the piano. One of which he'd had put into the apartment as a sort of center piece. "Why don't I make us some hot chocolate to warm us up," Junsei said as he hung up his coat and put his umbrella on the stand.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny sighed and nodded she looked up at the man and down at her dripping clothes. "I'm sorry, I'm getting your floor all wet from my clothes." She said her face red from embarrassment.
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "I'm less concerned about the floor and more about you. That soaking you got cannot be good for your health. There should be a robe in teh bathroom that you can change into while your clothes dry," Junsei said as he walked over to the kitchen. It seemed that it had been good to keep that extra robe around.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny nodded and walked into his large bathroom. She closed the door and started taking off her wet dress. She toke off everything including her bra and underwear. She wrapped up in the robe and hung up her wet clothes. Coming out and going into the kitchen, "Thanks" She mumbled
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Think nothing of it. Here this will more you up quite nicely," Junsei said as he came in with two finished mugs of hot chocolate. Carefully handing one to Destiny he blew on his before taking a sip. Nothing like a warm drink to get you comfortable on a cold, rainy day.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny smiled and blow on her drink as well. Drinking it feeling the warm liquid go throw her cold body. She blushed when he noticed she was starring at him. Destiny quickly jumped and looked down at the ground. "How old are you?" She asked him...
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "I'm twenty-two years and seven months old. I was one of the lucky students who graduated college a year early. And you're a teenager correct," Junsei said while sitting down on the sofa and gesturing for Destiny to do the same. She really was a rather nice girl if not a bit on the shy side. Then again with the way girls acted these days that was probably a good thing.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny sighed and sat next to him, "I'm 16" She answered and looked up at him, "I'll be 17 in two months." She giggled with a slight blush under her eyes. Looking up at Junsei she kissed his cheek. "Thanks you everything Junsei.."
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "L-Like I said it was nothing I mean what sort of gentleman would I be if I left a poor girl out in the rain," Junsei said as a slight blush found its way to his cheeks. It seemed that Destiny was a very...polite girl and obviously very thankful as well. You had to be like that to kiss your host as a thank you, right?
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny giggled at his red cheeks, "Your blushing Junsei" She poked his cheek where he was blushing. "Is it from my kiss?" She teased him
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Hmm? Oh no its just this hot chocolate is very hot, it's making my face flush. Yes I'm uh not blushing," Junsei finally stammered out after almost choking on his drink. This girl he had saved was extremely...interesting and hands on.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny giggled and looked at his piano, "How many songs to you know how to play without looking at sheet paper?" She asked him then glanced back up at him. "I only know how to play one with my violin it's called lilium. A latin song." She smiled cheerfully
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Let's see I believe I've memorised about fourteen different songs and I'm working on number fifteen. Would you like me to play one of them for you," Junsei said now back to himself since they were talking about his favorite subject. People always said he lived and breathed his piano.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny nodded and jumped up to her feet. "If I can play my song for you" She said and ran over to his piano. Waiting for him to come over and play for her. She really wanted to hear him play...
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Of course I would be delighted to hear you play," Junsei said as he stood up and headed over to the piao. Taking a seat, he wondered what piece would be best for him to play for Destiny. After going over several pieces in his mind he ended up choose one of his own favorites. "I give you Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata," he said as he fingers began to dance across the keys. (here is a link in case you want to hear the real deal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2cFEHM9yMw&feature=related )
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: omg i like that one too ^^ --
Destiny watched and listened to him amazed about how he was playing. She stayed silent until the song was over. "Wow Junsei you didn't miss a key." She said amazed then looked down at the piano. "Your very good" She giggled and smiled sweetly
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Well after all the practicing I've done it'd be a shame if I wasn't. Now let me hear you and your violin, I'm sure you sound wonderful," Junsei said as he turned to look at Destiny. He was glad that she had liked the piece he had decided to play. Nothing said more about a musician than their music.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny nodded and ran and got her violin. She toke it out and got her tone right. Then looked at Junsei, "I only know one song sorry" She said and closed her eyes. Placing her bow on the strings the her fingers on the neck strings. Destiny began to play the song she knew. (click the to see video thing to hear what it sounds like ^^ )
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: (cool song if only the entire poster was showing in the background lol) Junsei listened carefully as a smile blossomed across his face. Once the song was over he clapped loudly and even gave an uncharacteristic whistle. "That was very good Destiny, you have a real talent there," he said.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny blushed and giggled, "Thank you" She giggled more and sat down her violin on his piano. "I kinda only know that song cause my brother taught it to me." She smiled
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "I see. My family wanted me to be the next great football star when I was growing up. Too bad for them our next door neighbor had a piano that he'd play all the time. I was about six when he started to give me lessons. And thus ended my football career," Junsei said with a laugh. Besides he probably wouldn't have been able to bulk up to sports standards anyway.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: She nodded and listened to him, "What's so good about sports, I like art better" She laughed and glanced at her violin. "Mucis is ok but drawing is my thing. I only carry the violin around cause it's my brother's " She said and walked back over to the coach and sat down. "Well your very good at the piano Junsei.. I hope one day you get everything you want." She smiled sweetly
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Well for now I am completely satisfied. I have a nice home, I'm doing what I love, and I've made a difference in at least one person's life," Junsei said as he got up and sat next to her. What more could a person ask for in life?
