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Roleplay - You Should Stay Down (1x1) by Izayah / Triggah

Serenity High is anything but such. Violence, drugs and sex run rampant. Macrus Cruze is no stranger to just a setting, being expeled from his last school. He comes in expecting to be feared and left alone. No such luck. Soraya Lynch and her gang named the Loveless run shit here. Serenity High belongs to them. What happens when they jump Marcus and try to make Marcus their new target?

Roleplay Details

Marcus - me
Other characters can be alternated in and out.


Triggah / Marcus Cruze: (I'll start once someone joins)
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: (Any?)
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: (Certainly. Thanks)
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: Marcus Cruze's green eyes studied the outside of Serenity High. The school looked rundown and beat up, by no means a paramount place to receive and education...and few did. More died than graduated here and serenity was anywhere but here. Marcus sighed. He was a rebel without a cause. He cared little of others or his own well being but here..he'd encounter people worse than him. He went to the office and received his schedule without incident. First class? Science.
"Like I'm going to that shit.." He tucked the paper away in the pocket of his dark jeans before his emerald orbs looked up to see four kids walking towards him..
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: (Definitely acceptable. It's all yours)
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: (Still there?)
SaruMonkey2 / Sorayah Lynch: -Yeah! Sorry i had to post in a diff RP. I'll post now give me a minute!-
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: (No problem)
SaruMonkey2 / Sorayah Lynch: Sorayah nodded toward the boy they were approaching, “He’s new, and we need to welcome him the right way” She smirked, looking toward the two boys and one girl following beside her making sure they were paying attention to her. And of course they were, she ran this school and her followers were just help. As she approached the male she pushed her hand against his shoulder for him to stop and looked him over a second before stifling a laugh. “So, your new right” She asked, keeping her stance one hand on her hip and keeping her eyes on him. She wasn’t phased by his height or size or that he was boys, it never made a difference in the past and it sure doesn’t now.
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: Marcus' green eyes glanced to the three others at first. The two guys were Deuce and Domino, two of the toughest guys in school. The girl looked like an eccentric..and she was. Jazmine wore black leather pants, fishnet sleeves and wore black and pink batting gloves on her hands. She was even crazier than Sorayah. Sorayah was the leader though. Marcus didn't seem intimidated and his emerald orbs sized her up at last. He clenched his fists and his cross dangled from his neck over his black t shirt. He answered her. "Is that a problem?"
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: (Busy?)
SaruMonkey2 / Sorayah Lynch: -Yeah kinda sorry!-
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: (I'll be here for awhile so just let me know)
SaruMonkey2 / Sorayah Lynch:
Sorayah grabbed the necklace around his neck letting it go to watch it swing until it settled back down to its original state. “Well of course it’s a problem cause you have no idea who your talking to” She said simply looking back at the group that followed her. She nodded at the two boys he then grabbed Marcus. Sorayah and Jazmine just stood and laughed, circling him around a bit just to face Marcus once again. “I run things around here alright, and of course we need to give you the proper greeting” She stated smirking a bit before letting the two boys go at Marcus, and then for her and the other girl to join in afterwards. “Know your place” She said as they were finished spitting on him before walking away. -I’m not great with fight scenes haha.-
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: (Okay well you can do the talking and I'll do most of the action if you want.)
Marcus groaned after Soraya spit on him. They started to walk away but Marcus got back on his feet slowly. He smirked.
"That's all you bitches got?"
SaruMonkey2 / Sorayah Lynch: Sorayah turned around suddenly both her hands on her waiste. "I was just warming you up" She said taking a stpe back towards him. "We can give you a lot more, then just that" She said, keeping her eyes on the new commer. -That would work!-
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: Jazmine adjusted her pink and black gloves before nailing Marcus in the mouth hard. Marcus groaned and stumbled back. Deuce and Domino both went to grab him once more but Marcus threw Deuce's face into the wall before slamming Domino's head into a locker. He turned to see Sorayah behind him..
SaruMonkey2 / Sorayah Lynch: Sorayah growled her attention on the two boys Marcus just through on the floor. "Get your fucking asses up" She ordered, kicking both the boys in the sides before making her way toward Marcus. "You mother fucker" She just smiled, giving Marcus a swift kick to where it hurts -I think you get me-, before slaming her fist to his head. "You just can't get enough can you" Sorayah cracked her knuckles shooting her eyes over at Deuce and Domino who had finally stood up. "That's what I thought..." She mumbled under her breath, before giving her attention back to Marcus. A smiled growing over her lips.
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: Marcus gasped and coughed hard before moaning as he stumbled to the side following Sorayah's fist. He stumbled right into Jazmine. She harshly grabbed Marcus' face and smirked before blowing him a kiss, taunting him and cocking her fist back..
SaruMonkey2 / Sorayah Lynch: Sorayah always left Jazmine to herself to finish up anyone, she had a way of making it entertaining. "Just fuck him up" She said, looking over at Jazmine. She loved to taunt whoever she had to fight, making them anticipate what she would do next. Jazmine sent a swift hard hitting punch across Marcus' face, letting him fall towards the floor. Sorayah just laughed placing one leg on his chest and tilting her head to the side to look down at him. "Did the little boy get his ass kicked, I think he did" She said in a teasing voice pressing her foot down. "I hope you know who we are now and what we will do if you cross us, respect us and we (i might) let you slide" She stated lifting her foot off his chest. "But don't expect anything" She finished, waving her hands for her gang to follow behind her.
