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Roleplay - Forever in the Will... For Will >< we shall begin... by Baden / Wysperer

Ecala and her mate have been friends for a long time til she comes of age. At 16 fangs sprout and she gets a taste for blood. Will her best friend help or hiner her powers???

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Wysperer / Ecala: - bump.. will fix this up later sorry!! -
Wysperer / Ecala: Ecala sat on the bus, it was on the way to school and she doodled on the fogged up window. Small heats and vines. She smiled and sighed glancing over to her friend seated across from her. He had his ear phones in as usual, she looked him up and down wondering if she should bother to disturb him. Turning back to the chilly glass she breathed out slowly, fogging the surface once more.
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Dyecore / Varian: The subtle beats and quiet tones calmed him. Varian looked up for a moment to catch the slightest of glance's from Ecala, the only person who hadn't made his new arrival a complete nuisance. Many people though he was far too quiet, a loner. But he preferred to keep to himself, not finding many people worth talking too, however Ecala was...different.
Wysperer / Ecala: - its one on one but im happy to recreate with anybody :) if you would like to just say so -
Wysperer / Ecala: Ecala glanced back to the boy and then slid to his seat, leaving her bag and book where she had sat. "Hey you" She chirped, resting her head gently on his shoulder. She took her teeth gently to his ear phone and pulled it out, dropping it once she did so. "Don't be so anti-social" She whined.
Dyecore / Varian: "Ugh what do you want." Varian muttered with a sarcastic smile. He wrapped one arm around her shoulders and gave her a small hug. "Nice to see a bright, sparky you. Why the change?." He turned down his music just slightly. It was a rare occasion to see her smile but it was worth it when she did.
Wysperer / Ecala: Ecala rolled her eyes and pouted at the boy. "Can't i smile for once misery guts?" She teased as she picked up his ear phone. "What are you listening to. The bus halted for the next stop and briefly picked up the third person who sat gingerly at the front. This event bothered neither of them and Ecala shot Varian a shy smile.
Dyecore / Varian: He noticed something different about her as she smiled at him. he couldn't quite tell. "Nothing, just some new stuff i found." His eyes wandered over her as he tried to pick up any new information but it had only been a glimpse so he payed little attention to it and returned her smile. Rain started to spatter the windows of the bus and it continued toward the swelled clouds hanging over head.
Wysperer / Ecala: Ecala's lips twisted as she watched his eyes. She liked him and her fingers toying nervously with her elephant ring was the only sign of her lusting to have her head on his bare chest as they lay together. She felt herself beginning to redden a little and shook the thoughts from her head. (i Naughty!) She scolded herself mentally. Varian was taken.
Dyecore / Varian: He saw her visibly twitch and chuckled quietly to himself. It was fun watching her whenever he payed attention to her, she'd often become increasingly shy and it made him laugh. He'd often thought of taking off with her away from all the noise but he couldnt bring himself to bear it. He resented human attraction and told everyone he was already in a relationship just to fend off the continuous probing from some of the "less reputable" members of the female race. But Ecala wasn't like the rest of them, a glow deep in her eyes made him feel a fire in his chest. He turned back to the window and let out a small breath, taking in some fresh air to calm himself from the thoughts running through his head.
"S...so" he stumbled back into conversation "Anything planned for the weeks end?."
Wysperer / Ecala: Ecala scrunched her face up into a pout. "Usually boring studies" She whined, leaning to the seat infront of them. She folded her arms and laid her head there, facing her probing eyes to him. "You?" Her tounge ran over her teeth as she wished he would spend more time with her, even though they had the long bus runs they didn't speak too much and this gave her even more a lingering longing for him.
Dyecore / Varian: Varians eyes wandered down her back as she leaned forward. He suddenly felt her gaze and snapped back to her face. "Pffft you know what i always do...hang around and pray for something to happen." It would have been simple just to ask her over he thought to himself but quietened the rebellious voice in him that said to do it.
Wysperer / Ecala: A slight bump came the round and Ecala cried out and went bright red as her head bumped to the seat infront of her. She shifted her arms so that they were now fully supporting her, and getting circulation cut off.
"Nothing will ever happen unless you make it happen" Ecala said with a smile, "you just need to go yeah im sick of being bored and do something!" She reached across the isle to her book. Her fingers slipped expertly between the splayed pages and she lent back, propping her knees to the seat infront. "The world isn't going to come looking for you, you know"