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny smiled and hugged him, "Well I'll always remember you. So when I have it hard on the road. I'll remember how you helped me." She said and got a sad look in her eyes not really wanting to leave this mans home. He was so kind and a great pianist...
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Hard on the road," Junsei asked, raising an eyebrow. That was hardly a thing to say if you were in the situation she had said she was in. Could it be that she had been lieing to him about her parents just being out?
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny let him go and looked out the window, "Hey it stopped raining!" She jumped up cheerfully. Going over to his laugh window where you could see the whole city almost. "Wow it's beautiful up here!" She said amazed
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Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: (I like the one with flowers) "Yep from here you can see just about the entire city. I love it at night time when all the stars are out and shining," Junsei said as he came over and looked out the window as well. He had noticed of course that Destiny had not answered his question.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny smiled up at him and winked, "Yeah I would love to live in a place like this." She whispered her hands on the window and her face inches away. "Hey what kinda stuff do you like besides music?" She asked
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Well let me think for a second. I like traveling, art, and chocolate in any form," Junsei said as he counted one his fingers. Undoubtedly the last one was unexpected but hey even he could like sweets. And chocolate was like a sweets god.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny looked up at him and nodded, "I love all that too" She giggled and hugged his arm that was closest to her. Destiny smiled and looked up at the sunny skies. "Want me to see if my clothes are dry so I can leave?" She asked hoping he as no don't leave...
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Not before I get an answer to my question. What did you mean by hard on the road," Junsei asked as he looked down at her. He could tell that Destiny was a good kid and if she was in trouble he wanted to help her.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: "I'm a run away" She stated calmly and looked away from him. Not wanting to cause him much trouble. She really just wanted to be his friend or something.
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "And why did you run away Destiny," Junsei said as he slowly turned her head back towards him. He remembered running away from home when he was eight years old. After a night of being drenched in rain he had come right back to his parents. So if this run away thing was just like that, a fling, than he'd be happy to help out Destiny. But if it was more long term well he didn't know what to do then.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny looked up at him, "I tired" She said then pause to think of away to explain it to him. She was tired of being hit, touched and moving. "Im tired of everything... Each time I get use to a place I get moved. Or when I have a good family the give me to a bad one. One that hits and beats me like the one I ran away from." She said
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "I see. Well you are more than welcome to stay here until I figure something out for you," Junsei said while gesturing around him. It seemed that he would be staying on the couch for the next few days.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: "I can't..." She whispered then just sighed jumping up and kissing him, "Thank You!" She smiled and ran into the bathroom getting on her clothes. They were a little dry now which was good. Coming back out and looking at him, "Thank you Junsei" She mumbled blushing a little
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "I'm more than happy to help Destiny. My home is your home," Junsei said as he tried not to blush. This girl was more than happy to spread the love it seemed. (sorry short snuck on)
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: - its ok -
Destiny giggled and hugged him, "Thank you your very sweet." She smiled and whispered lovingly, "I am shock you don't have a girl." She laughed teasing him a bit..
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Well I am a bit of a workaholic which doesn't leave much time for dating," Junsei said as the blush finally won out and spread.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: "Well your very handsome I don't see why you wouldn't" She said looking back out the window, "I would kill for someone like you.." She laugh and glanced back up at him.
