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Roleplay - The Clergy by DiscoStick / DiscoStick

At a church a poession is made by a demonic spirit taking over the body of a clergy but as the demon (insert name) is collecting money from the people a girl about 16 looks directly at him. "You are a selfish prick you're only using the money for yourself" the girl Trinity speaks to him out loud in front of everyone. No one knows there is much more to the accusation and the 'priest' suddenly becomes ill. Trying to get rid of the girl Trinity is not easy at all and no matter how many times he tries to control her mind make her do things but in midway of the poession she gains control and attack hims back and the longer she is there the sicker he gets.
Will he be able to find out what and who she is? will he mysteriously fall in love with her? Will he become so sick that he will have to leave?

Roleplay Details

1. No god moding.
2. No cybering.
3. Romance should happen gradually.
4. We will start with the 'priest' becoming poessed and Trinity entering the Church.
5. Minium of 5 sentences.
6. The scene remains in the church.
Needed Demon Priest:
A little demon girl that is mysteriously curious about Trinity:
Mysterious girl Trinity: Taken
Trinity's mother:


DiscoStick: Join
DiscoStick / Trinity Soul: Please
DiscoStick / Trinity Soul: BOUNCE
DiscoStick / Trinity Soul: ANYONE
DiscoStick / Trinity Soul: COME ON !
DiscoStick / Trinity Soul: bounce

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