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: "Ugh..fuck..ing...bit..ch.."
Deuce and Domino smirked and followed Sorayah away. Jazmine always needed the last word too. She stood over him, a leather covered leg on either side and she bent down holding out her unstrapped gloves arrogantly..
(Just say "Strap me up, kid" and once he does knocks him out with one last kick and says "You're our bitch..and I'm that bitch. Kiss that. Loveless baby.." And blow him a kiss while posing and then leaving. Lol)
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: (You still around?)
SaruMonkey2 / Sorayah Lynch: -Lol I'll just sum what you said-
Sorayah just watched Jazmine doing what she does best. "Strap me up kid" She smirked, waiting for him to strap her gloves up. "Now that you did me a favor I'll do you one" She said straightening herself up and giving him a kick in the side with her leather boot. "You're our bitch now.... Kiss that. Were Loveless baby" She stated blowing him a kiss waving at him and walking away.
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: (Lol. That was perfect.)
Marcus woke up with a busted lip. His green eyes looked around and he went to move but his body was aching and he had a splitting headache. He felt like he had been hit by a train. He moaned as he slowly sat up. He realized he was in the nurse's office. He felt like complete shit. He suddenly looked to the side and saw a girl sitting there, alone. She bit her lip. The nurse had left for the moment and they were the only two in the office.
"What..the hell..hapened?"
The girl had saw everything and the Loveless had shoved her hard to the ground. Her elbow had been cut. She would complain but..not after what she saw Jazmine and Sorayah do to him..
SaruMonkey2 / Sorayah Lynch: Sorayah punched Jazmine on teh side of her arm and laughed, "You aways gotta add something, but that was fun" She said walking down the hall, she never went to class at all. The most she did was homework, but thats when she gets someone else to do it. And they never back down on a deal with Sorayah, because they know what happens when they don't. "You two fuckers were useless" Sorayah's attention went to the boys, and then just brushed her off. "Hey, we tried that kid just got us that time" Deuce argued looking over at Damino.
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: (Is it cool if you play Sorayah, Jazmine and the girl in the nurse's office? She could be Marcus' "love interest". Lol)
SaruMonkey2 / Sorayah Lynch: -Sorayah the love intrest or the girl in the office?-
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: (Girl in the office. You can play her however you like)
SaruMonkey2 / Sorayah Lynch: -Okay fine if I use a diff character?-
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: (Of course. Make Jazmine too if you'd like. Thanks.)
SaruMonkey2 / Sorayah Lynch: -I'll just play Jazmine off Sorayah, i thought Sorayah was going to be the love intrest haha. But for the girl in the office is she the one who says "What the hell happend" or is that you?-
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: (Marcus says that. She can obviously tell him since she saw it.)
SaruMonkey2 / Emily Willow: Emily has never been a fan of the Loveless gang, ever since ninth grade they have all been the same. She tried her best to stay out of their way but today was different. She saw the new kid getting beat up and she wanted to interfear but she couldn't, the things they might do to her so she just watched. And they still came after her, even when she did nothing. Emily glanced at the boy and sighed, "Well you got beat up pretty badly, as for me I got pushed down for nothing" She shrugged looking down at her elbow and back up at Marcus.
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: Marcus' green orbs stared at the girl for a moment before taking a deep breath. His sides hurt every time he even breathed. He really couldn't remember yet. It was still fuzzy. "Who the hell beat me up?" He studied her carefully as he awaited a response..
SaruMonkey2 / Emily Willow: Emily watched Marcus scanning him up and down, he was delt a lot of damage, by the one and only. "Loveless of course, Sorayah and her pack, they must have been (i welcoming) you to the school" She said, standing up straightening out her arm. She walked over to the boy and stood by the boys bed side shaking her head. "They did the same thing to this girl, but she was lucky enough to get transfered" She explained, looking down at the boy curiously.
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: "Shit.." He groaned. "Girls?" He was pissed. He went to move but his muscles ached. The girl felt bad. She had never seen anyone get it as bad as Marcus had gotten it. Jazmine and Sorayah had fucked him up..
SaruMonkey2 / Emily Willow: Emily frowned, as she watched the boy in front of her try to move. "I don't see why they'd do anything to you, you seem more intimidating" She said, then thought about what she said and shook her head. "Not that I think you scarying or anything really" She said, biting her bottom lip.
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: "Yea..thanks." Marcus reached into his pocket and pulled out bhis schedule. His emerald eyes glanced at the paper and then at the clock. He groaned. "Great. I hate fucking Math.." Funny thing was, Emily had the same class next too..
SaruMonkey2 / Emily Willow: Emily looked at the boy a moment and sighed, "Well my names Emily" She said, and glanced around the room a moment, before she gave her attention to the boy again. "Math isn't that bad" Emily smiled a bit, taking the paper from the boy glancing at his schedule, "We almost have all the same classes...." she mumbled handing the paper back to him. "Are you sure you can walk around to class like that?"
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: "Fuck it..I'll deal.." He winced as he got off the couch as the bell rang. He stared at her for a moment before finally speaking once more. "I'm Marcus. Why don't you show me how to get to class? Is there any Loveless bitches there, Emily?" There was one. Destiny was her name but she barely came to class..and of course she would be there when they got there..
SaruMonkey2 / Sorayah Lynch: -Gotta go but I'll post tomorrow-
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: (K. Cool. Thanks. Bye)
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: (Here)
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: (You around?)
Triggah / Marcus Cruze: (Here)

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