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Well just don't leave any evidence in here," Junsei said while ruffling her hair. Destiny was a good kid, he was going to enjoy having her here with him.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: "Heehe I won't" She giggled and smiled up at him. "I really enjoy being with you" she said happily, she liked being here with someone like Junsei.
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "I enjoy being with you as well Destiny," Junsei said as he put his arm around her. She was like the little sister that he never had or something like that.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny blushed and giggled some. Looking up at him she kissed his cheek. "Your my nii-san." She said and wrapped her arms tightly around.
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Alright then little sister what do you want to do now," Junsei said with a grin. He had a feeling that having Destiny here was actually going to be fun. But what would they do about school for her?
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny giggled and kissed his cheek again. "Ok big brother you hungry?" She asked with a slight giggle after. She ran into his kitchen looking around for something for them to eat.
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Sure I guess so. There should be some stuff in the pantry," Junsei said, wondering if he should get up and manually show it to her. Then again she seemed pretty smart so she could probably find it herself.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny looked and saw some cookies. Then pulled then out quickly. Running over to Junsei and jumping on the coach next to him. "Here I got cookies" She smiled sweetly her child side showing more then earlier.
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "A wonderful choice for dinner though not half as healthy as it should be," Junsei said taking a cookie and biting down. He'd almost forgotten that he'd bought these things when he last went to the store.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny toke one and toke a small bite. "Wow their old.." she sighed and bit her lower lip. "Hey wanna order out?" she asked Junsei..
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Sure that sounds like a great idea. What are you in the mood for," Junsei said, taking out his cell phone. There was a nice Chinese place down the way but pizza was sounding good too.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: "PIZZA!!!" she she shouted ad throw her fist in the air. She hadn't had pizza in forever it felt like.
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Alright then pizza it is. So what toppings do you want," Junsei said once he stopped laughing. It seemed like he was going to have a very fun time with this.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny blushed and thought for a minute. "Well anything I guess." she smiled just wanting the pizza as soon as posable.
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Alright then how about we get some cheese pizza brought to the room," Junsei asked as he took out his cellphone. He was pretty sure he remembered the number for the pizza place down the street.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: "Ok" she smiled and glanced around. Her thoughts racing for some reason. But they were all about Junsei. What made it so she was so happy and hyper around him.
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Alright then I'll be right back," Junsei said as he went over to the fridge where he had a list of all his numbers. After locating the wanted number he quickly dialed it in and placed their order.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: "Ok big brother." She said getting up as well. But went to look around his home. Peaking into his room first. Which was large like everything else. Then noticed there was only one bedroom. "Junsei where will I sleep?" She asked
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "You'll be using my bed imouto-chan. I took an apartment with a pull out bed just in case I needed extra room at one point," Junsei said after putting his phone in his pocket. He wondered how it would feel to sleep on the sofa, he had never done it before.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny ran in his room and jumped on a bed. It's been so long since she been in a bed. "I can't take your bed onee-chan!" She called and then looked at a picture. "Junsei who are these people?!" She asked wanting him to come look
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Hmm," Junsei said as he followed his hyper-active room mate to his bedroom. Looking at where she was pointing he saw the picture of his family that had been taken on his fifth birthday. "Oh that's me and parents when I was a little kid," he proclaimed as he had a seat on the bed.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny looked and him and tackled him down. "You were handsome then and still are!" She smiled and had her arms wrapped around Junsei
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Why thank you Destiny and you are a very beautiful young lady," Junsei said laughing. It seemed that giving Destiny those cookies was not the best idea.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny closed her eyes and nuzzled his neck. Her hand and finer grpping his shirt tightly. Junsei's shirt was tight against his skin. Her grip soon fell when she fell asleep holding him.
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: Junsei smiled as he watched Destiny fall asleep against him. After awhile the pizza came and he gently moved out of the bed to go and get it. He'd give Destiny her dinner when she woke up.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny woke up slowly. Rolling out of bed, falling to the fall. She groaned and bit her lower lip some. "Junsei?!" She called wondering where he was. Going into the living room smelling pizza. "Hey it's here" she smiled happily
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "About time you woke up. I was just about to come and make sure you still had a pulse," Junsei said jokingly as he took a bit of his own slice of pizza. With a close-mouthed grin he pushed the box towards Destiny so she could grab a bite.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny blushed and bit her lip, " Yeah well I was sleepy." she murmured and sat down next to him. Taking a slice of pizza. Destiny quickly to a bit and moaned it was so good. "Wow it's great!" She shouted and toke another bit.