Dyecore / Varian: It was that phrase that made Varian decide. "Well..hey if your not that busy i guess we could... hangout?." His first ever extended invitation for anyone to come back to his personal domain was a weakly said fumbling of words. He dropped his head and felt blood flow to his cheeks. You idiot he thought as he watched for Ecalas reaction.
Wysperer / Ecala: Ecala put her book to her thigh and leaned into the boy. "Sounds excellent" She squealed, giving him a one armed hug. "Get my mum to drop me off in the morning?" She asked, fumbling round in her bag for her paw paw cream but struggling to hold her precious page at the same time.
Dyecore / Varian: Varians mind raced. Wait did she say yes!, "Oh alright then well i live at 32 Crestford Lot." he stuttered, still surprised at her willingness. Well he thought things are taking an unexpected turn. The bus jostled to a stop and Varian stood up, hunching beneath the low racks overhead. "Well i guess ill see you...whenever." He smiled at Ecala and shuffled to the front bus door. Stepping down from the bus, Varian took in a quick look of the street around him and swung a pair of white Oakley sunglasses to his eyes. His head raced with thoughts on how he was to impress Ecala with his mediocre residence. He lived in a small collection of terrace buildings, many of the old house's had been overgrown with vines but Varian had managed to keep his looking "lived in".
When he arrived home that afternoon he busied himself with general tidying tasks and awaited the next day with baited breath.
Wysperer / Ecala: -the sunnies.. nice ><-
Ecala got her mum to drop her off at the said address. She looked at the building as the silver Daiwo pulled away from the curb. She counted the mail boxes and walked up to number thirty two, leaving a sharp rap on the wooden door as she stood waiting. She pursed her lips together and ran a hand through her fringe, replacing it exactly the way it was. Her mother had teased her in the car about being so finicky about her looks. She had questioned and hinted a perhaps boyfriend of this friendship but Ecala had blushed and denied it.
Dyecore / Varian: The knocking echoed through the house. Varian was up stairs at the time and gracefully lept from the small balcony over viewing the front door to the floor. He dusted off his clothes as best he could and took a deep breath as his wrapped his hand around the door handle. She'd cleaned up great since yesterday on the bus and Varians heart caught in his chest slightly as she looked up at him with a small smile. "Well look who's hear." He spoke calmly but his cool exterior hid the feelings that raged inside.
Wysperer / Ecala: Ecala had let her down from the messy looped bun it normally was, red strands sat shyly on her shoulders matching the rosy splay across her cheeks. She knew she was shaking slightly and her hands fiddled with the few rings that adorned her hands. Ecala worn tight stretch demin shorts and a red shirt resembling something of a 'ye olde' style shirt.
She blushed, "Hey Varian" a smile quickly spread over her lips as she tried to stumble the words out. She wasn't calm and it probably showed. This childish excitement welled inside her and like a small puppy she quivered when she was excited. Her fingers rubbed her sweaty palms and she looked him up and down, he was nicely dressed, cool, calm and collect. Ecala swallowed everything she wasn't.
Dyecore / Varian: "Please." Varian smiled and stood to the side holding the door open for Ecala. As she stepped past him he caught a slight scent of her perfume. It lingered on his senses, almost teasing him. He took a few deep breaths in order to clear his head of the alluring smell. He watched as she looked around the house nervously. "Well whats on the schedule for today?." He inquired.
Wysperer / Ecala: Ecala blushed as she stepped past him. She smiled knowing that in his presence she lost her cool. "Umm.." She started to stumble. (i Whatevers good I just want to spend time with you..) "How bout a movie or board game or something?" She could have almost kicked herself. (i BOARD GAME!!!?? Oh come on your not three!!) She mentally scolded herself, her hands going to the bottom of her shirt; playing with it out of embarrassment.
Dyecore / Varian: "Well how bout we settle for a movie, unless you want me to crack out monopoly that is." Varian joked, he showed her into the lounge room which was a far more modern sight then the rest of the old house. He knelt infront of the TV and pushed DVD into the player. He didnt really pick anything special, just some translucent rubbish which if anything would provide some background to any conversation they would have. He sat back on the plush couch and his eyes wandered over Ecalas barely clothed legs. "Arnt you cold?." he asked quietly.
Wysperer / Ecala: Ecala's hand smoothed her broad thighs. "no.. Bad circulation" She added, poking at veins that sat so close to the surface you could see them if you looked closely. She slipped herself to the couch and pulled her knees up to her chest. "What movie is it?" She asked her red and blue nails drumming on her skin.

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