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "I have to agree with you on that one. I will definately become a returning customer," Junsei said as he finished his own slice. Getting up he headed over to the refrigerator and grabbed a water bottle.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny smiled and toke another slice and eating it. "Yeah you got everything Junsei!" She laughed, "I need to find you a girl!" She told him
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "What," Junsei exclaimed as he sprayed out water over his floor. He couldn't have heard her right, no way did she just say she was going to be his match maker.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: "Umm find you a girl friend." she resaid what she just said. "Why already like some one?" She giggled
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "U-Uh no...uh....no I don't. I mean I don't really have time for a girlfriend or anything like that. I have a lot of work to do for an upcoming concert and I can't waste time like that," Junsei said while blushing once more. He seemed to be doing that a whole lot today.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny laughed holding her ribs. "Your so cute! Junsei!" She told him and fell off the coach laughing so hard..
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "I-I hardly see anything cute about being dedicated to your work," Junsei said as he blushed fiercer and fiercer still.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: "Well your shy and I seem to make you blush." She said pointing out his red face. "I think it is anyways."
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "It's not my fault you say such un-expected things to me," Junsei said in a playful sort of whine.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny giggled and jumped up on him hugging him. "Your so cute!" She giggled
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "You're cute too Destiny," Junsei said, giving up and hugging her right back.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny shook her head quickly and nuzzled his neck with her face. "No I'm ungly.." She whispered and kept her face hidden in his neck and shoulder..
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "You are not ugly. You are a very beautiful young lady," Junsei said as he lifted her chin up with his pinky. He wondered who would have told her such a nasty thing like that.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny blushed and starred into his eyes. His beautiful green eyes caught her hazel eyes. "Thank you" She said shyly and kissed his lips quickly. Then pulled away hiding her face from him. "Sory" She murmured
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Don't worry little sister, it's okay," Junsei said as he gave her a hug. She was trully very sweet even if she was a little out of his element.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: "Little sister?' She asked and looked up at him confused, "What do you mean little sister?"
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "To me you are like a sort of little sister Destiny," Junsei said, calmly explaining his logic.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: "Oh ok.." She said calmly and poked his cheek
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Ouch. What was that for," Junsei asked as he rubbed his cheek.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: "For calling me little." She sighed standing up. Crossing her arms over her chest. She felt kinda upset about it. But just didn't say anymore of it. As she walked over to the large window again.
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Alright then Destiny I apologize for calling you little," Junsei said with an apologetic grin.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: "I some how don't believe you." She groaned and looked back at him. "But whatever thanks" She murmured and grinned giving him a thumbs up. "Hey got a picture of you I can use?"
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Hm? Uh yeah sure you can have one from my bedroom," Junsei said, slightly worried about what she was planning.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny ran into his room, looking at the picture. "Prefect!" She shouted and ran back out to his door. "Be back in maybe two hours and with many numbers for you to call!" She laughed heading out the door.
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Wait what are you going to do with that," Junsei asked as he suddenly had a very bad feeling about all this. What did she mean lots of numbers for him to call?
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny came back around two three hours later. With numbers on he arms and one on her cheek. "Junsei?!" She called out for him..
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "I'm at the piano," Junsei called off as he studied the sheets of music in front of him. He'd given up standing by the door about an hour ago and decided to do some work.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny Grinned and ran in and hugged onto him. "Junsei I got many girls for you!" She smiled and kissed his cheek playfully showing him her arms.
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "G-Girls? Destiny I'm not so sure about all of this I mean I really do have to focus on my work. I have a big concert in a few days which could make or break my career," Junsei said as he nervously ran his fingers through his hair.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny jumped up on his lap, "Maybe you'll get lucky with one and it will help you relax for the concert!" she laughed and joked mainly wanting to see what Junsei do with that.She smiled looking up at him and waited for his answer...
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Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: (great) At the mention of getting lucky Junsei's eyes widened and for a moment he actually forgot to breathe. Luckily he remembered before any harm could be done and sputtered out, "I don't think that will happen."
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: "Why Not!" She shouted and place her forehead on his. "Many girls would! And it is very easy!" She laughed and wondered what could be going throw his mind. She gazed into Junsei's eyes and smiled.
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "What would you know about that any wya? It's not proper for a young girl to speak about that not until you're older," Junsei said, wondering how Destiny could be so nonchalant about this.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: "It's just sex..." She said shocked he was acting so weird about it. "You act like you never shared yourself with anyone before. I'm 16 but I did a few time by force. It's weird but I would have guessed you done it by now." She said calmly not realizing what she just told him about herself.
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "By force? You mean you were raped? Did you report it to the police," Junsei said his fists unexpectedly balling up into fists. The idea of someone slimeball taking advantage of a young girl like that it was despicable.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: "No.." She murmured and looked away, "Listen it's no big deal I'm alive right?" Destiny whispered she shouldn't have said a word of it. People always make a big deal out of things like this. "Junsei Sorry"
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Why are you apologizing to me for? Now please tell me who did that to you," Junsei said as he maneuvered so that she was looking at him. 'So I can go and rip out his heart,' he finished in his mind.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny shook her head and wiggled free. Standing up and backing away. "No I'm ok Junsei why does it matter. It was a year ago." She said and toke his hand holding it with both of hers. "Please I'm ok and anycase the person was my foster brother.."
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "I see. Well now I know who to hit on the head with a baseball bat tonight," Junsei said all the while makign a mental note to call teh authorities once Destiny was in bed.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: "What! No!" She yelled crossing her arms in a X. Then smiled and toke his hands and hugged him tightly. "Thank you so much for caring enough to beat him with a bat." She chuckled
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Well that's only assuming I actually have a baseball bat around here somewhere. I suppose a chair leg would do though," Junsei said not able to stop himself from smiling. Destiny just seemed to ahve that sort of effect on people.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny bit her lower lip and sighed, "Yes but don't hurt him Junsei." She murmured and kissed his cheek. Noting wanting him to get hurt or in trouble. "I'm fine as long as I'm with you."
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Alright then since you asked like that," Junsei said as he hugged her tightly. Poor girl it seemed like her life had been one thing after another.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny held Junsei tightly just has he held her. He was so warm and soft to her. She didn't care about the world when she was with him. He kind big brother and best friend.
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Now how about you go and write down those numbers so you can wash off your arms. Leave ink on bare skin too long and it won't come off," Junsei said, speaking from far too personal experience.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: "That's not true it comes off." She said and ran into his room and wrote them all down. Not being sure she just wanted to wash it off just in case. "Ok here call them." She smiled handing the paper to Junsei.
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "How about I do that tomorrow, it is getting pretty late you know. Oh and I got some clothes for you while you were out," Junsei said as he took the list of numbers. Exactly how Destiny got so many women to hand this over he did not know.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny looked up and him. Her eyes shinning brightly with happiness. "You didn't have to you no." Destiny told him and looked at the paper. (i I am to good at that kinda thing, Some lonely sweet beautiful girls willing to talk to him. And Junsei and lonely handsome man.) She thought with a grin on her face.
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Of course I did as long as you're at my house you're taken care of," Junsei said as he ruffled her hair with a grin.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: "Any case I don't know if it's right.." She murmured and looked up at Junsei.
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Just stop worrying so much Destiny you're a kid. Kids aren't supposed to worry its bad for your health," Junsei said with a reassuring pat.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: "b.But I can't help to worry about you!" She said and blushed. Felling embarrassed, "You treat me t much like a kid. I'm only 7 years younger!" She shouted
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Exactly my point. The day you turn twenty-one I'll do my best to stop worrying about you. Alright," Junsei said as he cupped her face in his hands.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny starred up at him. Waiting for him to let go or do something. "Well I don' like it."
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "I'm fairly certain you're not supposed to," Junsei said as he let go of her face and went to get her pajamas.
cheesypuffeater / Destiny**: Destiny jumped on his back and hugged him. Holding on the him tightly. "Fine if your gonna treate me like a kid then your going to have to be something to me." She said no having a idea yet. "My......"
Megsrus aka Meg / Junsei: "Well I suppose I am an alright age to be your brother or something," Junsei said as he continued walking to the bedroom. For such a little girl she had a very heavy body.

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